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The Mainframe #2020

The Mainframe Best Seller in Post Apocalyptic and Dystopian Science Fiction A dystopian book series about love and the fight for freedom Book The hunt for Morray continues Book three picks up seventeen years afte

  • Title: The Mainframe
  • Author: Simone Pond
  • ISBN: 9780692321317
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mainframe By Simone Pond, Best Seller in Post Apocalyptic and Dystopian Science Fiction.A dystopian book series about love and the fight for freedom Book 3.The hunt for Morray continues Book three picks up seventeen years after the disappearance of former city center leader, Chief Morray There has been peace among the West Coast regions, but in Ojai Village there is very little peace be Best Seller in Post Apocalyptic and Dystopian Science Fiction.A dystopian book series about love and the fight for freedom Book 3.The hunt for Morray continues Book three picks up seventeen years after the disappearance of former city center leader, Chief Morray There has been peace among the West Coast regions, but in Ojai Village there is very little peace between Ava and her sixteen year old daughter Grace Both have different ideas about what it takes to maintain independence Grace comes across some digital footprints inside the mainframe, convincing Ava that Morray is back to seek revenge and reclaim control When Ava goes missing, Grace assembles a motley crew of cadets to go on a search and rescue mission to save her mother and take down Morray Grace soon learns that independence comes at a price.

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      406 Simone Pond
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    1 thought on “The Mainframe

    1. I could not put this book down All of the new characters kept the storyline fresh and the plot unpredictable I especially loved the mystery behind each new character it was impossible to tell if they were really who they claimed Overall 5 5 stars my favorite book in the series so far

    2. Thanks to Simone Pond for giving me this book to review.17 years after Chief Morray disappeared, and thinks he is gone for good apart from Ava, who knows that he will return and destroy the peace that has lasted for years Grace, Ava and Joseph s teenage daughter has always had a fraught relationship with her mother, as she has felt constricted under her protective nature Grace has always wanted to make a name for herself away from her famous and influential persons and dreams that she will be ac [...]

    3. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review Original review can be found here superbookgrl13 20This one takes place mostly in the point of view of Grace, Ava s daughter, years after Book 1 and 2 Grace is a bit like Ava, and the two of them butt heads a lot, which I thought was amusing to see I was disappointed in how Ava grew up I loved how headstrong she was and independent and she saved the world, now she seems to be a mainframe junky that sort of neglected her family [...]

    4. 2345, Grace Strader Gracie, Outsider lived with her mother in the Ojai Village She her friends were about to try out for the Silicon Valley Academy SVA combat program Combat Weapons, Strategic Development, Digital Communications, Search Rescue.For 16 yrs Grace s mother Ava Strader nee Rhodes had been hunting for Chief William Stowe Morray He would destroy everything everyone He also controlled human DNA breeding John Dickson was his assistant Chief Morray had once ruled over the LA City Center p [...]

    5. I was very excited to receive a prelaunch copy of this book from the author herself Thank you so much Simone Unfortunately being caught up with work and kids it took me longer to tuck into it then originally planned.I love this series because it takes me back to all the classic scifi books and movies I grew up with in the 80s and 90s and does invoke a certain sense of nostalgia We reconnect with Ava and Joseph at a time their daughter is all grown up and ready to join the fight to keep Morray at [...]

    6. Thanks Simone for the opportunity to read and review this book And once again, thanks for hooking up with me on I hit the jackpot I returned to the world of Grace and her parents in this one Grace is much older and looking to get into the academy However, there is something sinister going on there, but no one knows exactly what And when you do find out, you are again confronted with Chief Morray and his sinister plans As usual, the author put out a very entertaining book My last two books were n [...]

    7. The Mainframe is the third installment of the City Center dystopic sci fi series by Miss Pond, and her third book This one returns us to the distant future and to the heroine of the first book Ava who is now attempting to balance motherhood of a rebellious scamp of a daughter and obsessively digitally tracking Morray, the nemesis of the first book and whose formative years are chronicled in the second, The New Agenda.Without giving too much away, the story splits into two one following the going [...]

    8. This third book in the series continues the story of Ava and Morray In this one, Grace Joseph and Ava s daughter wants only to go the Silicon Valley Academy to train to be a soldier warrior like her father In her quest to be accepted, during her testing, Grace unwittingly discovers digital footprints in the Mainframe that could lead to Morray Ava s obsession to find Morray is still as strong as ever, but now she feels she has some hope of finding him as she learns about the Mainframe, too Told [...]

    9. I received an early copy of The Mainframe to review This is the third story in the New Agenda Series I found while I wasn t reading it I was thinking about it and when I was reading I had a difficult time putting it down I think the ending of The Mainframe angered me then the other two in the series I was reading on my Kindle and tried to turn a page and discovered no to read I wasn t ready for the story to end, I wanted Excellent stand alone story but so much satisfying to have read all thr [...]

    10. It was such a treat to read Simone Ponds 3rd installment of her series I love that the perspective of the storyteller has shifted again, this time we are with Ava s teenage daughter Grace I love how Pond is able to tackle so many levels of society commentary and still deliver on loads of intimate character development And you can tell Pond has done her research on the science technology behind the stories which is always intriguing and honestly frightening The Mainframe definitely packs a punch [...]

    11. If you wonder how technology is impacting outr lives, and what our lives in Southern CA could look like if technology was used for nefarious purposes, you ll love THe Mainframe The third in the series of dystopia novels, I m hooked on the characters, and can t wait for the next installment If you enjoyed Hunger Games or 1Q84, you ll enjoy The New Agenda series Do recommend reading in orde, even though are stand alone novels.

