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Dealing With the Dead #2020

Dealing With the Dead Being the seventh son of a seventh son is no easy task Neither is the fact Jayden Thompson is the most powerful necromancer his country has ever seen which is why Jayden has kept it to himself Then N

  • Title: Dealing With the Dead
  • Author: Toni Griffin
  • ISBN: 9781771119399
  • Page: 114
  • Format: ebook
  • Dealing With the Dead By Toni Griffin, Being the seventh son of a seventh son is no easy task Neither is the fact Jayden Thompson is the most powerful necromancer his country has ever seen, which is why Jayden has kept it to himself Then Noah Michaels throws a spanner in Jayden s quiet, orderly existence.Noah has recently suffered the death of his twin and needs help in completing his brother s final work ThBeing the seventh son of a seventh son is no easy task Neither is the fact Jayden Thompson is the most powerful necromancer his country has ever seen, which is why Jayden has kept it to himself Then Noah Michaels throws a spanner in Jayden s quiet, orderly existence.Noah has recently suffered the death of his twin and needs help in completing his brother s final work The only person capable of this is a young man with blue streaked hair Noah doesn t expect to fall for the guy, but fall he does.Loving Jaden is easy, watching the havoc Jayden s powers create, not so much.This is lucky for Noah Michaels when he walks into the Thompson Agency and finds out the sexy man with blue streaked hair is the only one who can take his case.Falling in love with Jayden is easy, but watching him try to deal with the havoc his powers create isn t.Please note this is a previous release.

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    1 thought on “Dealing With the Dead

    1. 3.85 I liked the world this was set in and I would love to know about it.Jayden is a necromancer, he can communicate with the dead, it s a talent all the men in his family have And there are a lot of men in his family, he is the youngest of seven boys, he is also the most powerful of them all.Noah needs help and it seems Jayden is the one to do it, which comes in handy since they are mates, but since Noah is human Jayden needs to find a way to share that little bit of info with him He also has [...]

    2. WOW I love the cover, please, please be goodUPDATEDThis was a nice story, very charming characters, free of angst or unnecessary conflicts.Jayden had been born into a family of Necromancers and he communicates with the deceased.However view spoiler I was unsure if I would be interested in this particular plot.He raised the body of Grayson an Author, so he could finished writing his famous book that he did not get a chance to when he was alive hide spoiler Nearly at the end, Jayden did used his g [...]

    3. This review is a little random with good things mixed in with the not so good things Cute story, lots of one guy taking care of the other guy because of something happening to him Liked the world and the fact that some pieces were just mentioned in passing like vampire and witches even though they weren t particularly relevent to the story This made the world seem fully fleshed out They never explain why ghost raising has to be after dark, either, and there s a scene where something happens tha [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsAs much as I enjoyed this book, the storyline has the makings of a novel and it was disappointing that it was all crammed into minimal pages I don t know if the publisher sets a word count, but its frustrating when the book could be so much .

    5. As other reviewers have said, this was very sweet and quite angst free Also as wonderfully un scary as a book about a person who s supernatural gift is raising the spirits of the dead could possibly be.Jayden and Noah are lovely together, the mates element was handled in a creative way Also as other reviewers have mentioned, having the brief mentions of other supernatural beings helped the world feel fleshed out I enjoyed that each of the different types of being had a different way of recogniz [...]

    6. Necromancy has many variations, most of them dark, but the one most associated with it is the ability to raise the dead using magical incantations, circles, and other such arcane methods But the necromancers in Dealing with the Dead by Toni Griffin take an entirely different approach to the art Jayden and his father and brothers have a business, The Thompson Agency Clients come to them who, for one reason or another, need to contact their dearly departed To help them achieve this goal, they use [...]

    7. Dealing with the Dead by Toni GriffinThe Thompson Agency, Book 14 StarsReviewed for heartsonfirereviewsThe Thompson s are a large family of very powerful necromancers that run an agency for people who need to contact the dead Unbeknownst to everyone, twenty year old Jayden is the most powerful necromancer in the world At the age of thirteen, his powers surpassed everyone he knows and not wanting to be seen as a freak, he has kept his abilities hidden While all other necromancers are only able to [...]

    8. All right It wasn t offensive Just kind of uneventful.I mean, this story puzzles me It has necromancers Something exciting is going to happen, right Um Not really Boy meets necromancer boy, there s sex, it s fated love Done.The best part to me lies in when Jayden raises a spirit but that fills only one scene and, while interesting, it s not particularly climactic.Actually, no something does happen Near the end spontaneously and completely out of nowhere drama and danger erupt Not only is it disc [...]

    9. I wish I could say that this book held my interest but that would be overstating things Jayden, a necromancer was gifted far beyond the rest of his family He could not only raise the dead as they did but he could speak with them for hours as opposed to their few minutes When Noah comes to his family s agency for help in raising his dead bother, Jayden is assigned the case Of course, the two end up as mates.At this point what had begun as an interesting story morphed into page after page of sex T [...]

