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Embracing His Syn #2020

Embracing His Syn This story contains characters from previously published novel Nothing Special but Embracing His Syn is a stand alone novel Sergeant Corbin Syn Sydney transferred from the Philadelphia Police Departme

  • Title: Embracing His Syn
  • Author: A.E. Via
  • ISBN: 9780990608905
  • Page: 450
  • Format: ebook
  • Embracing His Syn By A.E. Via, This story contains characters from previously published novel Nothing Special but Embracing His Syn is a stand alone novel Sergeant Corbin Syn Sydney transferred from the Philadelphia Police Department as soon as he d heard there was going to be an opening on Lieutenant Cashel Godfrey and Lieutenant Leonidis Day s Atlanta Narcotics Task Force Syn s primary goal in This story contains characters from previously published novel Nothing Special but Embracing His Syn is a stand alone novel Sergeant Corbin Syn Sydney transferred from the Philadelphia Police Department as soon as he d heard there was going to be an opening on Lieutenant Cashel Godfrey and Lieutenant Leonidis Day s Atlanta Narcotics Task Force Syn s primary goal in his life has been to be a great cop There has been no time for relationships, romance, or especially love Syn was dedicated to his new force, focused and ready to back up God and Day as their third in command, but what he wasn t ready for was the feelings he got from seeing the love they had for each other Syn s all prepared to accept his lonely fate until he walks into a small pub and meets long haired, tattooed, bartender, Furious Barkley Before he can even understand why, Syn s feeling things he barely recognizes passion, yearning, cravings and if the dark, lustful gazes are anything to go by, Furious might be feeling the same things for him.Just one thing needs to happen before Furi and Syn can give each other what s been missing from their lives for so longSyn needs to allow happiness into his world and Furi needs to learn to open his heart and trust again.God, Day, Ronowski, and Johnson are still as entertaining as everYou ll swoon over God s massive take charge attitudeYou ll laugh hysterically at Day s never ending witYou ll fall in love with Furious mysterious, sexy demeanordYou ll embrace Syn Disclaimer This book DOES NOT contain scenes of polygamous sexual pairings.

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    1 thought on “Embracing His Syn

    1. This book was FUN, and it was SMEXY as all hell, but it was also kind of silly and poorly edited Ms Via thanks her editor in the acknowledgements Perhaps firing her would be a smarter idea There were numerous grammatical issues and typos that got in the way of the story My biggest complain was the lack of commas with markers of direct address I want to suck sweets vs.I want to suck, sweets.The first indicates an urge to lick a lollipop the second implies your cock There s a difference Fortunatel [...]

    2. Hot entertaining read I liked it, I really did It s hot and funny with some hot alpha males.It s not perfect but it made for an enjoyable read Syn s social life has always come second to his career, he s just joined the Narcotics Task Force run by God and Day which he sees as a great career move Syn has been alone for so long he can t envision anything else and he s resigned to this life until he walks into his new local and sees Furious I m seriously not liking some of the names here and for th [...]

    3. 5 Stars Syn and Furi The names this author comes up with for the couples in this series is truly unique I anticipate her next coupling name s with each new book She hasn t failed me yet This couple was a hot addition to this series Syn comes in and kicks some butt and even takes a go at God when he s tricked by the duo that is God and Day He s a feisty one I adored him Syn has never been in a relationship and has never been a attracted to a man That all changes when he see s this long haired tat [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars For some reason I just couldn t get in to this one I don t know if it was the timing, as I never really had a good chunk of dedicated reading time to get in to this one Or maybe it was the writing style, as it seemed to take me forever to read itybe too wordy or something I never really connected with Furi or Syn Syn s character I never really understood His sexuality was hard to pick up on I think he was straight but was attracted to his old roommate but never could take the next step [...]

    5. 2.5 Stars So after saying goodbye to 2017 with a banging 5 star read, I was hoping for a good start to 2018 Sadly that is not the case.I wanted to like this book And I did like parts But Furious ruined it for me Furious made me, well, furious I hated how he overreacted to everything Syn did He had anger issues and jump to conclusions as every turn I realize he had a bad history with his husband I know it sucked But good grief Give Syn a fucking chance to breath and to understand his sexuality b [...]

