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O Lobo de Wall Street #2020

O Lobo de Wall Street Esta a autobiografia de Jordan Belfort o jovem corretor de Wall Street que nos anos se sobrep s l gica da economia manipulou o mercado bolsista e ganhou uma fortuna incalcul vel Uma hist ria ver

  • Title: O Lobo de Wall Street
  • Author: Jordan Belfort
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • O Lobo de Wall Street By Jordan Belfort, Esta a autobiografia de Jordan Belfort, o jovem corretor de Wall Street que nos anos 90 se sobrep s l gica da economia, manipulou o mercado bolsista e ganhou uma fortuna incalcul vel Uma hist ria ver dica e fulgurante, escrita num registo confessional mas com muito humor, onde Belfort relata ao pormenor a sua ascens o prodigiosa e a inevit vel queda Ganhou largas dezEsta a autobiografia de Jordan Belfort, o jovem corretor de Wall Street que nos anos 90 se sobrep s l gica da economia, manipulou o mercado bolsista e ganhou uma fortuna incalcul vel Uma hist ria ver dica e fulgurante, escrita num registo confessional mas com muito humor, onde Belfort relata ao pormenor a sua ascens o prodigiosa e a inevit vel queda Ganhou largas dezenas de milh es de d lares, mas o seu estilo de vida absurdamente megal mano levava o a gastar noite os milhares que ganhava de dia Chamavam lhe O Lobo de Wall Street , e a pr pria m fia colocou operacionais na sua empresa para aprenderem com os seus m todos Uma leitura atual e aliciante, que nos d a conhecer os meandros do universo da bolsa nova iorquina, agora adaptada ao cinema pelo realizador Martin Scorsese, com Leonardo DiCaprio como protagonista.

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      235 Jordan Belfort
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    1 thought on “O Lobo de Wall Street

    1. The title of Jordan Belfort s first autobiographical piece is misleading in that it compels would be readers to think that they are picking up a memoir in which finance and market manipulation are central themes Certainly the thickness of the paperback edition contributes to the assumption that there are some weighty ideas to be found therein and perhaps some useful insights into how Belfort became a self made success.Rather, this is a confessional, sensationalist tract that would have benefited [...]

    2. What a fucking douchebag Belfort is an unrepentant asshole and if I ever meet him, I ll kick him in the taint This memoir smacks of but it wasn t really my fault Lying douchebag liar.It s people like him, stock washing and junk bond trading in the late 1980 s onward that led to the crash in 2008 And I have a huge problem with that He and his ilk nearly brought the planet s economy to its knees and we will be paying the price for years, while he collects royalties on this extremely poorly written [...]

    3. See this review, and like it at bookbastion__________________Reading this was an exercise both in suspension of disbelief, and complete mastery of frustration for me.This is definitely not a book I would normally choose for myself Most of you know by now that fiction and fantasy are my jam, my last class for University required us to read nonfiction book somewhat pertaining to ethics and business, and this one called to me I d already seen the movie a few times before it happens to be one of Mr [...]

    4. I d heard about but not seen the Scorsese film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, concerning this Wall Street guy who basically made a huge amount of money, took bucket loads of drugs and ripped off a group of wealthy investors It looked like fun but a bit over the top Then the opportunity to grab an audio version of the book came up and I was about to dismiss it when I glanced at the blurb and realised it was claiming to be a non fiction piece Could this be true Was this guy a real life Gordon Gekko [...]

    5. Jordan Belfort has a very limited vocabulary The story of his rise and fall on Wall Street The bad stuff he does wasn t his fault The good stuff is because he s a genius Just ask him, he ll tell you Repeatedly I ll list the words and phrases, you can rearrange them and save yourself the time of reading or listening to this book The audio version is unintentionally hilarious as the narrator attempts English, French, Swiss and Chinese accents and they all sound exactly the same.1 Loins either lusc [...]

    6. Reading this book will make you feel like a a drug addict I ve never tried Quaaludes, but by the end of reading this book I wanted to cry and apologize to everyone I knew for my addiction to them which I should probably reiterate I ve never had He writes vividly about his drug addiction, although sometimes he leans a little too heavily on his back pain to excuse his addiction, even as he explains his back pain is no excuse This crazy memoir about Jordan Belfort s time working on Wall Street is a [...]

