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The Hole #2020

The Hole A COMPELLING PSYCHOLOGICAL TALE A QUICK AND INTRIGUING BOOK WITH A TRULY SATISFYING ENDING Publishers WeeklyOn a spring day in England six teenagers venture to a neglected part of their school where

  • Title: The Hole
  • Author: Guy Burt
  • ISBN: 9780345446541
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Hole By Guy Burt, A COMPELLING PSYCHOLOGICAL TALE A QUICK AND INTRIGUING BOOK WITH A TRULY SATISFYING ENDING Publishers WeeklyOn a spring day in England, six teenagers venture to a neglected part of their school where there is a door to a small windowless cellar Behind the door, the old stairs have rotted away A boy unfurls a rope ladder and five descend into The Hole The sixt A COMPELLING PSYCHOLOGICAL TALE A QUICK AND INTRIGUING BOOK WITH A TRULY SATISFYING ENDING Publishers WeeklyOn a spring day in England, six teenagers venture to a neglected part of their school where there is a door to a small windowless cellar Behind the door, the old stairs have rotted away A boy unfurls a rope ladder and five descend into The Hole The sixth closes the door, locks it from the outside, and walks calmly away The plan is simple They will spend three days locked in The Hole and emerge to become part of the greatest prank the school has ever seen But something goes terribly wrong No one is coming back to let them out ever.Taut and eerie, suspenseful and disturbing, The Hole is a compelling novel of physical endurance, psychological survival, and unforgettable revelations made all the stunning by its shocking end A frighteningly good plot Expertly borrows the horror and tension that made William Golding s Lord of the Flies such a success Metronews COMPULSIVELY SINISTER The Times London BB Ballantine Books 44655 in USA in CanadaVisit our Web site at ballantinebooksFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

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    1 thought on “The Hole

    1. While reading the first two thirds of this book, I was thinking I m going to write this a really bad review The plot was slow, the characters were indistinguishable from one another and the viewpoint shifted from third person to two different people telling you the story in the first person It was very confusing and hard to follow, but I persevered until the end and I m glad I did.Like the movie Arlington Road, the closing moments of this story totally change your perception of everything that h [...]

    2. It s like if Stephen King and M Night Shyamalan had a baby and that baby wrote a book Towards the end you get this horrible, sickening feeling and then the twist comes and you get this gaping, mouth open wtf feeling It s well written and expands your mind but not a feel good, for the heck of it story.

    3. a volatile score, started as an ok simple 3 stars, then got a twist that make it 4 stars, and a second twist brought it down to 2.A very poor character development in first part, that takes away complexity of the interesting second part.A nice character with deductive abilities and some nice game of mind strategy.An interesting final twist that makes you forgive the shortcommings of the book.An absurd expanded twist that makes you throw away the book

    4. I really liked this It sucked me in right away I read about half of it this morning on the bus running errands, and then couldn t put it down once I got home I liked the twist ending, and while I ve read some reviews where people said they wished there had been some foreshadowing, I thought there was plenty The future parts of the book were very idealised and just made me kind of suspicious, but also I just had a feeling that it couldn t end so happily ever after I wish there had been a little [...]

    5. Fantastically dark and sinister The layers in this book leave the reader puzzling over it for a long time.I first read this book in 1993 and its darkness stayed with me for years A profound mind bender.

    6. I started out seeing the movie that this is based on I didn t realize ut was based on a book until my daughter pointed it out I found tge movie to be very dark gripping that stays with me and I often go back to watch it I still get those shivers and the metallic taste in my mouth when I do so.That being said, the book was slow, dry and the characters were flat no depth Everyone says that they don t see the twist that comes toward the end To me it was poorly executed I felt little to no emotion t [...]

    7. I ll be blunt I didn t get the book.I came across The Hole while searching for another book Normally I m not fond of psychological thrillers, but the synopsis was intriguing enough to get me to read the novel.I was very taken aback by the constant flipping from the teens in the hole to third person to first person and so on I m not going to slam the author s choice, but for myself I found it hard to follow.I am also left feeling lost, confused and a little dissatisfied with the epilogue I believ [...]

    8. The Hole is catalogued as crime thriller in our library and sometimes as teen fiction, though that may be on account of the teenaged characters and slim novella sized length but this book reads a little like a slow but chilling horror to me I literally got chills from the ending, anyway, and it made me a bit reluctant to turn the light out that night.Highly recommended for anyone who likes a dark but very slow paced story, not so much a whodunnit as a what s going to happen next It s very talk [...]

    9. I know this isn t entirely fair but I m going to compare this to Burt s second book, Sophie Sophie is one of my favorite novels and it s very similar to The Hole in every way but one the ending twist does not make the book Sophie has engaging characters and an interesting plot the whole way through the ending twist just makes the book better, it doesn t make the book The Hole has bland characters and lacks any sort of tension until the very end The only character I found interesting was Martin w [...]

    10. Mike BocchieriPeriod 3 4The HoleGuy BurtPages 152date completed 9 27 09Rating 8 10 In my book, The Hole, one of the characters, Mike, starts the story as a very laidback easy going person Mike remains this way for most of the story but when Martyn the boy responsible for trapping the students in the hole turns off the kids water supply Mike soon becomes much aware of the life threatning situation that he is in Mikes main friend throughout the story is Liz, and Liz helps Mike become much mature [...]

    11. this book is about 5 kid that find a deep hole in thier school and they were finished fromm school day the 5 kids planed to go in the deep hole and 4 of them went in and one of the kids locked the other 4 kids in and ran away.The 4 kids that were locked in the hole were left their because noone knew bout it the person that changed in the story was the kid that locked his friends in the hole.He changed because when they were planing to go in the hole they all agreed and when they got their one of [...]

