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Abstract Love #2020

Abstract Love She never thought a cancer diagnosis would lead her to love Call them what you will Breasts boobs jugs melons honkers hooters cans I was never one of those women who was going to be defined by

  • Title: Abstract Love
  • Author: Samantha Christy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Abstract Love By Samantha Christy, She never thought a cancer diagnosis would lead her to love .Call them what you will Breasts, boobs, jugs, melons, honkers, hooters, cans.I was never one of those women who was going to be defined by the size of my boobs But at the thought of losing them to cancer at age twenty four, suddenly they are front and center So to speak.So, now I live my life by the numberShe never thought a cancer diagnosis would lead her to love .Call them what you will Breasts, boobs, jugs, melons, honkers, hooters, cans.I was never one of those women who was going to be defined by the size of my boobs But at the thought of losing them to cancer at age twenty four, suddenly they are front and center So to speak.So, now I live my life by the numbers Ninety three the percent chance I will survive the five year mark Thirteen the number of cycles of chemotherapy I must endure Sixty five the percent chance I will lose my hair.But the day he walks in for chemo is the day my world changes.He single handedly takes one of the scariest things either of us has ever faced in life and makes it better tolerable dare I even say fun He s unlike any man I ve ever known Generous, witty, talented, and smart He has vision vision that for some inexplicable reason, we seem to share through the paintings of his abstract art.What we share, however, seems to go beyond cancer and art And we soon come to find we have a connection much deeper than either of us can begin to comprehend.

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    1. Keri s life wasn t easy At sixteen she loses her parents in a tragic accident, living after in many foster homes Now at 24 she works as a bartender while finishing her degree in Sociology She also works at The Freeway Station, a home for children who have problems at home Keri s life is shattered when she finds out she has breast cancer, stage two Her only support is her roommate and best friend, Tanner.Jace is a 27 years old man who also has cancer, throat cancer He s a humanitarian, helping pe [...]

    2. There are only two reasons people don t show up for chemotherapy If that isn t a grabber I don t know what is This book is one of those random gems you find while scrolling online and think hmmm maybe I ll click you I honestly didn t really expect much of it but after reading that freaking prologue I WAS HOOKED Abstract Love is a story of hope, second chances, love, fate, perseverance, and fighting against the odds.Keri is a 24 year bartender working towards a Sociology degree as well as volunt [...]

    3. 5 I Never Expected You Stars This book was absolutely amazing From the prologue There are only two reasons people don t show up for chemotherapy This alone catches your breathe and you can feel the emotional hurricane begin.Keri, so young, but the life she has lived thru is unthinkable Losing her parents in a fire at 16, she is now homeless and lost She closes herself off from the world and loses her feeling for life Until the day she begins to steal petty objects, she feels the adrenaline kick [...]

    4. You may love this, but this book is not for me The hero has a girlfriend whom he loves She breaks up with him before he gives his love to Keri the heroine I can not stand books where the hero loves his girlfriend, does not want to be without his girlfriend, and it takes his girlfriend to break up with him for him to move forward with the heroine This is a personal reading preference I am not telling you not to read it I loved the premise, but can not handle a hero that loves another until the ot [...]

    5. Abstract Love is the best book I ve read all year An emotionally gripping love story with amazing characters that fall in love in an atypical situation I don t want to be the type of reviewer that spoils the plot for you, but suffice it to say that this is not your typical love story in your typical setting, with the typical characters with the typical problems In my opinion, this book is extraordinary It tackles hard, real life problems with humor and grace and demonstrates that true love does [...]

    6. This is by far a stand out of the year AMAZING story and wonderfully written Recommend to all 5 well deserved stars

    7. This book is absolutely AMAZING Seriously, it s one of the best books I ve ever read It s about a girl and a boy, who both suffer from different types of cancer It simply makes you understand what it s like to people in real life who suffer from serious diseases and how they feel about it and how other people approach it Jace and Keri are both so brave and amazing I must admit I fell in love with Jace the very first time he showed up in that hospital for chemotherapy I loved his character and hi [...]

