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The Soul Catcher #2020

The Soul Catcher FBI Special Agent Maggie O Dell and her partner Tully investigate two cases the murder of a senator s daughter in Washington D C and a deadly shootout in Massachusetts both of which are linked to Re

  • Title: The Soul Catcher
  • Author: Alex Kava
  • ISBN: 9781551669281
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Soul Catcher By Alex Kava, FBI Special Agent Maggie O Dell and her partner Tully investigate two cases the murder of a senator s daughter in Washington, D.C and a deadly shootout in Massachusetts, both of which are linked to Reverend Joseph Everett, who is dating Maggie s mother.

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      355 Alex Kava
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    1 thought on “The Soul Catcher

    1. Number three in the series and I am still not getting it Maggie is supposed to be an intelligent, experienced, well trained professional So please can she stop doing silly things, drinking too much and waffling endlessly about her past Move on I actually found this book too long, rather boring and needing some tight editing The identity of the murderer was apparent about two thirds of the way through and from there I started skimming I am reading this series for a challenge so I will try one bu [...]

    2. When a young girl is found murdered near a DC memorial, FBI profiler Maggie O Dell and her partner, R J Tully are brought onto the case when it appears there may be a serial killer at large The victim had attended a rally nearby, led by the leader of a religious cult, suspected of having ties to another case and dubious behavior by him and his inner circle I found this story to be stronger than the first two, even though it continues to belabor Maggie s personal issues I m finding the supporting [...]

    3. What can I even say about this book Alex Kava s writing is just so amazing and her stories so thrilling, they take over your brain completely in till you re on the edge of your seat ready for the next twist and turn to come 5 stars

    4. The Soul Catcher, 3rd book in the series has FBI profiler, Maggie O Dell and her partner, R.J Tully, assigned to a case in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, where the FBI and ATF agents have a standoff with members of a local cult As the two start working with the one cult member left alive to, they are given another case of a young teenage girl found raped and murdered behind the FDR monument in Washington, D.C which leads to them finding a connection between their two cases.Standing in their way [...]

    5. FBI Special Agent Maggie O Dell and her partner, R.J Tully, are assigned a case where six young men staged a standoff with FBI Agents Only one boy is left alive The rest killed themselves with cyanide laced tablets As Maggie and Tully work the case, they are assigned a second case A teenage girl has been found raped and murdered Her body left posed behind the FDR monument in Washington, D.C The two investigators soon discover a connection between the cases The link is Reverend Joseph Everett and [...]

    6. H mmmmm For me it was a bit of a struggle even for 3 stars Wasn t really crazy about this book but I do enjoy the series Hoping number 4 is better.

    7. This Waco type book was just excellent Had me guessing right to the end actually I thought I had it all figured out, but it appears I didn t my bad Maggie O Dell is such a flawed character you just have to love her and especially now that she has a dog to keep her company Alex Kava knows how to keep you on your toes, and puts out a great story You can tell she has done her research on the various aspects of this particular case.2 thumbs up and 5 stars onto At The Stroke Of Madness

    8. This particular book in a popular series I found only so so.First, Maggie O Dell did not impress me She spends a lot of time on her personal problems reliving her father s death, problems with her alcoholic mother and her own emtional problems How did this lady every pass a psychological exam Maybe the FBI does not care about the stability of their agents woundn t surprise me Next, the villain of the piece is the sterotype we ve all seen the fundamentalist leader of a religious cult, and his del [...]

    9. Definitely skimmed the Gwen and Tully interactions Their chemistry is nonexistent A bisexual woman in non erotic fiction It s like spotting a unicorn Too bad the author had to give her such a terrible reputation.

    10. I started reading this book after it kept falling off my bookshelf I took it as a sign, and I don t regret it I love the show Criminal Minds Not because of Shemar Moore alone p but because the human mind is fascinating and their thought process even so So, when I started this book and read that it was about FBI and specifically, Behavioural Science Unit, I was taken with it What Kava did was combine a realistic, yet a bit far fetched at points, situation into a story that gripped you from the [...]

    11. This was another great addition to the Maggie O Dell series This one involved a creepy cult whose young members are completely controlled by the enigmatic leader Maggie s own mother is caught up in the organization As the bodies of young females are found, it soon becomes clear that there is a tie in to this group Maggie and her partner, R.J Tully are tasked with investigating the murders.The Soul Catcher grabbed my attention right away, and I loved delving back into Maggie s world I liked seein [...]

    12. I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as the Alex Kava novels I ve read, but only because I figured out who did what about half way through the book Otherwise, the plot and the characters are just as interesting as in the other books in the Maggie O Dell series I m fascinated with stories both fiction and non fiction about cults, so that was an added bonus for this one.

    13. When a Massachusetts standoff results in the deaths of five out of six young cult members holed up in a backwoods cabin, things are bad enough But when a U.S senators daughter is found murdered in Washington, D.C and her death seems to be related to the cult and its charismatic leader, Rev Joseph Everett the situation really heats up for Maggie and her partner, R.J Tully The case hits particularly close to both partners homes, since Maggies former alcoholic mother has joined Everetts church and [...]

