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Curtezana si samuraiul #2020

Curtezana si samuraiul Japonia ultimul shogun a fost nfr nt iar epoca mp ra ilor va ncepe n cur nd n nordul nghe at r m i ele armatei shogunului pl nuiesc o ultim b t lie disperat la Hakodate f r sor i de izb nd

  • Title: Curtezana si samuraiul
  • Author: Lesley Downer
  • ISBN: 9789736896620
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • Curtezana si samuraiul By Lesley Downer, Japonia, 1868 ultimul shogun a fost nfr nt, iar epoca mp ra ilor va ncepe n cur nd n nordul nghe at, r m i ele armatei shogunului pl nuiesc o ultim b t lie disperat , la Hakodate, f r sor i de izb nd ns n vreme ce Hana fuge din calea solda ilor mp ratului, Yozo, t n r i curajos lupt tor fidel shogunului, e luat prizonier Inspirat din fapte reale, o imprJaponia, 1868 ultimul shogun a fost nfr nt, iar epoca mp ra ilor va ncepe n cur nd n nordul nghe at, r m i ele armatei shogunului pl nuiesc o ultim b t lie disperat , la Hakodate, f r sor i de izb nd ns n vreme ce Hana fuge din calea solda ilor mp ratului, Yozo, t n r i curajos lupt tor fidel shogunului, e luat prizonier Inspirat din fapte reale, o impresionant poveste de iubire pe fundalul unui an decisiv pentru istoria Japoniei, al r zboiului civil dintre nord for ele shogunului i sud for ele care sprijineau urcarea pe tron a mp ratului , Curtezana i samuraiul dezv luie culisele unei lumi aflate ntr un moment de profund transformare, ce marcheaz nceputul moderniz rii rii Soarelui R sare i deschiderea ei spre Occident.Yoshiwara este vestitul cartier al pl cerilor din Tokyo, unde tr iesc trei mii de curtezane, o lume exotic n care singurul fruct oprit este dragostea n 1868, Hana are doar aptesprezece ani c nd ajunge aici, transform ndu se spectaculos din so ia supus i devotat a comandantului Yamaguchi, un nfl c rat sus in tor al shogunului, ntr o adev rat curtezan , frumoasa i talentata Hanaogi C nd so ul ei plecase la r zboi, Hana primise o singur sarcin s supravie uiasc Urm rit de solda ii din sud, care i atacaser casa i i omor ser socrii, se refugiaz n Yoshiwara, o lume din care nt i va ncerca s evadeze, ca apoi s i r m n captiv Resemnat cu noua ei via , Hana l nt lne te pe Yozo, un samurai marinar n flota shogunului care, ntors n Japonia dup un num r de ani petrecu i n Apus, i d seama c lumea at t de familiar lui e pe cale de dispari ie mpreun , cei doi vor ncerca s descopere dac dragostea i poate ajuta s tearg traumele unui trecut dureros, de i acesta pare s i ajung din urm.

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      Lesley Downer

    1 thought on “Curtezana si samuraiul

    1. I wanted to like this book After all, I preordered it a year ago and waited and waited waited for it to grace my mailbox so it s with some disappointment that I write this.The Courtesan is Hana In the beginning her husband is leaving for war and she wields a sword to defend her home I thought, Oh goody, a chick with balls Not really She is terribly naive and ends up permitting some strange woman to sell her into prostitution And well I m all for making the most of a bad situation, but this chick [...]

    2. I had my doubts about this book to begin with because the title is a little cheesy but let me reassure you, its a beautiful gem of a holiday read I wasnt able to put it down and found myself entranced by two aspects of Lesley Downer s creativity.First of all she writes beautifully it is so easy to read and the way she describes situations, conditions, nature, forces of nature, human nature etc were just so spot on for me and done in a beautiful manner I knew also from the beginning that this lad [...]

    3. After reading Lesley Downer s other works, I found the Courtesan and the Samurai rather disappointing The novel isn t bad it s clearly been well researched and there are some exciting parts, but to me, the storyline seemed weak and the characters and certain plots weren t as well developed as they could have been My main criticism is that the novel felt rather rushed or a bit too sparse there was a lot of potential there and aspects I would have liked to hear about Leads and suggestions in the [...]

