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Break In Two #2020

Break In Two Romantic Witty Sexy as hell A story as satisfying as the perfect man Thirty one year old Claire Hatley is running from Seattle having just discovered that her live in boyfriend has traded her in for a

  • Title: Break In Two
  • Author: M.J. Summers
  • ISBN: 9781443439084
  • Page: 281
  • Format: ebook
  • Break In Two By M.J. Summers, Romantic Witty Sexy as hell A story as satisfying as the perfect man.Thirty one year old Claire Hatley is running from Seattle having just discovered that her live in boyfriend has traded her in for a twenty two year old hostess Devastated and alone Claire must make a fresh start She answers an ad for a chef at a guest ranch just outside Colorado Springs and finds herRomantic Witty Sexy as hell A story as satisfying as the perfect man.Thirty one year old Claire Hatley is running from Seattle having just discovered that her live in boyfriend has traded her in for a twenty two year old hostess Devastated and alone Claire must make a fresh start She answers an ad for a chef at a guest ranch just outside Colorado Springs and finds herself face to face with Cole Mitchell, quite possibly the sexiest man to ever ride a horse Common sense tells them to stay away from each other, but their attraction is not to be denied He gives her a glimpse of what love should be, but just as she starts to trust him, the past comes back to tear them apart.Join Claire and Cole as they embark on the stormy love affair of a lifetime.

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      M.J. Summers

    1 thought on “Break In Two

    1. 2 STARS JUST PASS ME THE CRACKERS, WOULD YOU Break In Two wasn t necessarily bad, the setting was nice, I like that the author took the time to lay a nice set up, but other than that and the fact that she did success at creating a smoking hot cowboy, there wasn t much for me in this western romance.This is a girl leaves the city after bad break up story And honestly I liked the start, the heroine seemed to be just my kind of girl just then, she had on an attitude after her break up, and it was f [...]

    2. After 3 attempts, I just can t do it I made it to 30% and had to skim just to get to that point There is zero depth, zero connection, and the sex scenes are annoyingly overdone.

    3. I have this bad habit of frequently checking out the kindle top 100 best sellers list on Before I discovered , that was one of my main ways of discovering new books to read, particularly for the cheap indie stuff I always figured if a book was on that list, there had to be something going for it for so many people to be buying it, right Now I have better resources at my fingertips like stalking friends shelves , but I still haven t been able to break myself from looking at that damn list all the [...]

    4. Book Break in TwoAuthor M J SummersPublication Date November 5, 2013Type Stand AloneGenre RomanceRating 3 1 2 out of 5 StarsBook provided by Author Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review.ReviewThis was a long book and at times I was ready to put it down Part one of the book drug on in my opinion and had too many sex scenes I know, I know there isn t such a thing as too much sex, but I just found it repetitive and also found myself skimming over those parts.I m glad I didn t give up though, b [...]

    5. Wow what a totally fantastic story I never heard of this author until she messaged me asking would I like to review her book I am so so glad I said yes This story was addictive I carried my kindle everywhere I went today so I could keep reading.You know those books where you just wanna keep reading until it ends the way you want it to end Well for me this was one of those reads At over 400 pages this book was the ideal book for me to get lost in With quite a few twists, plenty of hot sex a few m [...]

    6. 2 StarsDNF 10%.I really wanted to like this one The writing was actually pretty good, but the two main characters were already having sex at 9% 10% For me that part just came out of nowhere I need some sort of romantic build up first I didn t quite feel connected to the characters either This may be an enjoyable read for some, but it didn t work for me unfortunately ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review

    7. No No Non Niet Nee Jo La Ne Nej Nein Ohee Lo Nei Ni Nai Ok, I can t think of any other languages to say no in But you get the point.All of the nope.I DNF d at 22%I think the casual use of rape as a plot point to further a romance is what really put me off this The characters are shallow and one dimensional I struggled to engage with the female main character and spent most of the time actively disliking her There is no chemistry between her and the love interest The romance developed too quickly [...]

    8. 4.25 STARS That is it I am packing it up and moving to Colorado I need to find me a cowboy Cole is the panty melting star of this book The first thing I did when I turned the last page was to message this to one of my blog partners I finished, and I have a HUGE smile on my face I can t get over just how much I enjoyed this book and how much it surprised me It was not what I was expecting at all, but than I could have asked for Usually it will take me a few chapters to get into a book It s like [...]

    9. Not going to rate this one since I didn t finish it Claire and Cole were cute together and very hot but this book is pretty long and they got together way to soon in my opinion for the length of the book The story started out with Claire finding out here douchy live in boyfriend was leaving her for a much younger girl Claire was 31 or 32 and new chic was 22 so she leaves Seattle and moves to Colorado to be a chef on a dude ranch that is doing a make over on itself wants to attract higher end cli [...]

    10. I was provided a complimentary copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for honest feedback When Claire finds out that her long term boyfriend has been cheating on her, she packs up her car and heads from Seattle to Colorado Springs She leaves behind her cheating boyfriend and her job at a fancy restaurant in the city, escaping her past and taking a job as the chef on a ranch resort that lets tourists experience a cattle drive.Before she even makes it out of her car, Claire and her sexy n [...]

