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Operation Zulu Redemption: Hazardous Duty - Part 3 #2020

Operation Zulu Redemption Hazardous Duty Part None

  • Title: Operation Zulu Redemption: Hazardous Duty - Part 3
  • Author: Ronie Kendig
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Operation Zulu Redemption: Hazardous Duty - Part 3 By Ronie Kendig, None

    • BEST E-Book "☆ Operation Zulu Redemption: Hazardous Duty - Part 3" || READ (MOBI) ✓
      298 Ronie Kendig
    • thumbnail Title: BEST E-Book "☆ Operation Zulu Redemption: Hazardous Duty - Part 3" || READ (MOBI) ✓
      Posted by:Ronie Kendig
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    1 thought on “Operation Zulu Redemption: Hazardous Duty - Part 3

    1. The action and danger intensified in this episode And the love triangle between Annie, Sam and Trace gets complicated soI m silently rooting for Trace, but think it will be Sam and the the Turk brings another twist to everything.I have no idea what happened and who is behind it Looking forward to the final episode to see all the mysteries being resolved.Highly recommended if you love fast action packed military stories.

    2. It has to be the beginning of the end Just what kind of end remains to be seen Members of ZULU, an elite all female special operations team, have been trying to remain invisible for weeks, while their former commander Trace Weston commandeers a plan to thwart international efforts to assassinate the remaining soldiers on his team He has acted on every clue, every suspicion, every piece of evidence and yet, Annie, Teya, Nuala and Keeley appear to be in as much danger as they were when the team re [...]

    3. So much going on in this installment Still trying to figure out what happened in Misrata five years before, the women of the Zulu team are still in danger Twists and turns around every corner have them confused about who to trust Then there is Sam Caliguari Determined to find out what happened to Ashland Annie , Sam has plastered her picture all over the networks putting her in serious danger Trace is ready to kill Sam for that stunt so he brings Sam in Annie is not happy with either man because [...]

    4. More great action insight into the Misrata scandal tension between Trace and Annie and what about Sam There s a lot to love in this latest installment I don t want to give anything specific away in this review, so I will just say that there is a great love triangle going on, some unrequited love, and lots and lots of danger The action is intense and the twists are exciting Who is to blame for Misrata Who is after the team and trying to take them out And who in the world is The Turk I love how [...]

    5. Operation Zulu Redemption Hazardous Duty Part 3 has been the most emotion of the episodes for me I hate love triangles and this is what we have with Annie and Trace and Sam Former SEAL, Sam, will not give up to find Annie, which causes Trace to take matters into his own hands He brings Sam to them Sam participates in a mission to help them but at what costs Teya has encounters with The Turk Frankie is still trying to investigate Trace with some help this time Once you start reading this series [...]

    6. this series is one of the best that I have ever read it kept me hostage until the very last page

    7. Yet another cliffhanger Why must you do this to my poor frazzled nerves Ronie This time around, we get to dive into another layer of the Misrata incident I m seriously starting to think that Misrata was really just a cover for something much bigger and worse and unfortunately, Zulu was tapped for that mission because they were convenient I mean, it s stated that a lot of people were uncomfortable with the fully female special ops team, so maybe whatever was going down in Misrata was going to hap [...]

    8. Another suspense filled episode Okay, I have to confess that I read the first episode of this series and was cocky enough to think I knew the characters pretty well and had a decent idea of where everything would end up I have given that up completely now Ronie has blown all of my preconceived notions out of the water, never to return to Earth There are so many twists and turns that it is seriously pretty much impossible to guess where the story will go next I was on the edge of my seat through [...]

    9. Operation Zulu Redemption Part 3 Hazardous Duty by Ronie Kendig5 starsThis is great series that drives me crazy too with all the cliffhangers It is full of drama, action, cliffhangers, sure never know who to trust and no idea how it will end The characters make me care about them It did answer all the cliffhangers at the end of Out of Nowhere Plus left us a few that I really want to know I finished Hazardous after 11 00 PM and I have the next episode I have to start reading it even when its so [...]

    10. The fate of multiple agents were left hanging in the balance at the end of Part 2 If your heart survived that ending then you may be ready for Part 3 Hazardous Duty Now discover how each member managed to evade death and lived to fight another day Still in the slums, Nuala and Teya render aid to an unlikely fellow but will it be enough to settle the vendetta he has against Teya Rest assured that this is not the last time these two will cross paths In fact, he dredges up a ghost from Teya s past [...]

