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Thirty-Eight Days #2020

Thirty Eight Days Ask yourself how many days does it take to fall in love Nolan Parker and Clara Lawrence never saw eye to eye In fact if you asked Clara she would tell you that Nolan hated every thing about her They

  • Title: Thirty-Eight Days
  • Author: LenWebster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 235
  • Format: ebook
  • Thirty-Eight Days By LenWebster, Ask yourself, how many days does it take to fall in love Nolan Parker and Clara Lawrence never saw eye to eye In fact, if you asked Clara she would tell you that Nolan hated every thing about her They never shared any form of connection besides Alex Lawrence She was Alex s bratty sister and he was Alex s best friend, they never stood a chance Five years have passed anAsk yourself, how many days does it take to fall in love Nolan Parker and Clara Lawrence never saw eye to eye In fact, if you asked Clara she would tell you that Nolan hated every thing about her They never shared any form of connection besides Alex Lawrence She was Alex s bratty sister and he was Alex s best friend, they never stood a chance Five years have passed and almost 12,000 miles have kept them separated, both living completely different lives Unchanged perceptions and expectations should have kept them apart but when Nolan returns, the foundations of their relationship is sure to change Their story was meant to end the day Nolan left for Stanford But what if seeing each other after five years was the game changer What if this was their one chance to rewrite their relationship or were they always destined to never be

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    1 thought on “Thirty-Eight Days

    1. I think this is by far one of the greatest love stories I have ever read.Len, is a fantastic writer with an amazing ability to capture the readers attention and keep them locked in through out the series Noel and Clara will forever be in your heart, and going with them along the journey of love and heartache is an incredible ride.buckle up and enjoy the ride.

    2. Thirty Eight Days isn t any ordinary kind of love story we often heard about Every chapter has their own unique phase which will make you eager to know what s next for Clara and Noel Good writing skills

    3. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsThirty Eight Days begins when Nolan has to go stay with his best friend s littler sister for a few weeks, because his best friend is worried how she s doing after a horrible break up Clara and Nolan haven t ever been very close, actually Nolan has always seemed to hate Clara at least to Clara s way of thinking But when these two come together after not seeing each other for five years, Nolan is thrown for a loop when he sees how beautiful Clara has becom [...]

    4. If you re looking for a book that brings out every emotion in you, you re right here Thirty Eight Reasons It makes you want to smile, laughter, bawl your eyes out, punch someone s face, hug someone,scream in frustration, everything Each line Noel, Clara, Alex, and Liam say melts even rock hard hearts Clara makes you want to break into the book and tell her about Sara and her lies Liam become the sweetest guy and makes you want a Liam for your own Noel always proves how much he loves Clara, and l [...]

    5. In dire need of the sequel This piece of fiction is as close to a real love story as one can get My heart hurts It turned to goo and then it hurt again I loved every second of the ache it went through, and just to know that there is a sequel to this epic love, my heart is bracing for the best Len Webster s debut novel packs the punch of veteran romance writers She has a bright future in fiction, and I can t wait to see what comes next the sequel.

    6. Tulips and Romance a truly beautiful read Ask yourself, how many days does it take to fall in love I was initially introduced to this story and author online prior to its publication Immediately, I was drawn in to the story of a young woman Clara Lawrence and a young man Nolan Parker Connected from since they were young children through Clara s brother, they have not seen each other for many years When they finally meet again in their hometown, the connection between them is undeniable, and we j [...]

    7. Thirty Eight Days is a beautifully, heartbreaking story and the perfect romance read It ll make you laugh, it ll make you cry a lot , it ll even have you wondering how you have any hair left from pulling on it so much haha But most of all, it ll show you how to love and love deeply Len does a wonderfully, fantastic job of conveying her characters and their emotions that you just can t help falling in love with all of them Noel and Clara are truly beautiful together and their journey is inspiring [...]

    8. I give this book 2.5 stars I struggled whether to give it three stars I think this book and author has tons of potential and look forward to reading of her books as she develops However I think this book needed a lot work the flow, the writing and the character development And I didn t love Nolan I actually thought he was a bit of an ass who pledged his undying love for all of three seconds until he met some pushback I m mildly interested finding out what happens in the story but not sure I ca [...]

    9. Thirty Eight Days is something that you can t get over with once you started reading it Though when you were already in the middle of the story, you will be irritated because of Noel and Clara s inconsistencies on how they felt for each other, but you will still continue to read it and eager to know what will happen next It s how the Author Len Webster wrote it, that you will crave for And be hooked on the story She has this thing that you will feel that you are also part of the story Awesome w [...]

    10. I first read this book on Wattpad years ago, and it s left such a deep impression on me Touching and beautiful story The story went a little slow, but I still remember loving every bit of it.

    11. My heart, well it stopped My brain went numb AND UGH MY GOD this book drove me nuts Its AMAZING, it was epic it s ending though broke me completely, just kebfpuiiiqpgqiufgbibrpi Sigh.