    8. 4When life gave you cancer, you said screw you and cupped your breastStars.I really though reading Keri and Jace s story, that it was going to be difficult I was expecting to ugly cry, but instead I got a story of two people who meet while receiving chemo therapy and the friendship, connection, and feelings they develop for each other And the strong bond that they shared At 96% I was starting to think that it was going to leave me in an cliffhanger, but in the end it all worked out.I do wished t [...]

    9. 4.5 stars Its funny since i stumbled upon this book by accident and luckily it was a good one Im mostly an M M reader Cancer terrifies me and i never read a book on cancer before, but I m glad i read this one because it actually eased my fears of the disease and made it part of life like it should be and not necessary an immediate death sentence as we tend to see it It was beautiful, emotional and a real page turner The only thing that i didn t like is the MCs being to perfect to the point it wa [...]

    10. SPOILERS Very well researched Brilliant portrayal of the world of oncology.A clever spin both Hxh have cancer The 3 Main Characters The Couple the hero and his childhood sweetheart love of his life whom he adores aka the ow, Morgan The heroine, Keri.The Bottom Line and the top line is there even such a thing and 1 of the main plot devices, there are MANY others which I m not addressing here, and the beginning and ending of their story and everything in between, is The RomanceBetween him and the [...]

    11. I was gifted this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank You Abstract Love by Samantha Christy was a book that affected me deeply It s is one that will stay with me for a long time There are only two reasons people don t show up for chemotherapy And so begins a stunningly inspiring story of surviving, benevolence, and never settling for second best in finding your true love Keri, a 24 year old bartender with stage 2 breast cancer, meets Jace, a 27 year old artist with stage [...]

    12. Caught up in all things Samantha Christy and moving right along through her backlist How or why I have missed out on such wonderful reads this long, I ll never know But she is definitely an auto buy for me now I really found myself caught up in this truly beautiful story of two young people both fighting their own personal battle with cancer Sharing time together during chemo therapy develops into than either expected But the building relationship between the two main characters is one small pa [...]

    13. Nie, nie i jeszcze raz nie Motyw z rakiem to dobry chwyt marketingowy, bo zawsze chwyta za serce Niestety w przypadku Abstract love to si nie sprawdzi o I nawet nie pom g podw jny nowotw r, tj dw jki g wnych bohater w Najbardziej dzia a a mi na nerwy Keri kt ra ma 24 lata, a zachowuje si jakby mia a na cie.Czyta am kiedy ksi k o podobnej tematyce Love always, Kate D N King i pomimo e g wni bohaterowie byli sporo m odsi od tej dw jki z Abstract love , to zdecydowanie bardziej dojrzali pod ka dym [...]

    14. 3.5 Chemo sucks but love can survive it stars I wanted to love this book so much and I was in it until the big sacrifice she makes at the urging of his mother I could write but I am already spoiling too much I think if I had read this before Unlit Star and Bright Side I may have had tolerance for the twists here.

    15. 5 STARSOh where do I begin with this It s too flawless for me to explain it All I can tell you is that you need to grab this book ASAP and swoon, okay And cry Hahahah

    16. OMG Loved Samanthas Mitchell Sisters series Was gifted Abstract Love And loved it Jace and Keri meet at chemo therapy both having cancer It s lovely that they developed a connection helping each other through their weekly treatments Then they develope feelings for each other Doesn t help that Jace has a girlfriend and Keri having had bad experiences with men They both are caring people would do anything to help It s just a lovely read.

    17. The description and cover of this book does not do it justice The writer is an indie writer and often times that is the case Great reads are lost behind so so covers This book was recommended to me by a friend and I read through the preview before buying it and I was hooked If someone hadn t mentioned Abstract Love to me I would have never read it, but I would recommend it anyone Don t let the indie looking cover scare you away This is an awesome and believable sweet romance Abstract Love by Sam [...]

