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Wickedly They Dream #2020

Wickedly They Dream Evil never rests Jordan hoped her life would change after the fiery death of the devious sorcerer Asa Trebane She was wrong The Black Order of the Cult is gearing up to select a new Supreme Leader a

  • Title: Wickedly They Dream
  • Author: Cathrina Constantine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 108
  • Format: ebook
  • Wickedly They Dream By Cathrina Constantine, Evil never rests.Jordan hoped her life would change after the fiery death of the devious sorcerer, Asa Trebane She was wrong The Black Order of the Cult is gearing up to select a new Supreme Leader, and Lucifer will be judge and jury.Seeley, Jordan s mother, is possessed with a curse, and even the priests can t find a solution to defeat the evil devouring her Jordan musEvil never rests.Jordan hoped her life would change after the fiery death of the devious sorcerer, Asa Trebane She was wrong The Black Order of the Cult is gearing up to select a new Supreme Leader, and Lucifer will be judge and jury.Seeley, Jordan s mother, is possessed with a curse, and even the priests can t find a solution to defeat the evil devouring her Jordan must dig deeper into the Satanic realm and joins forces with a wicked witch to save her family from the clutches of Hell However, when things go awry with her guardian angel, Markus, Jordan is shrouded in her own longing as she faces the darkness without his light.There s trouble in paradise and souls are at stake as Jordan fights to hold onto a normal teenage life the angel she loves and a family that hangs in peril.

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      Cathrina Constantine

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    1. This was something that I needed to read at this time over the last two weeks I ve experienced some major upsets and I needed something that not only let me escape but also comforted me and I found it Even though I have not read the first book I will, but I am going to wait two weeks because I will need I hope that it will help me when I need it again I did not feel like I was too lost because the author gives you just enough information so that you don t feel lost.I loved the entire concept of [...]

    2. Once again Cathrina Constantine does not disappoint Wickedly They Dream picks up right where Wickedly They Come ended, the transition was smooth and fluid which I loved There was no need to go back to book one and re read the ending to refresh my memory of what happened In this sequel our heroine is back, braver and as kick ass as ever but still retaining the vulnerability and softness that endeared us to her in book one Having dreams and visions that lead her to fear and worry about the soul an [...]

    3. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book is the second in a series, I have not had the pleasure of reading the first one yet but saying that i really didn t have to as i could follow the story quite easily by the way the author has written it by blending some of the story from the first book into this one The story follows a young lady by the name of Jordan who lives with her grandparents so she can finish high school, hang out with her friends and her firs [...]

    4. Wickedly They Dream, the sequel to Wickedly they Come did not disappoint In fact, this story is darker, grittier and edgier Jordan, the seventeen year old hero, has matured, out of necessity to protect her family.There is so much action packed into this story, it s hard to write about it without giving anything away Let me say that our favorite characters, good and bad from Wickedly They Come are back and well as a few new ones There is romance, plenty of demons, angels, battles and a few twists [...]

    5. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Well honestly I loved this book I love books with Angels that have a little bit of human in them I didn t think I would like a book that seemed for a YA, but I was surprised at myself Has all the elements that you could want for a paranormal book Loved everyone in the story except Seely She seemed kind of weak to me And I wish Declan had to do in the book The action was crazy The love and heartache was great I have already c [...]

    6. If you re a big fan of YA heavy paranormal romance, this book will appeal to you Just like in Wickedly They Come, this book too draws on religion but neither books are preachy In this book, Jordan discovers many demon fighting abilities bestowed to her by God through her guardian angel However, her mom is in trouble and Jordan is ready to sacrifice everything to save her Things heat up when her angel forbids her to do the unthinkable, but Jordan being Jordan would not listen She also finds that [...]