    12. I LOVED it There is so much heart and genuine compassion in this intricate story which sweeps through generations The age old themes of family, loyalty and a desire to make right all social injustice has been expertly handled by our thoughtful and committed author Bravo, Simone A job well done

    13. I loved The Mainframe Just like in The City Center and The New Agenda, I was immediately pulled into the characters and the story after just a couple of pages and couldn t put this book down until I read every last word I m anxiously awaiting a fourth book to answer all of my lingering questions please tell me there s another book coming Another great story from a wonderful author.

    14. Very good book in series Page turner, easy to read for me, English is my second language and has balance of action, romance and adventure Very nicely imaginative and the characters feel real I recommend for anyone who likes straight forward science fiction.

    15. I found I really enjoyed listening to Grace s story She interacts with her mother, Ava, like many teens fighting for their freedom with parents, but love them as well Grace ventures in the worlds and engages with what the world has become around her Grace even falls in love, a feel that balances the story and feels equal to what we got with Ava and Joseph in the first book.We end the story with a lead to the next book, which I will be needing as I want to see how things turn out for a few people [...]

    16. original review JC s Book Haven Ready for what, Ava You ve spent all these years preparing for Morray s return, and what has that done for you You ve locked yourself in another prison, and you ve been holding your daughter hostage The GoodSo having enjoyed the first two books in the series I was looking forward to this one Ava is still hunting for Morray and we get to know her daughter now 16 years old and determined to get away from her over protective mother I liked seeing how city center and [...]

    17. The story continues with the peaceful life of the Strader family I found it disapointing that in book three Ava had been transformed into someone striving for change to someone who had lost sight of what she was fighting for She s gotten so caught up in looking for Morray that she neglects her husband and daughter Her daughter, Grace, on the other hand behaves in a totally teen fahion, rebelling against her mother and truly despising her The dad s reaction was a little on the hard to believe sid [...]

    18. Having now read all 3 in this series, one thing has increased with my anticipation of the next one how quickly I read them I almost read them too quickly, but once I picked up this book, like the others, I couldn t put it down I think for my review of The New Agenda I said I read the book in under a day This one was fell to the same fate The only flaw in how well written and captivating it is, is that when you finish, you re left with an emptiness until the next one is ready.The thing I ve found [...]

    19. Jumping right back into the midst of this chaotic tale, Simone Pond does well to welcome a new character Grace, the daughter to Ava and Joseph as a young adult In this story, she is the main character and is the perfect combo of her parents with her independent nature like her mother and her leadership qualities like her father Her upbringing and personality help her find herself in the midst of saving her mother and discovering the terror hidden in the mainframe.The story was not as detailed an [...]

    20. I received an electronic copy of The Mainframe by the author for an honest review Grace has been gearing up for one special moment in her life to be accepted into the Academy for combat training and to become a soldier like her father Until she is in the mainframe for the tech portion of her test, she does not realize that she has skills like her mother Ava Grace discovers suspicious digital footprints in the mainframe, uncovering a plot by former Chief Morray to return In the days that follow t [...]

    21. As the 3rd installment in the series, The Mainframe takes us even farther into the future Now, Ava s daughter Grace is 16 and coming into her own Grace is trying to join the exclusive Silicon Valley Academy, and she is reaching out to carve her own path in her world, which is hard to do with parents who helped shape the very world she lives in Plus, she has all the angsty feelings of a teenager that builds a complex and realistic character.With new story lines and characters, plus the updates an [...]

    22. So this is book three and the story isn t losing it s flavor yet Usually, series start to drift by this point, but not here I am as drawn to this series as I was when I started.The book alternates between Ava, who has spent the last sixteen years trying to find Morray in the mainframe, and her daughter Grace, who is training to go to a military academy and who resents her mother s absence.Grace stumbles upon Morray s footprint in tryouts for the academy and Ava pounces on them with a passion whi [...]

    23. So this series is really awesome I loved the two POVs on Ava and Grace, and their journey through both the real and the mainframe From the beginning of the book, I knew Sam was not to be trusted Also Ms Atwood was a bit peculiar The story and plot line is super strong For a book series that I haven t found a physical book copy of, this is superb writing The author really gets major props for how much I have been enjoying these books The only reason this book took me longer than the first two was [...]

    24. This is the third book in the series and takes us into the future.The story centers around Ava her family.Her daughter grace struggles to make a place for herself and Ava continues to try and put an end to the threat of Morray.The author continues to create characters I feel invested in.I was hooked from the first chapter and couldn t wait to find out the characters fates.I look forward to reading future works by this author.The narrator has a pleasant voice to listen too.I received an audiobook [...]

    25. Simone Pond just has a way of telling a story that brings you right into the action, make you feel like you know each of the characters personally, and keeps you engaged from start to finish The cadence of the book is perfect, making sure that there is never a lull in the action Even during my busiest of days, I had a hard time putting this book down Kudos to Simone for an amazing 3rd book My only disappointment is that I will now hanging be in complete dispense until the next book in this serie [...]

    26. WOW I love books Especially good books, then when you read an amazing book you are so happy you feel like you re going to explode I exploded with joy times than I can count It wrap ps up really nice giving a good boyfriend and a safe place, but it also demands another book in the series with her mom not there and morray not gone Can t wait to read

    27. One please These books are captivating from the first paragraph I absolutely adore this subject matter It reminds me that things can always be worse than what you struggle through It also gives me a glimpse of new beginnings and second chances Something I am very passionate about Give us another and thank you

    28. Never ending twists and turns inside and outside the mainframe, time and space are changeable and constantly keep the storyline moving around Loved the two tier two timeline storytelling now on to the Torrent

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