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Autumn and Summer #2020

Autumn and Summer Intended For Adults Older Is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all Sexy successful and stylish Autumn Jones believes in love She believes in the all consuming mind blowi

  • Title: Autumn and Summer
  • Author: Danielle Allen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Autumn and Summer By Danielle Allen, Intended For Adults 18 Older Is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all Sexy, successful and stylish, Autumn Jones believes in love She believes in the all consuming, mind blowing enormity of love She believes in the euphoric state of loving and being loved She believes in it because she s had it once And when it was lost, she wa Intended For Adults 18 Older Is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all Sexy, successful and stylish, Autumn Jones believes in love She believes in the all consuming, mind blowing enormity of love She believes in the euphoric state of loving and being loved She believes in it because she s had it once And when it was lost, she was devastated, but she never stopped believing in the existence of love Unwilling to settle, she learned from the past and moved on with the expectation that she ll love again Beautiful, talented, and slightly jaded, Summer Wilson believes in sex She believes in the all consuming, mind blowing enormity of good sex She believes that love exists, but Prince Charming does not At least not for her She s seen the downside of love insanity, heartbreak, infidelity, divorce and she dates with the expectation that she won t ever subject herself to that type of vulnerability Instead, she chooses to love her family, her friends, and her work And although she enjoys the company of men, her heart is hers and hers alone Best friends since elementary school, Autumn and Summer kick off the summer by embarking on a dating experiment Unfortunately, expecting the unexpected doesn t prepare them for what the dating world has in store.

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    1. I love ithope you do too Here s the synopsis of Autumn and SummerIt Starts Girls Meet Boys People Throw Shade Feelings Are Felt Things Happen And then the story of Autumn and Summer ends like

    2. 5 stars Wow Danielle Allen can bring the chemistry ARC provided to G the Book Diva blog in exchange for an honest review Closing the gap between us, he cradled my face If you were mine, I wouldn t be able to keep my hands off of you There would be no mistaking that you were mine Autumn and Summer is the story of best friends who have decided that they re done with cheaters and mediocre men The besties make a pact to arrange ten dates over the course one month for each other, agreeing to give up [...]

    3. 5 Can I be their third best friend Stars Summer Autumn was not what I was expecting I ve been finding these little gems lately in the indie world and when I do, I want to shout for everyone to pick up this book and read it too This book is FUNNY, charming, and NOT predictable at all The cover makes it look like a serious read, but seriously, don t let it fool you, these are two are so funny together This is a dual POV book and I absolutely loved the setup You get to know both characters really [...]

    4. My first book by Danielle Allen and I was super impressed I love that it was told from the point of view of both girls Autumn Summer, obviously ,who have remained friends throughout the years and nothing could possibly change that I also loved that there were so many hot guys in this book, my head was spinning in the very best possible way, of course Autumn and Summer was different than my usual reads as of late, which was a very good thing, and I look forward to of Danielle s writing in the ne [...]

    5. I received an ARC for an honest review ,,, seriously gotta say straight off I bloody loved this book This is a romance but from a different angle ,,, we have Autumn who is a total romantic, believes in love and HEAs ,,,, she wants a future ,,, but has been hurt by the person she thought would be her future ,,,she s been on dates but there s no sparks ,,, she so wants those sparksWe also have Autumns BFF Summer ,,, now she has totally different beliefs when it comes to love and relationships ,,, [...]

    6. When things don t work out with Summer s job and relationship, her best friend Autumn helps her start fresh with a new job in a new city In honor of new beginnings, Summer concocts a plan for her and Autumn to set each other up on 10 blind dates in hopes that going through some Mr Right Nows will help them find Mr Right.Autumn and Summer is a cute light hearted read about friendship and romance It s written from alternating perspectives of both Autumn and Summer, following them on these multiple [...]

    7. I started reading Autumn Summer one night and couldn t put it down By the time I hit fifty percent, I had already committed myself to a long night of reading In the early morning hours, I shut my kindle a VERY happy girl Autumn and Summer is written in two girls POV s Best friends who are loyal to one another It s a refreshing change of pace that Danielle accomplished flawlessly Instantly, I feel in love with both of them Two completely different people, deciding to put their fate of love in the [...]