    7. There is nothing I like in a story than a strong heroine, who has a great sense of humor Ms Constantine provided me with one in Wickedly They Dream I caught a glimpse of Jordan s strength in Wickedly They Come, but I m blasted away with just how wonderful she is in the second book.The story was packed with action, and a few surprises including an unexpected romance that had me opening my mouth with pleasant surprise A thoroughly engaging read from start to finish Paranormal YA has a new superst [...]

    8. Another thrilling episode, with the ongoing fight against evil and the problematic pregnancy of Seeley Jordan has to deal with teenage problems as well as trying to save her mother Often exciting, there are a few times where it goes quite slow, but it is still a very good read as it is very adventurous.

    9. I loved this book It was so suspenseful and full of good and evil and romance Sorry it ended because I looked forward to reading it every day but the ending was superb Cathrina is an excellent author Love all her books so far Perhaps a sequel is in the works

    10. Terrifying, tense, but yes, with a touch of humor and romance Constantine knows how to start her stories with a bang and leave you hanging on for dear life What a thriller I can t wait for

    11. After reading the first book in the series, I was looking forward to see where the life of demon fighting would take Jordan and her mother, Seeley, next The first pages start off with a bang, leaving no time for pondering before they jump right into action and that from all directions That s why I would highly suggest reading the first book first Otherwise, it will take some stumbling to figure out what s going on So this is not a stand alone.This is a book packed with edge of the seat moments J [...]

    12. Constantine s eloquent writing flows to bring this story to life Her picturesque descriptions are vivid realistic She brings this fantastic world to life in a big way It is the perfect backdrop for this nail biting storyline This combination of good, evil, romance is not only satisfying but also wildly imaginative.Constantine continues to develop the characters that we met in Wickedly they Come I appreciate they how they continue to grow as individuals, never stagnating I also enjoyed meeting th [...]

    13. I received an advanced reading copy from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review Though second in The Wickedly Series, I was still able to easily read this book alone Jordan is a sheltered young girl, chosen by God to be His Warrior She faces demons, and sorcerers with the help of her Guardian Angel This book took me through every emotion and kept me on the edge of my seat Highly recommend this book I plan to go back, and cannot wait to see what happens next Note regardless of s [...]

    14. Loved itIf you thought the first book in the series was good This one was even better Now I want the next one please What do Markus and Jordan have to do Is Seelys baby normalswers please need the third book

    15. The first book I read by this author was Wickedly They Come and I loved it I hoped the sequel would be just as good And Cathrina Constantine did not disappoint me In fact, Wickedly They Dream was even better

    16. Interesting and exciting battle between good and evil Well written although there are some editing issues Great characters.Disclaimer I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    17. Very entertaining book This usually one of my favorite genres It reminded me of TV Show that I watch Very good I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

    18. FantasyAngels and demons fight an invisible war that we cannot see Some humans join the battle for the souls on earth.

    19. I am so in love with this series I am speechless The way Cathrina writes about the characters are phenomenal This is a must read for all who loves the fiction, paranormal and all Now I just have to try to wait patiently for the next book.

    20. It was nice to return to the adventures of Jordan and Seeley This book though has much heavier concepts in it which gave it a darker feeling than it s predecessor Compared with the first book, I found this one to be steady throughout with the religious explanations behind the actions of the characters.The only problem I had, was that the interpersonal side to the story was a bit jerky Jordan s relationship with Thrill and his subsequent downward spiral, Markus having feelings for Jordan that ar [...]

    21. This was the perfect sequel to Wickedly They Come As with the first book, I really enjoyed the relationship between Jordan and her mother, Seeley In the first book, Seeley was very protective of Jordan, but in this book Jordan became protective of her mother I enjoyed the chemistry between Jordan and Markus as well as the combination of fantasy mixed with Jordan trying to fit in with regular teenagers Like the first book, there was a strong sense of fighting for good in the world and overcoming [...]

    22. Cliff hanger Jordan is becoming who she s meant to be, but it isn t without its challenges The character seeks to protect her mother but will she succeed in protecting both mother and unborn child It s a good read.

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