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Сатирикон #2020

Satyricon or Satyrica is a Latin work of fiction in a mixture of prose poetry prosimetrum It s thought to have been written by Gaius Petronius Arbiter tho the manuscript tradition identifies the auth

  • Title: Сатирикон
  • Author: Petronius Arbiter Димитър Бояджиев
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Сатирикон By Petronius Arbiter Димитър Бояджиев, Satyricon or Satyrica is a Latin work of fiction in a mixture of prose poetry prosimetrum It s thought to have been written by Gaius Petronius Arbiter, tho the manuscript tradition identifies the author as a certain Titus Petronius As with the Metamorphoses of Apuleius, classicists often describe it as a Roman novel, without necessarily implying continuity withSatyricon or Satyrica is a Latin work of fiction in a mixture of prose poetry prosimetrum It s thought to have been written by Gaius Petronius Arbiter, tho the manuscript tradition identifies the author as a certain Titus Petronius As with the Metamorphoses of Apuleius, classicists often describe it as a Roman novel, without necessarily implying continuity with the modern literary form Surviving portions of the text detail the misadventures of the narrator, Encolpius, his lover, a handsome 16 year old boy, Giton Throughout the novel, Encolpius has a hard time keeping his lover faithful to him as he s constantly being enticed away by others Encolpius s friend Ascyltus who seems to have previously been in a relationship with Encolpius is another major character It s one of the two most extensive witnesses to the Roman novel, the only other being the fully extant Metamorphoses of Apuleius, which is quite different in style plot Satyricon is also important evidence for the reconstruction of what everyday life may have been like for the lower classes during the early Roman Empire The text was copied throughout the Middle Ages In 1664 the 1st critical edition, which included Trimalchio s party, was put to print, thru the efforts of Pierre Petit Satyricon has been translated into several languages has been one of the bestsellers of Western literature Because of the status of the extant original texts, the true intent of the novel is unknown It could be a satire with a moral component or a satyr in revenge for Nero s dismissal of Seneca.

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      Petronius Arbiter Димитър Бояджиев

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    1. I remember the sense I had as a child that sexual perversity had been invented in the 1960 s Before that, everyone did it purely for procreation, and only to people they were married to.This was often the face put forward in the fifties, the dark ages of sex as culture It s no wonder that this is where we get stories about couples having no idea what they are actually supposed to do on their wedding nights.The depression and the war resulted in the centralization of cultural power Nationalism, M [...]

    2. Today, the Satyricon is most famous for two things 1 For being arguably the first novel, and2 For being a very, very dirty little book.Unfortunately, only 141 chapters of a much longer work have survived But those chapters are extremely compelling Written during the reign of Nero in the 1st century, the Satyricon is quite simply unlike anything before it Perhaps the best way to think about this book is to look at it like a little prose Odyssey Except instead of the king of Ithaca, our hero is th [...]

    3. First of all, I have to get something off my chest In the profile for Petronius on GR somebody has written Tacitus records that he was eventually forced to commit suicide after being embarrassed in front of Nero Thisis what Tacitus actually wrote And so Tigellinus, jealous of a rival whose expertise in the science of pleasure far surpassed his own, appealed to the emperor s cruelty Nero s dominant passion and accused Petronius of friendship with the conspirator Scaevinus A slave was bribed to in [...]

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    5. Um relato sobre a vida no Imp rio Romano escrito h quase dois mil composto por alguns epis dios de banquetes e de aventuras e desventuras sexuais, que t m a sua piada pelo ins lito da situa o Muita comida, muita libertinagem e um final estranho.N o o apreciei, ou porque me falte forma o acad mica para o compreender, ou um gosto mais apurado por Hist ria N o creio ser um livro para o leitor comum.

    6. Petronius Satyrica than lives up to its bawdy reputation Those ancient pagans sure were a riot, let me tell you Sadly, due to its fragmentary nature only two books have survived , it fails in ever truly making the reader well, this one at least care about the actual story As a series of vignettes it sort of works, but not as a novel Further, this particular translator Folio Society edition I feel was too liberal in his approach The many modern references the United Nations, really , slang langu [...]

    7. Potrei parlare di questo romanzo il perch delle virgolette lo scoprirete tra poco in moltissimi modi, con diversi approcci, da quello di perversa e stramba lettrice a quella di seria e ansiosa per la verifica su questo studentessa del classico.Quest opera deve essere conosciuta per essere apprezzata, soprattutto perch in gran parte lacunosa e frammentaria , soprattutto alla fine Si, maledetto cliffhanger.Appartiene probabilmente al primo secolo dopo Cristo e forse, non si sa per certo, venne scr [...]

    8. Uno de los personajes m s ricos de la novela Quo Vadis es el Arbiter Elegantiarum Cayo Petronio.En uno de los cap tulos de la novela Quo Vadis , Petronio se complace en obsequiar a su sobrino Marco Vinicio su m s reciente obra, su libro llamado El Satiric n en donde le sugiere leer de inmediato el cap tulo El banquete de Trimalci n Una obvia curiosidad me anim a investigar si realmente el libro exist a y lo encontr en internet As que mientras rele a Quo Vadis ya me encargaba de imprimir poco por [...]

    9. i enjoyed this a lot it didn t seem particularly cohesive, but this is no doubt due to petronius lost fragments rather than a flaw in the work itself i m glad as much of it survived as it did.

    10. Erotic literature of the Roman Empire, written about two thousand years ago What reached us is only fragments from the original novel.This was one of the findings of my second year of Latin at University Thanks God, we were allowed to read it in translation the point of that year was just taking contact with Roman literature Another finding of that course The Golden Asse by Apuleius of course.