    4. 2.5 5Deludente Ammetto di avere un debole per i romanzi storici ambientati in Giappone, ma questo di storico ha davvero pochissimo La narrazione di Yozo lenta e noiosa, ed in alcuni punti troppo prevedibile il marito di Hana che ritorna anche se tutti lo davano per morto un uscita da Harmony Per quanto riguarda Hana non mi piaciuta e non mi ha convinto.Non critico il fatto che si sia dovuta vendere, infondo aveva poche alternative soprattutto dopo essere stata venduta, ma fastidioso il fatto che [...]

    5. I liked the book for the subject matter Yoshiwara, the most famous of Japan s pleasure quarters , but less for the story and research, or rather for the impact the research has had on the story No, I don t think that in a novel, even in a historical one, everything has to be accurate in order for the reader to enjoy it Yet, the choices of a particular time and place do affect the story, and often force the writer to make specific plot decisions I mean force in a challenging way, like having char [...]

    6. Initially I thought the first half of the book dragged on for a while The connection between the two main protagonists was also not well developed as it started only in the 2nd half of the book However, the afterword made me appreciate the book and its slow development and I understood why the author described certain scenes as lengthily as she did It would help if some of the important information in the afterword was placed at the start of the story that way, the readers would be able to appre [...]

    7. Inhalt Japan, 1868 Als der der Gatte der jungen Hana in den Krieg zieht ahnt sie noch nicht, dass ihr Leben sich komplett ndern wird Denn schon bald muss sie aus ihrem Haus fl chten, als es angegriffen wird und alles hinter sich lassen.Doch wo soll sie hin Ihre Familie ist tot und durch den Rang ihres Mannes ist sie ein gern gesehenes Opfer f r die Krieger aus dem S den Japans.So kommt es, dass Hana in Yoshiwara landet, dem Vergn gungsviertel bei Tokio Doch das Leben, dass sie dort erwartet mach [...]

    8. We need to look to the future, not back at the past This novel is set in 1868 69, during the period of civil war known as the Meiji Restoration between the shogunate forces the northerners and the imperial Japanese forces the southerners.The novel s protagonist, Hana, is seventeen when her husband, a commander in the Northern Alliance, leaves her to go to war Hana is the daughter of a samurai, and her duty as a samurai wife is clear The northerners are losing, and when the southerners attack her [...]

    9. Cartea asta m a dus cu g ndul la Memoriile unei ghei e Hana e o fiin a a firav i naiv i totu i m bucur faptul c a dovedit c are ntr adev r suflet de samurai, at t la nceput, c t i la sf r it Citind ultimele pagini am stat ca pe ace cu g ndul c va pieri precum o floare smuls cu brutalitate, ns temerile nu mi ai fost ntemeiate, c ci totul s a sf r it cu bine Am r mas cu un z mbet ntip rit pe buze.

    10. Eine sch ne aber nicht allzu tiefgr ndige Handlung, die ins alte Japan zu Kriegszeiten f hrt.Die Szenerie finde ich gut beschrieben, doch der Ausgang der Spannungsb gen waren mir zu vorhersehbar.Dennoch war es ein angenehmes Vergn gen das Buch zu lesen.

    11. Book ReviewTitle The Courtesan and the SamuraiAuthor Lesley DownerGenre Romance Cultural HistoricalRating Review The Courtesan and the Samurai is the second book in a series of historical fiction by Lesley Downer set in 1860s Japan This novel is set in 1868 9, a particularly turbulent year, covering the civil war between the shogunate forces, or northerners, and the imperial Japanese forces, or southerners as the two sides are simply called in the novel This period is usually known as the Meiji [...]

