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Found, Near Water #2020

Found Near Water Rena Sutherland wakes from a coma to discover her daughter s been missing for days No one s noticed no one s complained no one s searching The victim support officer assigned to her case Christine

  • Title: Found, Near Water
  • Author: Katherine Hayton
  • ISBN: 9780473279936
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Found, Near Water By Katherine Hayton, Rena Sutherland wakes from a coma to discover her daughter s been missing for days No one s noticed, no one s complained, no one s searching The victim support officer assigned to her case, Christine Emmett puts aside her own problems as she tries to guide Rena through the maelstrom of her daughter s disappearance A task made harder by an ex husband desperate for controRena Sutherland wakes from a coma to discover her daughter s been missing for days No one s noticed, no one s complained, no one s searching The victim support officer assigned to her case, Christine Emmett puts aside her own problems as she tries to guide Rena through the maelstrom of her daughter s disappearance A task made harder by an ex husband desperate for control a paedophile on early release in the community and a psychic who knows than seems possible.And flowing beneath everything is a crime perpetrated across generations pulling them into its wake.

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      459 Katherine Hayton
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    1 thought on “Found, Near Water

    1. This book is one of those that I loved and as I kept reading I admit at the start I was a touch unsure and was a bit confused by the many character introductions but I soon found my groove and the plot and pace of the book began to really take off Rena Sutherland wakes from a coma into a mother s nightmare Her daughter is missing lost for four days but no one has noticed no one has complained no one has been searching.As the victim support officer assigned to her case, Christine Emmett puts as [...]

    2. When Rachel wakes up in the hospital four days after an auto accident, her first words are Where s Chloe, where s my daughter Christine is an ex psychiatrist who now volunteers as a Victim s Advocate, working along side local law enforcement She is called upon to speak to Rachel Police have contacted her ex husband, who makes no mention of a child When they look at Rachel s residence, there are no obvious signs of a child living there Throw in a history of depression, and the reader has to wonde [...]

    3. NetGalley book review The MC runs a support group for woman who have lost their child ren Very sorrowful and thought provoking book on the subject It would have been a good read if not for the areas of lagging big time Some scenes were drawn out too long But all in all a good book.

    4. REVIEW FOUND, NEAR WATER by Kathleen HaytonThis is only the second mystery author I ve read who uses Christchurch as a setting the first, Paul Cleve FOUND, NEAR WATER was engrossing, but some threads Christine s marriage, the losses suffered by her support group were depressing, or sad Certainly the revelations to come later in the story are gritty and horrifying Yet Ms Hayton weaves them generously into a tale I could not set aside I would like to see this extend into a series.

    5. I had the pleasure of receiving this book from the author for an honest review I hadn t realized that I had already got this from Net Galley too That means I can spread the news of this debut novel widely I am always apprehensive when reading and reviewing a debut novel I know the author is sitting on the edge of his her seat wondering how the book is going to be received by the reader I started to read it with an open mind I liked the blurb and it didn t disappoint me one iota on the inside of [...]

    6. In her debut novel, Found, Near Water, author Katherine Hayton weaves a riveting and powerful crime thriller set in Christchurch, New Zealand, that follows the emotional stories of six women in a victim support group, who are connected through the shared bond of having gone through the tragedy of the disappearance or death of their daughters.Christine Emmett is a former psychiatrist turned victim support counselor, who began a victim support group after the drowning death of her daughter The sup [...]

    7. Found, Near Water by Katherine Hayton is a highly recommended, well paced mystery crime novel set in New Zealand.As a former psychiatrist, Christine Emmett should be the best victim support counselor around, but as the leader and member of a support group for women who have lost daughters, she is dealing with past trauma of her own that is still playing havoc with her life When DSS Erik Smith of the Christchurch Police Department contacts her to talk to Rena Sutherland as her victim support offi [...]

    8. I Recommend This Book MaybeThank you to Netgalley for an ARC of Found Near Water in return for an honest review A harrowing tale of mothers affected by the death or disappearance of their children, this book focuses on members of a support group set up by Christine, who now works in Victim Support after she could no longer face her job as a psychiatrist The book is interspersed with the stories of the women and what happened to them, it is in these stories that the strength of the book lies I fo [...]

    9. The title is the first thing about this book to catch the eye The phrase that seems to be used by every psychic that offers to help to find a missing person or body sets the theme right from the start.The victim support group where every member has a story to tell and the detective who seems unable to show empathy to anyone all revolve around the main character, who s own story evolves as the plot progresses There are twists and red herrings, I pride myself on being able to work out who s lying [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book very much I received it as part of a giveaway and as I m not familiar with many New Zealand authors, I was very happy to have the opportunity to read this novel.I don t want to put in any spoilers, because this is really a worthwhile book and I d hate to give too much away While the subject matter can be sad it was a compelling read and a good mystery The characters were believable and importantly wanted to find out what happened next.

    11. When Rena Sutherland wakes from a coma she insists that her daughter was also in the car, when they had an accident and caused her into a coma Christine Emmett, a victim support officer is assigned to her case and she and the police try to unravel the truth.But beneath this there is the stories of Christine s support group, what tragedies will they reveal Took a while to get into the story but it was worth it.