    10. I loved it and they were so sweet and hot together A very great start to a series It s not surprising since I really enjoy Toni Griffin s writing.

    11. This was pretty sweet In true Toni Griffin style this is a feel good light read that allows one to escape a stress free world.

    12. 4 1 2 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressJayden is a necromancer, a very powerful necromancer But, he has kept that power hidden from everyone around him, especially his family But, when sexy Noah comes to the agency for help, Jayden spills out that he can help What shocks Jayden even is that Noah is his mate Noah needs a necromancer desperately and only Jayden can help Discovering the extent of his connection to the sexy man doesn t bother him, but the toll [...]

    13. When I was reading this book as well as the preview it reminded me of a movie that I once saw that have the exact same theme with the seventh son I don t remember the name of the movie cause it was a long time ago and the difference between this book and the movie is the age difference with Jayden being twenty and I believe the main character in the movie was around fourteen, the boy was a mage while Jayden is a necromancer, there was no romance since it was a kids movie while this one does, and [...]

    14. I really enjoyed the characters and the world concept of this book and will probably reread it Jayden and Noah make a lovely couple and I found the plot of raising the dead twin brother to help him finish his last book interesting I gave the story four stars instead of five because I felt like it had the potential to be a much deeper and richer story The author sets the stage for witches and shifters they have different methods of determining true mates but beyond a brief reference to a feline s [...]

    15. I really enjoyed Dealing with the Dead, it was just a nice, light, entertaining read Being the youngest in a family of 7, I found I could relate to Jayden s family dynamics The sex scenes were mild and left to the imagination than not, which was also a refreshing break as was the fact that the sex was pretty much plain vanilla and sometimes vanilla is a really good flavor Best of all Jayden s parents rocked and it was a nice change from the books I was reading previous to this where everyone ha [...]

    16. 3.5 StarsI liked this, but I thought it was too rushed I loved necromancer aspect though Jayden was just too adorable and I really liked him Noah was a little too perfect for me, but he was good for Jayden His brothers on the other handGRRRR I did not like them, well, I liked Jonas I did want to know about Jayden s nightmares though It was like it happened once and then it wasn t mentioned again Overall, I was kind of wanting a little since I ve never read a necromancer book Come on, being abl [...]

    17. I enjoyed this brief look into the Thompson family of necromancers Jayden being the seventh son of a seventh son was gifted with enormous powers I would have liked to read about Noah balancing Jayden s wild magic rather than about all the mate stuff and the insta love I would have liked this story to be longer with Jayden talking with Francis Blackwood and how Noah s family reacted to the sudden mating I m hoping that this will be explored in the next book.

    18. This book is hollow No real connection between the characters, the action at the end of the book come from nowhere This book is disappointing from start to finish there s nothing going on in this book, we do not see the interactions between characters, we do not see changing feelings everything is rushed and poorly finished.I put two stars because the idea of the book is interesting

    19. I tend to really enjoy Toni Griffin books but don t really love the detective stories so I was a little worried about this I shouldn t have been There is no crime solving in this one, just a guy who comes in to the agency to talk with his dead brother where me meets his wonderfully twinkish mate And then it s on Very cute story and a great beginning to a new series I now must read groans

    20. The book was okay It was a different take on necromancer in a book Most of the time they are evil not a sweet young thing like Jayden I liked this part of the book I did not like the instant love I know mates and all but did like that they took their time in moving forward The ending was strange Serial killers thrown in and a hurried ending.

    21. This is a sweet light romance between Jayden Thomson, who is a necromancer, and Noah Michaels, who comes into the Thompson Agency as a client The story is to light, bland and predictable I liked the necromancy as a subject for a storyline, but what we got here is to undeveloped And way to sweet for my taste.

    22. I m not usually a fan of necromancy books but I decided to read this as I like the authors work I found it to be an excellent read and while it could have been longer the story flowed nicely and met my expectations of this author.

    23. This was a great short story, I would have liked it if it was longer, but overall I loved it I thought Jayden was a great character, and the chemistry between him and Noah was felt even though they were different Like the saying says, opposites attract

    24. It is a great short story I wish that there was details and it was longer I was glad to see that Jayden s brothers started to make an effort in knowing and understanding their youngest brother Cant wait for the next one in the series.

    25. 2.5 stars rounded up because it was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours I liked the story and characters and since this seems to be the start of a series, I ll most likely be buying the next one.

    26. Great ReadThe book was different, but keep me reading I finished it in less than and hour, then I read it again I have also read second book in series, about Jackson and it to is very good Be glad when next one comes out, enjoy.

    27. This story was spoiled for me by its failure to establish a sense of place It was supposed to be in Darwin, Australia, but it reads like Anytown, USA What was the point

    28. I really liked and enjoyed this story I bought it and read it in the same day The characters were good together, a little mystery and some hot lovin Great Now for book two.

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