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Jake Understood #2020

Jake Understood From the New York Times bestselling author of Jake Undone comes a full length standalone companion novel and sequel A different side to the story Jake s side We re getting a new roommate they said I

  • Title: Jake Understood
  • Author: Penelope Ward
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 449
  • Format: None
  • Jake Understood By Penelope Ward, From the New York Times bestselling author of Jake Undone, comes a full length standalone companion novel and sequel A different side to the story Jake s side We re getting a new roommate, they said I thought nothing of ituntil she walked in the door Her hand trembled in mine as she looked at me with fearful eyes My entire world spun on its axis NinaIt was aFrom the New York Times bestselling author of Jake Undone, comes a full length standalone companion novel and sequel A different side to the story Jake s side We re getting a new roommate, they said I thought nothing of ituntil she walked in the door Her hand trembled in mine as she looked at me with fearful eyes My entire world spun on its axis NinaIt was a mismatch made in heaven innocent girl from the boonies moves in with tattooed, pierced, badboy engineer I came up with a bet, a plan to tutor her in math and coach her through her phobias What I wasn t betting on was becoming addicted to her.But I was living a double life on weekends, and once she found out about it, she d be gone.I had to protect myself and that meant one thing I couldn t fall in love In Jake Understood, pivotal scenes from Jake Undone are retold from Jake s point of view combined with all new material from both the past and present time where Jake Undone left off It can stand alone but if both books are read, should follow Jake Undone Contains graphic sexual content and harsh language It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18.

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    1 thought on “Jake Understood

    1. Oh how sweet it is to be inside the mind of the beautiful and tortured soul that is Jake Green I devour everything that Penelope Ward writes like it s my last meal, and Jake Undone just made me melt for this man that gives too much for his own good So when I heard that we d be getting of these incredible characters, AND we d be inside his head for the journey well, let s just say getting an ARC of this book made my month I knew we would get so much than just a rehash of the same story from Jak [...]

    2. 3 stars Contains Spoilers from Jake Undone A bit disappointed that 70% of the book was just a rehash of Undone except this time, we read it from Jake s POV There are a few new scenes interspersed with the old ones which didn t really add anything new at all I didn t think rehashing those scenes were necessary because Jake Undone was great even though most of it was in Nina s POV I didn t need to read again from Jake s POV What I really wanted to read about was how they handled the mentally ill e [...]

    3. OMG Amazeballs I loved EVERYTHING about this book and it was heavenly being back with Jake again Penelope Ward amazes me each and every time I read one of her books Jake Understood picks up AFTER the events of Jake Undone as Jake struggles because Nina has walked out on him There are repetitious chapters, but Penelope delivered them in such a way that they were fresh, and of course, from Jake s POV as well as giving is a hefty dose of new content.My little heart skipped a beat of delight when we [...]

    4. If the book isn t even published, why feel the need to rate it a 1, 2, 3 stars, let alone at all For the simple fact I LOVED Jake Undone, and don t like that it has any less than 5 stars, I ve added a 5 star review To the haters, please, your grown adults There s absolutely no need to review a book you have NOT read because you either don t want to wait til it s published, didn t like a completely different book, or are just simply acting like a child Grow up and act your age Thanks and have a f [...]

    5. I hadn t held anyone like that in years But never had it felt like this like home to me I was very privileged and feel very grateful to have received an ARC of Jake Understood and in return I am writing my honest review of this amazing book that was one of my most anticipated books of 2015 Jake Understood is the alternate point of view sequel to Jake Undone I was captivated by Jake Green since I met him in Gemini, I could not wait to read his book Jake Undone Jake 1 and when I found out that Pen [...]

    6. IT s LIVE Special release price of 2.99 for release day only This is the only sale of 2015 amzn 1GFdves BN bit 1FwJC0z releasing at midnight iTunes apple 1DQQwgC releasing at midnight kobo bit 1LQ7Fvk releasing at midnight Jake Understood is a standalone that can be read alone or in conjunction with Jake Undone If both books are read, it should follow Jake Undone, which is also on sale for.99.