    11. My pulse is racing just thinking about Part 3 Sam has been takenwhere, you ll find out, but things are heating up like never before Suddenly, the stakes are raised when Teya realizes she has shot The Turk, the assassin on a mission to take her life Annie has been captured in Greece and Francesca is still hot on Traces tail In this third installment of Operation Zulu, you ll be faced with twists and turns The question of who is behind Misrata still hangs persistently in the background, while the [...]

    12. Intense action, romance plot twists Hazardous Duty picks up where Out of Nowhere left on a cliff hanger Usually at this point in a novel, I have my favorite couple, I can pick out who the bad guy is going to be, and the plot is fairly easy to guess moving forward Not so with Operation Zulu I feel like I ve lived with these characters and while I m waiting on the edge of my seat for final resolution, the thought of only one installment is nerve wracking Ronie Kendig has actually achieved somethi [...]

    13. I think spine tingling suspense and danger says it all No longer hiding in the safe house, the team is now spread out following leads or trying to keep themselves alive Unpredictable is the only way I know how to explain what happens next Ronie loves to follow her own path in writing and not conform to predictable plots I m on the edge of my seat reading each page thinking I know what is going to happen, but each character is so unique and special that it takes me on an awesome literary adventur [...]

    14. Operation Zulu Redemption Part 3 Hazardous Duty, By Ronie KendigTrace Weston and his team search for clues to clear up the damage created at Misrata People are getting in the way of the truth and the team s safety but what can they do about it Sam Caliguari has no idea the danger he s created for the woman he loves Francesca Solomon believes truth is what she searches for and she intends to use it to destroy LTC Weston.Facing danger on all sides is nothing new to the team but they are beginning [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this episode as the adventure has become a whole lot intriguing now Ronie has done a great job making the reader guess as to what is to happen next by having the team chase down particular leads only to find there are even to explore to solve the puzzle of who is hunting the Zulu team.We see an increase in the emotion in this episode as the Annie Trace Sam love triangle gets good airtime as does Boone s grappling with Keeley s struggle to stay alive I do wonder, however, if du [...]

    16. With a stunning cliffhanger, Operation Zulu Redemption Hazardous Duty Part 3 met and exceeded every expectation possible I felt like I was riding at an accelerated speed the whole time I was reading this installment Not one moment did the momentum lag, but swept me along with an energy so palpable I could almost feel electricity in the air From crackerjack sniper shots to stealth maneuvering, the depth of dedication and unrelenting determination is unmistakable in Team ZULU Adding a little roma [...]

    17. This is another great episode on this action packed series Trace is taken out of the action when he is called to testify at another congressional investigation, thanks to Francesca She will not give up until she sees the man ruined Teya gets lots of action in this episode as her past comes to the present to haunt her The Turk manipulates her to do a dangerous operation, promising it will clear Trace of any responsibility of Misrata But could it be a trap Sam is not on the scene and Annie is trou [...]

    18. After leaving readers hanging with a killer cliffhanger in Out of Nowhere, Ronie Kendig opens Part 3 of Operation Zulu Redemption with a shocking bang Despite the fact that only one episode remains, the identity of Team Zulu s ultimate enemy continues to elude me Kendig infuses her characters with a depth that often made me forget they are fictitious as I alternated between fascination, anger, joy, annoyance, and other emotions that I couldn t always pinpoint At times, I wanted to smack sense i [...]

    19. Talk about intense This is the first serial novel I ve read, and it was an interesting format It felt like a TV drama episode, how it kept switching between points of view to keep the pace fast moving The premise of an all female special forces team definitely caught my attention, and the author made it seem realistic by not making them all best buddies, but individual soldiers with distinctly different strengths and personalities There is plenty of action and suspense, with some relationship dr [...]

    20. Well Along for another ride, at least Teya didn t get smacked around too much this time We learn where Sam ends up n Keeley needs our prayers Boone must be going through deep dark despair as Rusty goes over to Germany to be backup Trace and Annie have a kiss but Annie is divided Noodle has questions about the Loring s family which maybe a new lead Oh for the next book

    21. Part 4 of Operation Zulu is the best of the series yet Everything is intensifying as the team is getting closer to answers but also in danger of everything falling apart High impact and intense action, love, suspense, rapid fire fiction delivers another exiting read

    22. The last book in this series was a little hard to get through but Ronnie than made up for it in the fast pace adventure of this book looking forward to part 4.

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