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Cured #2020

Cured Jacqui still remembers what it was like before the honeybee virus destroyed her world Before children turned into beasts and men desperate for power became raiders Before she had to disguise herself a

  • Title: Cured
  • Author: Bethany Wiggins
  • ISBN: 9780802737878
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cured By Bethany Wiggins, Jacqui still remembers what it was like before the honeybee virus destroyed her world Before children turned into beasts and men desperate for power became raiders Before she had to disguise herself as a boy And before her brother Dean left and never came back Jack asks Fiona and Jonah Tarsis to help find Dean, and they quickly set out along with Fiona s boyfriend, BoJacqui still remembers what it was like before the honeybee virus destroyed her world Before children turned into beasts and men desperate for power became raiders Before she had to disguise herself as a boy And before her brother Dean left and never came back Jack asks Fiona and Jonah Tarsis to help find Dean, and they quickly set out along with Fiona s boyfriend, Bowen in search of their loved ones But Jacqui soon discovers that they ve kept a dangerous secret from her they have the cure With their survival hanging in the balance, Jacqui and her friends must restore their families, preserve the cure, and fight for the chance to rebuild their shattered world.Fans of Marissa Meyer and Marie Lu won t want to miss this heart pounding and imaginative science fiction adventure.

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      270 Bethany Wiggins
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    1 thought on “Cured

    1. I m sooo excited I thought the first book was the best book I have ever read I am going to try to find other books like this Bethany Wiggins is a great author

    2. I enjoyed the first book in the series and was happy when I learned after finishing it that there was going to be a sequel, it seemed there was still so much that needed to be done and so many that needed to be saved, so many that needed the Cure.And as I started this one, I realized something very important, I had no idea what in the world was going on Okay, not a great way to start out a book but, who in the heck was Jack and where was I So yeah, I needed a little refresher, or a big refresher [...]

    3. Book Cured 2 by Bethany WigginsGenre Romance, Dystopia, Post Apoclopystic, Horror, Science Fiction.Creatures Zombies.Age Young Adult, Mature.Pages 321 pages.Format Ebook Kindle Publication March 13th 2014 by Bloomsbury Childrens.Final Rating 2.5 5The real me exists only in dreams now The other me The one that exists in the real world That s the Fake me Bethany Wiggins, CuredYou know, when I am starting to like something, usually it s either going to get cancelled, or it ends with a sour taste fo [...]

    4. This is the second in the Stung series, and I liked it better than the firstinly because the protagonist, Jacqui, appealed to me a lot than Fiona Tarsis from the first book.Jacqui is now known as Jack she s forced into cross dressing by her family who want to keep her safe in a female exploiting world post bee plague Jack has some image issues, thanks to her early years as an obese teen When her weight is the reason she s denied sanctuary inside the wall, her parents create their own fortress a [...]

    5. This book is beyond amazing Like beyond beyond It is WAY better than the first one I like Jacqui better a a character and the overall storyline is amazing Plus the fact that Kevin is amazing He was the best character in the whole book.So after book one, the cure is found blah blah blah and now Jacqui, Fo, Bowen, and Jonah are going to find Dean and Mrs Tarsis Only to enlist the help of Kevin along the way Kevin is my all time favorite character from this series His jokes are just the best I know [...]

    6. This book was just as good as the first Jacqui was the main character rather than Fiona Jack asked Fo and Bowen and Jonah to help her find her brother Along the way they meet Kevin Undercover Siren, faking being a raider He falls in love with Jack and as the story unfolds you will feel excited, happy, angry and fall in love with the whole thing.

    7. I loved Stung LOVED it The world was amazing, the idea of it was unique and intriguing, and the beasts were scary I rated it 4.5 stars Somewhere between Stung and Cured, the magic was lost.Don t get me wrong, I still enjoyed it But, there was none of the epic world building that I adored so much in the first book There was little to no talk about the bees or the virus, and the beasts only made an appearance once or twice This book was really of a story about a girl finding her way in the world, [...]

    8. I ve forgotten most of Stung There was bee flu, but the vaccine turned people into beasts The population is low now due to lack of crops no bee pollination, or there s killer bee population , bees killing people, or people killing people This isn t really explained in Cured it s this is how things are now deal with it.The author succeeds in creating a genuinely dystopian world In this rampant rape culture, females are particularly sought after now that a hundred captives of raiders have been my [...]

    9. NOTE This is a review of the entire duology I ve had the Stung duology on my tbr for a very long time It s one of those series where the synopsis has always intrigued me, but it kept getting pushed to the bottom of my stack of books because I kept adding and books to my tbr Recently, a readathon happened and I decided it would be the perfect time to read the duology I loved it I wish I would have read it sooner.The Stung duology was everything that a dystopian series should be It was thrilling [...]

    10. WARNING Spoilers are in this review near the end WARNING I Have No Words This book was written superbly It drew out many emotions from me I teared up meaning full out crying, big, fat tears many times This book blew my mind The characters were all wonderfully developed and likeable I thought I wouldn t like the POV change from Fiona to Jacqui, but OH MY BANANAS I think I liked Jacqui s POV EVEN MORE She was such a strong narrator and she made me reach out to her in every part of my heart Her inc [...]

