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Thunder from the Sea #2020

Thunder from the Sea It s and thirteen year old Tom Campbell has always wanted a real family with a real house and a dog of his very own Since he was three years old the only home he has ever known has been the Miss

  • Title: Thunder from the Sea
  • Author: Joan Hiatt Harlow
  • ISBN: 9780689864049
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thunder from the Sea By Joan Hiatt Harlow, It s 1929 and thirteen year old Tom Campbell has always wanted a real family with a real house and a dog of his very own Since he was three years old, the only home he has ever known has been the Mission orphanage When he is sent to live and work with fisherman Enoch and his wife, Tom finally sees his dream wihin reach And when he rescues a Newfoundland dog in the middIt s 1929 and thirteen year old Tom Campbell has always wanted a real family with a real house and a dog of his very own Since he was three years old, the only home he has ever known has been the Mission orphanage When he is sent to live and work with fisherman Enoch and his wife, Tom finally sees his dream wihin reach And when he rescues a Newfoundland dog in the middle of a terrifying squall, Tom feels as if both he and the dog, which he names Thunder, have found a place to call home at last But when Enoch s wife becomes pregnant and it looks like Thunder s owner might be found, Tom s wonderful new world is turned upside down Will the Murrays still want Tom And will Tom be forced to give up his beloved Thunder

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    1 thought on “Thunder from the Sea

    1. i dont really read books that much but when i started to read this book i couldent put it down in the end ive read this book about 3 times its about a orphane who goes to live with some people and the people want to adopt him but he didnt know that and all of a sudden when he goes fishing with a guy they find a dog and tom the boy names it thunder right when tom starts to feel part of the family the women gets pregnat and tom starts to wonder if they want him once they have the baby, and to make [...]

    2. Thunder from the sea is about a thirteen year old Tom Campbell wanted a family and aa house with a dog ever since hew was 3 the home that he has ever had was a mission orphanage When he was sent to live and work with a fisherman and his wife tom saw his dream within reach a family and a dog he found a Newfoundland dog But Toms life turns up side down the murray fish mans wife fiona becomes pregnant and they might have to get ride of Tome and the dog named thunder.As murray talks with fiona and d [...]

    3. Thunder From The Sea is by Joan Harlow It s copyright is 2004 American Library Association ISBN 0689864035Type of Book PaperbackThunder from the Sea had a very interesting cover that caught my eye because the dog in the cover is a Portuguese Water Dog, which is one of my favorite breeds.Tom Campbell is a 13 year old orphan that has wanted a real family his entire life instead of living in a mission orphanage in St Anthony, Newfoundland that he has called his home his entire life But, above all, [...]

    4. Thunder from the SeaBy Joann Hiatt HarlowSetting A small fishing village in Canada called Back o the Moon in the year 1929.Characters Tom Campbell Main human character of the book Tom is an orphaned teenage boy whose parents died of an unknown disease when he was young In the first chapter we find out that he has just been sent to live with a fisherman and his wife Enoch He is fisherman who takes care of Tom Enoch is very kind despite his rough exterior.Fiona She is enoch s wife Fiona is very ki [...]

    5. Thunder from the Sea is an inspiring book about animal instincts and at the end of the book, human kindness Of course, I really enjoyed this book It is seriously the perfect blend of realistic fiction and fiction The fact that Thunder came from the sea is hard to believe, but Tom Campbell, the protagonist, coming from an orphanage to live with people he just meets, go out fishing and come home with a dog they picked up in a storm That is strange to say the least That is probably the most fiction [...]

    6. I chose this book for two reasons One, i had it for a while and i didn t read it, two,it look interesting to me The book is about a orphan named Tom Campbell who got adopted and wanted a dog In the middle of the book, Tom finds a dog in the middle of a storm and takes care of it, the owner comes and lets Tom keep the dog My favorite quote is You r a fine dog Thunder and i wish your were mine, but you r not, you are really Tom s dog I love this quote because the owner saw how much Tom cared for T [...]