    12. The Hole by Guy Burt 1993 is an astonishing, albeit confusing, read A group of teens believe they are cleverly escaping from their worlds of school and families, only to discover their escape was anything but that.As I refrain from providing spoilers, I will advise future readers to journey along the story despite its adolescent style telling Trust your intuition The Epilogue provides the clarity you will begin to need.

    13. I watched the movie first which was pretty good I had read that the book was better and they were right I can t stop thinking about what I read and how to make all the pieces fit It is a great psychological thriller and I ll be rereading this for sure.

    14. Five students descend into a secret room on campus, locked in by a fellow student as part of what they believe will be the greatest prank yet But when no one comes to let them out, they begin to realize they might be part of a far terrifying psychological experiment instead.This is a creepy, suspenseful, gripping read Burt uses flashbacks of the Hole expertly to both lead the reader on and keep them guessing.The last chapter adds a whole other dimension to the story, and was definitely a major [...]

    15. Adding my voice to those crying out I Didn t get it I really freaking liked the movie though but the book is hard to follow, switching between voices all the time without any warning and expecting you to be able to keep up with who is who and what is going on and it really doesn t work A rare case of the book being worse than the movie I m afraid.

    16. The book was okay I had to stop for awhile and get back to it months later The changing of views by a few lines confuses me a lot There were added character that were not in the movie which I had seen first and I wanted to read the book It was slow I was thinking that the epilogue would tell me what really happened like in the movie but nope.

    17. Neatly structured and written, but with much psychological musing in place of characterisation, and a twist ending from which the reader is so excluded there s no A ha moment in which the elements all fall into place that it may as well end with d it was all a dream A rare instance in which the film is better.

    18. Not sure how I heard about this book, but it was a good start to my creepy Halloween reading Short, and that what the heck is happening feeling throughout.

    19. Ugh This is one of those high quality books that s so literary it forgets to be entertaining I can t say much about it without spoilers view spoiler I don t know how I feel about this unreliable narrator I mean, he accurately portrayed her and her mental state I didn t see it coming until it was revealed Unfortunately, this meant I spent the entire book berating how terribly it was written Burt masterfully captured the writing style of someone completely ill equipped to write this hide spoiler I [...]

    20. This is one of those books that you read, and you get to the end, and then you just kind of go, Huh.And you sit and let it percolate for a while, and you consider all the implications of the final chapter, and maybe reread it a bit, and again, you say Huh Not because it was a bad book Not because the ending was completely ambiguous although it did leave a lot of room for interpretation, with only a few hard facts emerging There s a definite shocker twist ending, and a bit of open endedness, but [...]

    21. A group of students college or high school It s never quite clear decide to pull a prank and rather than go out on a trip with the school, go to a never used part of the school that has a few rooms inaccessible by anything other than a ladder The group plans on staying for three days before a friend will let them out The premise of this book makes no sense How is it a practical joke that instead of going on a trip, you re spending it in a hole It made no sense to me what they wanted to accomplis [...]

    22. I just read this book although my mother prefers me to steer away from Guy Burt s workIt was really interesting actually From my past readings mostly of excerpts, unfortunately I love his writing style and his morbid and disturbing topics , I expected Burt to have at least two to three characters die terribly of a slow death, like starvation or a disease that took over the body slowly painfully, or some kind of rapist living in the Hole devouring one of the girls or something But no, they actual [...]

    23. When I was a kid, I had a ton of the old Hitchcock Presents mysteries in both magazine and book form The Hole reminds me of those, very much It s a straight up locked room suspense story, without any of the padding and fluff one s come to expect The plot is very straight forward Six English students find a forgotten cellar hole hidden on their school s property The hole is remote and forgotten, there are no windows and the only way to access the cellar is by a rope ladder as the sole entrance is [...]

    24. In this psychological thriller a group of six teens, led by prankster Martyn, hatch a plan to hide away in an abandoned cellar to avoid attending a school trip The idea is simple, the teens head down to the cellar and in three days time Martyn will come back and let them out So, when three days have passed and there is no sign of Martyn the story becomes one of survival What has happened to Martyn and will the group make it out alive Our narrator is Liz, who intertwines the events inside the hol [...]

    25. Guy Burt s The Hole is a story of six teenagers who unwittingly engage in what the book describes as a social experiment, prompting them to enter a cellar below their school s English department and causing their entrapment according to the whims of Martyn, their charismatic but psychotic peer The story is a good one Psychologically, it engages its reader into the story of the teens and their eventual escape, and presents the uncomfortable mind of the person in charge of their fates The characte [...]

    26. Good Not that much different from the film Sure the entire ending is different, but also kind of the same Same main bad guy Personally, I liked the film better, with its Rashoman feel.However, this book was written by an 18 Give it two extra stars for that It s very well written.

    27. Five teenagers take part in a school prank, hoping to become legends Geoff, Mike, Liz, Frankie, and Alex are all to participate in an elaborate joke by class prankster Martyn Martyn calls it an experiment with real life They will allow themselves to be locked in a forgotten WWII bunker for three days to avoid a school field trip Their parents will think they are mountain climbing while the school will believe they had stayed home It seems like a flawless plan Martyn s plans are always perfect Bu [...]

    28. At an English boarding school the charismatic, practical joker Martyn, convinces 5 of his schoolmates to participate in his greatest prank He leads them to an abandoned section of the school where there is a deep cellar The wooden stairs have rotted away but Martyn lowers a rope ladder and the 5 willingly climb down into the hole Martyn then removes the ladder, closes and bolts the door The 5 teens have told their parents that they have gone on a three long field trip to the mountains thus ensur [...]

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