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Human Choices #2020

Human Choices Khy is a prisoner and a slave His life consists of days of drudgery and nights of agony He has no memory of anything else yet he knows there must be beyond the fog that shrouds his mind When his Mast

  • Title: Human Choices
  • Author: Jaye McKenna
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 423
  • Format: ebook
  • Human Choices By Jaye McKenna, Khy is a prisoner and a slave His life consists of days of drudgery and nights of agony He has no memory of anything else, yet he knows there must be beyond the fog that shrouds his mind When his Master is called away on urgent business and Khy is left alone, a moment of unexpected clarity has him running for freedom.Jaedin is done running, both from war in the norKhy is a prisoner and a slave His life consists of days of drudgery and nights of agony He has no memory of anything else, yet he knows there must be beyond the fog that shrouds his mind When his Master is called away on urgent business and Khy is left alone, a moment of unexpected clarity has him running for freedom.Jaedin is done running, both from war in the north and from his lover s tragic death He s settled in the tiny village of Rosefire, and has finally achieved an uneasy truce with his grief Jaedin s hard won peace is shattered when he places himself between Khy and the band of brigands hunting him During the scuffle, Khy panics and works the leythe to set loose a spell When the dust settles, Khy has fled and Jaedin finds himself haunted by something far darker than his own past In order to regain his peace and his sanity Jaedin sets off in search of the young man who has cursed him What he finds threatens not only his own personal equilibrium, but the balance of the leythe itself To protect the leythe, Khy must face his tormentor and fight to free himself from the man who considers him both pawn and prize To protect the man he loves, he must do it alone Author s Note Human Choices is a stand alone novel that takes place in the same world as Human Frailties, Human StrengthsThis story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story Photo Description A young man with striking blue eyes, long hair, and a beard stares at the camera He wears a breastplate over a simple tunic.This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

    • [KINDLE] ☆ Human Choices | BY ã Jaye McKenna
      Jaye McKenna

    1 thought on “Human Choices

    1. 4.5 starsKhy has been held prisoner for years, drugged, bound with a collar around his neck that keeps him from using his leythe energy, and forced to serve Master Rikard Treated like a slave during the day and enduring agony at night as his power is ripped from him for Rikard s nefarious use, Khy has little memory of any other life Until one day his master is called away on urgent business, and Khy is left alone When the drugs wear off, he makes a break for freedom while he can.He meets Jaedin, [...]

    2. 4.5This story is amazing Great world building, beautiful characterization, and an intense story with a sweet hurt comfort theme that avoids over the top angst Everything flows just right, with perfect pacing no dragging or rushing I love it all hugs e reader

    3. 2.5I don t remember when was the last time when it was so hard to decide between 2 and 3 I m going to round up b c it s available for free, and I got this impression that the author loves the fantasy world she created and cares about her characters Reading this story was like up and down, down and up An example of down up view spoiler The writer lead us believe that this is yet another fantasy story were virginity is some sort of superpower And then she went NOPE Mwahaha hide spoiler The opening [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsA magic user and a ranger meet in Rosefire Nice world building and characters in this prisoner and white knight fantasy tale Khy is much than he appears and Jaedin has been equally as numb when their worlds collide Solid read with some hurt comfort themes, but I really want Tor and Varian s story.

    5. This is a lot of fun The world building is fantastic and the MCs are sympathetic and cool I really liked the opening section where Khy is zoned out I was a bit underwhelmed by the final 20%, especially Varian, who is full of wise, gnomic statements that sound like an Obi Wan and Gandalf mash up, with a bit of Dumbledore thrown in He just felt predictable and generic than the rest of the story But overall, this is a solid fantasy adventure Terrific addition to the Love s Landscape s event.

    6. If you enjoyed Human Frailties or the extended version Human Frailties, Human Strengths that was for last years event Then you are going to love this one.Khy has been a slave for many years, drugged to keep under control Until one day he is alone, and the drugs wear off Jaedin is a loner that is still grieving his dead lover, but after helping to save Khy s life he is all Jaedin can think about Is it a curse, spell or something While I really enjoyed this book, I do have to warn people of the d [...]

    7. first read June 2014Re read July 20164.5 Stars rounded upVery well written fantasy set in the same world as last year s Human Frailties and whilst it does re visit the characters from that story this can definitely be read as a stand alone Khy is a slave, but escpaes the captivity of his Master, Rickard, who has collared him with a leythe chain to bind and steal his power He connects with Jaedin, a former mercenary and ranger, and together the pair have to try and free Khy from the leythe chain [...]

    8. Good start with an intriguing premise and interesting characters and world building, but soon fizzles away to mediocrity and thus, an easily forgettable read.

    9. Jaedin has been living a solitude life for the past five years, since the death of his lover His vow is to never fall in love again or touch another man All is well until he meets Khy Khy flips his world upside and brings him and Khy together to go on a quest Khy has been held prisoner for ten or so years, drugged out of his mind and abused and used Then one day, his Master leaves and his servants left for the village, leaving Khy alone He forgets his medicine and for the first time in a very lo [...]

