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Held #2020

Held This follows Gone the first book in the trilogy Held follows Macy Mercer after being abducted by Chester Woodran Macy finds herself farther from her family in a situation so strange she wouldn t beli

  • Title: Held
  • Author: Stacy Claflin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Held By Stacy Claflin, This follows Gone, the first book in the trilogy Held follows Macy Mercer after being abducted by Chester Woodran Macy finds herself farther from her family in a situation so strange she wouldn t believe it, except that it s her new reality Meanwhile, back home her family and friends are dealing with her disappearance New clues come in, furthering their confusion and dThis follows Gone, the first book in the trilogy Held follows Macy Mercer after being abducted by Chester Woodran Macy finds herself farther from her family in a situation so strange she wouldn t believe it, except that it s her new reality Meanwhile, back home her family and friends are dealing with her disappearance New clues come in, furthering their confusion and distress.

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      488 Stacy Claflin
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    1 thought on “Held

    1. Marcy and Chester packed up everything they could in his truck and set out from Chester s parent s farm house She was allowed to sit in the front this time as Chester rambled on about seeing her step mom and how once again they d be a family They drove for many miles and stayed over night at a cheap motel until they drove down a rut filled dirt road and Chester made a left then stopped at the iron gate and identified himself Before long, men and women all in white clothes came out to meet them C [...]

    2. Just when I thought this trilogy couldn t get any twisted, I read Held The first book took thinks to a dark place but Held was a whole new game This trilogy has been the best trilogy I have ever read Hunger Games and Twilight combined I just can t get enough I ll be thinking about these books for a while I literally got my phone out to read during date night tonight because I needed to find out if my suspicion about Zoey was correct I m that addicted

    3. Held is the second book in the Gone trilogy This book picked up where the first left off but took a much different direction than I expected Since it s the second book of three, Macy has obviously not yet been reunited with her family Held wasn t as realistic and plausible as the first book and some of the events in both storylines were hard to wrap my mind around Nevertheless, I must know how the story ends and I m looking forward to some kind of resolution whatever that may be.

    4. it was a amazing book and i would strongly recommend it but i would start by reading the first book of the series called gone because this book carries on the story because gone is left on a cliffhanger so this book is filled with loads of powerful things and has a very good strong story line

    5. I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.Macy of course is still with her kidnapper Chester He will stop at nothing to keep Macy from escaping him A lot happens in this second book and people are introduced Macy is such a strong person given her circumstances She definitely steps up in this book and will do anything in her power to get away and back to her family Looking forward to the third book to see how it all finally ends.

    6. HeatherThis was a great second book in the series There seems to be a lot of crazies So much struggle A new family A cult A baby So much I couldn t put it down I read each page with hope and caution.

    7. Macy has been taken to a commune by her captor The group believes in living as puritans where women should be submissive and speak only when spoken to Chester introduces her as his daughter, Heather Soon he would marry a submissive and live in a bungalow as a new family Meanwhile, Macy s real family, along with the local police, are doing everything they can to find her and she will do whatever it takes to escape I was hoping for a better read with book 2 of the Gone series Im having a very diff [...]

    8. WhewFast paced Great second installment with a cliffhanging end.In HELD we go with Macy and Chester to their new home They go to The Community, basically a cult It s difficult to really say much without giving things away, but as with the first book, I find the whole Alex and Zoey storyline a bit far fetched Not because of the two year age gap, but because I don t believe a thirteen year old boy would be like this.

    9. Amazing Holy cow I called it, after the first few pages Because I watch Escaping Poligamy, I got a bit freaked out while reading Thankfully, there was none of what I feared to read A gripping read, that has a great plot Well thought out, awesome read Can t wait to find out what happens next On to Over.

    10. GrippingI enjoyed this book even than Gone There were a number of editorial errors that were a little off putting, but I tried to overlook them Now I m off the read the last in the trilogy.

    11. This book is a strong continuation for the Gone series, this book was very interesting and kept me reading till very last page It had some twists that I loved because it kept it interesting More on my blog booksbooksworm 201

    12. Just as good as the first book I wondered where this 2nd book would go and really liked the whole storyisted and dark and full of suspense and wonder

    13. Typos Typos Typos Needs editing badly Good storyline so far Poor editing Numerous typos Not sure how much it can carry out Curious for book 3.

    14. The second book in the trilogy It gets better and better It was so gripping and disturbing in such a fantastic way I immediately bought the third.

