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Taken #2020

Taken The playboy Khalid Francois Du s is a man who isn t afraid to take what he wants And what he wants is Olivia Bryant His best friend s sister she was supposed to be off limits but Olivia quickly becom

  • Title: Taken
  • Author: Koko Brown
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 498
  • Format: ebook
  • Taken By Koko Brown, The playboy Khalid Francois Du s is a man who isn t afraid to take what he wants And what he wants is Olivia Bryant His best friend s sister, she was supposed to be off limits but Olivia quickly becomes a fever in his blood he simply can t shake He will do whatever it takes to have her with him and underneath him, even if it means kidnapping.The independent woman OliviaThe playboy Khalid Francois Du s is a man who isn t afraid to take what he wants And what he wants is Olivia Bryant His best friend s sister, she was supposed to be off limits but Olivia quickly becomes a fever in his blood he simply can t shake He will do whatever it takes to have her with him and underneath him, even if it means kidnapping.The independent woman Olivia Bryant vows to never marry, instead choosing to focus on her career But a clandestine encounter with Khalid threatens her resolve Though her mind says no, her body screams yes Her only option is to reject the arrogant industrialist who believes a woman s place is in his bed.When Olivia rejects Khalid s advances, he takes matters in his own hands and whisks her away to placate his obsession From the tempestuous passion of their first encounter, across stormy seas, to a beautiful oasis in Africa, Olivia becomes his prisoner and a slave to Khalid s all consuming seduction.

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      498 Koko Brown
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    1 thought on “Taken

    1. I reached that moment in a story, when you realize these people are so annoying and don t care what happens to them DNF

    2. I didn t hate this book, but I definitely thought I would like it than I did Review to comeFull ReviewI want to start off by saying that the cover of Taken is one of my favorite covers of the year It is striking in the intensity of the model s stare and clearly it s not a cover that has launched a thousand previous books.This guy just seems to stare through you even though he s a bit heavy on the smudgy eyeliner and dares you to pass up on the opportunity to read his story inside With that cove [...]

    3. 3.5 Stolen StarsCopy Provided by Author for Honest ReviewI m not really sure how I feel about Taken I guess I thought I would like it than I did Khalid really is a man stuck in his ways One look at Olivia and he has to have her, even with the obvious scorn and sexual tension she shoots his way I did appreciate the slow buildup into a relationship, I just wish both these characters weren t so thickheaded and knew how to communicate better A strong willed American woman and a privileged foreigner [...]

    4. I m a bit torn on this one The basic plot was solid, but there were times where this historical romance felt very much like a contemporary story The dialogue, references to a cold shower, and editing hiccups all kept giving me little jolts that would take me out of the referenced time period I have a hard time believing that a woman of Olivia s stature in the early 1900 s would have allowed Khalid the access to her body that he had on the very first night of them meeting Olivia is a young, fresh [...]

    5. Olivia Bryant s an independant young lady just graduating from college with a plan She doesn t see a marriage and family in her immedate future She looking to accomplished some goals first Working along side her brother Harry she set out to do just that Only Olivia s plans halted by the one thing she vowed she didn t want and has avoided.With one look at pair of green eyes have not only locked down her body,but Olivia s brain is no longer functioning correctly Powerless to an unknown need formin [...]

    6. Merde the only French word people seemed to know in this book Since it is my favorite French word, I ll give Ms Koko a pass This story is pretty much full of jerks and none of the characters are truly likable, but they aren t awful either Kahlid is a sexy jerk and Olivia is strong yet wishy washy The constant back and forth started working my nerves and I lost interest But there is something to the story, and I love alternative universe historical romance I d say read with caution and know there [...]

    7. I am not going to lie here when I started this book I was apprehensive I was also uneasy about it Especially when the kidnapping and imprisonment occurs That just rubbed me wrong and got my hackles up I was close to putting the book down and calling it a day because of how uneasy I was about that concept I mean this supposed gorgeous man kidnaps his best friends sister so she can be his plaything because he can t get her out of his mind and when he hears she is going to visit a man after she tur [...]