    6. I loved it this series is great While the focus was on Furi Syn we still got to enjoy the craziness of Day and the uber Alpha God These guys are like family and really remind me of The Thirds without the shifters I love the sense of loyalty and friendship okay it s time for book 3

    7. 2.5 Mega Testosterone Stars Unfortunately, this one just didn t really work for me At one point I texted my friends telling them it felt like I was reading the gay Expendables The guys in this book were too over exaggerated They were my cup runneth over with testosterone, over the top, amped up Alphas Everyone s beefed up, carrying guns the size of a toddler and has about a 3 minute sexual turnaround time I needed to completely suspend reality in order to get on board with ALL THAT Unfortunately [...]

    8. Just as ott, hot and ridiculous as the others There is a really funny scene here with the foursome from book 1 peed myself laughing I really enjoyed reading this one, and even tough the whole foursome thing book 1 is still weird to meDay is will always be my favorite character He is just awesome and funny Fury and Syn were oke, but I didn t like them as much as all the others Fury came of as a bit of whimpbut he was real dominant in the bedroomeven after being in a abusive relationship for 2 yea [...]

    9. Ok, first off, Via really needs to stop being so effusive in her thanks to her editor in the acknowledgements, because the editing in these books just ain t that good I ve read worse, but I expect better from books that cost this much Now on to the book itself utter brain candy There isn t any mental nutrition to be found in these books The plots are completely illogical, make no sense, points are dropped or unexplained But I really didn t care, because it was just FUN I went ahead and gave this [...]

    10. 4.5 starsIF YOU RE DEBATING ON READING THIS BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED IN Nothing Special THERE IS NONE OF THAT IN THISUNFORTUNATELY I was sadOh A.E Via I love thee.No really I really do like Via as an author and always end up being sucked in to all of her books I ve read them all and I believe I ve given them pretty high ratings The thing with Via though is the editing is horrible Except this one This one wasn t too bad Although there were quite a few things that practically punched me in the fac [...]

    11. This book possesses the most ridiculous character names Furious, Syn, God, Day But they ll be what I will remember most Everything else except a couple of supporting characters was kind of blah the sex, the MCs, and an uninspired murder mystery.Furious is on the run from an abusive husband Syn has just moved to Atlanta to join an elite police task force He s only had feelings for one man before, but he didn t act on it He meets Furi with his glorious, long, fluffy hair , and it s lust at first s [...]

    12. I didn t like this one as much as the first book Syn and Furi are a hot couple, yes but somehow I couldn t connect with them as easily as with Day and God.I was never able to really grasp Syn s sexuality Half of the book he thinks he s straight he s not in the closet and then all of the sudden he falls in love with a guy Okay, I ve read other GFY stories but this one I don t know I just couldn t make up my mind.What rubbed me the wrong way was the instant bottoming thing How can a guy know that [...]

    13. 2.5 rounded up to 3 I didn t love it, and I didn t hate it But I had a few issues.1 There were too many sex scenes and they were overly long I get that this is erotica, but there comes a point when enough is enough.2 I feel like both Furi and Syn changed halfway through the book It s almost like as soon as they got together, their personalities did a complete 180 and they became someone different I don t even really know how to explain it At the beginning they were tough guys in charge of their [...]

    14. This still had some editing issues but wasn t as bad as in Don t Judge, which had horrible editing, so I m comfortable giving it a 3 star rating.I must admit that the sheer hotness of the book compelled me to arrive at this rating but idc idc LolSyn Sydney was a good guy but Furi sometimes annoyed me I got where he was coming from but I didn t think it necessitated his attitude sometimes He than redeemed himself later so I guess all I m saying is that dont give up on Furi He ll come aroundI m r [...]