    11. 2.5 stars I m not quite sure where to go with this book Everything was happening and jumping, but there was no character or world development Spoilers down below The book was basically I m a girl but in this devastating world I must become a boy Why Because people want to rape me and all the other women because when times are tough, instead of finding a way to make the world better, men get horny and needy and make the world even worse Anyway, I m on the run to find my brother who has disappeare [...]

    12. I really enjoyed Stung so when I heard about a sequel I was very excited When I did first hear about it I thought it would be from Fo s perspective and normally I don t like books that change perspective from novel to novel However I did not mind the change in perspective with this novel and in some ways I actually preferred hearing from Jacqui than from Fo.The look into Jacqui s past that we got made me realise how lucky Fo was She may have been very ill, but at least behind the wall she was sa [...]

    13. The thing about Cured is that it s basically Stung with a likable protagonist Of course, it also has the same old unlikable characters from the other book, but to a lesser extent on the upside, we now know that Bowen is incredibly condescending and demeaning to all women, not just ones he s supposedly in love with If the original problems from Wiggins first novel minimal world building narrow, sexist classifications of men and women instalove trying to disguise itself as a quality relationship [...]

    14. This book is just as amazing as the first one While I was reading Cured I thought this series would continue but it seems that this is the end in this bilogy I liked the main characters a lot and the way their relationship is developed really had me happy I loved the way Bethany Wiggins linked the first and second novel seamlessly I m definitely waiting for a new novel written by Bethany Wiggins She had a top spot in my favorite YA Writer s list Be sure to get lots of excitement and emotion read [...]

    15. Unbelievable really So riveting and wild I dream vividly and horribly and couldn t dream anything this fantastic If you like YA fiction, read this series.

    16. Review coming soon to Cabin Goddess I loved this and it s previous book I love this series May I have another, PleasE LOL

    17. After completing the first book in the series of Stung, I found the story perplexing and was grabbed into the two book series I figured I would find out how the story would continue by picking up Cured and seeing how the author would create something intriguing.Taking place at an unknown time in the future, humanity is forced to fend for themselves against humans turned beasts Years before humanity was forced on the edge of extinction, the bee population of the world began to die meaning less f [...]

    18. This book was one of the best books I ve ever read, I couldn t put it down and I m sad that I finished it so fast This is the second book of Stung, and I personally thought it was better than its first book The main character is Jacqui, a girl who is part of the rare few that is unaffected by the bee vaccine This book is about her journey to find her brother, Dean Along with being super thrilling, this book had just the right amount of romance in it This is why i gave Cured a full five stars.

    19. This book can really keep your attention You can never be quite sure what Jack and her friends will be up to next and where this journey might take them The author also uses some great word choice to keep the reader inclined in the story This is a great sequel to the amazing book stung

    20. This book was amazing and even better than the first one Even though they introduce new characters they bring back old ones It is a mix between action packed and emotional I really liked it.

    21. I liked the book Cured because of many reasons Like the book made me feel a whole bunch of different emotions inside me, like the emotion of happiness or relief Even some of sadness and anxiousness I also felt some deep feelings about how some of the characters were dealing with deep and difficult problems Like when Jacqui, the main character, is running from Raiders and doesn t know if she could trust anyone She also experiences the emotion of confusion and weather she can trust people who say, [...]

    22. 3.5 5Cured has been an anticipated read for me ever since I read, and enjoyed, Stung earlier this year Although I wasn t expecting the change in protagonist, I think it worked quite well once I got over the fact that I wasn t going to be in Fiona s head again.Cured is the story of Jacqui, who met briefly at the beginning of Stung Since she and her mother were denied residence behind the Wall, Jacqui has lived her life as a boy named Jack A few years ago, her brother Dean set out to help Fiona s [...]

    23. Jaqui has been living the last few years as a boy since the virus broke out, because women are stolen for many reasons Her family has been making due on the outskirts of town, but when her older brother left, Jack has wanted nothing than to find him After she sees her old friend Fiona again, who was suppose to be a mindless beast, she realizes she needs to find her brother She sets out on a very dangerous mission that she might not return from.This is the second book in the series, and I person [...]

    24. I second the last statement in this summary This is a stunning series, and I absolutely loved this second installment No second book slump here This one moved us further into this new world that everyone has to live with, and it s great to see some new places and meet some new people.I like the fact that the author has moved us out of the original setting and out further into the world, as our small group of characters are trying to reach what is rud to be a safe settlement in Wyoming Naturally, [...]

    25. Jacqui Bloom, was a story waiting to be told from Stung, and boy, what an amazing story she turned out to be.The strong willful and haunted Jack Jacqui shines quite brightly as the central character of Cured If anyone who has read its predecessor has any qualms about a story being able to hold its own in light of the fabulousness that is Stung, and Fiona, Bowen, and Jonah please rest assured that Jacqui fills the bill in spades.Now that Fiona and Bowen have manged to find not only the cure, but [...]

    26. After reading Stung, I couldn t wait to read Cured to see what had happened after the end of Stung But while I really liked Stung, I thought Cured was just okay.I just wasn t as drawn in by Cured as I was expecting I liked seeing what happened after people learned about the cure and I liked seeing a different part of the world that Jacqui lived in and how different her life is We do see characters from Stung, as well as new characters, and I liked seeing how things turned out for Fiona and her b [...]

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