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The Soul and the Seed #2020

The Soul and the Seed Aranka is a moderately normal teenager until those who hold true power in today s world decide she s a threat The accepted image of the modern world is an illusion A clandestine force usurps the desir

  • Title: The Soul and the Seed
  • Author: Arie Farnam
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Soul and the Seed By Arie Farnam, Aranka is a moderately normal teenager until those who hold true power in today s world decide she s a threat.The accepted image of the modern world is an illusion A clandestine force usurps the desires and emotions of individuals, and those who won t conform must be crushed to preserve the appearance of free will Aranka and a few others stand in the way, not because theAranka is a moderately normal teenager until those who hold true power in today s world decide she s a threat.The accepted image of the modern world is an illusion A clandestine force usurps the desires and emotions of individuals, and those who won t conform must be crushed to preserve the appearance of free will Aranka and a few others stand in the way, not because they are rebels, just because of the fluke in their genes Those with power will stop at nothing to protect their supremacy Aranka is kidnapped and forced to watch as her fellow prisoners are killed one by one.A small band of outlaws from every corner of the globe fight to free the captives and preserve their own freedom Kenyen, a young doctor, ventures into the heart of oppression but he can t stop the terror He just wants to save one life In the process he uncovers the Seed, the first flicker of hope in a thousand years.

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      208 Arie Farnam
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    1 thought on “The Soul and the Seed

    1. Emotional Wow The characters in this book are like real friends I miss them already I wish I wasn t done or it was longer or something.I guess it is supposed to be dystopian, like Divergent or The Hunger Games, but this is a lot realistic It s right now for one thing, not in the future, and the society is like now, except for some secret cult that pulls the strings of power Not really sure if this is for teenagers because it is a lot intense that most teenage fiction You can so easily believe [...]

    2. Premise When you were in high school, were you one of the popular girls Always hanging with your clique discussing superfluous things and giggling and making fun of those you deemed inferior Or did you not belong in any groups and mostly kept to yourself Maybe drawn to a person or two but never beyond that What if there was a scientific reason for that It s just a normal day for 16 year old Aranka, who s never been one of the popular gals or belonged to any cliques She and several of her classma [...]

    3. Arie Farnam s The Soul and the Seed is a promising start to an exciting new fantasy series I m not even sure where to start for this review, because there were so many things I enjoyed about this book I guess I should start by saying put aside any expectations you have about genre before reading this book Yes, there are elements that many would point to and say, This is YA fiction, or, This is another dystopia novel, but this novel transcends those labels The Soul and the Seed is a well crafted [...]

    4. Where do I even start All I have to say is WOW I am completely blown away I haven t read a book this thought provoking, this unique, this captivating in quite some time Aranka Miko is just your ordinary misfit living in La Grange, Oregon with her brother, Elias and her father, Adrian One day she and a few other classmates are told they have contracted a mysterious illness and are abruptly carted off to the hospital and quarantined When she finally pulls through the dreadful infection she is not [...]

    5. I just finished this book on Sunday morning, the day after I got the 2nd and 3rd books at the author s book release party So I m really happy that I can immediately start the second one and find out what is happening I waited to get the paperback because I wanted to have the book on my shelf, so it took me a little longer to finish the book and write my review.This book is not too long but it really brings you into the world created by the author and the characters lives I grew up in Eastern Ore [...]

    6. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book was a good surprise, I really liked it.The mythology is believable, although at this point, it s not really mythology any, but history and reality The world building is really good and well thought out.The characters are compelling They are all interesting, have volume These are characters I would love to spend time with, in order to get to know them better.The story keeps us in suspense The pace is just right, not t [...]

    7. Definitely begin reading this on your weekend.you will be up too late devouring it Set in today s world, Aranka is an average 16 year old in a the sleepy NE Oregon town of La Grande, living with her father and brother on the side of Mt Emily Unbeknownst to her and to most everyone, we are already living in the dystopia that we fear The majority are unaware of how the world actually runs d that the conflict between the popular people and the conspiracy theorists goes much deeper, and extends much [...]

    8. The Soul and The Seed is an extremely powerful book A Fantasy thriller that is very realistic Sixteen year old Aranka lives in a trailer with her Dad and older brother, she has few friends and is unpopular at school Very quickly the action starts when medical staff insist on a preventative health screen involving a blood test from all the students There is a suspected super virus going around and from the results kids are quickly taken to hospital.Fear and horror follow with the kids cut off fro [...]

