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The Long Hot Summer #2020

The Long Hot Summer William Warfield is a lucky man he is heir to a multi billion dollar shipping empire and with his heart stopping good looks and Southern charm he has all the perks freedom and erotic pleasures the su

  • Title: The Long Hot Summer
  • Author: Kimball Lee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Long Hot Summer By Kimball Lee, William Warfield is a lucky man he is heir to a multi billion dollar shipping empire and with his heart stopping good looks and Southern charm he has all the perks, freedom and erotic pleasures the sultry city of New Orleans has to offer There are only three minor flaws in his better than perfect life His father is still in love with a woman he hasn t seen in thirty yeaWilliam Warfield is a lucky man he is heir to a multi billion dollar shipping empire and with his heart stopping good looks and Southern charm he has all the perks, freedom and erotic pleasures the sultry city of New Orleans has to offer There are only three minor flaws in his better than perfect life His father is still in love with a woman he hasn t seen in thirty years, his brother can barely balance his faltering sanity while operating his elite private sex club, and there s Allie Darling Allie is the daughter of his father s long ago love interest who William ends up baby sitting for the long hot summer She s a just out of college , wide eyed and not so worldly California girl who William has absolutely NO INTEREST IN Until he does Sparks fly and William introduces Allie to the hedonistic pleasures of his exotic world Will Allie succumb to her carnal desires and adapt to his lifestyle or go running back to her simple life William has never lost in business or love, Allie has never even played, but after a long hot New Orleans summer the erotic pleasures that brought them together might just be what tears them apart Billionaire Season, the brand new series from Best Selling Romance Author, Kimball Lee ADULT CONTENT 18 ONLY.

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      253 Kimball Lee
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    1 thought on “The Long Hot Summer

    1. Deep southA very good book Great balance love and want A great ending for this book though I saw it coming.

    2. are you trying to kill me the book finally gets hot and BAM _ next book nooooo left me with lots of possible scenarios

    3. William, Walden and Alaina The Sexual Predator, The Manic Depressive and the Angel.William Warfield the third never forgot his first true love When she dies, he invites her daughter to come and stay for a while.William Warfield the fourth was prepared to hate Alaina Darling, only agreeing to collect her from the airport as a favour to his father.She was soaked through with the rain he thought she had a fantastic ass, rethought he was the sexiest man she d ever seen.He wondered how quick he could [...]

    4. The Long Hot Summer is a quick romantic read and was enjoyable from the start With a little bit of a dark past thrown in, the characters run high with emotion and lust Although it was short, there was a love triangle and love scenes that added so much detail to the story This was unlike most other billionaire romances I ve read, and seems to be formal and mature I enjoyed reading The Long Hot Summer for the most part

    5. Nice storyline but a few too many cliches.I enjoyed reading this book, the literary references were different and refreshing from others in this genre However the main characters have a tendency to speak in cliches and it brings a repetitive sort of cheapness to an otherwise original story I look forward to reading the sequels though as the characters are intriguing.

    6. Intense and erotic The suspenseful tension between William and Allie kept me from putting the book down And with Walden all but abducting her at the end I can t wait until I read the next one to find out how William reacts

    7. Do not read This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I write about this book It was a torture and I pretty much skipped most parts of it The writing style is so bad that I wonder whether the author has ever read any book and did she even show this to an editor If she did, then fire that editor right away The characters are weird I honestly have no other words for them Storyline couldn t be absurd But the worst of all is the writing style Kimball Lee, I am afraid hasn t mastered the ar [...]

    8. Holy Hot cliffhangerezway to leave us on the edge of our seats I seem to have found a few steamy short erotic reads lately with a suspenseful twist at the end This one started off a bit slow and confusing for a short bit and then things started happening and the story became one hot mess of family secrets, mental illness, alternative lifestyles and a family history that is not completely clear yet.I really hope there will be a continuation of this book soon because it leaves a lot of unanswered [...]

    9. I d like to be able to say that I don t judge a book by its cover but come on, when you ve got a cover like this how do you resist I enjoyed the story although I felt as if I was stepping into a series mid point and missing some information on character background the character personalities and interaction were still enough to keep me interested and all the various interests and clashing passions by the end were enough to blow my mind Seriously it really starts off with a bang and doesn t stop [...]

    10. Hot and heavyJust imagine meeting the perfect guy or girl Going out of your way to be civil when all you want to do is tear off their clothes This book is about love at first sight He sees the perfect Angel.She the perfect man but life throws a curve ball.a dysfunctional family

    11. At the beginning I was having a bit of an issue trying to get in to the story, also at times I felt like it was poorly written, but as I continue reading everything started coming along.This book is quite interesting even thought the confusion of William who is the main character will have you wondering if his momma drop him on his head when he was a baby

    12. Yet another creative brilliance for writing sharp sexy stories and this is no different A young woman arrives sponsored by a former lover of her mother s, a billionaire who never got over her She arrives with both brothers finding her attractive and soon she has affected their lives beyond change Who will truly capture her heart and her body.

    13. It grew on meThis book was a little tough to get into, BUT hold out through the 2nd chapter Truly, this book grew on me and I hate that it ended where it did I will say that the preview you get doesn t end in a place that makes you want to read or make a purchase But I m glad I did.

    14. Book 1For me this was a nice morning read I enjoyed the storyline and I am interested in finding out what happens next However I do feel that it was a little rushed in some areas, they just seemed to jump together without the feelings But I do want to read the next, cliffhangers are just pesky to me that way

    15. Not my cup of tea it was based on sex than coming up with real emotional connection Yes it has a cliffhanger but I m not interested enough to want to read the next one I loved the cover it s what made me read it.

    16. I first came upon Kimball Lee s having read Legal Legacy and loved her work I picked up The Long Hot summer and again Kimball has maintained that level of interest, with great story and plot line and engaging characters who spark and ignite a fiery passion within each other.

    17. Good start toGood start to what appears to be an interesting trilogy A bit too short for a first installment but maybe the three parts will come out in a single novel in the future.

    18. A GREAT READI really enjoyed this book and would recommend this book to other peoplee main characters were great and I can not wait to read the second one to find out what happens

    19. William Warfielduthern hospitality at it s finest This book will leave you on the cliff s edge waiting for what will happen next, just like all of Kimball s books She has done it yet again And now we wait for book 2

    20. Holy hot billionaire I m so excited to what happens next and how long it will take for everyone elseto figure out what is going on

    21. Good readIt really has an have edge to it Can t wait to read season two and three Dying to know what happens next

    22. Good starter I liked it but needs something like substance Lead in to next book was instrumental in me reading second book.

    23. Story was okay, characters okay Loved hated the ending Loved it for the suspense cliffhanger Hated it because Nook doesn t have book 2 yet.

    24. Ok while this book has a bit of a slow confusing start All of a sudden it just skyrockets and get you going and going and then crash, left hanging what a great book.

    25. Wowzathis series is getting off to a great startlove the drama and mysterycannot wait to see where it takes us

    26. This was a hot lil book Just mad that it left you hanging til the next book It could have been wrapped up in one

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