    11. Classic Bingo 2016 I1 Written published before 1600s.This is very bawdy, but not graphic.

    12. The precise identity of the author is a bit uncertain, but he is generally agreed to have written this Latin work of Roman literature in the first century CE, during the reign of Nero Claimed by some to be an early example of the novel, the work is a mixture of prose and poetry telling the adventures of Encolpius, an impoverished adventurer, and his boy lover Giton The fragmentary nature of the text makes the fluidity of the narrative problematic, perhaps the most complete and interesting sectio [...]

    13. Sar forse perch al liceo ho adorato studiare quest opera e il suo autore sar forse perch pi attuale che mai sar che adoro la letteratura latina e qualsiasi cosa possa ricondurmi all antica Roma e alle sue usanze, ma questo libro mi rimasto nel cuore Dopo cinque giorni di lettura, mi sento come se i miei pi grandi amici mi abbiano abbandonata di punto in bianco, senza darmi spiegazioni Consiglio davvero a tutti di leggere questa grande opera Purtroppo, a causa delle numerose lacune nel testo, l u [...]

    14. The Satiricon is a novel that is sure to please communists and sexual deviants in that it combines a dizzying sequence of unnatural sexual acts with a rigorous analysis of the class structure of Rome at the time of Nero written by a contemporary.The Satiricon is simply hilarious It describes the picaresque journey of the sexually amphibious Encolpe through Roman Society The reader is presented with a delightful collection of rogues including long winded poets, underhanded sodomites, rich vulgari [...]

    15. Petronius was a Roman writer Yep, actually at the time He was a friend of Nero s, hanging out in his set I think Nero may have had him killed in the end, when he Nero was going on his standard paranoid autocrat s rampage of killing everyone off.If you read this book you will get an idea of why conservative Romans didn t like Nero This story is debauched, hedonistic and so openly gay, in both senses of the word.What I especially like about this is apart from it being such a rollick is that it sho [...]

    16. Our eyes deceive us Our sensesStray and trouble the mind, and Lie to us This tower hard by is square From a distance its corners are round.A well gorged belly spurns even Hybla s honey, and time and againCassia offends the nostrils.So this or that might neverPlease or displease, unless the senses Were forever compelled to lock in strife,To battle with doubt, trembling in the balance So, admittedly a bit of a slog But a key read if you are interested in Classics For those familiar this will be no [...]

    17. arrowsmith it s basically indistinguishable from fragmented surrealist porn apollinaire etc 75% of the time that s a good thing

    18. The Satyricon is in every sense an artifact First and most immediately apparent is its fragmentation Not only are what I take to be nearly 2 3rds of the books that make the original work up lost, the ones we do have, with the exception of a single book, are all broken up with either large or small chunks missing Occasionally you ll get a page of nothing but singular sentences one after the other all missing their original contexts Reading this is as if your roommate is watching a film in another [...]

    19. I had to read this book for class I loved the class, I hated the book as did everyone else in the class We hated reading the book so much that we couldn t even give the movie a fair shot.The book is hard to read for multiple reasons I can t talk about the quality of the writing, since that would depend on which translation one is reading, but no matter who did the translation, some things can t be fixed First of all, this novel is made up of only the surviving parts of the original story There i [...]

    20. My husband bought me this as one of my Christmas presents And we subsequently managed to get it picked for this month s bibliogoth book Convenient He thought I d like it as it was a Roman On the Road And I have to say I enjoyed it very much I didn t think it was quite On the Road, as these people clearly had far Money than Sal, but then they also suffered far worse punishments In some ways I loved it for the same reasons I enjoy Torchwood, being that everyone was without matter of comment, bise [...]

    21. Dejando a un lado las lagunas que presenta esta historia, creo entender que su valor recae m s en el inter s sociocultural que puede tener el recuento de los h bitos y costumbres de cierta poca durante el imperio romano, por m s sat rico que este recuento sea de broma en broma, la verdad se asoma El problema es que nadie sabe a ciencia cierta ni esta edici n explica bien, o por lo menos no de manera interesante cu ndo fue escrito ni si fue siquiera escrito por Petronio Siento que su estimaci n e [...]

    22. Romanzo risalente al primo secolo dopo Cristo, il Satyricon o Satiricon un vero e proprio bordello Non potrei usare termine migliore per definire, da una parte, il lato erotico che domina su tutto l intreccio, e dall altra la confusione che sorge spontanea dalla sua frammentariet Ho deciso di andare oltre le persecuzioni del dotatissimo dio Priapo o del cospirazionismo di cui Encolpio, il protagonista e voce narrante, si crede vittima la pillolina blu ancora non era stata inventata ho deciso di [...]

    23. Petronius is like the Charles Bukowski of Imperial Roman literature, taking for his subject matter the drinking and cheating and shtupping of the underdog class and training a wisely satirical eye on the culture about him, employing a wit and sarcasm which is sophisticated and spontaneous What survives from antiquity of this text isn t enough for us to fairly judge it but the bits and pieces that we have merit study for their unique look at Roman life in the Age of Nero The highlight here is rea [...]

    24. Ilmeisesti maailman ensimm inen romaani N vuonna 60 kirjoitettu Hulvattoman hauska ja ep korrekti, hillit nt irstailua ja sekoilua Neron ajan Rooman l himaaston bileiss.

    25. Para quem tem acompanhado o meu blogue Linked Books n o ser novidade que se por um lado a leitura dos cl ssicos gregos me tem apaixonado, por outro, dos cl ssicos romanos n o guardo as melhores recorda es Contudo, este Sat ricon de Petr nio quebrou essa tend ncia Mesmo recordando os anteriores cl ssicos romanos lidos para o blog, foi sempre impressionante testemunhar os paralelismos de uma sociedade t o remota, com a nossa sociedade actual A impress o inicial causada por esse livro foi mesmo ess [...]

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