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The Boy on the Wooden Box: How the Impossible Became Possible ... on Schindler's List #2020

The Boy on the Wooden Box How the Impossible Became Possible on Schindler s List Even in the darkest of times especially in the darkest of times there is room for strength and bravery A remarkable memoir from Leon Leyson one of the youngest children to survive the Holocaust on Os

  • Title: The Boy on the Wooden Box: How the Impossible Became Possible ... on Schindler's List
  • Author: Leon Leyson
  • ISBN: 9781471119682
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Boy on the Wooden Box: How the Impossible Became Possible ... on Schindler's List By Leon Leyson, Even in the darkest of times especially in the darkest of times there is room for strength and bravery A remarkable memoir from Leon Leyson, one of the youngest children to survive the Holocaust on Oskar Schindler s list.Leon Leyson born Leib Lezjon was only ten years old when the Nazis invaded Poland and his family was forced to relocate to the Krakow ghetto With incrEven in the darkest of times especially in the darkest of times there is room for strength and bravery A remarkable memoir from Leon Leyson, one of the youngest children to survive the Holocaust on Oskar Schindler s list.Leon Leyson born Leib Lezjon was only ten years old when the Nazis invaded Poland and his family was forced to relocate to the Krakow ghetto With incredible luck, perseverance, and grit, Leyson was able to survive the sadism of the Nazis, including that of the demonic Amon Goeth, commandant of Plaszow, the concentration camp outside Krakow Ultimately, it was the generosity and cunning of one man, a man named Oskar Schindler, who saved Leon Leyson s life, and the lives of his mother, his father, and two of his four siblings, by adding their names to his list of workers in his factory a list that became world renowned Schindler s List.This, the only memoir published by a former Schindler s List child, perfectly captures the innocence of a small boy who goes through the unthinkable Most notable is the lack of rancor, the lack of venom, and the abundance of dignity in Mr Leyson s telling The Boy on the Wooden Box is a legacy of hope, a memoir unlike anything you ve ever read.
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    1. First let me apologize I m not very good at reviewing I can t make it all fancy and professional sounding I can only write what I thought And what I thought was this This was an inspiring and amazing tale of a young boy, caught up in the Holocaust, who not only survived by the grace of God, but went on to make a wonderful life for himself He suffered horrendous pain during that time, but he didn t let his past define him He chose to use his past to make him stronger I should know better than to [...]

    2. One Sentence Review Absolutely beautiful and in a perfect world would replace The Boy in the Striped Pajamas as the customary middle grade WWII Holocaust title.

    3. Her i For aEm crian a , a vida de Leib Lejzon, flu a livremente como o rio onde ele e os amigos brincavam alegremente Mas a guerra veio interromper o curso dessa viagem intermin vel e despreocupada, envolvendo o nos seus tent culos h rridos Tratava se n o duma guerra qualquer, mas sim daquela que flagelou milh es de judeus sem piedade Sendo de nacionalidade judaica, Leib era um alvo a abater Da que a morte o tenha rondado , mas sempre surgiram meios de a afugentar E foi esse feito ter vivido e s [...]

    4. Finding excellent introductory books on the Holocaust for young readers is not as easy as it sounds even with the plethora of choices More often than not they are too brutal for 5th or 6th graders or they don t give enough background to understand the setting and attitudes of people Other times they are too one sided presenting the Germans as one dimensional villains omitting those that resisted the Nazi racist ideology This story is a balanced account of Jewish attitudes that came from their ex [...]

    5. El hombre tal vez sea el ser vivo m s peligroso que ha pisado y pisar nuestro planeta.Leon plasma en este libro los horrores y las vivencias de miles de jud os, que como l, vivieron el famoso Holocausto Es imposible no sentir compasi n por ellos, y una verg enza infinita por ver las barbaridades que comete el hombre Quien salva una vida, salva al mundo entero Oskar Schindler tuvo el valor y el coraje de enfrentarse a esa barbarie y ser un rayo de luz en los corazones de todos esos jud os.Hay gen [...]

    6. Es muy duro hacer una rese a sobre este tipo de libros Es cruel, dura, tr gica y triste la historia que se cuenta en estas memorias, pero al mismo tiempo es esperanzadora Un libro que relata lo peor del ser humano junto a lo mejor del mismo ser Es un libro tan agustiante, que al final del relato me fue inevitable que no se me escapara una l grima de alivio.Muy recomendable.

    7. The memoir of Leon Leyson, entitled The Boy on the Wooden Box, follows the profoundly moving true story of his survival through the Holocaust Leyson was just 10 years old when the Germans invaded Poland and his family was forced to relocate to the Krakow ghetto He began working in Schindler s factory when he was 13 This memoir reinforces many things I already knew about the Holocaust the terrible hunger, isolation, loneliness, degradation and terror experienced by the Jews I did not know that ev [...]