    10. Jaye McKenna is a High Priestess of Angst, and this is another excellent example of her devotion to deliciously torturing her characters Khy has been enslaved for years, existing in a drugged stupor as his master abuses Khy s innate magical abilities for his own nefarious purposes Jaedin is a soldier who has spent years trying to get over the death of his lover When their lives collide, these two broken men find that their jagged edges fit together like puzzle pieces Reading about their journey [...]

    11. Offered for FREE from the M M Romance Group s Love s Landscapes event Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated

    12. The weakest of the three stories I never particularly liked the main characters, but I did delight in the appearance of Tor and Varian Ash from the first two books Too much tell and not enough show.

    13. It started off great intriguing and captivating and engaging all at once Khy s drugged medication wearing off so quickly was kind of eh, but I suspended disbelief Jaedin going back and forth about wanting to help becoming involved and then trying to rid himself of the trouble was pretty cool, a internal sort of conflict rather than external for the relationship Then, stuff happens Running and tracking and being captured and drugged and nearly raped, rescued and healed and then a scene where is [...]

    14. This was an amazing continuation of the story Jaye wrote for last year s event and then expanded into a novel I just loved this story, it was full of such sad moments view spoiler such as the torture and drugging that Khy experienced and the horrors and grief that Jaedin experienced during the war, there was also a dub con rape scene between Khy and Jaedin that I found exceptionally hard to read hide spoiler but I found the beautiful moments helped balance out the heavy emotion of the story And [...]

    15. I really liked Khy and Jaedin s world They are interesting characters Khy drew me in because of his obvious issues which later have an interesting reason for being His plight and his fear comes across well Jaedin is drawn in by magic as well as a voice starts echoing in his mind He d rather just stay in his village mourning his lost lover but he is brought into Khy s terrifying plight.I thought they made a good couple though both the near rape and the later dub con scene were a bit tough to read [...]

    16. OMG, this story I was gripped from the beginning as Khy fought against the drug that had him bound and then as Jaedin was drawn into his plight I watched as their relationship grew deeper with every line and rejoiced as they had their happy ever after, or at least happy for now, I would like to think it is HEA.The world Jaye has created is full of mysteries and magic Don t tell Varion I said that I would very much like to learn about the world that Khy, Jaedin and the others occupy.That s the t [...]

    17. I loved this fantasy world, and really enjoyed coming back to it I think it was superbly done, with the questionable content added for legitimate purposes and didn t disturb me overall Khy and Jaedin s relationship was a little hard for me to get into, and Jaedin s seesawing about his lost love along with the ending element to ensure Khy s safety were predictable, but I still really enjoyed the story 5 stars in my book, especially because it s free.

    18. If hardly pressed, I still would not be sure about the rating for this short M M fantasy novella.It is decently written, fluid its plot is simple and makes sense characters are flawed and likeable the fantasy setting is sparingly but convincingly outlined This is much, especially for an indie.I have read it with not a single yawn and yet I doubt I will remember it or come back to it in the future there is no flaw I can mention, but there is nothing memorable in it.

    19. Oooh, this was brilliant, wonderful, excellent I don t know what else to say, other than I just loved this I read your story from last year s event, but now I m gonna have to go back and re read to refresh my memory I definitely hope to see in this verse with these characters, I was completely captivated by this

    20. Had trouble connecting, not helped by my kindle skipping pages new cover grr so plot points that confused me might not be down to the book itself.I get the impression it s part of a series which might also explain why some of the world building felt inadequate.Regardless this has sat on my current reading shelf too long and I can t see myself returning to it.

    21. I m fairly new to the whole magical shifter voo doo genre and I just could not get into this It was boring with a capital B to me I know others liked it but not me I DO NOT like stories that seem to shine a light on a simple person No, an adamant NO dNf.

    22. Highly enjoyable, well written quest story I remembered this author from last year s Human Frailties now I have to find time to re read that as I don t seem to remember it as the same world.

    23. STORY INFO Genre fantasyTags other world, magic users, apothecary, slave, prison captivity, past abuse, first time, hurt comfortContent Warnings dubious consent, attempted rapeWord Count 50,794

    24. Very solid fantasy, pleasant to read but nothing really new The beginning was original, though I m a bit fed up at the moment with people who need to be rescued all the time, and Khy gets rescued a lot though in all fairness it has to be said that he pulls through in the end.

    25. Nice follow up to book one I had to feel sorry for Khy and all that he was put thru Jaedin did what he could to help and understand but the leythe was just beyond him It was good to see Tor and Ash again fulfilling their promise Good, smooth read.

    26. I confess I got to read it a little early and have been looking forward to it finally being posted this is a great little fantasy adventure romance and anyone who has read Jaye s story for this event last year can look forward to a fun little twist.

    27. Extremely creative Very adventuresome Writing was done very well I loved this story from the beginning to the end I might have been happier with a prolog though Great world building Fun, fun, fun And sweet too.

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