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Always #2020

Always A vicious gang rape leaves Maggie deadened inside For the last decade Maggie s been on a full throttle crash course marred with wild men and reckless sex sex that makes her feel alive If only for th

  • Title: Always
  • Author: Lita Stone
  • ISBN: 9781311440655
  • Page: 186
  • Format: ebook
  • Always By Lita Stone, A vicious gang rape leaves Maggie deadened inside For the last decade, Maggie s been on a full throttle crash course marred with wild men and reckless sex, sex that makes her feel alive If only for that fleeting moment Cam is muscular, tall and dangerous And Maggie is all about dangerous But Cam is nothing like what she expected He s much worse.

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      186 Lita Stone
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    1. Always is a must read for those who enjoy dark suspenseful romance books This is not my normal genre but I was gifted with this book so I read it and I m very happy that I did because I would have missed out on an excellent book series While I understand why some of the reviews state what they dor me all the characters blended beautifully and I could understand why they acted like they did Cam and Maggie, main characters, made choices in their lives and have had to come to grips with the fallout [...]

    2. Listened to the Audiobook I enjoyed this book I was a little confused at first because this book feels a little all over the place it s very jumpy but after a few chapters I was on board The story jumps around from all the different character s POV so you get so much that just the main story The story line was really good and very fast paced We get a lot from the secondary characters and I love side stories in a book Most of the characters were dark and troubled My only problem with the main ch [...]

    3. 3.5 stars ends on cliffhanger.I found this book free on Smashwords last night while I was looking around, I liked the blurb so starting reading now this is one of those books that come around every so often that I m not sure about but just can t bring myself to stop reading.It took me a while to get into this book partly because a lot of characters were introduced early on and just when I d got things settled a second thread was introduced One of the problems for me was and I don t know if it wa [...]

    4. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS BOOK This is a story about many characters, all a little unique, and they all are very interesting.Cam is really disturbed, but actually a great guy, he takes care of his gramps who is suffering from dementia and has 2 brothersw Jag is really interestinghe can read people, there minds, emotions, intentions, aura s and is a bit of characteren we have AJ, who is kinda a gigolod doesn t really have that muc [...]

    5. I received this audio book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review I loved this book It is very fast paced, so if you blink you will miss something If you are confused, go back and listen again This book is exciting and a little strange, a little paranormal powers and a lot suspense thriller, and even a little romance Cameron Wolfe is a troubled man from a strange family His brother Jags has visions Then we meet Maggie she too has a troubled past As we go thru the story and the past unfold [...]

    6. I was given a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest reviewThis is definitely my kind of listen I love romantic suspense, and this book is full of it The interaction and banter between the brothers I found to be entertaining and full of love The love story between Cam and Maggie grew on me as the story progressed, of course routing that Cam would win Maggie over, despite all obstacles of their pasts And love the background stories of Jags and AJ This was the first book I had with this [...]

    7. Audiobook 3 1 2 I like it Stars Narration, Ian Murray GoodHe s pretty good, has a sultry kind of soft soothing voice There are a lot of characters in this book and he does a decent job of differentiating them, I will say that he has two pretty good female voices and the rest of them are a little like a guy doing a girls voice This is a pretty unusual story We have three brothers and we mostly deal with Cam and Jags, then we have Maggie and her friends Jags is an empath and gets visions of futur [...]

    8. HONEST REVIEWLita StoneAlwaysthe lead man is called Cam, if you wanna call him a man I would say hes a walking talking sex machine 3 just yum yum yum Not only did lita make him a sex god, but she made him have problems, ones that are just like what some have and that s than fantastic its makes them realistic in my opinion Its a great thing to accomplish, because most books are so unrealistic i love when i stumble upon one that s got realistic characters One s i can relate to on a personal leve [...]

    9. I was a bit thrown by this book At first, the cover suggested a fairly lighthearted thriller mystery Ok, awesome Then the first couple of chapters suggested it would be a redemptive romance Also awesome But after a couple of chapters it became quite dark Really dark Not really my style, but I received a copy of the book from the author and I wasn t going to put it away just because it s not something I usually read But I had a really hard time positively connecting to the characters I felt like [...]

    10. I received this book for free through First Reads.I gave the book half a star for having words in it and half a star for having a character with my name Otherwise the book is muddled, disjointed and aimless, poorly written and lacking in any sort of depth or real feeling It reads like a script for a low budget porn film than an actual novel The quality of writing falls somewhere around the middle grade preteen levelough the content is very adult in nature In essence, I found the book to be a wa [...]

    11. Sweet and Tender Romance Anything but There s very little romance in the traditional sense to be found here There doesn t appear to be a non brutal relationship, except between the men and their Gramps anywhere in sight The writing, characters and settings are all okay though so if you want to lose yourself in a book for a few hours go ahead Maybe it will be a world you can identify with Perhaps I m out of touch with the real world If so, I ll be eternally grateful.


    13. FANTASTIC READ FUN INTERESTING CONFUSING There is so much going on in this book It will keep you on your toes, but I will tell you pay attention and things will click The Love in this book is totally amazing, all of it I wish I had a portion of it, lol Voluntarily read for honest review.