    7. Between Christmas preparations, presents shopping, and yelling at the kids that they are not gonna get all the shit they put on the Santa s List, I managed to read this book It was good, better than good It was mind bugging Through Jordans Buford s simple, humorous, descriptive writing I could easily imagine the life and the struggles of the rich and dysfunctional So before all my charge cards bills start coming in mid January, let me dream about a world where one million dollars a month, every [...]

    8. Because every book by millionaires is about their struggles to get there, I found this book refreshing because for once I don t get to read about someone s struggles but the debauchery that comes with the million dollars a reality that a lot of millionaires try hard to keep under wraps It s okay to be human, to be so consumed by money that you forget who you are because as humans we err, no one is perfect I respect people that can own up to their bullshit than those who only talk about their str [...]

    9. First off, Jordan Belfort is a douchebag to beat all douchebags The level of douchebaggery that he attained has never before been reached I listened to the audio book and I m not sure how the narrator could bring himself to even talk about these things without being ashamed The narrator, Bobby Cannavale did an excellent job I think he was the part of the book that I liked the best All this book consists of is scene after scene of reckless living, snorting massive amounts of cocaine, 20 gram rock [...]

    10. I picked up this book after hearing that my main man Marty Scorsese was going to make it into a movie I think it ll be one of those rare books that will be better as a movie, as the writing is subpar and the author and main protaganist is thoroughly unlikable It s about the rise and fall of a luded and coked out, hooker obsessed stock trader I know, sounds sweet, right Eh, not so much.

    11. What did I think I thought this book was terrible.I read The Wolf of Wall Street after my husband finished and assured me I would enjoy it , while on holiday far far away from a decent bookshop.This whole book read like the wet dreams of an aspiring stock market king There is no self reflection, no sense of remorse Jordan seems unwilling or unable to take responsibility for his actions Which I probably would have been able to deal with, had the story been interesting enough and well written enou [...]

    12. The fact that Belfort thanks his literary agent in the acknowledgements, who apparently read three pages and told Belfort to drop everything I was doing and become a full time writer is a complete joke The writing was immature, informal, and unrealistic There were too many exclamation points, and sometimes one person would talk for multiple pages Belfort makes himself seem like a god and a victim, and the fact that he s a vile human being would almost be acceptable if he could write a damn sente [...]

    13. I would have never read this book if it were not for a movie featuring Leonardo di Caprio being released soon based on this memoir Truthfully, I have very little interest in anything having to deal with stocks or Wall Street So maybe the best advertising this book could have had was that a movie was being made on it, and that I am stickler for reading the book before I see the movie I gave this book a shot, and I am glad that I did.The Wolf of Wall Street is compulsive reading The people whose l [...]

    14. I bought this in hardback in 2007 I ll never know why it took me six years to finally read a book I over payed for I should have saved my money, because owning this is a waste I really didn t care for it at all Basically, Jordan Belfort is every horrible Wall Street broker stereotype from the late 80 s you can imagine, and this memoir is him retelling the period of his life that marks the seeds of his eventual downfall This memoir was rare, in that I found myself hating him the deeper into the s [...]

    15. This is the type of book that you will either love or hate there is no middle ground It is a psuedo autobiography of Jordan Belfort, the guy about whom the movie was made I haven t seen the movie yet The book is hilarious, very entertaining, if you can get past the profanity, and the totally debauched behavior Jordan Belfort wrote this book as a sort of autobiography, or memoirs As he writes in the book, this is the story of the rich and dysfunctional Belfort was a drug addict and earned incredi [...]

    16. Fun drinking game try to read The Wolf of Wall Street and drinking for when one or of the following appears on the page 1 mention of erections 2 how much something costs 3 the use of the acronym WASP Take a shot if the phrase loamy loins is used By the time you are done you should be thoroughly sloshed enough to put up reading this piece of crap.

    17. I was thoroughly entertained by this audiobook The narrator was almost as good as watching the movie This lifestyle is so over the top that it just has be true I don t begrudge him his money, because he lived hard Too, too hard.

    18. The Wolf of Wall Street offers an eye opening and at times harrowing glimpse at the cutthroat world of big business, and how one man found himself wrapped up in the underlying corruption and greed of his day to day life.