    12. This was a quick read without any lagging spots The action definitely propelled you forward I liked all the different stories of women, but I found them a little hard to keep track of At first I was just reading them, but then as the stories were woven together, I had to go back and reread It is set in New Zealand need I say I will be looking for from this author.

    13. DifferentFelt disjointed and hard to follow Didn t hold my interest It was difficult to follow to its conclusion I would not recommend this one to friends.

    14. I definitely enjoyed how the stories of the different characters were woven together I think this writer has great potential, but still needs growth I did however, recommend the book to my teenage girls There s nothing too explicit or gruesome, but still a chilling tale But I think that s what I was missing from the story I wanted my senses to be awakened I wanted to be able to visualize the crime scene, feel as though I can smell the stench of the rotting corpses or something I know that sound [...]

    15. 3.5 stars A few too many errors for a higher ratingI liked many things about this novel the plot, the Christchurch setting, the strong main character, the cast of well rounded secondary characters, and the author s general sensitivity to certain issues and their effects on the human psyche.I did grind my teeth at the constant punctuation and usage errors for example, missing or misplaced apostrophes and commas, lay for laid, and council for counsel, amid scores of others To say nothing of the fa [...]

    16. This is an intriguing psychological thriller with some rather gruesome parts Christine is an ex psychiatrist who now volunteers as a victim s advocate She is called in on a case in which a woman who was found in a car wreck claims that her 4 year old daughter had been with her and is now missing The police are not sure, however, if that is true, since her ex husband did not mention a daughter Christine runs a little support group for women with missing children and the book examines their storie [...]

    17. I found this a complicated story Some things happened without apparent reason, as in the epilogue why I found disjointedness happening in many places, as the story seemed suddenly to take off with little preliminary explanation.The whole thing is quite interesting and certainly represents unpleasant police searches and attempts to examine events Without wanting to spoil the narrative, it has the confusion that one might expect in similar situations The suffering and the general beastliness of it [...]

    18. This was not a light read Although it started off being a challenge with so many characters and so many interwoven sub plots, the author does a smashing job pulling them all together with a flair for the dramatic It s very cleanly edited and although there isn t much in the suspense department, there is no shortage of real life horror that will keep you turning the pages while pulling the bed sheets up tighter around you My first by Hayton, but I ll be keeping my eyes open for from this author. [...]

    19. Pretty goodThe plot took a while to take off at first, but it was extremely gripping towards the end I think this may be due to an overload of characters right at the beginning, which I personally find annoying.SPOILER A few parts of the plot still weren t explained at the end, such as the psychic s apparent knowledge The ending also wasn t too great Overall, it was a fairly good book, but not something I would invest too much time into.

    20. This book was awesome It was so full of twists and turns and suspense I read it in very quickly I found it extremely hard to put the book down It was written really well and didn t have an lulls or parts where you just want to skip The story was really easy to follow even though it follows so many different people and story lines IT is a good read If you like drama and or suspense or crime novels this is one for you to read.

    21. I found this a fascinating look at a group of women who band together to help each other through the trauma of losing a child, even though none of them are truly looking for help, they are only marking time How their stories dovetail into the main mystery will keep readers turning pages The few typos along the way don t really get in the way of the story.

    22. An excellent story of female abductions and murder.I didn t really know what expect when I started reading this book There were a lot of young children murdered by the serial killer in the time period covered in the book Some scenarios of families affected by events depicted made it real Sad but I thought it was worth reading.

    23. Het duurde lang voordat het verhaal voor mij op gang kwam Het eind is eigenlijk toch ook wel teleurstellend eigenlijk kun je er nog van alles van maken Had toch ook wel moeite met de schrijfstijl, weet niet of dit nu komt doordat dit Engels van Nieuw Zeeland is of gewoon door de schrijfster Denk eerlijk gezegd niet dat ik nog snel wat van haar zal lezen.

    24. Pretty Good Read 4 1 2 StarsThis book was definitely a thriller that will pull you in, but I loved Skeletal so much that I think nothing will be quite as amazing to me, probably not fair of me This does dig in and get your mind pumping and has a surprising ending I really like it

    25. Good readVery good story I found it a little hard to follow each characters story, but each story was interesting I had to keep flipping back to remind myself of what had happened to each woman s child, but the overall story was intriguing I m going to read Ms Hayton next book.

    26. Strong plot, interesting characters, good dialogue, but riddled with typos, dropped words and grammatical errors Sometimes read like a draft Editing fell far short of the quality of writing The harshly abrupt ending made no sense to me.

    27. Crime thrillerLot of characters Jumps a lot from character to character and I found it to be distracting I found my self asking Who is this one Maybe if I had read this in one sitting instead of over several days it would not have been so confusing.

    28. A tale of confusion and ruthless acts of crime The author has written a very interesting story of the effects and actions of mother s whose children are taken, tortured and killed Very suspenseful.

    29. To be honest, the first part of the story lost me But I am not one to give up easily, and I pushed forward Once it became clear exactly what the story was all about, it held my attention to the end The subject matter is very dark, but the mystery is tightly plotted and intriguing.

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