    8. Received an ARC for an honest review 5 Incredible StarsThis book was amazing It drew me in from page one I didn t want to put it down I wanted to know about Summer, Autumn, Mr Ford, Boris and Johnathan Summer doesn t do love She doesn t believe in it She is disappointed that she let herself commit to a lying jerk like Josh Once he humiliates her she decides she needs a fresh start and moves in with her best friend Autumn She is excited to start this new chapter in her life She is hoping to get [...]

    9. So, let me start this with two qualifiers First, I did receive an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review, and it will be just that, an honest review Secondly, I m already a big fan of this author If you haven t, go read her Back to Life Series, seriously some of my favorite reading So, with that said, on to the review Autumn and Summer was a very fun read Two best friends, unlucky in love, decide that they re going to take over the other s dating life for a month, to see if they can s [...]

    10. I freaking love this book.Autumn and Summer are besties, and I want in on that Autumn can do my hair and makeup, and Summer and I can drink whiskey together This needs to happen.I saw a lot of myself in both girls, two strong, witty, and independent women Autumn and I are a lot a like, the romantic book reader who s happy go lucky But she s also smart about her love life, and tries to apply some level of foresight to her emotions Her story actually had me the most excited to see what would come, [...]

    11. What a fun read Autumn and Summer are two women I would love to know, very few dull moments.Dual POV done beautifully tells the story of how these two lifelong friends put their romantic life into the others hands in the hopes of finding the one.Autumn is the hopeless romantic Wants to be swept up and away Refuses to settle for anything less Her best friend Summer is just looking for Mr Right Now Scarred from her parents relationship she is sure true love is a fairy tale When each girl turns ove [...]

    12. Autumn Summer, I just can t say enough good things about this book Best friends Autumn Summer have had their share of looser boyfriends Now they have decide that maybe their pickers are bad LOL, and decide to let each other set the other up on 10 blind dates Why or why didn t me and my friends come up with ideas this good when we were younger and single And the games begin, but things start going a little awry when Summer keeps running into the sexiest man on the plane, Xavier Ford, but believin [...]

    13. I m definitely a Danielle Allen fan, hands down This is such a fun twist on love and romance I loved it The girls are both very relatable and I could find myself in each of them at different points in my life I loved their bond and genuine care for each other The game they play to find their fairytale provides soooo much entertainment I found myself wishing I could be part of their challenge don t tell my very adorable, loving and romantic husband though Oh the men in this book are extremely swo [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book it had a good storyline, like a really good chick flick in a book Summer Wilson and Autumn Jones, the two girls unlucky in love, decide that as they don t pick the right guys for themselves they d each find the other 10 dates for the next month, with Summer now working for Style Magazine shooting pictures of the most eligible bachelor s she gets Autumn dates with most of them, lucky Autumn I loved Summer s character, strong and feisty, I liked Autumn s character too bu [...]

    15. Chick Lit Autumn and Summer is a tale of two life long best friends taking control of each other s dating life, how fun would it be for your Best Friend to pick who you date especially with a friendship that s these two beautiful ladies have they are soul sisters no one knows them better than each other Summer is a talented photographer but she does not believe in love she like to have a good time and that s about it even though the has a boyfriend due to his insisting they put a label on their [...]

    16. Cute chick lit that was rather uneven in places.Summer and Autumn have been best friends since kindergarten and know each other better than they know themselves Each woman has been unlucky in love.After a break up that also left her jobless, Summer relocates from NYC to DC to become a freelance photographer and move in with her bestie, Autumn Realizing that the other tends to clearly see the flaws in the men they choose, they embark on a plan Each woman will go on ten blind first dates But Summe [...]

    17. Can best friends help each other find love Autumn and Summer is the third book by Danielle Allen that I ve read and it is by far my favorite The author didn t include many flashbacks allowing the reader to easily follow along and get lost in the love lust lives of the main characters The subject matter was light, fun, and entertaining If you can t handle a steamy love scene or 2 or 4 you may have to skim over a few pages I suggest a cold glass of water nearby during these moments, especially if [...]