    15. I am always sucked in by A.E Via s stories and this was no exception Syn is the newest member of God and Day s team of badasses and he fits in perfectly I was glad to have plenty of interactions with the characters from Nothing Special, although if you haven t read that story, you will not be lost.Syn and Furi are a good couple, and I enjoyed watching Syn s coming out Furi was a sympathetic character, in hiding from is abusive husband and brother in law, and doing what was necessary to survive T [...]

    16. 2.5 StarsA.E Via satisfies the smut lover in me like nobody s business She writes some downright steamy, dirty, smexy scenes Period So kudos there.That said, my enjoyment of said smut here was lessened by the silliness of the underlying erm, plot I use that word loosely I ll let my status updates speak for themselves 11.0% Does Doug s GF not care about the porn for pay 18.0% I m sorry but I don t know any straight men who kiss each other on the lips Even if your BFF is gay and in need of comfort [...]

    17. 2.5 starsIt has potential I think if there was research done and a better editor used this could be a really good book The sex scenes were well above par and the characters were likeable There were a lot of inconsistencies though The time jumps and poor geography started to get to me in the last quarter of the book I probably wouldn t have noticed if I didn t live where the book is set.

    18. I didn t realize that this was part 2 of a series, so I did NOT read the first one.I liked Syn and Furi However, Furi confused me Was he big and bad or small and scared I pictured him 2 different ways and it was weird.I think I just love hot cops who have a protective streak YUM

    19. 4.75 starsThe gangs all here with two sexy new additions, Corbin Sydney and Furious Barkley Control is the name of this game and Furi is ready to teach Syn on how to give his up Through struggles and misunderstandings Syn and Furious get their HEA.

    20. I enjoyed this book a lot I loved Syn, and how he came to accept that he liked men, and Fury, for being strong and being understanding To those who have read the first book of this series, and is wondering if that little Surprise twist of ahem foursome is goin to appear with this couple or a threesome or partners The answer is YES and NO The main characters are strictly m m, Thank you author but there is a slight cameo of the foursome scene non explicit , with the original trio from the first bo [...]

    21. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review Corbin Syn Sydney has moved to Atlanta to join a prestigious law enforcement task force Being from a law enforcement legacy, Syn has primarily focused his life on being the best police officer possible He has never been in a relationship, but as he settles into his new home and job, he sees Furious, a bartender at the pub across from his home and finds his world rocked Faced with an attraction to Furi, Syn must face sexuality issues [...]

    22. I loved Nothing Special, the first book in this loosely connected series, and was looking forward to reading Embracing His Syn with the expectation that it would be written very similarly to the previous story.To say that I was surprised by the differences would be an understatement, but for someone who isn t fond of surprises, A.E Via managed to pull a winner out of her hat.I loved that the main characters both had strong and confident personalities, but at the same time were very relatable bec [...]

    23. You know what I don t like in my m m books Vaginas I m pretty sure both of the MC s in this book had one They were two angst filled tween girls trapped in men s bodies They both drove me nuts with their over dramatic insta love I can t stand in a m f book when a heroine is written as a stereotypical drama queen It s even worse for me when male characters are written this way There was non stop talking about his man and there were a lot of sappy scenes moments Here s a few examples They d stayed [...]

    24. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Kind of irrelevant, but I loved the characters shorthand names Syn Sydney , Furi Furious , God Godfrey , Day, etc I probably found that entertaining than I should have Syn and Furi s story was equal parts amusing, thrilling, and fun They didn t exactly get off to a good start, Furi being terrified by how he thought Syn would abuse him like his ex husband did And Syn having absolutely no idea if he was even gay or not with mini [...]

    25. I received this book in exchange for an honest review I volunteered to read this book in exchange for a review so I wasn t sure what I was getting I got a very good book I have rounded it up to a 4 star read, it is a 3.5 but doesn t deserve to be rounded down Syn Corbin has recently transferred to Atlanta to pursue his career as a detective with the leading narcotics team Love Syn and love the team, mainly God Cashell Godfrey and Day Leo Day This team is made up of major badasses Kristen Ashley [...]

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