    12. Lo cierto es que no esperaba grandes cosas de este libro Nada m s leyendo la sinopsis sab a perfectamente qu me iba a encontrar, y como nunca he sido una gran amante de la novela rom ntica per se, no ten a demasiadas expectativas con respecto a esta novela As que, qu decir de ella En general est bien Tiene una lectura muy f cil y los cap tulos son cortos, lo que agiliza el proceso y hace que pr cticamente te comas el libro en muy pocos d as Eso es algo que agradezco mucho de esta literatura que, [...]

    13. Ich habe lange vor diesem Buch gestanden und wollte es unbedingt haben Allein schon der Titel hat in mir Assoziationen wachgerufen, die mir gesagt haben, das wird ein geniales Buch und auch die Kurzbeschreibung klang in meinen Ohren sehr vielversprechend Au erdem war mir auch die Autorin ein durchaus positivbehafteter Begriff Vielleicht aus genau diesen Gr nden und auf der Tatsache basierend, dass ich sehr hohe Erwartungen an dieses Buch hatte, bin ich schwer ent uscht worden.Die Charaktere ware [...]

    14. Entt uschend und langatmigW hrend der B rgerkrieg in Japan tobt und die Meiji ra eingeleitet wird muss Hana aus ihrem Zuhause fliehen, da ihr Mann auf der falschen Seite steht Ihr bleibt nur die Flucht nach Yoshiwara, ein Vergn gungsviertel Sie steigt rasch zur begehrtesten Kurtisane auf Sie begegnet dem Samurai Yozo, der im Krieg ebenfalls zu den Verlierern geh rte, und beide f hlen sich sofort zueinander hingezogen Doch eine Kurtisane darf sich nicht verlieben Das Buch ist gro artig recherchie [...]

    15. 3.5 Stars This was hard to get through It had a lot of potential, and while it had a lot of wonderful information about Japan and it s traditions and culture, much like her other book The Last Concubine, which I did enjoy, though it shared some of the same issues Unfortunately it also had a lot of dead spots and slow moving spaces For me there was too much about the war and war fare, I see how it all adds up in the end, but I was looking of the courtesan and her life And it s not until well ove [...]

    16. At the age of seventeen, Hana is expected to lead a life of a demure wife however, due to a civil war sweeping over Japan, Hana s husband must leave her to fight for the shogun Alone and vulnerable, Hana s household comes under attack by enemy soldiers, and is forced to flee Seeking refuge in the Yoshiwara, Hana is suddenly sold and forced to train as a courtesan During her time as a courtesan, Hana meets Yozo, an ally fugitive, and provides him with shelter When an influential gangster attempts [...]

    17. Certain parts, like with Hana and the Courtesans she interacted with was fun to read as was the exciting fight scenes with the love interest I did find myself daydreaming away through some parts with the whole wad of useless information or seemingly endless battle strategies The ending I found slightly disappointing I guess after all the excitement and the rich environment that they left behind the lovely dovey rubbish just couldn t get a reaction from me I also wasn t surprised when someone sho [...]

    18. Un po banale la storia, con concidenze leggermente forzate, ma riesce comunque ad essere una lettura piacevole Si vede chiaramente che l autrice si intende di cultura e storia giapponesi Gli avvenimenti che fanno da sfondo alla storia di Hana e Yozo sono storicamente accaduti, seppur aggiustati un poco per far filare il romanzo coi suoi personaggi fittizi Non ci sono dubbi che ci sia stato uno studio accurato della Downer prima di cominciare a scrivere il romanzo.

    19. Lesley Downer s a n scut la Londra i a crescut ntr o cas plin de c r i despre cultura i civiliza ia Asiei care i au servit mai apoi drept inspira ie i imbold pentru continuarea studiilor n Japonia Aici r m ne timp de cinsprezece ani i se documenteaz pentru numeroasele c r i dedicate rii Soarelui R sare.Curtezana i samuraiul este doar una dintre operele care dezv luie lumea exotic a ghei elor, al turi de Madame Sadayakko The Gheisha who Seduced the West biografia actri ei japoneze care a inspirat [...]

    20. I picked up this book because of the title and of course the summary And the mysterious cover I guess I started reading books like this since The Memoirs of a Geisha definitely worth reading However, this book disappoint me as it wasn t as good as The Memoirs of a Geisha and the real romance story only came in in the middle of the book Somewhere in the middle, the main character actually started to like her profession as a courtesan And the way the author wrote the story is great but I somehow f [...]

