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Mrs. McVinnie's London Season #2020

Mrs McVinnie s London Season MISCHIEF IN THE MARRIAGE MARTJeannie McVinnie was young and lovely but she was also a widow with no intention of marrying again And if she ever did it certainly would not be to the high handed hot t

  • Title: Mrs. McVinnie's London Season
  • Author: Carla Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780451165770
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mrs. McVinnie's London Season By Carla Kelly, MISCHIEF IN THE MARRIAGE MARTJeannie McVinnie was young and lovely but she was also a widow with no intention of marrying again And if she ever did, it certainly would not be to the high handed, hot tempered Captain William Summers.The swashbuckling Summers was a naval hero who found himself at sea in the London social swim and demanded that Jeannie help his pretty nieceMISCHIEF IN THE MARRIAGE MARTJeannie McVinnie was young and lovely but she was also a widow with no intention of marrying again And if she ever did, it certainly would not be to the high handed, hot tempered Captain William Summers.The swashbuckling Summers was a naval hero who found himself at sea in the London social swim and demanded that Jeannie help his pretty niece take the plunge into the London Marriage Mart With her innocent charge in tow, Jeannie sailed into action trying to steer a safe course in a whirlpool of romantic intrigue and trying to keep herself from being swept away in a wild storm of love

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    1 thought on “Mrs. McVinnie's London Season

    1. It was not her fault.Mistaken for someone else, Mrs Jeannie McVinnie went head to head with Captain Sir William Summers He ran his brother s house as he would his ship Weathered, loud and offensive, he had threatened to send her to Newgate Pringle, his subordinate, coughed and turned away She grabbed his hand and slapped the money into it This is what remains of the bank note you sent me in Kirkcudbright, you great big bully I may be Jeannie McVinnie, but I wouldn t stay under the same roof with [...]

    2. I ve given this a B at AAR, so 3.5 starsOriginally published in 1990, Mrs McVinnie s London Season tells the story of a young, Scottish war widow who, rather like a Regency Mary Poppins, joins the household of a troubled family and, with her very individual blend of kindness, practicality and backbone, improves the lot of each of its members.Widowed little than a year previously, twenty four year old Jeannie McVinnie lives quietly in Kircudbright with her late husband s father When she receives [...]

    3. Carla Kelly s Mrs McVinnie s London Season Traditional Regency Jeannie McVinnie, the heroine and title character, is a soldier s widow living in Scotland with her father in law Her life is rather circumscribed and boring, so when a letter arrives inviting Jeannie McVinnie to London to be a companion to a naval officer s niece, who is making her come out, she grabs the opportunity, even though she knows that the Jeannie McVinnie to whom the letter was addressed is her husband s late aunt So she a [...]

    4. Like most of Carla Kelly s full length novels, this one was a solid piece of work involving two people who are forced upon the other with no intention of getting involved in the other In Mrs McVinnie s case, she was a widow of an army soldier living with her handicapped veteran father in law from the same battle that finished off her husband You don t know this at the beginning, but there is apparently a bit of a mystery regarding her current reputation because of her actions surrounding her hus [...]

    5. Although I came late to appreciate Carla Kelly, I did love the latest books I read by her I was naturally eager to read this Mrs McVinnie but I m afraid I had a hard time with the heroine.Jeannie McVinnie receives a letter inviting her to move to London and play nanny to the niece and nephew of captain Summers Although she knows that the letter is not in reality for her but for her father in law s sister who has died she sees it as a way to stop being a burden to her father in law and she thinks [...]

    6. Although these Naval romances of Carla Kelly s are certainly romances, they end with less of an HEA and of a caution than any other romances I know of The heroines commit despite what they know would be best for them They commit, often after quite a period of thought, because they love, but they do not for one second think the EA will be an H They know their husband will be gone for extended periods That he is likely to be killed while he is gone That he is likely to be swept up in his career a [...]

    7. Widowed Jeannie McVinnie finagles her way into the household of Captain William Summers, which includes his wacky sister, an eligible for marriage niece, and a couple other characters Capt Summers is not at all comfortable trying to help his niece with her required intro into London society Jeannie McVinnie turns out to be the organizing glue that gels this chaotic household And of course, the Captain and Jeannie become tender friends and fall in love but even that has its challenges.I rate the [...]

    8. Carla Kelly s stories remind me so much of Georgette Heyer who happen to be my all time favorite regency romance author.There is a mixture of comedy, romance and historic elements.I feel some of the characters didn t pull their weight Jeannie wasn t strong enough to bring this book completely together and even though Beau Brummell was a secondary character, in this story he wasn t as iconic as he needed to be.

    9. Beau Brummell makes an amusing appearance However the star of this book for me is Captain William Summers, a naval hero who runs his chaotic London household as if it is a ship and the residents are his unruly naval staff.

    10. Carla Kelly where have you been hidingA widow looking for a new beginning and a sea Captain ready to cast off Once again Carla Kelly writes this wonderful love story about friendship, respect and love.

    11. Delightful A wonderful tale of a Scottish soldier s widow and a British naval captain who unexpectedly fall in love while trying to launch his niece s Season I have read this book a number of times, although not for several years I enjoyed it so much, I immediately re read it.