    8. As a Jewish boy living in Poland when the Nazis were just beginning to take power, Leon and his friends used to play down by the river They would grab hold of a low hanging branch and swing across the river and then drop down onto the ground When he was a little older, his family had moved to another city where he learned how to get free rides on streetcars by getting on when the conductor was at the other end, and getting off when he saw him coming down the aisle for tickets and then getting on [...]

    9. Quem salva uma vida salva o mundo inteiro inscri o extra da do Talmude Vi pela primeira vez o filme A lista de Schindler h mais de vinte anos e n o consigo record lo sem que as l grimas me marejem os olhos e sem que um n se instale na minha garganta S o mais de tr s horas de pel cula a preto e branco sobre Oskar Schindler, esse homem complexo e cheio de contradi es oportunista nazi, intrigante, corajoso rebelde, salvador, her i que salvou cerca de mil e duzentos nazis de uma morte quase certa p [...]

    10. Amazing Leon Leyson was the youngest survivor on Schnidler s list His parents and 3 of his 5 siblings survived Nazi Germany because of Schnidler s Leon tells his story of survival and how without Schnidler they would not of survived The paragraph in the book when Leon explains how he can t understand how the Nazi s hated the Jews so sadly reminds me of the way people talk about the Mexicans, the Blacks, and many others in our country today We were a single detested groupe exact opposites of them [...]

    11. Qu puedo decir yo sobre la historia de Leib Creo que fue un ni o y un hombre muy fuerte, vivi en el infierno mucho tiempo y logr salir y seguir adelante, eso lo transform en un h roe.Estos temas en general me tocan la fibra sensible y esta historia no ha sido la excepci n Toda la familia Leyson, como tantos otros, sobrevivi a uno de los horrores m s grandes de nuestra historia y creo que lo que hizo Leon al contarnos su historia, es mostrarnos que por m s que duela no debemos olvidar, la memoria [...]

    12. A hero is an ordinary human being who does the best of things in the worst of times This book is powerful.A powerful testimony, wrote in first person by a Jew who went through so many terrible things, but manage to survive.This book is also a thank you to Oskar Schindler, whom had an important role in saving this boy and his family One time when we were in P asz w a guard struck my mother on the side of her head with a wood plank The blow permanently shattered her eardrum She said that for the r [...]

    13. I learned that the Jews had to go through a lot than death camps and discrimination This book is amazing and sad.

    14. I ve studied the atrocities of The Holocaust for many years and every time I pick up a new book on the topic I continue to learn I never heard of the Plaszow camp The living conditions were just as vile if not worse than Auschwitz Thankfully, Oskar Schindler, a German citizen, did all he could do to save some of the persecuted Oskar Schindler wanted to take down walls, not build them While reading this book I was overcome with profound sadness that human beings could treat one another this way [...]

    15. No s c mo se puede ratear algo como esto, as que le doy cinco estrellas Es que no es una obra literaria que haya que calificar, sino que un testimonio Desgraciadamente, es uno de esos donde la realidad supera a la ficci n, y no de una manera positiva Bueno, en las partes malas, porque en las partes buenas es muy lindo Pero lindo porque AL FIN hubo alg n tipo de salvaci n, de justicia O sea, es un lindo en contraposici n a lo malvado Uno agradece que hubo un rescate, pero al mismo tiempo ES EL CO [...]

    16. I ve read many stories books about the Holocaust, however, this is a must read for those that have any interest in this subject Leon Leyson was on Shindler s list He and his family became friends with Oskar Shindler, a German, that attempted to save as many Jewish lives as possible thru his factories that he owned This story has its Highs and Lows as one would expect After Leon and his family members were liberated they came to America and that is another story A great story.This book is an exce [...]

    17. El chico sobre la caja de madera de Leon Leyson es una novela de no ficci n, narrada en primera persona, acerca de las penurias que el protagonista Leon y su familia sufrieron en los campos de concentraci n nazis.La historia comienza con la narraci n, por parte de Leon, de su vida antes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial y del infierno que luego vivir a cuando el antisemitismo hostilidad hacia los jud os basada en prejuicios religiosos, raciales, culturales y tnicos se hiciera m s descarado y cruel.Le [...]

    18. El chico sobre la caja de madera son las memorias de Leon Leyson, el sobreviviente m s joven de la lista de Schindler La verdad que ten a muchas ganas de leer este libro dada las buenas cr ticas que tiene Aparte, me llamaba mucho la atenci n saber c mo vivi un chico la Segunda Guerra Mundial.El libro es corto y se lee muy r pido Una lectura f cil, atrapante y profunda La historia est relatada de tal manera que la puede leer un chico, un joven o un adulto sin problema alguno Es fuerte S , es defi [...]

