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Breathless #2020

Breathless hrs minRuined beyond repair and shunned by London society lovely Miranda Rohan rebelliously embraces the freedom that comes from having nothing left to lose However this dangerous course throws

  • Title: Breathless
  • Author: Anne Stuart Susan Ericksen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Breathless By Anne Stuart Susan Ericksen, 11hrs 31minRuined beyond repair and shunned by London society, lovely Miranda Rohan rebelliously embraces the freedom that comes from having nothing left to lose However, this dangerous course throws her under the power of the darkly enigmatic Lucien de Malheur known to many as the Scorpion Seeking to destroy the Rohans, Lucien traps Miranda in a marriage she thinks is11hrs 31minRuined beyond repair and shunned by London society, lovely Miranda Rohan rebelliously embraces the freedom that comes from having nothing left to lose However, this dangerous course throws her under the power of the darkly enigmatic Lucien de Malheur known to many as the Scorpion Seeking to destroy the Rohans, Lucien traps Miranda in a marriage she thinks is based on friendship but instead is rooted in vengeance.

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      214 Anne Stuart Susan Ericksen
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    1 thought on “Breathless

    1. Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold But this revenge will catch the predator in his own trap.When I pick up an Anne Stuart book, I know going in that this it is not going to be a sweet love story That doesn t mean it won t be a good love story But certainly not the hearts and flowers one might assume for romance.I had heard that The Scorpion was something else, too much for some readers I pondered if that would be the case for me Let s face it I love bad boy heroes Too much, probably Especially f [...]

    2. I ve finished this book and all I can say is holy crap I don t even know how to rate this book It was justI don t even know Have you ever watched one of those dramatic, crazy reality shows You know they re seriously messed up individuals, but there s something compelling and enjoyable about watching their brand of crazy That was how I felt about Lucien and Miranda by the time I ended the book.Let me set the mood by giving you a very apt theme song to listen to while you read my review Theme Song [...]

    3. Gather a round o readers for I have a moral tale to tell, one with many twists and turns, with love and hate balanced on that of a sharp blade knife A story of a Scorpion named Lucien de Malheaur as he finds a mate in a woman by the name of Miranda Rohan in the act of vengeance to destroy the Rohan family Although vengeance and passion go hand in hand with this twisted romance between the dancing courtships of Scorpions, you may be surprised to hear twisted romance Really Then gentle reader you [...]

    4. 4.5 starsHow is it that the best story in the trilogy is also the most disappointing book of the three This book had SO much potential It had everything in it that makes a historical romance for me on the shelf heroine, dissolute, dark, hardened, cynical hero, twisted revenge plot exciting, I thought Lucien de Malheur is one of Stuart s best dark heroes In the Scorpion she has created someone so dark and so bent on revenge that he is almost irredeemable I usually call her characters sly with a w [...]

    5. I m writing this review because this book made me feel traumatized and violated I think it s a testament to her skill as an author that she makes me feel so intensely, but I also wish someone would silently point out the books that would traumatize me I had a real problem with the hero of this book Basically, it is this in the very first pages of the book, he pays someone to abduct and rape the heroine and force her into marriage But even though the heroine says It hadn t been rape, I don t agre [...]

    6. 4 stars Historical RomanceThis was my least favorite of the lushly sensual House of Rohan series, mainly because the ruination revenge plot was exhausting and the hero, scarred, depraved Lucien de Malhuer, aka the Scorpion, wasn t quite reformed or redeemed enough to make up for some truly heinous, unforgivable acts perpetrated against the heroine I love Stuart s dark, tortured, gamma heroes, but emotionally empty, borderline evil Scorpion Lucien was a bit too much at times His feelings towards [...]

    7. 4.5 starsThis romance isn t for everyone, no siree It s provoking at times and features a controversial antihero One who is thankfully saved from the darker aspects of himself by the power of love which is what makes this so compelling I know some readers think Lucien, aka the Scorpion, doesn t deserve his happy ending However, I felt the author successfully conveyed the motivation behind the vile schemes yes, there s than one Lucien masterminded in his quest for vengeance, making me sympathize [...]

    8. Hey, Stuart finally did something interesting with the Heavenly Host I ve liked all the books in this series, but the whole evil club theme was tiresome They only have a small role here, thank goodness, but it s a significant one.This was a rare probably the only Stuart book that had me interested in the heroine than the hero I was expecting Miranda daughter of the spoiled hero from Reckless and granddaughter of the decadent hero from Ruthless to be a willful rich girl type, but although certai [...]