    9. This is one of those absolutely fascinating fantasy novels that draws you in so slowly and thoroughly that you don t even realize how hooked you are on the story until you run out of pages to read A very unique tale that combines science, myth, and magic against the backdrop of our own reality to create a truly different world that is still both comfortingly and terrifyingly familiar The book follows Aranka, a high school student, as she is taken from her school along with several other students [...]

    10. gripping, set in present time with both ancient and futuristic storytelling I like the concepts which are fresh and very interesting basically a good versus evil tale, with very interesting developments A young girl protagonist and an adventure set in rural areas Very realistic with the problems that a rural setting would have, both advantages and disadvantages This author obviously knows and cares about rural families and the geographical area, making it very interesting to the general populati [...]

    11. I am pulled in to the lives of the characters Even when I am not reading I am constantly daydreaming about the characters and imagining what they will do next The book is so well written and the premise and plot are very cleverly planned out The layers of knowledge and subplots are breathtaking It s one of those books where you love to read it over again and you get something new out of it every time you read it I highly recommend this to realistic people who can tolerate than just surface fant [...]

    12. A really engaging story that definitely pulls the reader in I love the characters in it I can t wait for the next books to come out

    13. The book starts out slow but once you get to chapter three things start to pick up, I m totally hooked and I m looking forward to the next installment.

    14. THE SOUL AND THE SEED Book One of The Kyrennei by Arie FarnamI received a free ebook version of this title from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review The Soul and the Seed is a captivating and thrilling read Aranka is a typical teenager She s not a loser, but she s not part of the In crowd either Basically, she just wants to survive high school and get on with her life Yanked out of school and told that she and about a dozen other teenagers from her high school have been infected w [...]

    15. This book is an exemplar of what annoys me about much current sci fi which is why what would have been a 4 star review has been knocked down to a 2 star.The biggest sin is that it is incomplete I appreciate that this is the first part of a series I have no problem with that but there is no sense of the closing of any plot lines All that was missing was a to be continued marker Nothing was resolved.The next biggest problem I had was the YA approach Actually not even YA Except for the lengthy tort [...]

    16. ENDING God, just all the feels Calm now kinda.I debated between 4 and 5 stars for this book but in the end, I loved the story so 5 stars it gets.The world concept in this book is fantastic I ve read a lot of totalitarian leaderships in YA dystopian fiction but this is truely unique The leaders of the world use a form of mind control to influence the masses, those that oppose the ruling powers are either the descendants of an ancient magical race of mages or their followers I ve never read anythi [...]

    17. The Soul and the Seed, is a novel that metaphorically explores what it means to be an individual and because of this has a message that resonates within our own world The narrative is split between a few characters but mainly focuses on Aranka, a sixteen years old girl with a revolutionary secret embedded within her genes who, through the course of the novel, realises her destiny She and others like her carry the seeds of evolution and resistance within their DNA A generation has been born with [...]

    18. I was given the book the soul and the seed by Arie farnam in exchange for an honest review.Arie is an incredible woman being legally blind since birth you would never tell from her writing she paints a vivid picture with emotional characters While it started off a little slow it certainly kicked off and became a thoroughly enjoyable read.Aranka s life is turned upside down when she is ripped out of school with health officials claiming she is sick Aranka and a couple of other kids in her school [...]

    19. The only thing that robs this of a fifth star is that I thought it started somewhat slowly Don t let that stop you Read through the slow start and you will be rewarded This is set in the Pacific Northwest I ve been there in the Kootenays, so I could visualize the area clearly The characters are clearly drawn and Farnam is not afraid to kill them off a bonus, since they are described early and often as being in danger She isn t graphic most of the time, but she s good about showing the fact that [...]

    20. I want to say thank you to the author for letting me read this book I apperacaite it really much Before I get to what I didn t like about I want to say what I did I liked all the characters I really did and I think the story idea was orginal and really creative Now time for what I didn t like about this book As soon as I read the words you can t be contorl or something along the lines around there I was stuck on Divergent through the whole book I do understand this was different in so many bette [...]

    21. GreatThis is a great book I think reading about the struggle the main character went through , the way she got away from the evil people makes you want her and the others to win This book has action, friendships, mystery and love It s a great YA book so grab and enjoy it.

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