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Tsunami Connection #2020

Tsunami Connection Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B AW HF Ever wonder why people close to you behave the way they do Kefira does Enlisted as a child and living out the vicarious dreams o

  • Title: Tsunami Connection
  • Author: Michael James Gallagher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tsunami Connection By Michael James Gallagher, Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00AW28HF6.Ever wonder why people close to you behave the way they do Kefira does.Enlisted as a child and living out the vicarious dreams of her adoptive mother as a covert ops sleeper, Kefira fights against a ticking clock Flashbacks provide sanctuary from the political intrigue, adding depth to the real to lLibrarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00AW28HF6.Ever wonder why people close to you behave the way they do Kefira does.Enlisted as a child and living out the vicarious dreams of her adoptive mother as a covert ops sleeper, Kefira fights against a ticking clock Flashbacks provide sanctuary from the political intrigue, adding depth to the real to life personalities of Kefira s team In her attempts to unravel the political intrigue behind world threatening events, Kefira the orphaned child of top secret Mossad operatives killed by a bomber in Buenos Aires confronts than even her training can cope with

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      334 Michael James Gallagher
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    1 thought on “Tsunami Connection

    1. My husband must have downloaded this onto my kindle and I expected it to be a real boys book However within pages I was sucked in and became immersed in a world I knew very little about It is a fast pace action thriller, one that transported me round the world It was clearly laid out so I never got lost and really well researched and nicely written Bad points I ended up reading late into the night and was very tired the next day.

    2. Tsunami Connection by Michael James Gallagher is a well plotted and complex spy thriller that focuses on Kafira, a rare goy Mossad agent Beginning with a cover operation in Egypt gone wrong the story moves on to the repercussions of said mission and introduces details about the personal lives of agents Kafira and Zac and their step parents and mentors The backgrounds are fascinating and add welcome complications and twists to the story The spy story itself involves terrorists, violent action, tr [...]

    3. Tsunami Connection is a spy novel of many subplots delving into the world of deception and intrigue The novel features a young woman named Kefira, a highly skilled Mossad agent, trained since childhood in the art of espionage The agency took her in after her parents perished in a bomb blast at the Israeli embassy in Argentina The novel opens with Kefira losing fourteen commandos under her command to a rocket propelled grenade in an Egyptian desert Before the perpetrator died, Kefira is able to e [...]

    4. Gallagher s debut novel is very ambitious and must have required a lot of thought, planning, and research I m not a proper judge of political, espionage thrillers as I don t read them often enough to comment on this novel in context of genre, but the action and plot rolled the story forward at a lively pace I was reminded of the TV series, Alias, as the woman protagonist, Kefira, is kick butt competent, was groomed to be a tool for clandestine government activities since childhood, yet remains f [...]

    5. Tsunami Connection is the first novel of trilogy by Michael James Gallagher and it is worth the cost well, I got it for free but it is still a great book and I can t wait to read the other two books.It is a fast paced thriller about terrorists, set in the Middle East, Russia and North Korea It shows that the author did extensive research because he gave knowledgeable details and made it quite easy for the reader to picture it, even the characters.What I liked most about it, is that it wasn t pre [...]

    6. Tsunami Connection is an action packed, political thriller.Kefira, a sleeper agent in Mossad, loses half of her team when an RPG hits their helicopter and explodes into a fiery mess Determined to find those responsible for the bomber, she tracks down the likely suspects with the assistance of a charismatic team of agents But, what she learns may be than she can handle.What I like most about this book are the richly described locations The author has obviously drawn from extensive research and p [...]

    7. Tsunami Connection is a fast paced political thriller, intense, gripping, and action packed.The plot of this international espionage tale focuses on Kefira, a highly skilled Mossad operative The book starts with a dangerous and deadly military operation in the Sinai Desert Kefira is in the center of the action and comes across as rational, logical, and highly trained Kefira s strong intuition, probably also a result of her training and experience, helps her make the right decisions in very diffi [...]

    8. Disclaimer I received a review copy from the author Thank you Mr Gallagher I think some other reviewers have mentioned this too, but I absolutely adored the various locations that the author takes the reader to in this story I am an avid traveler and I ve always had a fascination with Russia ever since I started studying the language several years ago I thought the scenes set in Russia were done very convincingly I wouldn t know about North Korea and the Middle East, as I ve never been there mys [...]

    9. This is one of those books that introduces someone to a writer who is probably going to go far in his career as a writer The story was solid, the characters believable, and the locations well done It felt a lot like an earlier James Bond story, if the hero was female, Israeli and had actual feelings.The only thing that held me back during the reading was the dialogue Mostly, it was done well, but there were times where I found myself wondering if people would actually speak that way The trick to [...]

    10. This was a well thought out book It read quite smoothly The end came upon me before I was ready for it I enjoyed the book very much Having gotten this book as a first reads Exciting and memorable characters, keeps the reader waiting for .

    11. Rating 3.5 StarsI have mixed feelings about Tsunami Connection , however part of that stems from my political sensitivities This book is essentially an action packed spy novel mostly centered around a Mossad agent named Kefira I commend the author for weaving so many very recent current events like the coup in Egypt and the civil war in Syria into the narrative However, being as I m part Egyptian, I spent the early chapters of the book too emotionally worked up about the references to the Israel [...]