    9. I love that feeling you get when you finish a good book especially a satisfying romance You might give a contented little sigh A peaceful smile or a cheek splitting grin You might sit quietly and reflect on the wonderful journey you undertook courtesy of a talented author, the characters you cheered for and the moments you can secret away for a time when your spirits need uplifting The feeling that all is well, at least within the pages between the cover.Well, I didn t get any of that when I fin [...]

    10. Breathless, book 3 of the House of Rohan trilogy, just may be the darkest novel I ve ever read There were times while reading this book that I got chills and they definitely weren t the good ones This book is not for the faint at heart Anne Stuart s heroes are darkbut Lucien is borderline evil He is somewhat reformed by the end, but he is still a long way from good when you turn the last page I have pledged my undying loyalty to this author She is, simply put, a genius Anne Stuart is an auto buy [...]

    11. Favorite Line You can get an erection less than an hour after I ve tried to kill you she said in disbelief Just how perverse are you Let me show you After having such an enthusiastic to the first of the Rohan novels, Ruthless , I had resigned myself to the rest of the series not being able to meet my expectations When Reckless was an enjoyable, but not spectacular, read, I was convinced my initial prediction would be correct And then came Breathless With so many of the elements I adored in Ruthl [...]

    12. I m not sure if it was because the Rohan in this book was a daughter, Miranda, and not a son and therefore not quite as dreadful , or if it was perhaps the revenge theme, but I was not quite as enad of BREATHLESS as I was of RUTHLESS and RECKLESS There was also the squick factor that the hero engineered the heroine s ravishment by another man as part of his revenge plan years before they even met, but still And he didn t really ever show remorse about it in fact than once he reveled in the fact [...]

    13. It is painful to have to give a series that you have enjoyed up until now such a low grade But because I didn t get enough of an ending I ultimately couldn t believe in Lucien s redemption What he had done to Miranda was beyond the pale In the end Miranda turned out to be a better woman than I would have been Miranda is a woman that has been ruined and is now cut off from the ton She is ok with that She has her little house and a family that loves her But when she catches the notice of Lucien, a [...]

    14. I tried to like this book I really did I knew going into it that it was going to be dark and I was okay with that, I like my romances brooding, emotionally deep, and the darker the better I was prepared and having read the next book in the series I already loved Lucien and Miranda spoilers ahead So Lucien hires someone to abduct and marry Miranda as vengeance for his sister s suicide and the part he thinks Miranda s brother had in it The guy abducts and rapes Miranda and she escapes before it go [...]

    15. After reading and loving Reckless I was happy to find this installment However I found the plot and the lead character so extreme that I just didn t enjoy it that much.Lucien wastoodark to even find him remotely attractive Usually if the lead is physically unattractive then he has a developed and loving nature, and vice versa Lucien however was physically scarred, and morally corrupted I just couldn t get over the fact that he paid someone to kidnap Miranda and rape her, and then she fell in lo [...]

    16. After all he did to this poor woman, he didn t even say I m sorry.And let me tell you, what Lucien put Miranda through in this book was A LOT, like Lothaire levels of villainy but without the epic groveling at the end That s what I was looking for the most and it didn t happen Lucien s sister killed herself after a failed engagement to Miranda s brother Looking for revenge, Lucien engineers Miranda s fall from grace which included kidnapping and rape But Miranda is made of sterner stuff and she [...]

    17. Not a keeper for me and that s too bad because it could have been I thought Miranda was strong and clever and she had a delicious sense of humour As for the hero, enough with the scars from childhood and angst up the wazoo I m just tired of it I don t find it fresh and I most certainly don t find it believable i.e that did not make him a sympathetic character to me.Opening the book with a planned rape an abduction that lasted for four days how was that going to factor into an HEA Great, so she m [...]

    18. Ms Stuart delivers another one of her classically nefarious heroes in Breathless Unlike the mostly reformed Rohans, Lucien de Malheur the Scorpion is a real baddie In fact, his entire purpose in life is to get his revenge on the Rohans by ruining the heroine, Miranda Rohan For those who aren t clear about who this is, Miranda is the daughter of rakehell Adrian Rohan from Reckless.So the story begins with 21 year old Miranda, who unlike most young women, is gifted with a mix of randy Rohan blood, [...]