    15. While the first book was fairly decent, this one it just took a turn for the worse It s getting a bit ridiculous and unbelievable and off in a direction I m not a fan of I may finish the trilogy and read the next just to know how it ends cause I hate leaving series hanging like that, but I m not hopeful about it.

    16. Macy is a strong young woman After being kidnapped in Gone and going days without food water, she is now able to move around a little.In Held, Chester moves Macy to a new home, and has a new mother for her Upon arriving at their new home they are met by their leaders Can we say creepy Because believe me, they are Anyway, they have to be purified Which basically means they have to take an ice cold shower and scrub with some stinky soap Then they hear all the rules, well, Macy hears them for the f [...]

    17. Oh my goodness Claflin has out done herself Held, book two of the Gone series, surpasses the first novel with super speed This part of the story picks up with Macy still being held captive by Chester however, now Macy needs to worry about the community and its rules in addition to Chester s rules Macy is having a hard time adjusting to her new life.Zoey and Alex are determined to give Macy a run for her money when it comes to stirring up trouble Poor Chad and Alyssa They just can t seem to catch [...]

    18. The story of Macy Mercer is far from over and it takes a turn you might never suspect.At the end of the first book in the series, Gone, I was waiting on pins and needles to find out what was going to happen to poor Macy She was still in the clutches of a madman and was being taken away from the only other people she had any contact with since her abduction We knew she was going to a new house with a new mother , but where Her abductor who forced her to call him father, Chester, ends up taking th [...]

    19. Currently Macy and her crush, Luke, are escaping the community along with some other teenagers who want to leave I finished my book this prompt It s Macy versus Chester Woodran the kidnapper So Macy is leaving the house trying to meet up with Luke and Dorcas so they can escape Their plan is to light the fence on fire till it burns down enough they can slip out But in the middle of lighting it, Chester finds them and they run for it and go to the corn maze Chester chases them there and fights Luk [...]

    20. Again, I started this series with fear A story about a young girl getting kidnapped is not my usual read I have two daughters and stories like this give me nightmares Stacy Claflin has written a tough story, but it is handled as gracefully as possible and without so much horror Having your child kidnapped is every family s night mare, but yet this story is written with hope and love I loved that in Held you were given family background I felt like I got to know both Macy s and Zoey s family and [...]

    21. This picks up where the first book ends so the transition into the next part of the story is easy and you can settle straight into the continuation As with the first book it hooks you from the beginning and keeps you right there with it until you hit the last page The characters become fleshed out without tedious detail and the story takes some twists and turns throughout which keeps the reader fully immersed in the plot Just when you think you know whats going to happen along comes another cor [...]

    22. What an excellent read The story Gone continues in this 2nd book We are again taken into Macy s Heather world The 15 year old is still dreaming of the day she will get away from her capter Chester and get back to her family We are given the opportunity to read Macy s thoughts of what ifs and how she would be a better person if only she could get back home The author also takes us through the emotion s of Macy s parents, her brother and her best friend The book speaks volumes about the terrible l [...]

    23. Received from the author for an honest review This is the 2nd book in the Gone trilogy.This second book got my attention immediately and I didn t want to put it down Macy is still with crazy man Chester There were many twists and turns that kept my heart pounding to read what was going to happen next In this book I got fully engrossed with Macy s family and Zoey and her family I read about their complex relationships and how their lives have changed since the day Macy has gone missing Held was a [...]

    24. If possible, even better than Gone Chester is an evil, master planner It is amazing that the grandparents do not realise that Macy is not Heather The cult part is really scary and written in such a way that I wanted Macy to get away, far away from this place full of people believing such crap Luke is almost too good to be true, just loved his character and will definitely buy his story when published I do not like 13 year olds becoming parents, but guess real life is about reality and consequenc [...]

    25. This series is just phenomenal the story line and characters both The author made story as well as the characters seem real and believableke reading a memoire Chester just gets creepier as the story continues which makes Macy stronger I think HELD is exciting, heart wrenching and nerve racking than GONE was My emotions were all over the place for the Mercers Macy s family and Zoey her best friend lots of changes going on there

    26. Tense gripping Held picks up right where Gone finished and was just as addictive It had a few re caps here and there which helped and could certainly sympathize with Macy s feelings towards The Community, let alone Chester I would have liked a bit detail about Ched s mistake with Lydia but it didn t put me off reading the book for second Can t wait to see how the series ends.

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