    8. Genre Erotic historical I guess Setting NYC and Sahara desert, early 1900sAbout a 2.5, okay but nothing special and I got bored halfway thru Probably the 7100th The Sheik knock off I have read.

    9. 2.5 stars Received book in exchange for an honest review I had seen the cover art for Taken around social media for a little bit and was intrigued I couldn t tell if it were a male or female, and the Arab garb definitely piqued my interest I tell you, I was hungry for a new story A new world sigh Taken has a promising start, but quickly becomes a series of disjointed narrations focusing mostly on Olivia Bryant, a newly minted college graduate with a degree in nursing whose sole goal is to work a [...]

    10. The synopsis of the story had me hooked The H was incredibly possessive and obsessive of the h The h was the character I did not like At first she is angry about being kidnapped but she quickly makes a nympho giving the H her virginity as if it was nothing and never thinks about it again I didn t understand how she could be so happy sleeping with the H nonstop without a care about her old life including her brother Then all of sudden after months of throwing caution to the wind when the H gifts [...]

    11. I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review I will first off say that I love abduction stories, add a sheikh bedouin and I m already there salivating Can I just say that this book starts off with a punch that I wasn t expecting I mean can you say, Deer Hunter I immediately felt the sparks from this couple from the moment they laid eyes on each other, even when Olivia doth protest too much And yes, I liked Khalid than Olivia He was arrogant, stubborn, and s pig headed chauvinist.But tha [...]

    12. Khalid and Olivia meet for the very first time and they have an immediate attraction to each other While Olivia being a women of principle tries to fight the attraction and Khalid being a person who is used to having women fall at his feet at his mere presence, can t understands the rejection from Olivia Khalid not used to NO especially from the persons of the opposite sex, throws all caution to the winds to have what he wants.I enjoy the versatility of the different cultures and ethnic backgrou [...]

    13. Book gifted from the author in exchange for an honest review.Cover 4 starsSex steaminess 4 starsStory line 2 starsCharacters 2 starsOverall rating 3 starsPersonal rating 3 starsBook Pairing M FDid it give me a book hangover NoIs this a review book or personal read Review readWhy I chose this book I got the chance to join the blog tourWhat I liked about this book Some of the scenes were good The writing was good What I didn t like about this book I found the story hard to read, disagreeing with a [...]

    14. Excellent Book After visiting many middle eastern countries, I was happy to see the Author s description were on point I loved the romantic chemistry between the main characters and the arrogance of the male was strangely enjoyable Kept me turning the pages and engaged.

    15. This was my first book by Koko Brown and I must admit it was a 6 star for me it was well written awesome characters, Strong female leadI will be reading book written by Mrs Brown

    16. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickTaken is the first book that I have ever read by Koko Brown, and I had absolutely no idea what to expect with this one I was drawn in from the blurb because this one sounded so unique and completely different from anything I have read before It definitely was unlike any other book I have read, and I honestly am not quite sure what to think after having finished On one hand I liked parts of the story, and yet I am still having a tough time with [...]

    17. As with any story, the plot, setting, and characters are the backbone without a specific synergy between these facets, a potentially phenomenal story could spiral out of control quickly If even one of those facets is missing or under developed, the story suffers, leaving the reader to wonder just what happened.This is the case with Taken.I was thoroughly intrigued by the premise of Taken, so much so that initially, I started with a sort of simmering excitement, believing that I would be thrust i [...]

    18. What an amazing story by Author Koko Brown.One of the things I have learned from reading books by such amazing authors is the ability to tell a story with such detail and emotion So up uh so you find yourself becoming a part of the actual story That is a true testament of an excellent story teller.This story is set in the early 1900 s which I found to be quite interesting Khalid Francois Duis is a Worley young man with a lot of money, a dual heritage and a penchant for getting what he wants and [...]