    19. No puedo decir que me haya encantado, me gust , pero definitivamente no es un libro que considere digno de una relectura No me malinterpreten, la narrativa es flu da, pero siento que el relato es un poco desordenado, es como si estuvieses en una reu y Jordan estuviese por m s de 1hr cont ndo sobre sus estafas, aventuras y adicci n a las drogas, puede ser muy interesante todo su relato, pero llega un momento que te aburres de tanta perorata Considero que es un libro que debes leer solo si te inte [...]

    20. It is rare that I praise a book the way I will praise Wolf of Wall Street The protagonist and author same person is a complete degenerate The storyline is appalling and will make you shake your fist.But for all the outrage, this is a superbly written book that killed me I laughed a lot and often Ranging from wild tales of drug use, treatment of stock brokers, rigging the system and how to engineer a stock run, the Wolf of Wall Street gives you the real ins and outs to what went wrong in the US f [...]

    21. I rarely ever give up on books, but I put this one down about 1 3 of the way through Belfort is a very poor writer luscious loamy loans is a repetitive descriptor , he repeatedly refers to himself in the third person, and is a thoroughly unlikeable protagonist I hope Scorsese does a better job telling the story on film than he does in this book.

    22. Basically what I expected The tag lines on the cover say it all.Full review moved to covers2covers.wordpress

    23. The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort was an interesting novel that left me completely disinterested.As someone going into business, this book intrigued me I also really want to watch the movie, but I wanted to read the book beforehand, so that helped me with picking this read I thought this book would be over the top exciting, since that s all I ve heard about the movie, but alas it was not This book was probably my most boring read of the year, and that s not an over exaggeration This book [...]

    24. Well, you re either going to love this book or hate it It s not going to give you an education on the mechanics of the stock market However, it will give you an entertaining education on what took place on Wallstreet in the 90 s and the over the top characters that flourished within it.I personally loved the book and I couldn t put it down From the start it takes you on a nonstop ride of debauchery and Quaaludes Maybe it s because I work in a similar industry and these type of characters and ego [...]

    25. DNF at 33%Let me start off by explaining myself I absolutely love the movie I thought Leo did great as Jordan Belfort, same with everyone else who featured in it However, if you ve seen the movie, you know the book already From what I listened to and the narrator was hilarious he really knew how to do some acting as well, which made me feel like I was really in the arguments, which were hilarious it s the same stuff as in the movie A bit explicit in some ways, but nothing different I would have [...]

    26. This book begins with a disclaimer of sorts by Belfort about his memories of the events He says that the events are to his best recollection This gives him a certain degree of deniability if he is ever called on his memories about some of these events It seems to be perfectly in line with the actions of the persona he uses throughout the rest of the book, lying about himself and even when he is doing terrible things still talking down to everyone.One of my main problems with this book is the dia [...]

    27. I tried with this one but I had to stop before I finished I just didn t care I don t mind reading about an anti hero but this guy does not think he s an anti hero He s an ass but throughout all of his antics is his bro humor He s just so so impressed with himself Also, it s just terribly written He uses the word loins so many times If I got a dollar for every loins I would have made a killing I wonder if Jordan wrote this with a thesaurus nearby He uses big words when not necessary He says someo [...]

    28. 1 The Wolf of Wall Street2 Jordan Belfort3.Jordan Belfort came to Wall Street as a young boy with a lot of ambition to become successful By the time Jordan was 25 he was running the largest brokerage firm in the world and is making obscene amounts of money through the manipulation of stocks He and his trophy wife Nadine live a celebrity lifestyle for almost almost a decade until Jordan became engulfed in his drug addiction Jordan chose to stop using drugs in order to get his wife and two kids ba [...]

    29. A case study for the value of a talented ghost writer, The Wolf Of Wall Street misses the mark on so many levels One of the few books that I have abandoned in the last few years The story telling starts with promise, as a young Belfort is inducted into the Wall Street community in expected fashion, but the insider narrative is neglected from this moment on The appeal of The Wolf Of Wall Street is to explore how Belfort s experience differs from the reader For those of us from corporate backgroun [...]

    30. Didn t manage to get to the end of this one too many exclamation marks blocking my journey from start to finish I imagine Jordan Belfort has a good story to tell but he shouldn t be the one telling it I think he should ve commissioned someone to write his biography, or at least someone with a basic grasp of story telling Also, what s with all the gratuitous, overly detailed sex scenes Goodness, I m going to start blushing again Terrible Hours of my life wasted, never to be seen again Sad.

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