    21. Un piccolo gustoso capolavoro di storia giapponese.La storia si svolge all inizio dell era Meiji, tra Yoshiwara una famosa citt nella citt del piacere alle porte di Edo Tokyo e l isola di Ezo l isola di Hokkaido ai giorni nostri , tra una guerra tra i pi civilizzati uomini del sud e i pi tradizionali uomini del nord, e una donna, Hana, moglie di un samurai, che si ritrova a diventare una delle pi rinomate cortigiane del quartiere.Un libro delizioso, alla rinnovata scoperta dei usi e costumi dei [...]

    22. Me gustan las novelas con un toque de historia Refleja mucho la sociedad japonesa a finales de la era Tokugawa He le do reviews del libro y muchos se fueron con la finta de que es una novela de amor pero no es as Su narrativa tiene dos enfoques Hana, una abnegada esposa de un Samurai que por situaciones de guerra se ve obligada a ser cortesana y de Yozo, un Samurai fugitivo del ej rcito del shogunato Si bien hubo un punto en el que la novela me desesper con la escritura en primera persona, se vu [...]

    23. This was a disappointment compared to the previous two books I ve read in this series, especially the beginning of the book I just couldn t get through it It felt like a task whenever I opened the book, and I almost didn t finish it because of it But since I just can t DNF a book, I continued It s an okay story, not overwhelming, but enjoyable I just expected of it, mostly because I thought the others were good, and because it sounded interesting Sadly it wasn t as good as I expected.

    24. The book is named The Courtesan and the Samurai, still it takes than a half of the book if you want the exact numbers it s 62,5% for them to meet and a couple of pages to fall in love Combined with a boring start and melodramatic in the last second ending, I can t give it than two stars If you want a good japan historical book with a love story at its midst I recommend you to go for The Last Concubine instead.

    25. Japanese setting with a Western story and Western body language, but not bad The period immediately after the Meiji restoration is a bit of a gray area for me, so it was interesting to get a tiny glimpse of it here I can t say I learned a huge amount about the historical period as a whole but the descriptions of life in the pleasure district of Yoshiwara sounded quite convincing I really enjoyed the brief non fictional afterward at the end of the book and I have a feeling it might be worth readi [...]

    26. If you have read the Memoirs of a Geisha and then you are reading this, well, it is not up to the mark To be honest, I shouldn t be comparing this work to a master piece, but then.The writing in feeble There are just too many characters and too many incidents are happening along and all being so damn predictable, that I got bored with it All in all, not a bad book, but not a great book either.

    27. Like the pine and the chrysanthemum that bloomed in winter when other flowers had died, a courtesan s charms endured for ever Once again Lesley Downer proves to be one of my favorite authors EVER.I don t even know why this book s ratings are so low, honestly.The accuracy of the facts that are told, the details and the story itself totally mesmerized me.Two thumbs up

    28. This is the second novel of Lesley Downer I have read, and it was as good as the first, The Last Concubine A love story based in 19th Century Japan during their civil war when the shogunate came to an end Lesley Downer lived and worked in Japan for many years and you really get the history and atmosphere of the country and it s people Definitely recommend especially if you like history and romance.

    29. Es un libro ameno que te introduce en la historia de Jap n de la poca Por parte de la protagonista femenina sobre los barrios del placer de Jap n Y por parte del protagonista masculino sobre la guerra Es curioso pero me interesaban ambas historias por separado, una vez que se unieron me empez a aburrir En general entretenido Lo que m s me gust fueron los datos reales que da la autora al final del libro.

    30. This novel was ok to read once I enjoyed reading the chapters where Hana was the narrator but I found myself skipping chapters which focused on Yozo because I wasn t at all interested in his experiences in the war I was expecting the plot to be a great romance full of passion but the 2 characters don t meet until your well into 2 thirds of the story I guess one good thing has come out of reading this book, it has put me off reading any novels about geishas.

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