    12. Two stars only because I got halfway into the book Reasons I did not like it 1 Noel was beyond cheesy at the beginning It had me rolling my eyes and I ended up skimming some of his unrealistic corny thoughts.2 HE FUCKED ANOTHER WOMAN.ON CLARAS BIRTHDAY AND SHE HAD TO WALK HOME I don t care if they weren t officially together I especially hated that the author put in a paragraph basically excusing the sex as a reaction to him freaking out about getting to close to Clara No And then to kiss him 4 [...]

    13. When I read the title I was like what falling in love in 38 days no chance Guess anythings possible This book was interesting, I enjoyed it, I felt like screaming and telling Noel to man up, and I couldnt get the smile off my face when he finally did The book had twists and turns which got me really annoyed, but the ending was just Wow.

    14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK I just bought it on kindle and can t wait to get into the new version and see the little changes and fall in love all over again

    15. Love, loveBought this one after hearing great things about it, and it did not disappoint A sweet love story, possibly a sequel to follow based on the ending.

    16. I absolutely loved this story A love so pure between Noel and Clara Words are not enough to describe this book I recommended 100%

    17. I will never forget the first time I read Thirty Eight Days I was so touched by the book I didn t ever want it to end.By the end of the book I just wasn t ready to give up on Clara and Noel They are just such a sweet couple that it isn t easy to just let them go But luckily in the sequel Thirty Eight Reasons their story continues.All through the book I was just so drawn to Clara and Noel Their story will be forever in my heart It isn t like all the love stories we often hear, it is its own uniqu [...]

    18. There s something about this series that makes me so damn happy The colorful characters, the angst, the sweetness, the chaos that love causes Len Webster does a great job of weaving it all together Noel Clara s story isn t the easiest, but what love story is easy Noel is everything you want out of a book boyfriend, even the reflex jerk reaction, but it s his faults that make you fall for him hard Plus, reading this guy figure out his feelings for Clara is half the fun, though sometimes I wanted [...]

    19. 38 Days was selected in a book group i belong to and i must say from the blurb alone it sounded like an amazing read 38 Days stars two main characters Nolan Parker and Clara Lawrence.They have been friends since childhood and Noel Nolan is Clara s brother s best friend.He is asked by her brother to go and look after her after a nasty split with her ex and he begrudgingly does as a favor to his best friend.But you know the drill they have chemistry and both want to go further.This is their story [...]

    20. This wasn t the best book I ve ever read In fact, it was rather melodramatic, the insta love was annoying, and the main characters weren t very well developed So why did I give it a 3 star rating Honestly, I struggled with what to rate this and almost went with 1 or 2 stars but I m trying to keep in my mind that I read this on Wattpad so it s basically like a short manuscript and not the real story I don t plan on reading the published version because I just don t think it will be my cup of tea, [...]

    21. Best book evaaaaaaa This is the best book I ve ever read in my entire life Although I must admit, I was a little bored with it at first But once I got too deep into the book, I just couldn t stop I couldn t help it I kept scrolling page after page, chapter after chapter, and I never felt bored again This book is brilliant It s perfectly arranged to tease the hell out of the readers, but I still don t ever regret wasting the time to read it on my exam night I would do anything to get a copy of it [...]

    22. Thirty Eight series is the reason I am going to fail my midterms Once I started reading Thirthy Eight Days I couldn t stop Noel and Clara s love for each other is heartbreakingly strong, it really melt my heart And the characters in the books are extremely cute I still don t know which one I like most Noel Liam or Julian Once you start reading you will wonder what is going to come next God I love these books

    23. The plot of the book was oh so promising but in the end it was such a disappointment Nolan was an irremediable jerk from the start and Clara could have been a good character without all the unecessary noone likes me, noone wants me incessant thought She was treated by others her brother, her friends and even Nolan like a 14 year olds and she let them do it I found the ending to be a contriving way to create an uncessary sequel

    24. Seriously if you have not yet read this book then when it comes out you need to get your hands on it As one of the first stories I read on Wattpad I absolutely love this book It s not your typical clich The emotions are so well portrayed, the characters are all unique and special that make you fall in love alongside them and it s so tragically beautifully perfect Can t wait for it to be released

    25. Thirty Eight Days is a new unique kind of love story, full of drama, secrets, and jealousy This book is extraordinarily tragic, as we find Noel and Clara making some of the hardest decisions of their lives, while always staying in love with each other I recommend this book to anyone who has a soft spot for romance, plot twists, and happily ever after s I thoroughly enjoyed reading the journeys Noel and Clara take to find their way back to each other.

    26. I shed so many tears while reading this book, it s unbelievable There are so many heartbreaking moments between Clara and Nolan undying love for each other with constant twists Their love is one to die for Any girl would wish they were Clara, minus the heartbreaking parts.I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book I often stayed up late at night just to read it.

    27. I read this book on Wattpad The book is really really wonderful I loved this story beteen Noel and Clara The plot and every chapter is makes you wonder to know what happens on the next chapter I also read the sequel of this story on Wattpad it s called Thirty Eight Reasons For those who finished read the first book, you should read the sequel Ughhh so emotional when I read this book.

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