    14. I thought this was very well written, the same type of story as Portrait in Death by JD Robb, but in my opinion, slightly better here, but the concept is almost identical, even some of the wording and the reason behind it to a point is identical Not saying Kava got the idea from Robb or vice versa, just noting some similarities.The only reason I gave this a 4 star and not a 5, is I figured out who did it long before O Dell, who was very distracted by her mother issues, but still as a profiler fo [...]

    15. Book 3 in the Maggie O Dell series We get a link here from book 2 in that Maggie s mother had mentioned that she was being helped by a Reverend Everett and now, this book deals with the cult he runs There are a series of murders of women and the evidence starts to point towards the cult and its controlling leader, Everett Maggie is worried about what her mother is mixed up in their relationship is deeply examined in this book Nick Morelli turns up again in this one and I am now getting a little [...]

    16. I have heard from others that these books get better with each one and I agree Maggie seems to be getting over some of her issues and I think this one shows a huge turning point in her relationship with her mom I was pretty sure I knew who the bad guy was on this case, but the author did a really good job making you second guess yourself I do think Maggie took some unneeded risks again I hope this changes Tully continues to be an excellent character and a good match for Maggie The idea of a cult [...]

    17. 3.5 stars.Lots happening once again in this third book in the Maggie O Dell series I m not a big fan of the religious cult Jonestown Davidian books so maybe I was challenged a bit to stay focused and suspend belief as I tried to pick out the killer from the herd.The author telegraphed the villain at around 70 % so it was a mop up read for me from that point, and a not altogether happy ending for the killer for which I had been hoping.There are lots of loose threads that need to be tightened and [...]

    18. It was surprising how much Maggie s past came into play with this one Maggie s personality makes sense knowing what we do about her past and her parents I m really not sure what to think of the final piece of info that Maggie s mom gave her It will definitely be life changing.The religious aspect of this one drove me nuts There was nothing new there, an old man things he s god to take advantage of people for money and sex I hate reading about those things I was very surprised about the connecti [...]

    19. It took me almost 2 weeks to read this book, I didn t have enough time and availability but at the same time it wasn t really appealing to me, I found it a lot weaker than the previous 2 of the series and wasn t quite that interested I think the story drags a lot and there were really no surprises to me, wasn t the ending almost all totally obvious And after so many things happened, it just ends like that Is it so easy to catch and get rid of killers It didn t satisfy me at all I m only curious [...]

    20. Great crime thriller Was a fun fast paced read, I enjoy a book that seems like it could happen when the story isn t believable I m done And the author seems to have done a lot of research and made good use of it for this book I hope the series Was a 402 pg book but it went by like nothing It really was a great read I will be buying of the Maggie O Dell seriesFOR SURE

    21. Love, love, love this series This time Maggie gets involved in investigating a series of murders where the bodies are posed near monuments in Washington D.C A religious cult commune comes under suspicion and when Maggie s own mother joins the group things get really personal 5 stars all the way Did I mention I love this series

    22. 3 stars I liked it well enough I m hoping Maggie will become a better FBI agent At this point, no one on the team is that good at what they do I hope that changes in future books And, maybe Maggie can finally move on from her past.

    23. The worst of Kava s books in her series so far It s like she sent an outline to the editor, went on holidays, and somebody filled in the plot to connect the ideas A complete letdown compared to her previous 2 books

    24. Didn t like it It didn t hold my interest and gosh can t some writers come up with a bad guy who is NOT a wacko, Christian , cult, conservative, Republican, capitalist For creative people they sure are limiting themselves.

    25. At the risk of sounding like a book cover review, I must say this series is highly readable Plot and characterizations are well done and the pace is good A good solid 4 stars.

    26. A captivating crime thriller Has all the trimmings of a great mystery novel I enjoyed Agent O Dell s newest case, and look forward to reading the next

    27. Ksia k czyta o si naprawd przyjemnie, szybko i akcja by a calkiem fajna, ale niestety podczas czytania mia am wra enie, e de facto nic si nie dzieje i jest to raczej obyczaj wka, ani eli krymina thriller Wi c dowiadujemy si o ludziach, ni o samych zbrodniach Rozwi zanie mo e i by o zaskakuj ce, ale z drugiej strony wiele rzeczy nie zosta o wyja nionych Uwa am, e w ksi ce pojawi o si zbyt du o zbieg w okoliczno ci, a sama posta pewnej pani detektyw utwierdzi a mnie w przekonaniu, e nawet kobieta [...]

    28. I enjoy a good thriller with a female lead, and this fit the bill I particularly liked the multiple perspectives especially from people within Rev Everett s church , which gave the story a lot of depth As a Christian and as a journalist, some of the characters made me squirmy, but Kava told their stories effectively I figured out a few details well before the characters did, which brought the tension of the resolution down for me, but overall this was an enjoyable read.

    29. I really enjoyed this book The attention to detail is what helps grab your attention and draw you further into the story I did feel that the book ended with an ending that felt incomplete I m hoping the next book will pick up where this one left.

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