    14. Great Just GreatThis was one of the better romance novels I have read in a very long time It kept me pinned to the back of the chair, weighed down on the edge of the seat, and rooted in place while standing Will definitely be looking for book like this

    15. Great read Read in one sitting really real Not a feel good story gutsy and in your face Great read.

    16. WOWThis book drew me in, and kidnapped me until I finished it Couldn t put it down And if I did Cam and Maddie s story was all I thought about 5 stars isn t enough

    17. Always reviewI found this book to move kinda slow but I still enjoyed the story and can t wait to read .

    18. Engaging, Romantic, fun.Picked this book from description on face book Enjoyed the characters, and story line Look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    19. I won this through a BookLikes giveaway.The heroine is Maggie She s damaged Her virginity was taken when she was in high school via gang rape She never tells anyone because her father was running for Mayor and she didn t want to sully his reputation The hero is Cameron He s also damaged He killed his father when he was young because his father was abusive Fast forward some years I can t remember how many this book is so contradictory and confused me so much, that I can t even remember the number [...]

    20. Surprisingly down to Earth and a good romance I liked that the situations seemed realistic and human relationships were not all sweetness and light In fact, our main characters road to the alter was very rocky due to communication or the lack of it as well as violence and good intentions All in all a good story, with a couple of side plots that could easily lead to another novel in the series This is NOT a cliff hanger

    21. I was given a copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review Keep in mind that this is only MY opinion Thank you Lita Stone for the opportunity to read it.I would have preferred a little back story on some of the characters but overall it was well written and the story had a lot of potential It felt rather rushed to me, but I think had it been a little longer maybe the story could have taken its time to play out and would have ultimately been a better story and believable.As i [...]

    22. 3.5 4 Stars for this I m not really sure what to make of this book On the one hand it s got a great story line, good characters love Jags and the basis for a really great book On the other hand I feel like some parts of this book pretty fast paced It takes a while for Cam and Maggie to get together but they seem to fall in love so quick, I mean Cam said it the first weekend they were together.This book jumps from different characters point of view and not just of one or two characters, but sever [...]

    23. I learned about this book from Good Reads with the free offers This one sounded interesting and I was having to wait for another book Now I want the rest It did not take me long to be hooked and having difficulty putting the book down When I did I could not stop thinking about it and back into my hands it would go Needless to say sleep was interrupted Now I already have issues with sleep but this just made passing the time a bit easier and gave me a good excuse.YAY a twofer But seriously, rape i [...]

    24. I started reading this book at random from the ebooks I had downloaded to my Kindle I started this book early this morning and couldn t put it down I kept reading until I finished it and now I want to start reading the next book in the series.I was fascinated by the Wolfe Brothers who you meet at the beginning of the story I was sucked in by Jags special skills telling me this wasn t just a a straightforward romance novel I liked Jags and Cam and Gramps and some of the female characters as well [...]

    25. I loved this book like a few of the other reviewers, it was a little confusing the first couple chapters, but once the author connected which character went with who, it cleared it all up My taste in books don t normally include paranormal, but it fit right in with this story It was minimal and amusing when the character Jags would use it to read people I loved when he shook hands with another guy and knew instantly that he was cheating on his girlfriend The main characters were Maggie and Cam Y [...]

    26. I received this copy of the book from the lovely author with thanks in exchange for an honest review, and here it is2 could not get into it starsThis is only to say that this review reflects my own opinion and I m sorry to say that as much as I LOVED the idea of the book and how it sounded, it just wasn t what I expectedFirst of all, I felt when I started reading like I was starting from the middle of some other story which I should have been acquainted with its characters or its universe It was [...]

    27. 2.5 stars The writing style in this book is very confusing Reading this I felt there should have been a book prior to this one or somethng to explain these characters and their abilities The characters were just dumped on you like you should already know them and what is going on with them Nothing is explained and the chapters jump from character to character Finally nearly half way through you find out what ties all the characters togther and it is horrific There really isn t character building [...]

    28. I received this audiobook free for an honest review I thought this book was extremely intense Lita did an excellent job of creating the characters and the story I fell in love with Cam and Maggie s relationship, however, at one point I didn t think it was healthy I couldn t figure out how Lita was going to make it into a good relationship, but she did in the end She wrapped it up just like a beautiful present I couldn t stop listening to this story The narrator did an excellent job of individual [...]

    29. I loved this book A lot of romance novels are the same but I couldn t seem to put this one down There were parts of the book where I loved and hated every one of the characters I guess that s part of what endeared me to it They were much true to life than a lot of books I don t like to give spoilers so I will just say that this is a fantastic story of a crazy guy and a not altogether there girl and what happens between them I can t wait to read the rest of the series.I received this book in exc [...]

    30. Great story I gave it a 5 because it grabbed my attention right away and kept me reading til the end So much so that I skipped the final NCIS Los Angela s just to keep reading The story of Maggie s issues during high school really hit home with me I am glad she worked it out and her relationship with Cam grew strong from it Looking forward to reading about the Wolfe brothers.

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