    11. for starters I loved the length of the book now to the real stuff I CANNOT EAT STRAWBERRIES THE SAME ANYMORE LOL JKI m not sure what to say I really loved the bookI had a really good laugh reading this book its funny,sexy, and shocking Claire was dealt a real shitty hand when it came to love and knowing whose there for you.e is a 5 4 31yr old chef who had a boyfriend tony who cheating on her with one of her employees and her friends knew about it and didn t tell her he made he feel unwanted and [...]

    12. I was given the honour from the author in reading this book as an ARC which I very much appreciated I have not come across this author before and when my friend Philomena said the author would like for me to read and review honestly too, I jumped at the chance as it sounded very much like something I d enjoy I wasn t wrong either, it kept me transfixed all of today.Tuesday s I get most of the day to myself, so I threw a casserole in the slow cooker and sat and read I even carried my Kindle to th [...]

    13. 3 What Love Should Be StarsI knew I was going to like this book as soon as I read the forward by M.J As promised I was invested in finding the happy ending for two characters that had both been hurt but found healing in each other Claire escaped her cheating boyfriend and left town She decided to start over by running a kitchen on a ranch in Colorado Cole is the owner of the ranch and needed a chef to help create a new and exciting experience hoping to get wealthier clients As soon as they meet, [...]

    14. I love these characters Cole and Claire are fun and funny and tear up the sheets They are quick witted and play off of each other, creating the funniest banter I ve read in a while.This story is long ish over 400 pages and by the time I had gotten to 39%, the characters had been through the normal hullabaloo and it could have ended, leaving us with another enjoyable for the moment but ultimately forgettable book And I wondered what could fill the rest of this story Oh, boy I don t want to give s [...]

    15. Full review to follow I loved this Break In Two Claire is not the average weak heroine and Cole isrfect Hello cowboy Cole This book has hilarious banter, hot sex, and just enough angst to keep you coming back for Or in my case, enough to keep you from putting it down at all This book is the perfect sexy weekend read.

    16. Read it for the second time today and loved it even 06 19 14 Well deserving of the five stars I give it All I need now is my very own sexy cowboy clothing, hat, belt, boots optional.

    17. This is an absolute horrible read 95% of the sentences begin with he or she which is totally ridic I could not get past chapter 7 due to all of the he she usage.

    18. This was a nice book I found some parts wonderful and others meh With that in mind I can say I thought Cole was wonderful He was kind and patient and always tried to do the right thing even if it was difficult That doesn t mean he was perfect but it does mean that he tried What I liked Cole is a wonderful character Flawed in some ways but always tried to do what was right Romantic as sin as well He didn t care about what others thought only what was right A strong character that carried the book [...]

    19. Break In Two by M.J Summers is one of those books where you devour the first 75% because it s sooo good and you can t get enough and then you notice that the book is rapidly drawing to a close, so you slow down Find other things to do in between chapters because you are in no way ready for it to end This kinda bites when you re reading on a deadline so you can review the title I really wanted to draw out the last chapters in this book.Claire left Seattle to move to Colorado and work as a chef at [...]

    20. This book was picked for me as part of a challenged I must say thank you to my mystery picker This is probably not a book that would have come to my attention otherwise, and despite a few issues I had with it, I really enjoyed it Break in Two is, as its name might suggest, broken into 2 parts In the first we meet Claire, who is fleeing a bad breakup and a cheating ex, and Cole, her sexy new cowboy boss The first section of the book takes up about 60%, and most of this is spent on the characters [...]

    21. I m not surprised that some readers weren t able to get past the 60% mark Most of the interesting plot points take place in part 2 of the book Despite the length of part 1 it does lack depth For all of the back and forth between Claire and Cole, it really doesn t go past the superficial skin of their relationship And although the book is predictable, overall it s an enjoyable read Boy, is the first part long going though, and it seems that its length was just to offer up some steamy scenes, but [...]

    22. Cole is a hot, hot cowboy who runs a dude ranch with his brother He is family oriented, loyal and honest oh and did I say hot Claire is a chef running from a disastrous relationship to a new dream job on Cole s dude ranch She has lost her confidence in her self and her beauty Romance and a lot of sex ensues until the old live in girlfriend shows up with a baby in tow Can there be an HEA I felt that this book was realistic in depicting the feelings of the characters and the sex was hot and sexy, [...]

    23. A great mix of reality, fantasy, and fun The opening grabs you because it is something we ve all been through and can relate to and from there, it sweeps you off your feet into a wonderful story we all hope for and some of us are lucky enough to get the book will put a smile on your face for sure

    24. A very hot and steamy read Cole is one sexy cowboy Claire has just come out of a four year relationship and vows not to rush into another Some readers may find a struggle with the plot though I found myself skimming to the end because the romance in this one just didn t hold my interest I would pass on reading the rest of this series.

    25. Overall rating 1.5 stars Genre Contemporary RomancePlot 6 10Ending 7 10Writing 3 10Hero 8 10Heroine 7 10Humour 2 10Steaminess 4 10 A lot of sex though HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

    26. Character was too hysterical for me I don t know this was just OK This was OK, I guess I really don t like cowboys and there was something about the main character love interest that I couldn t really like too much and Claire the main

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