    19. What happens when obsession becomes too much Khalid is mesmerized by Olivia the sister of his college roommate, Harry, as soon as he lays eyes on her Olivia feels the same, but denies it On the first day they meet the two share a passionate moment and Khalid even goes as far as proposing to Olivia yet she rejects him and decides to take a short trip when Khalid ends up staying at her house Khalid doesn t like that so he has her kidnapped, I know drastic much, and brought to Africa where his moth [...]

    20. I received an ARC of Taken for an honest review.Let me say, from the first time I saw Miss Brown s cover, I was intrigued The eyes of her hero captivated me I am a lover of romance novels, specifically historical romance novels, and yes, even the tacky bodice ripper novels As a teen, I was enthralled by the worlds created by Johanna Lindsey, Iris Johansen and Susan Johnson So, opening up Taken was a treat for me.Things I loved the book s setting it s clear Miss Brown conducted extensive research [...]

    21. Length 243 pagesStyle Historical Romance Story GOODIntimacy level GOODEnjoyment FAIRSeries N APrice 2.993.85 Stars The GoodI love Sheik romances, especially ones that has the captive concept What I love about Taken, is that it reminds me and brought me back to the throw backs, such as Johanna Lindsey s Captive and Connie Mason s Sheikh It wasn t as intense as those books, but had that familiar feel to it Khalid was your typical cocky playboy who only thought about himself until that moment when [...]

    22. I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading Taken Not that I expected it to be bad, I just don t usually go in for abduction stories But it sounded interesting, and, I ll be honest, any book that has POC main characters in it is going to intrigue me The location also had an influence in my decision to read and review this book I love to travel and also to read books set in different and exotic at least to me places And finally, as a fan of Nascar I liked the fact that Khalid was a racing enthusia [...]

    23. I remember growing up reading about the Sheikhs kidnapping the English Maiden and taming them cough BERTRICESMALLS cough She would fight hard to resist his charms, but the erotic pleasures would soon overtake her and she would succumb to desire I always wondered as a young and impressionable teen I m so serious did they ever kidnap brown girls I was like did they only ever kidnap English peeps to bring to their naughty harem It s nice to know that future teens growing up wanting to sneak and rea [...]

    24. Khalid Francois Duis is a wealthy industrialist 27 years During a dinner at the home of Harry, a roommate at Yale, he met his sister Olivia She is a very independent woman graduated and worked as a head nurse at his brotherKhalid is hosted in the house of the two brothers and the night has a passionate encounter with Olivia and he was fascinated The girl becomes his obsession, wants her in his life, is willing to marry her but she prefers her independence So in order to get what he wants kidnaps [...]

    25. Khalid Olivia BRAB Online Book ClubThis is my first book by Koko Brown and it was a pleasant read for me When Khalid met Olivia at her brother s house, it was love at first site for them both Khalid, used to having women fall at his feet was horrified when Olivia showed him she was not one of those women What does Khalid do He kidnaps her and take her to Africa where he intended to break her, only to have it backfire and he found himself with the one woman who could and did break him completely. [...]

    26. there was such care taken in developing the characters that the ending felt rushed to me normally i like the hea ending with the nice little bow but this particular bow could ve taken a bit time time to tie for me don t know why or how it could ve looked since i m not a writer just a reader with one opinion, otherwise this would ve gotten 5 stars both olivia and khalid had just enough stubbornness and love for the other to make it work and the era of nyc and the desert provided and intriguing s [...]

    27. In my opinion, this was a fairly good IR that was captivating in some parts, and lagging in others.Overall, I liked it, but I had an issue with the antihero having an abrupt change of attitude Whenever a writer makes me question the believability of a character storyline, then I have a serious problem with parking my sense of logic on the proverbial sideline, and just going with the flow Regardless of what the crowd may say, the premise was good, but the execution was not pitch perfect.Giving th [...]

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