    12. Master Wordsmith Constructs Remarkable Vivid DescriptionsTsunami Connection by Michael James GallagherGallagher is a master wordsmith The story of Mossad operatives Kafira, Zak, Yochana, Sam and others is complicated as most spy tales are I found I was as interested in the rich detailed descriptions of places,peoples,and objects as the story line.In the middle of the novel Kafira, a beauty trained by Mossad from an early age, makes a trip to Buenos Aires Descriptions of the city and Kafira in a [...]

    13. Michael Gallagher has done a fantastic job in taking you on a wild ride through various countries, in the Middle East, to Canada, Argentina, Russia, and North Korea The reader is glued to the pages as the heroin Kefira who grew up in a world of espionage, fights against terrorist who are responsible for blowing up her operatives in Buenos Aires Kefira was trained from a very young age for special forces work in the Mossad She now holds the tools to be able to investigate and disentangle threats [...]

    14. Tsunami Connection is my first foray into the political thriller genre in quite a while After finishing it, I think I ll be picking up a few along those lines.This book has many strong points working in its favor it s imaginative and action packed, and the plot has a number of twists and turns I never saw coming This part is very important to me if I see it coming I simply put down the book and leave it there.The description of the many locations is also a major thumbs up I unfortunately have n [...]

    15. I am not a fan of political books but I did enjoy reading this book The pace of the book is quick and the chapters relatively short so it is an easy book to be able to read, even if you are busy.Kafira and Zack are top agents required to work deep under cover The plot centres on their relationship both professional and personal as is the case with Kafira s handler and step mother.If you are a fan of political plots the this one will not disappoint.The plot is twisty and intriguing But I do not w [...]

    16. A Good International ThrillerAuthors who write credible, interesting and insightful books on counter espionage and terrorism are a rare find This Black Ops tale has a spontaneity and sense of realism that makes for a very interesting read The world of spies and covert operators operations is a dark and often sinister one, where friendships are defined in terms of human assets and liabilities, and fixed relationships are elusive Characters are not empathic or romanticized, just plain dangerous pe [...]

    17. What a fantastic read There was so much to love about Tsunami Connection that I felt compelled to review First was the author s choice to make his military protagonist a WOMAN Kudos to Gallagher for allowing a woman to take center stage in his story Second, it was clear that he has either visited many of the locals within the novel or did some spectacular research because throughout the book, I felt as if I was actually there with the characters thanks to the delicious setting descriptions The p [...]

    18. Exciting I haven t read a spy novel is ages I like the genre but have been reading other types of books for the last few months I m happy my re entry into the genre was via this novel.The main character is Kefira, a female Mossad operative It s rare to feature a female as the lead in a spy novel I was thrilled the author chose to do this This book is full of action, plot twists, and excellent character development For instance, instead of just focusing on Kefira as an adult, we are taken back to [...]

    19. An interesting spy thriller cum sci fi novel with many interesting story lines The book would benefit from good editing to make it an even compelling read.Well done Michael

    20. Tsunami Connection is a political thriller with numerous plot lines running in parallel to each other The stories are set in various locales throughout the world with Kefira, a Colonel in the Mossad and her cohorts as the connecting thread Galagher provides some unique concepts such as cloaking, the ability for personnel and equipment to be present, but unseen, albeit with some interesting glitches.Kefira is one of a group of orphans who were picked up and trained for special forces work in the [...]

    21. I received this book from the independent writer s review initiative.The book s content has been somewhat fleshed out in other reviews so I won t delve into too much of that as to not give away any spoilers but will just give my impressions of the novel.The book is a modern day spy novel in which the characters live in a world where everything is either secret, super secret, ultra secret, or specially designed and pre ordered for a spy and the characters jet all over the globe in order to catch [...]

    22. I was gifted Tsunami Connection for a non reciprocal review.The Positives Tsunami Connection is a multi layered, three dimensional work that has clearly been well researched, thoroughly planned and executed with precision I have had the fortune of visiting some of the exotic locations mentioned in the book, and the details are spot on Detail extends beyond the geographical any and every subject matter that features in Tsunami Connection is thoroughly and convincingly researched.The plot follows [...]

    23. Tsunami Connection is a political thriller with an elaborate international setting A young woman who is a Mossad agent, and a host of other double agents and such weave in and out of several countries, chasing an adversary or avoiding one, as the case may be It was hard for me to get into at first, but eventually I really wanted to know if Kefira would make it out okay I sort of expected Yoshana s Kefira s stepmother back story to be explained a bit , especially in light of the events towards th [...]

    24. Tsunami Connection the first in the New World Trilogy is a fast paced, intriguing spy thriller, with scenes set in the Middle east such as the Sinai desert , North Korea and Russia Written in snappy chapters, and alternating between fast paced action and a reflective tone that facilitates character development, the book is well balanced It features Kefira whose name in Hebrew means lioness a fierce, courageous, and highly trained Mossad operative You will be gripped by the dangers she faces on h [...]

    25. This is an exciting, engrossing political military spy thriller with a realistic background The characters are interesting and varied in the setting of spy plots and Special Forces operations carried out by an ultra secret arm of the Mossad Action is fast paced, the narrative informative without being intrusive, and the author s staggering amount of research into his subject shines through on every page Having done similar research myself I know how much time and effort it takes and is very comm [...]

    26. An Interesting readIt s a wonderful story, there s no doubt about it There are plenty of twists and turns that ll keep you guessing till the very end Some of the psychological machinations will set you thinking And, you ll end up travelling all over the globe with this book It s a great start It s the first book Michael s written and things can only get better from here.

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