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Blessed Are the Dead #2020

Blessed Are the Dead Nominated for a Macavity Award for Best First Mystery Novel and an Anthony Award for Best First Novel BLESSED ARE THE DEAD was inspired by Belcamino s dealings on the crime beat with a serial killer

  • Title: Blessed Are the Dead
  • Author: Kristi Belcamino
  • ISBN: 9780062338914
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blessed Are the Dead By Kristi Belcamino, Nominated for a Macavity Award for Best First Mystery Novel and an Anthony Award for Best First Novel, BLESSED ARE THE DEAD, was inspired by Belcamino s dealings on the crime beat with a serial killer To catch a killer, one reporter must risk it all San Francisco Bay Area newspaper reporter Gabriella Giovanni spends her days on the crime beat, flitting in and out of otNominated for a Macavity Award for Best First Mystery Novel and an Anthony Award for Best First Novel, BLESSED ARE THE DEAD, was inspired by Belcamino s dealings on the crime beat with a serial killer To catch a killer, one reporter must risk it all San Francisco Bay Area newspaper reporter Gabriella Giovanni spends her days on the crime beat, flitting in and out of other people s nightmares, yet walking away unscathed When a little girl disappears on the way to the school bus stop, her quest for justice and a front page story leads her to a convicted kidnapper, Jack Dean Johnson, who reels her in with promises to reveal his exploits as a serial killer But Gabriella s passion for her job quickly spirals into obsession when she begins to suspect the kidnapper may have ties to her own dark past her sister s murder.Risking her life, her job, and everything she holds dear, Gabriella embarks on a quest to find answers and stop a deranged murderer before he strikes again.Perfect for fans of Sue Grafton and Laura Lippman s Tess Monaghan series

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      224 Kristi Belcamino
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    1. This weekend I finished a fantastic book called Blessed are the Dead by Kristi Belcamino I was lucky enough to have connections in the writer world thanks Owen Laukkanen and obtained an early draft to read as this novel isn t available to the public til June I m looking forward to reading the final published copy for comparison But I do have to say that I think this novel is poorly categorized as being about a serial killer To me I found, at least in this version, the serial killer was a sub plo [...]

    2. A story that s immediately engaging Check Terrific pacing and plot structure A protagonist who s flawed in some ways but for whom we still root Check, check At times I found myself getting angry at Gabriella, but she always redeemed herself later This is truly the sign of a great author one who can create a character who, though fictional, can elicit real emotions from me, both good and bad Had I not known, I d have never guessed this was a debut novel It stands among the best of it s genre I m [...]

    3. Blessed Are the Dead by Kristi Belcamino is a 2014 Witness Impulse Publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by the publisher and Edelweiss.Gabriella Maria Grazia takes her job very seriously She is a crime reporter for a Bay Area newspaper She has news in her blood She lives it, breaths it She is currently coping with yet another break up and an ambitious newbie who isn t beneath trying to a few underhanded tricks to make Gabriella look bad in front her bos [...]

    4. Kristi Belcamino s Gabriella Giovanni has the sharp wit of a seasoned beat reporter and the tragic past of a truly complex heroine As Gabriella delves into the complicated mind of a beguiling criminal to report on a case about the kidnapping of a young girl that is eerily similar to that of her deceased sister, she approaches the source of what makes a killer kill with a refreshing amount of pragmatic compassion Fans of acclaimed shows like The Killing and True Detective will devour BLESSED ARE [...]

    5. A police reporter for a small newspaper in San Francisco for seven years, Gabriella suffers from the hazards of meeting deadlines and blowing off boyfriends by default breaking news stories demand attention Lamentable, yes, but Gabriella thrives under the pressure When 8 year old Jasmine goes missing, and triggers Gabriella s own nightmare her sister was kidnapped and murdered 22 years ago , the suspect in custody reserves his attention and story only for Gabriella Goosebumps Blessed are the Dea [...]

    6. When a series comes highly recommended from people whose opinions you value and trust about great reading, it s both exciting and a bit daunting to finally start reading it There s the anticipation that it is going to be thrilling, but there s also the fear that you might not like it when those trusted friends do Of course, I had the advantage of meeting the author Kristi Belcamino before reading the Gabriella Giovanni series, and it was hard to imagine anything but dynamic being her style in wr [...]