    7. So far I think that Tom has caused a lot of problems with the Bosworths Bert stole Thunder, Thunder is a dog that Tom found durring a stormy fishing trip He named him Thunder because he found him durring a thunder storm Amos, Bert s father wants the dog real bad for some reason It is like Bert controls his father because Bert wined to get Thunder and then Amos got real mad I think Bert is spoiled by his dad I predict that Bert is so spoiled that it will get him in trouble.

    8. This is the sort of book that makes me think back to Lassie Come Home and other dog books from 50 100 years ago A story with just enough adventure, there the dog is a true hero and a true member of the family Makes me want to go hug my own dog I was delighted to find this story and will definitely be looking for other dog books by this author.

    9. Tom has always wanted a family and a dog When they go fishing, they rescue a dog,but there bossy neighbors think the dog should be theirs Will Tom and the dog,Thunder, become a problem in this family or heroes Reasons I like this book Reason 1 There is a dog in this story.Reason 2 The book is historical fiction.Reason 3 The story is about putting a family together.

    10. Set in the early nineteen hundreds Newfoundland, Thunder From the Sea, is a moving story of an orphan, a dog, and a loving couple who against all odds become a complete and happy family Some of the jargon was a bit foreign but pretty easy to figure out All in all a great read with a happy ending

    11. Historical fiction that will draw kids in.It s 1929, and Tom Campbell is 13 years old He has always wanted a family of his own, so when he is sent to live with Enoch and his wife Fiona on Back O The Moon Island off the Canadian coast , he is determined to make it work He does everything he can to help Enoch with his fishing and holds his own with local bullies If only he could have a dog, life would be perfect.Enoch and Fiona seem to like him well enough, but he just can t let himself come to re [...]

    12. I found it interesting to contrast this with some of the horse books I ve read lately The horse books seem to focus on the growth of the relationship between the horse and the child This did not do that at all It was the story of an orphan boy trying to become part of a family He rescues a dog who also becomes a member of the clan The dog is a hero and a source of solace for the insecure boy The relationships that are explored are those of the family and the community A very interesting look at [...]

    13. The way of love and hopeThis book can teach you a lot about finding a place in this world, and finding the bright side to the worst situations I actually learned a little bit of science in this book along with geography This book is kinda the last thing I have from someone who was my family when I didn t have one.

    14. Recommended by a student as her favorite dog book I ve shed enough tears over dying dog books in my life, so now I only read books about dogs if they are still alive at the end Spoiler alert I really enjoyed this book and shed zero dead dog tears.

    15. Orphan goes to live with a couple on a small self sufficient island Finds a dog who saves family and community many times He worries about whether their new home is permanent and a handful of potential obstacles and circumstances threaten that Ultimately just a very happy story Sorry if thats a spoiler.Author could improve on her character expression The kid was anxious about his future and reflective of his past but the telling sort of just explained it instead of showing it.

    16. Tom, an orphan, is taken in by Fiona and Enoch Murray fisherpeople who live off the coast of Newfoundland On his first fishing trip with Enoch, Tom discovers and rescues a dog that later comes to be called Thunder Enoch s business partner, Amos Bosworth and his son, Bert, want the dog for themselves and they re ready to do almost anything to get him Bert even goes so far as to steal Thunder and hide him in a barn for several days Enoch and Tom refuse to give in to their demands, so the Bosworths [...]

    17. Joan Hiatt Harlow wrote an incredible story called Thunder from the Sea In the book Tom, the main character, finds a heroic and loyal dog who saves his family from many disasters Tom is adopted by two people living on a small island in Newfoundland, when they re out fishing, they find a dog and give it a home at the moment Thunder takes Tom and his new family on a great adventure.Thunder from the Sea is exceptional in many ways Many people will like the fact that there is not just one exciting m [...]

    18. I m eighteen, and I still pick up this book every now and then to read It s one of those stories that captures The love of a family, even if they aren t family because of blood And, it captures The perks of friendship And, best of all, it captures The bond between a boy and his dog bonds between people and animals are my favorite We see a boy become part of a family who fights for one another when need be And we see a boy grow and mature as he figures out what really matters, and figures out wha [...]

