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The Dark Defiles #2020

The Dark Defiles The final part of Richard Morgan s fast moving and brutal fantasy brings Ringil to his final reckoning and sees the world tipping into another war with the dragon folk And most terrifying of all the

  • Title: The Dark Defiles
  • Author: Richard K. Morgan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Dark Defiles By Richard K. Morgan, The final part of Richard Morgan s fast moving and brutal fantasy brings Ringil to his final reckoning and sees the world tipping into another war with the dragon folk And, most terrifying of all, the prophecy of a dark lord come to rule may be coming true very close to home

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      186 Richard K. Morgan
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    1. In the vast sea that is fantasy fiction, I d humbly say that I m an above average swimmer I feel confident not in a cocky I can handle anything sort of way, but in that I will at least try anything and can reasonably expect to survive.I ve traversed the morass that is The Wheel of Time I ve tacked along the subtle tune of Rothfuss I ve ridden the comforting swells of Hobb, the whitewaters of Malazan, the unpredictable, unrelentless tides of A Song of Ice and Fire I ve even looked the maelstrom o [...]

    2. 700 fucking pages of characters running around without any kind of definite closing I loved the first book of the series, i tolerated the second book and the third book, this, it fucking pissed me off there were good things in the book, but the overall confusion of the plot and the useless characters stuffed in the book just dilute the good things and cover them with a sheen of bullshit that i just can t swallow reading this left me with a bad taste in my mouth i am so angry, i don t even want t [...]

    3. I could hardly put down this dark sword and sorcery tale from it being so engaging and disturbing At 700 pages I admit I had to put it down sometimes to sleep and eat and work When I reached its satisfying conclusion, I settled on three stars to balance feeling guilty getting so much pleasure from all its outrageous anger and violence, betrayals and retributions, surprising sexuality, and thrills of battling dragons and monsters But after a couple of weeks, I was still missing this world I have [...]

    4. If you made it this far, you probably like the tale and its hyperbolic elements This last installment is not going to disappoint the action is still very explicit, the story is a triumph of cynicism and excess, the character development reaches its apex and the author builds great tension across all the protagonists story arcs, delivering an epic finale and skillfully leaving some ends open to speculation.I liked the overall experience with this story and its damaged characters I particularly en [...]

    5. started this and seemed a bit interesting dialogue but who cares and I started reading forward and then the ending which is really, really powerful so I went back to read it end to end has some great stuff so far, though it is really dark no question about itI finished Dark Defiles and on first read I felt it was very good maybe not fully satisfying as I thought RK Morgan went a bit overboard in trying to do anti fantasy so there were moments the book read like a parody where Ringil or the other [...]

    6. One long, rambling and vague to avoid spoilers review ahead.I will have to think thoroughly about what I have read and, possibly, re read the series once , but I am disappointed The book illuminates the flaws of its predecessors I enjoyed the books both times I ve read them, but that is the thing you cannot judge a part of the whole completely until the whole is in front of you Having read all the books now, I am left dissatisfied.The lost opportunities are the first thing that comes to mind St [...]

    7. This was a bad book and a very bad ending to what I thought was a trilogy Most of the book was pointless wandering around by characters I used to care about It wasn t fun and it wasn t exciting Then Archeth took on a quest that made no sense to me I thought I was reading a story aboutI have no Idea what I thought the story was about by this book, to tell you the truth, but the mystery of the Helmsmen and magic and the dwenda definitely not an endless trip back into steppes for revenge for someth [...]

    8. Ahh, they moved the publication date Ahh, no, no, no Whhhyy I received a digital ARC from Netgalley.I waited forever for this book, and once I got an ARC, I waited another forever to finish it because I didn t want it to be over I also have what I call book specific ADD, but really I just didn t want it to be over This might be my new favorite fantasy series The world Morgan has built in these novels is so dense and multi layered We get enough of a glimpse to guess at some of the aspects that th [...]

    9. Last night I finished The Dark Defiles I m reading an ARC thanks to the publisher and it s a great conclusionof the Ringil Eskiath story As one would expect, this book which I rate as extraordinary, would be greatly weakened without reading the first 2 books but even if your memory is as dubious as my own, it should serve well enough to get you into this chilling conclusion Having said that, I will not put anything spoilerish here because I found this to be utterly absorbing and I would not depr [...]

    10. The Dark Defiles is the concluding volume of the Land Fit For Heroes, in this volume we begin directly after the events of The Cold Commands Ringil Eskiath, Archeth, and Egar Dragonbane are back and in worse shit than before as the author manages to mix some heavy SF elements such as semi sentient computers and aliens along with magic, battles and fantasy races Richard K Morgan manages to combine these different aspects and yet makes this story work There s also the heavy action sequences along [...]

    11. If you have not read Richard Morgan s trilogy A land fit for heroes, stop what you doing and get them and read them.Incredibly good dark fantasy for grown folks, its a great read from top to bottom.

    12. Final novel in RKM s fantasy trilogy The trilogy as a whole has some nice features each novel tells a complete story and can be read stand alone, though they do form a complete narrative arc across the trilogy as well The trilogy is appropriately grim dark for this particular age of fantasy the heroes aren t actually, the monsters and mythology are menacing and interesting, and the violence is quite gritty Two of the series s three main protagonists are gay, and the graphic depictions of sex in [...]

    13. Disappointing, at best I really enjoyed the first book, and I enjoyed my first read of the second book Very little happens in the second book, and this one is even worse The main characters spend most of the story slogging through pointless journeys that serve no purpose in terms of the plot The characters don t develop in any meaningful way In fact, all of them regress a bit by the end The writing is repetitive and a bit bland in many places How many times do we need to read about how shocking [...]

