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The Wolves Next Door #2020

The Wolves Next Door When plus size single Julie moves into a strange town nothing could prepare her for the dangerously handsome strangers next door who want nothing than to claim her as their own What she doesn t know

  • Title: The Wolves Next Door
  • Author: Catherine Vale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Wolves Next Door By Catherine Vale, When plus size single Julie moves into a strange town, nothing could prepare her for the dangerously handsome strangers next door who want nothing than to claim her as their own What she doesn t know is that Caine and Ryan both hold a wickedly dark secret that threatens to change her life forever.

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      Catherine Vale

    1 thought on “The Wolves Next Door

    1. Sweet quick Although it was a menage story, there was only one menage scene More sweet than steamy I sometimes wonder if I m growing indifferent to erotica because I read so much of it What I consider not really steamy might be nearly obscene to someone else This story was predictable, but I still enjoyed it Julie moved to a new town, into the house next door to two very big hot guys For Caine Ryan, it s love lust mate at first sight But they have to go slow because Julie is timid and seems to h [...]

    2. This is a nice in between book not too heavy, not overly dramatic with just the right touch of steaminess and happy ever after.Julie has been hiding from her emotionally abusive and dangerous ex boyfriend She ended up being neighbours to two really hot why of course werewolves, Caine and Ryan Both are equally good looking and both are equally interested in her and her lovely curves So the guys set about wooing her so that she won t be spooked by the whole werewolf and shared arrangement thing th [...]

    3. This book is hot hot hot This is a amazing book.The story line is fantastic The characters are amazing Julie is a big beautiful woman who moved to a small town to escape from her past Julie is trying to keep a low profile Then she meets her neighbor Caine she tries to give him the cold shoulder but who can do this to a super sexy man like Caine lol Oh my you will fall in love with Caine lol he is six foot six all muscle bod, gorgeous blue eyes with Dimples to melt your heart and with a sexy voic [...]

    4. Short and sweetJulie is making a fresh start, she s leaving her past mistakes behind her and having a totally new start so she moves to a nice quiet town and finds herself living between two hot guys Now while Julie wants a nice quiet life but she is missing having friends and since none of the other neighbours seem particularly friendly she finds herself drawn towards Caine since he always has a smile for her.We know from the title Caine and Ryan are wolf shifters, Julie is their mate and has l [...]

    5. I wanted to like this story because it contained many elements that I enjoy Unfortunately, I had a difficult time getting into the story thus found almost no enjoyment in reading it I love a PNR that draws me in from the first page and this one just didn t do it The story felt scattered and the connection between the characters were virtually non existent when the profession of love came I know that insta love is common in PNR but I am used to reading stories where at least some back story is pr [...]

    6. Read for WeLoveKink com Book part of the 10 book set Curves For HimWho wouldn t spend there time drooling over neighbors if they were Ryan and Caine Meet Julie rather new to town, and has drop dead sex on a stick neighbors she knows they are way out of her league and wonders why they seem to be focused on her Anytime she is around Caine or Ryan she gets all edgy Ryan and Caine Catherine mate she just doesn t have a clue their limits will be surely tested as they try to woo the quiet very curvy l [...]

    7. Julie has just moved to a new house, she has no friends in the area and is keen to keep a low profile In actual fact she s hiding from someone Unbeknown to her the two guys next door are wolf shifters and she s their mate But not everyone is overjoyed at Caine and Ryan finding a mate that is human.This was a quick read that I quite enjoyed The characters lacked depth and the premise needed to be fleshed out .

    8. Well I came across this book and author whilst I was browsing and I m so glad I did, I loved it It had a strong storyline and strong characters Ryan Caine, both possessive alpha males when it comes to their mate who has just moved in next door to them Julie, strong but also insecure can t believe her new neighbours want her They have a few obstacles to get by but when they do it promises a lifetime of happiness

    9. The story was nice but the writing was all over the place The transitioning between characters was tough to follow The passion was hot but sometimes the wording was unclear Good storyline not the best execution.

