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موت إيفان إيليتش #2020

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  • Title: موت إيفان إيليتش
  • Author: Leo Tolstoy Maha Gamal
  • ISBN: 9789777187626
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • موت إيفان إيليتش By Leo Tolstoy Maha Gamal, ketab4pdf 2016 06

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      Leo Tolstoy Maha Gamal

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    1. Death is over, he said to himself There is no death When I picked this book up at a library book sale, I did so without expectation that I would actually enjoy reading it See, I had mistakenly given up on the masters of Russian literature due to the struggles I had reading a particular novel I m looking at you Brothers Karamazov , assuming they were all inaccessible and there was no point in expending any energy trying to make sense of books with characters that go by 3 different names and waaa [...]

    2. Today I turned the last page of Banville s Eclipse and was literally hit by the profundity of a book that surreptitiously echoes the mastery of the classic tragedies My pupils dilated until they watered when I bumped into this paragraph As a boy I knew the stars, and loved to speak their names over to myself, in celestial litany, Venus, Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, the Bears, great and lesser How I loved the coldness of those lights, their purity, their remoteness from us and all we do and all that be [...]

    3. Last year the group catching up on classics chose The Death of Ivan Ilyich as one of their monthly short story selections At the time, I did not have the time to read it however, a play I recently read had reading Anna Karenina as a major plot line Wanting an introduction to Tolstoy prior to reading this epic, I decided upon Ivan Ilyich as my gateway to his celebrated work Ivan Ilyich enjoyed an upper middle class life in pre revolutionary Russia He graduated from a jurisprudence course and eve [...]

    4. The Death of Ivan Ilych, written in 1886, was the first major fictional work published by Tolstoy during his post conversion Tolstoy s religious philosophy which illustrates the values of brotherly love, Christian charity, and mutual support are the frameworks for the writing of this novel Just as Tolstoy s discovery of the true meaning of life led him to fulfillment and an acceptance of death, Ivan Ilych s awakening comes through the realization of death which ignites within him fear, anger, co [...]

    5. It is a widespread stereotype that Russian classics are mostly long, tedious, boring, a burden to get through, but one only needs to read a short book like The Death of Ivan Ilych in order to be proven wrong A philosophical, in its beautiful writing almost lyrical account of a dying man s life, Tolstoy will make you think about your own mortality, about happiness, sorrow and most likely your own life as well They had supper and went away, and Ivan Ilych was left alone with the consciousness that [...]

    6. Ivan Ilych s life had been most ordinary and therefore most terrible This arresting line is a synopsis of what all of this boils down to More than likely, in my pre Emo high school years, had I read all 52 grueling pages of The Death of Ivan Ilych , and truly understood its exquisite prolonged lingering around the very morbid notion of death, it would have been a brick in my fo und rm ation Sadly, nowadays I am way bubbly and optimistic than ever, so I had a healthy distance between my idle tho [...]

    7. El significado de la vida est en que se detiene Franz KafkaPocos libros resultan ser tan contundentes como esta obra de arte que escribi Tolst i en 1886, puesto que no puede ser calificada de otra manera Escritores, fil sofos, artistas pl sticos y m sicos, entre otros, s lo tienen palabras de admiraci n ante esta peque a pero gran novela Yo siempre sostengo que una novela no necesita tener mil p ginas para transformarse en una joya literaria y este es un caso que lo demuestra con creces En poco [...]

    8. Socrates said that an unexamined life was not worth living In Kafka s The Metamorphosis poor Gregor Samsa is transformed into a being that cannot take part in the daily round of society and becomes and sidelined and ignored by those around him This book, the Death of Ivan Ilych, has both of these notions contained within it s theme.Ivan Ilyich is dying As he grows sicker and fits less in with his fairweather friends and family and their preoccupation with their social life, they leave him be, [...]

    9. Each time I reread Tolstoy s little novella, The Death of Ivan Ilych, I read it differently As a college student I read it as a description of an experience for someone elderly, an experience distant, almost unreal, so far in the future as to be strange, almost surreal Reading it again during my years as a practicing physician, I was impressed by Tolstoy s perceptiveness of the stages of grieving, the writings of Elisabeth Kubler Ross being then all the rage, and how my patients had similar expe [...]

    10. If you are bothered by your own mortality then consider yourself forewarned It s not just the thought of dying much too young, just when you have gained a level of accomplishment, but also to die in agony, slowly I ve seen it much to close in my life, and to read such a vivid account was difficult The power of writing, of good writing, can take you many places, even places you don t want to go.

    11. Just as David Allen Coe sang the perfect Country and Western song, so might this be the perfect Russian short story novella Tolstoy has all the pertinent Russian elements death, misery, estrangement, corrupt aristocracy, worthless professional class, strong and noble peasantry metaphorically and actually carrying the rich on their backs, guilt and a moment of clarity before the end.

    12. Espectacular libro Una peque a joya que nos ha legado este escritor ruso al que, sin ninguna duda, volver Tolst i logra capturar la soledad, la desesperaci n, la decadencia de la mente y la p rdida de manera extraordinaria Si se quiere ser eterno, es menester ser cuidadoso con lo que se deja La eternidad solo es alcanzable en la vida de otros Lo malo Demasiado corto Quer a que durase m s En fin, el mejor libro que he le do sobre la muerte Obra necesaria para entender un poco m s de la vida.

    13. The Tolstoy I read, the I appreciate his literary genius and his philosophic thoughts This was a relatively short book dealing with Ivan Ilyich s realization of his impending death His life had been mediocre at best and he realizes he hadn t really been happy and had been trying to live an ideal life What awful thoughts to realize when one is so close to death

    14. I read this novella a couple of weeks ago and I did not write a review right away I had to put my thoughts in order they rarely are but, oh well That only happens after reading an amazing book, brilliantly written, that deals with the human condition like Dostoyevsky s keen eye can deal This book is about life itself, life in its most virtuous and degrading glory This masterpiece has no than 120 pages, but it manages to show many perspectives on different issues concerning the human nature it i [...]

    15. Balan o FinalIvan Ilitch viveu afastado do amor Carreirista ambicioso e egoc ntrico, refugiou se no trabalho e no jogo, preterindo a afectividadeAt quele dia em que sentiu a morte aproximar se a longos passos r pidos tal situa o impunha reflex o Foi ent o invadido por uma inc moda sensa o de falhan o radical a sua vida fora marcadamente infeliz, com excep o de alguns momentos fugazes que vivera na inf ncia E porqu Que fizera ele de t o errado que justificasse t o execr vel agonia Observando com [...]

    16. I ve always liked Tolstoy s writing style, as he can describe something simply and clearly Even the heavy topic of death, he managed to narrate it from the point of view of the actual dead, Ivan Ilych, who experianced it through it s multiple stages It s wonderful, simple, sad and eye opening Recommended.

    17. You are transported to the world of Ivan and walk with him to his last moments at deaths door A story of the terror of death and Ivan s fear of dying, his concern and sorrow for his families witnessing of his howling and decline Suffering realizes joy of youth and memories of the best of days, while he is in this process of death the solitude brings him to doors of gone memories of happiness How our daily trappings take us away from finer and truer happier moments of life, a time lost so valuabl [...]

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