    19. I was ambivalent about reading this book due to the whole rape hullabaloo Well, wow, it IS definitely rape y My goodness Very old school bodice ripper again and again And while there were most of the instances fell into the forced seduction category, there were other s that were definitely rape I say that because in the book they claim it s not and because I saw a few reviews claiming that as well Well, it is, dammit, and here s why view spoiler The guy kidnaps her and begins to have to have sex [...]

    20. Here is one of those rare books that is almost impossible to definitively rate.Emotional rating 2.0Analytical rating 5.0How does one meld the two when splitting it right down the middle just doesn t do either justice From the emotional perspective Those who know me, know there are few things I HATE that an emotionally exhausting journey that ends abruptly This story takes the cake If you take the word emotion on steroids, add a hero villain so vile as to leave one s nails chewed to stubby bits [...]

    21. Lucien de Malheur is out for revenge against the Rohan family He blames the oldest Rohan son for the death of his step sister and will stop at nothing to get even His plan is to take Miranda Rohan, the only daughter in the family, and make her his wife First he will ruin her Then he will marry her, humiliate her, break her, and then not let her see her family But he had never met Miranda Rohan After learning his plan and agreeing to go with Lucien to save her family, Miranda decides to turn the [...]

    22. This was my favorite of this series Much darker, unsettling, credible maybe I absolutely LOVED the heroine in this one Smart, determined but fatalistic, and committed to taking the hand dealt her and playing it to it s fullest The hero is incredibly dark, but unlike the hero in Ruthless, his darkness is credible He is driven by a revenge so intense, it has pushed out all other emotions The Heavenly Host also fares better in this book, even though it s not core and only makes a minor presence Y [...]

    23. I had a hard time deciding what I thought about this book The hero was very, Very dark, and I m not sure he groveled enough at the end His motivation for his actions seemed pretty feeble to me as well.Anyway, the heroine s been ruined, and is living quite happily cut off from London society The hero, who is quite a villain, has decided to court, seduce and abandon the heroine to pay her brother back for doing the same to his sister Only when he meets the heroine, he decides to marry her because [...]

    24. Whatever When I originally read this I gave it 3 stars, that usually means I would read it again So I did and I cannot believe I didn t leave myself some notes to keep me from feeling this way Did I not think the ending was complete s t this first time Because it was, and I m mad that the stupid heroine just forgave him FOR EVERYTHING without so much as an I m sorry This was not some little trivial drama she forgave, I figured I would at least get one chapter of groveling cause that s what it wo [...]

    25. Well, this wasn t the worst Anne Stuart I ve read, but it was still pretty awful.This book was, for the most part, extremely tedious Stuart s heros always try so hard to convince themselves and everyone else of their badness Which is fine when it s not so badly done I swear, her characters always think things absently or dreamily, and say things cheerfully when they re being facetious Get a thesaurus Having the heroine hit the hero upside the head with an oar doesn t negate the emotional abuse a [...]

    26. DNF 1 Star By the way, If I give a story 1 star, so absolutely it will be the worst rating I give It means I hate the book But if I don t give any rating against the book at all, that doesnt mean I hate the book, that means that s just not my cuppa, but I don t hate the bookI hate this book Even gua yang biasanya demen demen aja bacaan dark dan sebangsanya, gak suka banget sama buku ini Heronya GAK banget The storyline bikin gua GIVE UP The ending DOUBLE GIVE UP.

    27. Following in my Anne Stuart obsession, I find myself back with the Rohans This time we know for sure we are reading about Adrian s kids Did I mention that Adrian is mine Just making sure.Basically, one of Adrian s sons, Benedick, had caused a girl to kill herself from unrequited love Her brother wants vengeance now And what better way to get it than by seducing his sister and ruining her life The very beginning of this story is the reason why it doesn t rate higher I had a big issue with what ou [...]

    28. I must be desensitized to cruel heroes I ve avoided Stuart s books for so long because according to readers the heroes are infamously cold, harsh, horrible people Perhaps I started with the wrong one, because I wasn t too horrified by Lucien, however, I suspect that has something to do with Miranda She is a fantastic heroine and just wouldn t let him break her down I LOL d when she was telling him he reminded her of a brooding, romantical Lord Byron which horrified him He prided himself on being [...]

    29. Isn t it funny how reviews of any kind are SO subjective Before I started to read this book, I read a full page s worth of reviews on , most citing how Breathless wasn t as good as the other books in the House of Rohan series Well, funny enough, I thought it was the best in the series Read the whole thing in one sitting and didn t want to put it down Even dreamt about it in the overnight hours which happens a lot when I ve enjoyed what I ve read.From the hero villain to the secondary storyline, [...]

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