    7. 5 Let it Be Stars There are so many aspects of this touching, heartfelt read that I really connected with, that it s hard to distill it down for purposes of a review Jake s and Nina s story is a truly magical one A true friends to lovers story, that will genuinely break your heart and show you how to reconstruct it again Try though they might, even the largest obstacles, can never come close to extinguishing true love And Jake and Nina certainly had to learn to overcome than their fair share In [...]

    8. From the day you first walked into my life, you ve been saving me Penelope Ward has written a richly detailed, VERRA sexy and emotional story with lots of new material and details.This unputdownable story is told from Jake s point of view, who is one of my absolute favorite book boyfriends so I devoured every word of this cleverly written book It takes a very gifted writer to create a story that includes the most significant facts from another book JAKE UNDONE but which also includes incredibly [...]

    9. I received an ARC via Soluri PR in exchange for an honest review Thank you First we are utterly undone by the woes and delights that are Jake Green And now we get to get inside his head Can life get any sweeter Jake Understood is a complimentary companion to Jake Undone told from Jake s perspective.It was a gooey goodness of give and take, as we are regaled of his and Nina s story, from start to end with some inserted scenes and tidbits that we have not witnessed before, as well as, some post Ja [...]

    10. This is book 2 ten years after their HEA book 1 SPOILER alert A story about Jake and his 2 leading ladies His wife, Nina, the heroine, to whom he has been married to for 9 years nowHis ex wife, Ivy, the other woman A schizophrenic whom he has visited for longer than a decade, once a week, every Saturday or sometimes Fridays at the group home where she is being cared for.At the beginning of this book, the h has walked out on the H Excerpts THE CATALYST Are you insane, Jake Do you really think the [...]

    11. I started reading this before Jake Undone I then got Jake Undone to fill in the blanks that were skimmed over in this one It s not really a standalone First of all Jake telling all his and Nina s friends the story of how they ended up together was just weird I could not get into it because it just felt too weird and fake and not at ALL like something that would happen I felt like I was reading about a slumber party With kids So, Nina leaves because she s tired of sharing Jake with Ivy SHOCKER An [...]

    12. Oh.My.Godyou guys If you thought you loved Jake before you ain t seen nothing yet I was so lucky to win an arc of this book from Penelope, I can t thank her enough It can be tough going with books rewritten in an alternate point of view, there s always the chance it will be just a rehashing of the same story But that was not the case with Jake Understood, it was so much I love how Penelope Ward set this one up, as if we re there, part of the family, hearing Jake and Nina s story for the first t [...]

    13. Normally I get a little frustrated with companion or different POV novels, but I honestly liked this one better than the original in the series I can t explain it but I just did While I still highly recommend that you pick up Jake Undone, because it is a big piece of the puzzle in helping you understand the overall and big picture of the character, this one really helps you see exactly what was going through his mind This story is even enthralling and heart breaking for me and I just fell in lo [...]

    14. Penelope Ward you blew me away There really are no amount of words that you can use to adequately describe this book Reading this book was bittersweet knowing that this book was the last of the series I was both sad for it to end because I knew that there would be no books from this series yet eager for it to end to see how their lives turned out Penelope did not disappoint Jake Undone was my first book that I read by Penelope where I met and fell in love with Jake and Nina s love story So to h [...]

    15. This was amazing This book was mostly Jake s POV and some of the events were also in the first book But that wasn t bothering me at all because from Jake s POV it was different and it was so beautiful to know how he was fighting for Nina and their life How he was protecting her, don t wanted to hurt her, but also want her so badly.And yes, he felt love for Ivy, but that is different than his feelings for Nina He is in love WITH Nina and can t live without her Maybe is doesn t look different, but [...]

    16. arc received from author in exchange for an honest review and blog tour from us book hookers at twounrulygirlsNot an easy task to tell a story that has already been donebut this one was done beautifully, and added a dimension that makes you fall even in love with Jake Loved it Full review closer to release.

    17. 4 Jake lovin starsThis book follows on from Jake UndoneJake Undone, and is part sequel, part alternate POV book It is set 8 years into the future where Jake and Nina are together and living the life they wanted together, but a bad night leads to Nina taking off for the day to get some space, leaving Jake at home And when friends arrive Alison Cedric, Skylar Mitch , he begins to reminisce about their beginning and how it all started for them.There is a combination of seeing the same pivotal momen [...]