    12. Vintage KellyWe are back with the sailors of the Channel blockade again Captain Sir William Summers has been beached by his brother in law at the Admiralty so he can oversee his niece s come out More at sea than on board his ship, he calls on his old nurse to come and help But the Jeannie McGinnis he gets is not the one he is expecting.

    13. A Regency romance with depth It s a bit idealistic and shows its age in places, but there were way twists and turns that I expected and left me feeling very satisfied I especially liked how Kelly showed Jeannie falling in love again, without diminishing her first marriage in any way.

    14. FantasticBy turns funny, poignant, horrifying, compassionate and honest, this is a book to stir not just the emotions but the soul Beautifully written so understanding of human nature, this book is not just anything Highly recommended.

    15. I am a huge Carla Kelly fan and was really enjoying Mrs McVinnie s London Season It has humorous moments and very tender moments that made me cry view spoiler The main problem that I had with this book was its ending It is a disappointing happy for now kind of ending because of the hero being a sea captain hide spoiler My rating would have been about four plus stars, but instead I give it about 3.5 stars.

    16. I love these Traditional Romances written by Carla Kelly So sweet True, I was not completely hooked by the beginning, although I appreciated that, being Jeannie a widow, she truly loved her husband unlike some other romances where she just liked her deceased husband, and it is only when she meets the hero that she knows what true love is.This book has the right amount of chemistry from the moment they meet it is like Jeannie and Captain Summers have met each other their whole life I love every t [...]

    17. synopsis jeannie is living with her father in law when she receives a letter asking her to come and be a companion for a naval captain s niece who is about to make her come out the letter writer sounds as though he knows jeannie, but the reality is that jeannie and her father in law s aunt have the same name, and since said aunt is dead, the letter came to her jeannie doesn t want to go, but doesn t think that it would be polite to refuse by letter, so she heads to london to set things straight [...]

    18. I love Jeannie McVinnie, she is one of my most favorite heroines Mrs McVinnie is the strongest, most courageous woman and she always says the right thing She also takes care of everybody and is very unselfish I know when Captain Summers fell in love with Jeannie,it was when she sewed the button on his coat But I don t know when Jeannie fell in love with him Was it when he went Captain Von Trapp on her or when they fought over Edward s black eye Fall in love they did It just took a whole lot of b [...]

    19. This was another good read from Carla Kelly It is one of the light hearted tales that I ve read Mrs Jeannie McVinnie, widow of Tom McVinnie, is a strong woman who speaks her mind I could hear her Scottish accent as I made my way through this delightful novel This is entertaining and is well paced It s not as compelling as some of the other stories by this author but it s still an enjoyable past time Captain Sir William Summers is a rough and tumble character but beneath his gruff exterior is a [...]

    20. This book is supremely silly but still enjoyable.If you like your romance historical rather than historickish, this is not for you If you cannot abide typographical errors in a book, this is not for you I have seen far worse, but I took note of several my favorite being the substitution of nose for rose so that a man became a drunkard rather than a romantic If there s a trope, it s here.I keep thinking I should downgrade to 2 stars because It was OK, but I did want to keep reading it, so 3 stars [...]

    21. This isn t one of my favorite books by Ms Kelly, but I still really enjoy her writing I think I just a bit confused at how things played out with Jeannie and the Beau in the scene at the opera house And I would have liked to get to know Bartley a bit better And the ending felt a bit abrupt But I really liked the adventures that Jeannie had with young Edward.And Captain Sommers what a hunk In a weird, restless, swearing sort of way But even though it s not my favorite Kelly book, she just has a w [...]

    22. Vintage Carla Kelly Over all I found it enjoyable, but I had a few niggles that kept it from being a 5 star.The time encompassed by the story was very, very short The story would not have suffered from being stretched out over the whole season as the title implies So the romance felt very rushed and thereby a bit unbelievable.The characters are all nicely developed and there are a few tissue worthy moments Beau Brummell even has a cameo appearance.It is good to see Kelly s old Signet Regencies m [...]

    23. 3 1 2 I m not sure why but for some reason this one took me a bit longer to get into Once it got going it was good and I really wasn t sure how they were going to get to their HEA I think the only thing I wasn t super keen on was the appearance of The Beau but I don t really like when real historical figures pop up in novels.

    24. This was a cute story Like all of the Carla Kelly books I ve read, this one was written well I just didn t love Will as much as I wanted and felt like it was pushed with Jeannie I loved her Scottish flare and stubbornness, loved the boy Edward and the adventures they went on There was just something lacking, not sure what Fun to read though, and I did enjoy it.

    25. Carla Kelly sure can turn a phrase Reminds me so much of Heyer I never tire of her description of the Napoleonic Wars especially the naval side weevily biscuits, brackish water, navigating with sextants, the cat o nines, quarterdeck winds, Boney and the frogs Sadly only 3 stars because the weak plot 3.5

    26. i have to give it to the author for really sticking with a theme on this one the Captain certainly runs this ship, uhh, i mean book The Cap and Mrs McV and Edward are endearing and there are a few LOL moments that keep me picking up Carla Kelly novels.

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