    18. I guarantee there are many people out there who will gobble this book up and give it five stars The writing style is easy and fluid a real joy to read The story line is touching and has a lot of depth to it albeit the subject matter can be very sadybe even depressing at times I did get teary eyed in several parts of the book but not related to what was happening with the couple And the author draws the drama suspense out to the very last second Some people adore that Me, not so much I want to en [...]

    19. I really enjoyed Abstract Love by Samantha Christy First of all the concept of how Keri met Jace was intriguing They meet at chemotherapy and they bond over being cancer survivors I thought they had great chemistry as friends with a hint of something else lurking around the corner Yes, Jace had a girlfriend in Morgan but their relationship seemed superficial I thought the story flowed very well The author did a wonderful job of showing us the layers that made up the character This was the very f [...]

    20. I read this wonderful love story during one week, with short breaks in between No trouble picking up the story line again whenever I had the time to devote to the novel The main character s thoughts offer a very real insight into how a young woman undergoing treatment for cancer would behave She s damaged and emotionally vulnerable Although she tries to resist a growing attraction for another patient who has lost his voice, his texted words soon reveal what a wonderful person he is The way she s [...]

    21. Good Story Very real moments of dealing with a very real disease Parts of the story did get a little over the top and I had to hold back on a few eye rollsDon t get me wrong, I love a lil cheese with my romance, but too much and I get some serious gas which triggers the eye rolling Seriously, I did enjoy the story It brings a heavy topic out of the darkness so that people can see the end result isn t always fatal.

    22. Romantic, powerful, tender, emotional, uplifting, empowering Two characters, both undergoing chemotherapy, meet in a cancer treatment center and start up a friendship that blossoms and grows into something much greater than either of them ever dreamed possible This is an uplifting romance that handles serious issues accurately and responsibly and has a wonderful happily ever after ending I couldn t put it down Lots of twists and turns so many times, I said Oh, my God to myself I loved it

    23. I just loved this most beautiful and very dear my my heart book We meet two very different people Who meet whilst both are getting treatment for cancer Both Keri and Jace face both their scary times together and eventually become close friends They both deal with their pasts and their hopefully futures to what ever happens to them Both very scared if they can get.I thought was book was just amazing I had a teary eye quite often and this book had so much hope Very well written I could not put it [...]

    24. It made me cry I truly loved it, this is the story of terrible circunstances and how they turned into a beautiful side effect I understand how this book can be too perfect because of the situations and the characters and how everything evolve, but thats what I enjoyed, because, I like to think that if I were on a similar position to Keri, I would act the same way and Jace he s just amazing Besides, that s why I love to read, because I love a happy ending.Another book that deserves to get attent [...]

    25. It was a great book with a beautiful story I loved the characters Keri and Jace are so sweet and I loved the development of their relationship, their feelings I would have liked they become a couple faster because the waiting was frustrating and we haven t seen them as a couple, anyway it was not enough for me I want I was expecting a cliffhanger but thanks god no Now I want a novella I think this beautiful story and Keri and Jace need this Please

    26. I absolutely enjoyed this book The writing was excellent, and the story line was not what I was expecting at all.Reading the prologue, I was expecting it to be one story, and it ended up being an entirely different one.My mind was going in a lot of different directions reading this, which is great Lots of twists and turns Goes to show you people are sometimes not what you expect, and you shouldn t judge based on their life.

    27. WOW I loved it I was uncertain about reading this due to the content, I am so glad I did It is a beautiful, poignant read The h and H, Kerri and Jace are so beautiful together This story touched me on so many levels It s simplicity yet depth, reached in and grabbed me in a special and beautiful way Just loved it

    28. Received a copy for my honest opinion Loved this book With both main characters having cancer it s a little of a touchy subject But Samantha did such a great job with it Adding in enough humor to not be depressing Very sweet and touching love story Will definitely be reading of her books.

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