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Happier #2020

Happier SterekWhen Stiles nearly dies out in the woods one day Derek kicks him out of the pack and life gets seriously seriously shitty If this seems familiar it s because I reuploaded this after rewritin

  • Title: Happier
  • Author: Grimm (AO3)
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 219
  • Format: ebook
  • Happier By Grimm (AO3), SterekWhen Stiles nearly dies out in the woods one day, Derek kicks him out of the pack, and life gets seriously, seriously shitty If this seems familiar, it s because I reuploaded this after rewriting the middle Words 25563 complete

    • BEST MOBI "Ê Happier" || READ (AZW) ☆
      Grimm (AO3)

    1 thought on “Happier

    1. Not a Sterek for everyone, in fact I didn t really like it myself but it s full of raw emotion and Grimm deserves full stars for getting that across.It s hard reading, Grimm s notes mention having suffered from depression and reading this I think that experience shows.There s no frills about the writing it s basic and fast paced which sort of works Derek s motivation I could understand though it was harsh Stiles spends most of the story suffering severe depression and reading this is a trip thro [...]

    2. Whew I for some reason needed to read this one I think I needed a book that showed the emotional outcome for Stiles because let s be serious He should be totally fucked up.This was heartbreaking Watching Stiles being forced out of the Pack, out of his Family wrecked me I understood the why but the execution was way wrong.Sadly this was the best part of the book He was in such a deep depression and it was horrible to watch but it was totally believable.And then he gets hurt again.And what happens [...]

    3. Here s my major statement I don t know why I felt the need to read this one especially after reading the tags on AO3 But while I don t identify with getting kicked out a pack of werewolves, I do identify with the fall out Stiles spends a good chunk of this fic either depressed or pulling himself out of a depression and I thought it was pretty well done He doesn t suddenly get over it, he really has to work for it and I like reading about that I don t know, depressed people make me happy I guess [...]

    4. Considering the length of this fic and the amount of angst, I had a really hard time believing the ending I have sobbed buckets over Stiles I mean, I spent the entire first 60% in tears I also spent all of that time wanting to nut punch Derek Stiles dealing with depression gutted me I totally agree with Jennifer on my feelings about how reading this made me feel I am enraged at how Stiles was treated I am enraged on his behalf for how everyone went along with the plan It is a testament to the au [...]

    5. Sad and frustrating Derek exiles Stiles from the pack to keep him safe, and Stiles gets suicidally depressed as a result.

    6. Derek abandoning Stiles for his own good No surprise there But the pack, especially Scott, following his orders and as a result leaving Stiles isolated and visibly hurting That takes some convincing and I m afraid I was never sold Taking into account that view spoiler Derek knew for years that Stiles was his mate, and the pack at least knew that Stiles belongs in the pack hide spoiler I found the actions of most of Stiles friends baffling at best.

    7. Still one of the best Sterek angst fics I ve ever read and re read , and I have read a LOT of sterek Usually I am drawn to the fluffy fics and try to steer clear of the heavy stuff, but this one just really spoke to me If you are in the mood for an angsty h c fic with a very satisfying resolution ahh, Derek I recommend highly.I am just in love with all of these AO3 fanfic authors There are some very talented voices among them They are all I read these days

    8. I liked the first half of the story It reminded me a bit of Misfire thought there aren t that many similarities But I liked the angst aspect, the feeling of helplessness view spoiler that pushed Derek to kick Stiles out of the pack I felt the sadness, anger and hurt that Stiles went through when all those he counted on deserted him.But then, there was a 180 degree shift Stiles was so depressed, he tried to kill himself What I never saw Stiles as one to give up, to admit defeat and choose suicide [...]

    9. Fuj to bolo zl.Tak kr sne bol Stiles nap san , za nalo to v bolestiach a mne bolo tak zle dobre a potom neviem o si autorka zmyslela, ale tak sa to nerob.Scott, Derek, v etci, poviem to slovami m jich ud sa spam tajte Samovra da nie je funky a toto bolo priam pr ern Cel ff po tej sc ne bola len hor ia a hor ia Ku koncu nem m slov a k celej tej mate prelo te mi slovo mate norm lne do sloven iny, popros m lebo druh dru ka je na smiech u v bec ni nep em.

    10. Bit angsty than I usually look for in fanfic but it worked Also the story was darker with Stiles cut off from the pack not sure that was believable and going through a rough patch Still the story was gripping and the emotion was intense.

    11. deliciously angsty, so sad Stiles, briefly suicidal Stiles, for your own good Derek, Stiles is kicked out of the pack, suddenly mates, Sheriff

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