    18. What to say about this book Wow I can say that you never know what is around the corner in this one Autumn and Summer are some crazy fly by the seat of their pants girls for sure They are closer than sisters, although their happy endings are completely different One not wanting a HEA and the other always looking for one A realist and romantic don t usually mix but these two are stuck at the hip I loved Autumn because she s such a romantic and wanted so bad to help her realist bestie find true lo [...]

    19. NEVER SAY NEVER Autumn and Summer oh my goodness These girls are what true friendship is all about The sisterhood, the love for one another, the ability to lift each other up when they are down.These two girls are an amazing pair Autumn, is our hopeless romantic She wants love Wants her HEA She craves it Then we have Summer, shes ou carefree spirit Live for today Don t need love Hot sex is fine thank you very much.With their professional lives thriving they are happy But, not complete One wants [...]

    20. Danielle Allen hits it outta the ball part yet again with another five star book Autumn and Summer was so different to her first two books yet it kept me stuck to it I HATED having to put it down Autumn and Summer are two women in there late twenties who have been friends since they were in playschool There have so much in common but are literally like chalk and cheese But when Summer gets hurt by her toss pot boyfriend Autumn is there like always, with a shoulder to cry on and an open door for [...]

    21. Autumn Jones is a hopeless romantic, but was crushed by who she thought was her one true love You know that sleeping with a guy after the first date is not my thing I have to get to know him before he can get all of this Summer Wilson doesn t believe in love never has never will However does believe in really great sex None of the potential suitors were my type, but really, what is my type Am I too picky Now living together after Summer s boyfriend cheated on her, Summer convinces Autumn that th [...]

    22. Received ARC for honest review I m a huge fan of Danielle Allen and she didn t disappoint with Autumn and Summer The story is unique and was unlike most of the books I ve been reading lately Autumn and Summer are life long best friends Autumn is looking for Mr Right and Summer is looking for Mr Right Now Tired of dating the same kind of men they usually go for, Summer comes up with the idea of them setting up dates for the other 10 first dates, in one month We are taking a fun, funny, sexy ride [...]

    23. Awesome story I enjoyed the story of Autumn and Summer, because they were both ambitious, independent women with careers They were not afraid to step out in faith on the dating scene The relationship between the two women reminded me of myself and a good friend of mine.Summer and Xavier s relationship was intriguing from start to finish I wish the author would have elaborated on Autumn and Jordan s relationship Most of the focus was on Summer I m happy that Autumn stood up for her beliefs at th [...]

    24. I loved this book I will be honest I promised the Author that I would read and review this book When I saw the cover I thought it was going to be F F HAHAHAHAHAHAHA It s totally not It is a story about best friends and their bright idea to find each others love of their lives I loved how it is to different love stories More bang for your buck And because of this it is not your normal love story.Great read RNR Received an ARC for an Honest Review

    25. Very good read A couple of things bothered me 1 You never found out what Autumn s career was and 2 Summer and Xavier could have gotten together a long time before they did if Summer had asked him if he was single instead of running off every time they were together because maturity Other than that I really liked it.

    26. This book was awesome I loved both characters Summer doesn t really believe in love but still enjoys companionship Autumn believes in love but can t seem to find the right guy To help each other out they begin picking each other s dates This definitely makes for a fun and interesting read I couldn t put it down, I finished in two days

    27. I m a big fan of Danielle s I liked Autumn and Summer was so different than her other books Some authors books all have the same feel to them but not her She did great, Autumn and Summer take their love lives and puts them in each others hands I love the different characters we meet along the journey It was a fun and exciting journey too wonderful job Danielle

    28. Yeeeeaaah this book was great really great great but I found autumn too dry.But nothing would ve stopped me from reading this book.Summer s tough character and her rollercoaster with Xavier became my favourite I was done for when Jordan was accused of a killer

    29. Original story great fun in places but over all for me I struggled to want to keep reading However I did finish it 3.5 stars

    30. 3.5 starsSuper cute, quick read There wasn t a lot angst or drama Just two best friends in search for what their hearts desires

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