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Beyond Basketball: Coach K's Keywords for Success #2020

Beyond Basketball Coach K s Keywords for Success This is a collection of short but extraordinarily powerful essays as to how Coach K of Duke inspires motivates and teaches his basketball players about the game of life both on and off the court

  • Title: Beyond Basketball: Coach K's Keywords for Success
  • Author: Mike Krzyzewski Jamie Krzyzewski Spatola
  • ISBN: 9780446580496
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Beyond Basketball: Coach K's Keywords for Success By Mike Krzyzewski Jamie Krzyzewski Spatola, This is a collection of short but extraordinarily powerful essays as to how Coach K of Duke inspires, motivates, and teaches his basketball players about the game of life, both on and off the court.

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    1 thought on “Beyond Basketball: Coach K's Keywords for Success

    1. I thought that it was a great book for people that play any sports He seperates the chapters into certain goals that you should carry and what characteristics should be important to you He talks about keeping friends and family close, because they will always be their to lift you up from tough situations He also talks about being motivated in everything you do He also talks about learning from your mistakes and getting better He talks about what he learned from his former coach Bob Knight and ho [...]

    2. Coach K likes to refer to himself as a teacher, and I would have to agree This book is a straightforward sports take on values for life, and Coach K comes across as a man of true character and the ability to express it simply Each chapter is titled as a word like pride, work, selflessness, and courage IN each Coach explains what this word means to him, with references to people in his life, most often from the Duke basketball program The overall focus is on your team Who is your team, and are yo [...]

    3. I m not a big Coach K fan, but I do think my opinion improved after reading this Interesting to read about some of his experiences stories and some good tips or thoughts I was hoping for a lot though, to be honest Maybe he should have focused a little on even half of the forty traits.

    4. A fairly typical sports as metaphor for life kind of book, but it s a quick read, easily digestible, and includes interesting anecdotes from Coach K s life.

    5. I am huge coach K fan He s the reason I have been a Duke fan for so many years Reading his philosophy in coaching and in life just solidified why I have always gravitated to his style.

    6. I listened to this audiobook that I got from the public library I loved it so much and found it so valuable that I purchased my own copy as well to listen to.

    7. This book, Beyond Basketball Coach K s Keywords for Success, by Mike Krzyzewski, with Jamie K Spatola, was a pretty short book It was a book that gave a lot of great advice on how to live your life To me, that was what was cool about it Coach K s key were what he always shares with his Duke basketball teams and makes his players live These were all things that regular people can do every day to improve their lives and to be a better person with their families Coach K s philosophy in this book wa [...]

    8. Coach K is one of the most famous and successful coaches of basketball ever In beyond basketball, he mentions a key word, that he describes Krzyzewski, does this in a much higher level way He uses application, evaluation, and deep understanding of these words, to go beyond just basketball When Coach K defines words, he uses stories or examples This allows people to relate to the definition and get inspired in a special way.In the locker room, Mike writes a word on the board that he wants his tea [...]

    9. Garrett HoffmanCreative WritingMiss ThompsonJanuary 14, 2013 Book Recommendation Beyond Basketball by Mike Krzyzewksi and Jamie SpatolaDo you like winning Well Coach K does, and this book goes in depth about the lessons that come with it It s not just basketball it s the experiences that come with basketball Beyond Basketball by Mike Krzyzewski and Jamie Spatola is a kind of nonfiction book that provides inspiration and motivation to anyone that reads it The book provides many great lessons and [...]

    10. Coach K s Motivation and Inspiration Would you be able to handle trying to manage many different tasks at once while trying to prioritize them at the same time In Beyond Basketball, Coach K has encountered many different challenges with his family and his team in situations that are difficult for one to go through alone Mike Krzyzewski in Beyond Basketball, an inspirational and motivational book makes readers question the meaning of life Mike Krzyzewski wants to teach readers lessons about what [...]

    11. Cody Jones Bryan NeuschwanderEnglish 2 12 December 2016 The book Beyond Basketball by Mike Krzyzewski is a Bibliography about Mike Krzyzewski s like and coaching career It s a great book for anyone that plays any sport, he separates the chapters into different goals each time He emphasizes having good character wherever you go in life and keeping friends close but family closer because they will lift you up in hard times of a loss or a win in life He talks about being motivated to be the best an [...]

    12. Beyond Basketball is a book written by Mike Krzyzewski Mike Krzyzewski is the head coach of Duke University s men s basketball team and is often known as Coach K In this book, Coach K gives forty short essays centered on keywords He uses these keywords every day to motivate, teach, and inspire his players on and off the court By writing this book, Coach K hopes to guide the reader to success, just as he did for his players.I personally, really liked this book I liked this book because each chapt [...]

    13. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooMike Krzyzewski is the men s basketball coach of the Duke University team For many years, Duke s team has found itself at the top of the college basketball circuit, and it owes a lot of that success to the wisdom, discipline, and dedication of its coach Coach Krzyzewski knows that one sentence, beyond any other, can inspire in his players the determination to succeed I believe in you In life whether it be academics, athleticism, or anything else knowing that someon [...]