    7. I couldn t put this book down It may be billed as a mystery, but I d argue it s a brilliantly crafted psychological suspense The main character Gabriella Giovani is an Italian American shoot first think later vodka swilling crime beat newspaper reporter She s also my newest favorite character ever move over Valentine Roncalli a la Adriana Trigiani as she races around San Francisco the Bay Area trying to track down leads on a kidnapped girl All the while, Gabriella has sole contact with an incarc [...]

    8. Kristi Belcamino has just added a fiery Italian bombshell to the pantheon of best selling fictional detectives Gabriella Giovanni is right up there with Alex Cross, Kay Scarpetta, Kinsey Milhone, and all the big names She s like Sophia Loren fighting Clarise Starling s demons And the bad guy, Jack Dean Johnson, is believably creepy The dialogue in his scenes really sticks with you Since finishing the book, I ve been keeping an extra close eye on my kids I ve also been making pasta I think Bless [...]

    9. Author Kristi Belcamino lives up to the promise of a reporter compelled to investigate a story that is uncomfortably close to home Gabrielle Giovanni is a likable protagonist, and even her bad decisions felt organic I m looking forward to of her and Donovan and Dusty the whole crew, really in Blessed are the Meek A Gabriella Giovanni Mystery Blessed are the Meek A really fantastic read and I highly recommend it.

    10. A child kidnapper is on the loose Time is running out The case is bringing back painful memories for reporter Gabriella Giovanni Will justice be served A fast paced, detailed narrative laden with mysteries, and a hint of romance, lead the reader and characters through twists and turns.Characters are passionate, varied, develop as the tale progresses, and caring.Overall, a thrilling read.

    11. A thumping good read about a serial killer and the newspaper reporter who becomes the Clarice Starling to his Hannibal Lecter Gabriella is a great main character flawed, relate able, hard nosed and Italian Catholic Loved the details of the newsroom Her killer, based on a real life one, is chillingly credible Plus there s humor, romance, and family drama throughout that elevates this well beyond a by the numbers thriller Can t wait for the sequel, Blessed Are the Meek

    12. Can t recommend this book enough A great debut mystery that doesn t feel anything like a debut Fantastic plot with an even better heroine, one who absolutely can carry a series Belcamino s real life experience as a journalist is evident in her skillful, detailed unraveling of the mystery behind a young girl s disappearance Suspenseful, emotional and smart just a great mystery in every way.

    13. Powerful book Not a cozy mystery, but a solid mystery grounded in basic human desires to be loved and known When confronted with suffering and loss, humanity s choices are surprisingly simple to chose life or death This choice is examined in sharp first person prose that moves the story forward with endearing narratives.

    14. Holy moly, what a ride Once I started reading this book, I didn t want to stop Great job by Kristie Belcamino I just recently discovered this author and I am SO glad I did I really like her style, she grabs your attention from the get go and does not let up I can t wait to read from this author Soon to the NEXT Gabriella Giovanni book

    15. This book was fantastic I usually don t get to read many real mystery books So this was a breath of fresh air The plot was fantastic The characters were original I will not lie, I was stressed till the end Which must explain why I loved the book It is thought provoking And the book left me hanging I have to wait for the next book I can t wait Enjoy it as much as I did

    16. 20015 Anthony Award Nomination Best First NovelFirst Impression Judging by the summary and, God Forbid, the horrible cover, this is residing near the bottom of my pile The reviews are very good but I don t think it s going to be my cup of tea Still, I m trying to read all of the Anthony nominees before October so I ll give it a chance eventually.

    17. A gripping mystery about San Francisco Bay Area investigative reporter Gabriella Giovanni Belcamino had me hooked from the first page, so I kept reading even though this was a bit darker than the mysteries I usually read missing young girls , and I m glad I did I m really impressed that this is Belcamino s debut novel.

    18. Loved the first book in the Gabriella Giovanni Mystery series It dives into the mind of a serial killer, something I ve always wanted to do in real life Thanks to Kristi s real world experience as a crime reporter, her characters come to life on the page and the result is terrifying A must read Can t wait to get to Blessed are the Meek next

    19. Kristi s debut is fantastic Fast paced, smart, and full of all the quirks of the journalism world I know are true I was smiling to myself the whole time at the little insider things only journalists would know.