    19. Leyson was the youngest child in his family and possibly the youngest of the hundreds of Jews rescued by Oskar Schindler The contrasts between his happy childhood in the loving embrace of his parents and siblings and their increasing desperation to survive the tightening snare of Nazi persecution are conveyed with simplicity and directness His descriptions of life in the ghetto and camps are like many we ve read before, but what he tells of the conditions in Schindler s factory, the small but vi [...]

    20. Un 4,5 en realidadEl ni o de Schindler es un libro que llega muy adentro ya no s lo por la historia que te cuenta sino por c mo lo hace, por la cercan a y la bondad que transmite Leon Leyson durante toda la novela Un testimonio real de un superviviente del Holocausto que nos muestra que en este mundo siguen existiendo personas buenas que no dudan en arriesgar su vida para ayudar a los dem svidasecretadeloslibross

    21. O Rapaz do Caixote de Madeira foi o segundo livro que li para o KidsRUs2017 Foi uma leitura conjunta com a ritaaujo Sabia a priori que era um livro infantil sobre o holocausto N o sabia que era um livro n o fic o de mem rias Nem que me iria destruir Conta a hist ria de Leon antes, durante e um pouco ap s o holocausto A parte que me apertou mais o peito foi o p s holocausto, talvez por ter descoberto coisas que n o estava espera e para as quais n o estava preparada Um pequeno diamante Super recom [...]

    22. Reading this broke my heart Going into this memoir, I knew there would be sorrow, inhumanity and death, but the cruelties inflicted upon the Jewish and other populations of people during WWII are beyond horrific It is difficult to read yet immensely important.With that said, the strength and courage people found within themselves to survive or fight back against the Nazi Regime is remarkable The small acts of kindness and moments of hope are true testimets to the humane spirit I hope books like [...]

    23. Simply put, this book was wonderful A biography for children written by a man who experienced WW2 as a persecuted Jewish child For the most part, it s what you would generally expect from such a book, telling of horrific days, weeks, years in ghettos and camps but what makes it a good one for children early teens is that it carries a message of hope and humanity too Instead of a story where the author is the only surviving person that they knew from that time, this is a story of survival All bec [...]

    24. Rese a en el blog La cueva de Danny Un h roe es un ser humano com n y corriente que hace lo mejor en las peores circunstancias Este sin duda es una historia cruda, tr gica y que te atrapa desde la primera p gina, vives a trav s de Leon, que nos narra la historia todas las vivencias y todo lo cruel y dif cil que fue pasar por los abusos de los nazis, una historia conmovedora que te hace sentir emociones diferentes desde rabia, tristeza y un poco de esperanza de la cual Leon, a pesar de lo mal que [...]

    25. No puedo no dar cinco estrellas al relato de un hombre que pese a las adversidades m s desgarradoras supera su propia historia y la comparte.El relato de Leon Leyson, un ni o, adolescente y adulto que se convierte en un h roe a los ojos de quienes leemos su testimonio Un sobreviviente del holocausto, perteneciente a la lista de Schindler que nos relata de manera conmovedora todo su sufrimiento y el rol que juega Oskar Schindler en el proceso de salvaci n de l y su familia.Me gust conocer el pape [...]

    26. Livro autobiogr fico sobre a crian a na Lista de Schindler, O rapaz do caixote de madeira um livro simples, complexo, maravilhoso e aterrador Simples na escrita, o que o torna perfeito para um p blico juvenil complexo porque tem v rias camadas a explorar maravilhoso porque conta a hist ria de um homem que n o permitiu que o passado o definisse e aterrador porque m, o Holocausto.

    27. Before I read this book, I thought that all the Germans hated the Jewish people But after reading this book, I knew that there were some people who respected everyone and tried to help the Jewish people.

    28. Est m s que justificado lo que ha llevado un se or de 80 a os a contar su historia desde la perspectiva del ni o que presenci los horrores del Holocausto, pero a m , en particular, no me convenci desde un punto de vista literario Todo termina resumi ndose a un libro gil y de f cil lectura.

    29. I loved this book It s a straightforward memoir, perfectly suited for YA readers I was impressed with the brilliant descriptions of such horrific events Truly a moving piece of work and a must read for those interested in the holocaust.

    30. Should be required reading for everyone What a sad but well told story of one boy and his family in the holocaust It is a true story and there are notes at the end from his wife and children The story takes place when he is 10 years old Magnificent.

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