    14. The reason I started reading this book was to become a better leader I was skimming through a couple of books, and this one really caught my eye In the book Coach K literally spells out his formula of being a successful leader He also breaks it down by chapter on what he thinks the keys of success, our anyone that wants to become a successful leader I think should read this book.This book Beyond Basketball is just that It not only teaches you about how he became a very successful coach or an out [...]

    15. Beyond Basketball is a book that sees past the crowd, fans, players, score, wins and losses It is a book that Coach K wrote with his daughter, Jamie L Spatola, to describe other things the game of basketball brings to a player or coache s life Coach K takes one word that means something to him, and tells a story about that word They are stories that mean something special to him and have changed his life These words bring emotion, happiness, and pride to Coach and the Duke Blue Devils I feel tha [...]

    16. Just so you know, I am a Carolina fan through and through However, I understand and believe that Coach K is a great coach He is the reason Duke is on the map To me, the only reason But I leave that for you to decide Regardless, I read this book because I wanted some motivation and I have heard that he is good at giving it This book did not disappoint It was a quick read There are about 40 chapters and each chapter focuses for a few short pages on a word that Coach K believes defines leadership, [...]

    17. This was a very simple, but thought provoking book by one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time Mike Krzyzewski Coach K He has coached Duke University since the 1980 81 season, along with the US Men s National Teams for almost a decade This book s unique approach was to take 40 words of principle i.e Courage, Enthusiasm, Will, etc , explained them, and used a story to illustrate his intention They can be used on the basketball court, in business, family, or other settings.It gave me a v [...]

    18. This is a great book for athletes, coaches, and anyone looking to improve themselves in life Coach K, the winning Duke basketball coach, presents a series of chapters that each focus on a word that is important in his life and his coaching career He explains why that word is critical to success and provides concrete examples to illustrate his point This would be a great book to use in a classroom After reading a few chapters, the teacher might assign each student to identify 5 words that are imp [...]

    19. Beyond Basketball Coach K s Keywords For Success, is written by Mike Krzyzewski and Jamie K Spatola He has been the head coach at Duke University for 27 years and is still coaching For Coach K some words have a special importance.These are Coach K s keywords for success The forty chapters are how each word impacts him and his life whatever he is doing If he s coaching his team, with his family, or helping around the community This book will teach what success is and how to be successful with the [...]

    20. I definitely enjoyed this book a lot than i thought i would Ill admit the main reason I chose it was because I needed a book for my English class However, as I read it, I was really inspired by coach K and have honestly tried to incorporate some of his life lessons into my own life Since it would be classified as a self help or self improvement book it is set up in the very short chapter format This kind of annoyed me at first but as i read and of the book I got used to it and realize that it [...]

    21. Coach K is a class act This little treasure was incredibly simple but filled with stories to inspire you to live a great life A few quotes that stuck out to me were 1 Belief of others in you does not occur naturally you have to work for it, earn it, and continue to deserve it 2 The ability to develop your talent is a talent in itself 3 Speaking about the most successful players people he has known he says They embraced work as the process that you go through to become exceptional I am so glad my [...]

    22. First off, I d go to war for Coach K Especially after this book It s a very simple read, could be read over a weekend It touches upon single words that Coach K believes make good leaders, teachers, parents, and coaches They are the attributes that have made Coach K arguably the greatest coach in all of sports It s not full of information and statistical analysis which is a breath of fresh air from some of the other leadership focused books I d recommend it to someone looking for a simple read an [...]

    23. Coach K is probably the most noteworthy and succussful college and olympic basketball coach of this generation That combined with his quiet and stable demeanor make him one of the most likable coaches to entrust your children to The book borders on a self improvement and shares his values and leadership skills onto those that he coaches The only catch is that it is simple common sense and can be a little preachy if you already have taken most of what is covered to heart An attractive part of the [...]

    24. Greatest basketball coach of all time, Coach K Beyond Basketball is motivational book, not just for the avid basketball fan, but for anyone looking for a self improvement book Its a quick, easy read, and for any basketball that is talked about he explains it in Lamen s terms so that causal fan can understand I d recommend this to any businessman, leader, or someone looking for stronger conviction and better morals.

    25. A good read, nice essays about 40 different words having to do with leadership, commitment, teamwork, etcGreat for anyone in a team setting or just for daily life, work, family, school Coach K is one of the best leaders I have ever seen and one of my favorite people I got to hear him speak this Fall and that was great to hear as well, he is a great storyteller and has so much knowledge and enthusiasm.

    26. Not just a great coach or leader, but is superb teacher Coach K should be Teacher K the book is filled with great one words that he talks about, but what stands out is this book is not the end, it is his knowledge of understanding he must commit every day to get better One verse that he hit on was he does not say defense or win his team says together wow what a teacher, we all can learn from a hall of fame teacher.

    27. I expected from Coach K The one thing I liked about what he taught his team is that you must always make eye contact with a teammate or coach It s how you know they re telling the truth and being vulnerable with you A couple of other mediocre sound bytes I enjoyed were, You outlive your darkest day and Winners expect to win.

    28. a nice collection of stories and suggestions centered on various keywords for success adaptability, commitment, excellence, integrity, trust, etc Krzyzewski uses these words with his own teams and here communicates how various words and concepts can be used in various settings business, home, family, etc nothing groundbreaking, but a nice reminder.

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