    20. Loved it I got sucked in very early on and couldn t put it down It has everything I love.ery, romance, and complex characters I details were amazing and brought the story to life for me I can t wait to read the next one

    21. I read Belcamino s book, Blessed are the Dead, in one day Think that alone speaks for itself The plot is gripping and nerve racking This book is well worth reading

    22. Will Leave You Breathless The story opens with Gabriella Giovanni, a crime reporter for the Bay Herald, taking a walk along the beach Her family is with her, and as Gabriella puts it, Everything I ve ever wanted is on that beach Donovan and our daughter, Grace My own little family My life The words define who Ella is, but what would happen if it were all taken away When bodies of young women begin turning up, Ella comes face to face with that possibility Bible verses that are identical to the on [...]

    23. I can t imagine how difficult it must be for a family to lose a little girl to kidnapping and murder This novel tackles the issue with an interesting approach.First reviewed on Literaria sede literariaA reporter is trying to get a scoop about the disappearance of a kid It s a job she takes very seriously After so many years, she s still haunted by her sister s death.I was pleasantly surprised by how warmly human this character is Gabriella Giovanni is a crime reporter with guts and a heart Twist [...]

    24. This is a story that grips you from beginning to end so that it s an effort to pull yourself away from the book Gabriella Giovanni is a young girl of 28 who has suffered through tragedies when she was 6 years Her sister, who was just a few years older than her, was abducted from in front of their house Within a few days, the strain of having his daughter abducted caused her father s heart to give way, and Gabriela discovered his lifeless body in her basement This was followed a few days later by [...]

    25. Gabriella Giovanni, the narrator of Kristi Belcamino s debut novel Blessed is the Dead, is the day police reporter at the Bay Herald At 28 years old, Giovanni as she s known in the news room has survived family tragedy and worked her way up the news room ladder to earn her current beat Strong, compassionate, vulnerable, and completely dedicated to her career, Giovanni has sacrificed much to achieve her goals.While lamenting her anemic love life, fending off the challenge of a new, young reporter [...]

    26. Author Kristi Belcamino does an excellent job accurately portraying what a true journalist is She captures the adrenaline rush that comes with getting the scent of a great story mingled with the gut wrenching knowledge it will mean pain and suffering for someone else.Reporter Gabriella Giovanni enjoys her job as a crime reporter even though secrets from her past haunt her daily and she has problems keeping a steady boyfriend.The kidnapping of a young girl leads Gabriella to a story she knows she [...]

    27. This is the first of the series for Gabriella Giovannia reporter for the San Francisco Bay Area newspaper She goes after the story in such a way it sacrifices her love life She has been engaged but because of the pressures of reporting the news, she seems to let the newspaper take over and forgets about relationships or they feel neglected and leave her.Gabriella or Ella is on the search for a serial killer This one is close to home as her sister was kidnapped and killed when she was only 8 year [...]

    28. Blessed are the Dead touches me in a spot I am not able to itch Somewhere dead center between my shoulder blades that not even the curve of a wire coat hanger can reach This story is about my childhood growing up in Northern California in the towns Gabriella roams searching for clues on her sister s murderer Right smack in the middle of the Zodiac killings, the Vietnam War and children s tongues sliced open from razorblade laced candy picked up while trick or treating on Halloween It s the dark [...]

    29. A Gabriella Giovanni Mystery The heroine is a San Francisco newspaper reporter A girl disappears between her home and the bus stop Her mother and new stepfather are questionable parents, but not likely to have aided in her abduction A man tries to kidnap a girl and is caught He is the prime suspect in the first kidnapping Gabriella is allowed to visit him, and he toys with her as Hannibal Lector did with Starling When they were children, Gabriella s sister had been kidnapped He hints to her that [...]

    30. The back cover of this book shows a comparison to Sue Grafton and Laura Lippman What it should say is that, if this first book is any indication, Kristi Belcamino is better than both of them I could not put this book down It was just the right combination of background and mystery Nothing bores me than a book with too much background and not enough action, which I find both Grafton and Lippman can sometimes suffer from This was fast paced and kept me interested the entire book Highly recommende [...]

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