    10. This story felt about 75% done to me There were a few areas that Vale were very vague on that should have been filled out and it may have made the story better The story is quite narrow, with the exception of a couple short scenes, there s only the three of them, which can be ok if the bones of the story are very strong but this was like a straw hut Doesn t hold up well on it s own You get very little of the heroine s back story and she s terrified of the ex but what little that s explained do [...]

    11. Not even a quarter of the way into the book, they just had their first meal together, and she s rolling over No wonder our society is going to heck in a handbasket I hate that they don t know anything about her, and are barely even making an effort, but they know that she is their mate and so they pounced yes, she is their mateI know Okay, its getting a little vicious, there might even be a plot in here gasp It turns out that the plot I thought was developing died a bloody death and another plot [...]

    12. Explaining what you are to your possibly mate.When Julie moves to a new town to get away from her Ex she didn t want anything to do with men for awhile But her sexy neighbors Ryan and Caine are a distraction she can t ignore Both Ryan and Caine knew they would someday share a mate but did they ever get lucky when she moved in right next door But first to woo her and then tell her what they are But trouble comes in the way of her Ex Well written and very entertaining to read this book.

    13. I m afraid I ll have to give up on Catherine Vale She has good instincts but I m afraid an inability to transmit character motivations, particularly when they are undergoing emotional growth makes much of her work eye rolling It s a shame as her characters are likable unfortunately her villains are practically cardboard cutouts that end up making you question the intelligence of the protagonists for not seeing through them.Her third book was her last chance Life is too full of good books to wast [...]

    14. This are the times when I ask myself why the hec k did I read that Honestly I found it boring and I got tired of reading about Julie s curvy body view spoiler After all, she was absolutely stunning Curves in places Caine never even dreamed a woman could have them What the hell is that supossed to mean He must have a pretty bad imagination hide spoiler

    15. Sometimes a m nage is not enough This is the first title of Catherine Vale s I have read The premise was there for an intriguing story but I felt the story arc was disjointed Felt like it was edited hard but not smoothed I found myself asking why too often with this title and not getting the answers Two seemed a little harsh so I ve given it three star.

    16. I very much liked this book To have 2 hot shifters desire you a dream come trueLOLI liked the whole way it was based.Julie a girl with a past she d like to forget and Caine and Ryan being there for her to make sure they have a bright future together.The drama, action, sex was all great Hope to read books like this by this wonder author.Great job Catherine

    17. Wolf Shifter dual alphas Kindle Unlimited When a woman moves into a house beside theirs, they could not believe it was their mate They have to protect her from an ex so they hide her away When a fell pack mate betrays them by reviling her hiding place, their secret comes out Will she be able to handle the truth

    18. Fast readJulie has caught the eye of two dominant wolves The romance us well written It can lag, as Julie is clueless A lot of pages are devoted to her uncertainties and the two wolves.

    19. It was cuteJust enough of the storyline left unexplained until the climax, it kept me reading There could have been character development with the antagonist Not a bad read.

    20. I really enjoyed this book The love scenes were hot and it was a nice quick read I enjoy Catherine s writing style.

    21. Good book, you ll enjoy the story.If you ve ever imagined a menagerie, you won t be disappointed, good read, descent plot Who doesn t enjoy a good love story.

    22. A good book before bedI enjoyed this but would have liked Trying not to spoil the story so to say the villain in the story I would unveiled from that

    23. Great short storyI loved the story, but wished it was longer and ups and downs I love the happily ever after.

    24. Ok,Was short, but was a really great story I wish there were no such things as short Stories This would ve been lots better with details.

    25. Nice idea for a story, but there was too much purple prose for me to take it seriously There s better shifter menage out there.

    26. Not bad Had good story Though whether it was my format or not, I find it interesting when there is an error Ryan shifterRyan came around the corner while the wild fought lol

    27. Good read The ending was a bit rushed and I wish that there was an epilogue Other than that I thought it was very good.

    28. Despite being very short, it was tender and enjoyable and definitely could have been a little longer to explore of the world around them I liked it a lot and will definitely read it again

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