    18. A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 5 Forever Jake Green Stars AMAZEBALLS That is really all I can say about this book Penelope Ward has done it again.She has made me fall in love with Jake and Nina all over again Penelope has been and will always be one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE authors She is a drop everything and read whatever she writes author for me In my mind she can do NO wrong Jake Understood was just amazing I had been anticipating this book from the [...]

    19. 5 Moon, Bat Stars Penelope doesn t disappoint I loved it le sigh Sometimes as a reader, I have a problem connecting with a book follow up, a 5 or something but with Jake Understood, Penelope did an amazing job of retelling Jake and Nina s story in an interesting way and well, it is Jake s POV so I know for sure that it will be a good read JAKE will always be my favorite yet, aside feom Cedric and Elec haha or should I say the first Penelope BBF that really made an impact with my heart Writing th [...]

    20. Good book, not great I thought it would be better than it was A little too mushy for me, especially being from the guys perspective Took me longer to read than most books because I kept putting it down which I hardly ever do but I don t regret reading it It simply wasn t a favorite as I thought it might be.

    21. Oh Jake Green How wonderful to read you again Reading things from his POV and getting the insight to certain scenes and situations from the first book absolutely rocked my world From Oragami Bats, Bananas and THAT lip piercing to his ADORATION for his girl Just PERFECT Full review to come

    22. I m completely in love with series Honestly it s made me laugh, cry, angry and want to smack a bitch a guy lol Jake is total package this man is God sent And Nina is definitely an angel to deal with everything life has thrown at her She also God sent Together they one I love them both This series needs than 5 stars, it s that good.

    23. this could have been a novella 70% was the exact same story and as we got dual POVs in the first book it was boring After reading this book I believe poor Jake has a bat shit crazy girl magnet embeded in him

    24. I didn t realize that it was overall Jakes POV of the relationship Really well written and cleaver Enjoyed

    25. 5 STARS I didn t think that I could have fallen in love with Jake after reading Jake Undone, but I was wrong becauseI DID This was such a great companion novel, and I am so honored to have received and ARC from Penelope I have to admit that I am always leery of reading this type of alternate POV novelr fear of disappointment with it being a repeat of the first HonestlyI was NOT disappointed at all this was a PERFECT conclusion to an amazing story In Jake Understood, we really get to see and fee [...]

    26. does not allow enough stars for this book I remember when I was younger and I read Sweet Valley High and other books and as I grew older I moved on to other authors but I have to tell you on May 29, 2013 I read a free book from and I believe that Penelope Ward is the first author that left me completely mesmerized after reading a book I finished Jake Understood last week and it has taken me a few days to actually sit down and write this review because honestly I felt that I needed to get my thou [...]

    27. I m having a tough time writing this review right now I m teary, I m happy My heart hurts from feeling the love that is just flowing off the pages between Jake and Nina Penelope has given us Jake s point of view of his life and his love for Nina from when he first met her through today Reading Jake s POV on the pivotal scenes from Jake Undone was my undoing I loved reading Jake s take on his mindset from what both he and Nina experienced in their relationship Told as flashbacks, Jake s love of N [...]

    28. We met Jake Green and Nina Kennedy in Jake Undone, released last year by Penelope Ward Jake and Nina had an instant connection but he couldn t or shouldn t act on his attraction to Nina because of his current complicated situation We previously got Nina s side of the story in Undone, but in Jake Understood, we get into his thoughts and the other end of the story I didn t just love her To me, she was love, was life I ve always loved Jake and Nina s story It s tragic and beautiful because of the m [...]

    29. I had not realised before reading this that it was a recap of Jake Undone written from Jake s point of View There was a lot of rehashing what had happened in Jake 1, as Jake retells the story of his and Nina s lives from the time they first met.The family are all gathered for a surprise party Jake has thrown for Nina, but for reasons you will find out on reading, Nina herself is not in attendance.A lot of the story was the same, and is interspersed with visits back to the present, but there is a [...]

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