    14. I have to say, I am rather disappointed with this book I quite enjoyed the first two parts of the series, but I feel like this one is not on the same level The storytelling is needlessly complicated, he opens up tons of new questions, only to finish all of them of in the last 20 pages The pacing in general is sub par, he builds up to a grand finale but compresses the finale itself to maybe 20 30 pages Another point that quite annoyed me was the character development of the protagonist While Ring [...]

    15. The Dark Defiles is the third and final novel of A Land Fit for Heroes, which has the interesting quality of being the first grimdark story that I recognized I d read A Song of Ice and Fire and The Witcher beforehand but it was the excerpt from this book which convinced me I wanted to explore the genre fully In the story except, Egar Dragonsbane beats a bunch of randy soldiers senseless for interrupting his brothel time I m not going to lie I have issues with the way Richard K Morgan s series p [...]

    16. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind And that s just the way Ringil Angeleyes Eskiath would have it This book is an ode to the visceral pursuit of violence and carnage Ringil rampages through the book, tearing his way into the annals of great fantasy.Morgan and in turn his character Ringil is clearly someone who understands vengeance Never have I seen such brutal comeuppance been served in a book nor have I ever been so perversely glad to see it This book is sumptuously dark and action [...]

    17. I ll be the first to say that I m not a big grimdark fantasy fan I like optimistic worlds And yet, I adore the Land Fit for Heroes trilogy It follows the adventures of Ringil, Egar Dragonbane, and Archteth, old war hero friends who get drawn back through a long and winding road for one last quest.When THE DARK DEFILES opens, right after THE COLD COMMANDS ends, they are being separated again thanks to a sudden war and an ambush It s the final push for what the various greater powers in play have [...]

    18. After finishing this book a couple of days ago I still find it hard to put into words how I feel about it At times it was a struggle to get through, the story is hugely complicated and I needed to re read several sections in order to understand what was going on However, all three books are packed with action and fantastic dialogue and I was rooting for Ringil, Egar and Archeth right until the very bitter end

    19. As always Richard K Morgan is really good at fighting scenes and there are lot of them All the book felt like adventure story on steroids as usual sword and sorcery were melded with religion and high tech Main characters characteristics were little bit too similar to each other, there could have been diversity.

    20. The Dark Defiles is the third book in Richard K Morgan s sword and sorcery series following The Steel Remains and The Cold Commands I really enjoyed this book, got caught up in its intricacies and its length nearly 250,000 words We have the same heroes as in the previous volumes, the warrior Ringil whose being gay has been a subject of controversy in fan discussions and the half human, half alien Archeth They are fighting a series of natural and supernatural ills in their barbaric world that off [...]

    21. This is a review of the Land Fit for Heroes series, so some spoilers follow.I really, really wanted to like this series It has so much going for it Morgan, one of my favorite sci fi writers working right now, dipped his toe into the fantasy waters and produced a gritty, dark, fantasy noir series that turned many conventions of the genre on their heads The first book in particular is refreshingly original while still scratching the genre itch Morgan handles swords and sorcery as well as he does [...]

    22. This ain t no place for no heroes Yes, i might have been playing some borderlands, but it s still a good tagline for this series I ve been a fan of Morgan since Takeshi Kovaks, so full disclosure, i d probably read his alphabet soup Also in the interest of full disclosure, i was allowed to review an ARC via netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.If you re a fan of grim antihero s cutting their way through a world with no sweetness and light to be found, you re in the right place His charact [...]

    23. 2.5 stars Just really didn t do it for me Very reminescent of Abercrombie s First Law trilogy but just, frankly, nowhere near as good Characters in The First Law had real depth, and development, whereas many of the players in A Land Fit for Heroes seemed to have the depth of a piece of cardboard Too and two , far too much deus ex machina Gil and Archeth, in particular, seem to develop new powers whenever and however needed Similar to why I prefer Star Trek over Star Wars in the latter, some are [...]

    24. Es poco usual ver sagas en fantas a con protagonistas homosexuales Esta fue una de las primeras cosas que me llam la atenci n de estos libros, la b squeda de algo un poco m s plural Finalmente por suerte encontr mucho m s que eso y siempre he sido una especial fan de las historias de venganza La pega principal es que a veces se me hac a una lectura un tanto morbosa y Morgan para mi gusto divaga demasiado La mayor parte del tiempo no tienes muy claro a d nde quiere ir a parar el libro y tiene dem [...]

    25. Uncompromising, packed with action and intriguing twists, gritty, bleak and absolutely epic A brilliant and utterly satisfying finale that was well worth the wait Ringil war hero, outcast, reluctant black mage and entirely unwilling plaything of the gods might just be one of my favourite fantasy anti heroes of all time.

    26. I m sorry to say, this was an interminable bore Really had to force my way through The editor should be punished Personally have lost all interest in these mostly unlikable characters, and found the story to barely make sense Too bad, I enjoyed the first part of the series quite a bit.

    27. The best high fantasy technological meanderings and magic system I ve ever read Great protagonists, amazing antagonist characters and a perfect wrap to a trilogy.

    28. Mit gebl hten Segeln verlie die Expedition den Hafen von Yhelteth Ihre Reise f hrte sie zu den Hironischen Inseln, wo der Legende zufolge das Grab des Illwrack Wechselbalgs sowie die sagenumwobene schwimmende kiriathische Stadt An Kirilnar liegen sollen Im Norden angekommen bleiben jedoch sowohl das Grab als auch An Kirilnar unauffindbar Handelt es sich lediglich um einen Mythos Die Expedition entpuppt sich als gef hrliche Entt uschung Archeth beginnt, den Kampf gegen ihre zunehmende Verzweiflun [...]

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