    19. Thunder from the Sea by Joan Hiatt Harlow is a touching historical fiction book about a boy, a dog, and a family who will capture your heart Tom is a character that I could really connect with, and I feel as if I know him I felt sad for him that he was an orphan, and I worried about what would become of both he and Thunder This is an excellent book for people of all ages, and I think kids in fourth through eighth grade will especially relate to Tom and Thunder The book gave me a peek at what lif [...]

    20. Orphan Tom Campbell wishes for two things a family to belong to and a dog to call his own He finds the first in Enoch and Fiona Murray who adopt him from Grenfall Mission to Back O the Moon In 1929, the way of life is simple and Enoch fishes off the Newfoundland coast to earn a living As Enoch and Tom begin to fish the waters together, they find a dog struggling to stay afloat in the waters There is no boat and sight and Tom cannot believe ita dog to call his own But, Enoch says they must try to [...]

    21. Tom, an orphan in Newfoundland, is taken in by the Murray family who live on a small island One day while out on a fishing trip, Tom spots a dog swimming in the sea during a storm He insists on saving the dog and then calls him Thunder Thunder saves the Murray family from several catastrophes and Tom loves the dog like no other In the back of Tom s mind, though, is always the knowledge that Thunder doesn t truly belong to him What will he do if Thunder s real owner comes back I found the story a [...]

    22. This book is about a boy named Tom and how hes going trought some tuff times when he goes out fishing one day he sees a dog swimming in the water and the dogs lost so Tom keeps him and takes care of him and he is looking for his owner but he can t find the owner so one day Tom and some other boys are down by the docks when Thunder goes cazy braking and then they they feel the ground shaking and after the earth quack Thunder starts going crazy again and the boys see this hug tital wave coming so [...]

    23. Thunder From the Sea was a thoroughly enjoyable read about a Newfoundland dog Though it is historical fiction, it is based on some actual events that took place in New Foundland in the 1920s The book is geared toward a 5th 8th grade audience, but I was captivated by the story as an adult Thunder, the giant of a dog in the story, applies the special abilities inherent in man s best friend to protect the people in his family and others on his island If only we would listen to the warnings provided [...]

    24. Well, my aunt actually reccomended this to me, so I started reading it The plot of this story is that there s a young boy with no family, but he really wishes he could have a dog Then, he has to go work on a ship and he finds a dog there, that he names Thunder My favorite quote in the whole story would be The rain only falls in places that need it, not the ones that crave it This authors unique choice of words really inspired me to get a dog because it shows that it really brings a family close [...]

    25. Orphaned Tom is adopted by a childless couple living on a remote island off the coast of Newfoundland When he finds a puppy struggling in the water and rescues him, the two become best friends But what if the original owner comes forward Tom can t bear the thought of giving up his Thunder This is a great old fashioned story with adventure and peril too Many of the details are based on real life incidents and history, so it might motivate kids to do research too Not sure it s a good fit for book [...]

    26. I was very excited to find a book that features a Newfoundland dog as we just got a Newfoundland puppy The author weaves folk lore and stories from various parts of the world plenty from Newfoundland to create an old fashioned feel to the book Although this was well done, I think that this book would not appeal to middle school students unless they were unique souls who enjoyed a slower moving, old fashioned story It was not tremendously well written and the characters were not very well develop [...]

    27. I feel that this book was extremely childish and quite boring Every single chapter something was wrong or something terrible was happening either to Thunder or Tom Because of that I stopped caring about the characters in general, if something were to happen like Tom got into a fight I simply would shrug and move on with my life I expected from Harlow Maybe I would ve liked it better if I were a little younger But not now for sure

    28. I now have the paperback edition of this bookI have read this book recently I LOVE the book and the meaning of this book If I could give this a one hundred star rating, I would A pawfect book about dogs I very highly recommend this to children, teenagers, and adults alike So, if you are looking for a book you ll love and treasure, or if you want a book about dogs, then you are sure to love Thunder From The Sea

    29. This is a great little book Kind of like a Jack Russell terrier, a big dog in a little dogs body This is a big book in betwixt a little books covers.It is thoroughly enjoyable It seems like of a young person s book and I am certainly not a young person, but I think the adults need to read this one, to regain the innocence and excitement and openness of a child.Like in Ruth s review below, I will be reading this again At least once

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