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Sarah's Child #2020

Sarah s Child A tragic accident took everything that mattered to Rome Matthews his wife Diane and their two little boys And it robbed Sarah Harper of her best friend In the two years since the tragedy Sarah has

  • Title: Sarah's Child
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: 9781551661186
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sarah's Child By Linda Howard, A tragic accident took everything that mattered to Rome Matthews his wife, Diane, and their two little boys And it robbed Sarah Harper of her best friend In the two years since the tragedy, Sarah has wanted to reach out to Rome, but she knew she needed to stay away, guarding the secret she had kept from him and Diane all those years that she was in love with her beA tragic accident took everything that mattered to Rome Matthews his wife, Diane, and their two little boys And it robbed Sarah Harper of her best friend In the two years since the tragedy, Sarah has wanted to reach out to Rome, but she knew she needed to stay away, guarding the secret she had kept from him and Diane all those years that she was in love with her best friend s husband But now Rome needs her And though another woman will hold his heart forever, Sarah agrees to be his wife, knowing that everything has a price, including love Then something totally unexpected rekindles her hidden hope that a marriage of convenience will become a union of love Will Rome keep fighting his own growing need for a woman who dares him to believe there are second chances in life or will he give in to the healing power of love and miracles

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      467 Linda Howard
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    1 thought on “Sarah's Child

    1. This is a book you ll either love or hate.It s about a man who lost his wife and children and found love in the arms of his wife s best friend.This is a tough one to review because it deals with grief and mourning, which is very personal and different for every individual STORY The loss we re talking about here is of a wife and two little boys, which destroyed Rome s life completely He hasn t been the same man since.Sarah is his wife s best friend, who s been secretly in love with Rome for years [...]

    2. This book was written in 1985 but I am just discovering it now due to it being released on the Kindle What a great author this lady is, especially if she can have so many one star reviewers up in arms, giving out about the book It is fiction no real people here Great story Yes, Rome is an ass but I love mean old badass heros anyway, especially when they come up trumps in the end Had tears in my eyes at the end of it happy tears Have read some other books by Linda and hopefully her older stuff wi [...]

    3. 3 stars Contemporary RomanceI knew going into this that readers tend to have a love or hate reaction to this book and that many consider Rome to be a jackass I didn t really love or hate it, and yes, Rome definitely acted like a Grade A asshat for most of the book What especially turned me off about his character was that he admitted view spoiler lusting after his deceased wife s best friend, Sarah, from the beginning, and even got a hard on for her at his freaking wedding WTF What kind of man f [...]

    4. There is not much I can say about this book except that I highly recommend it.On the other hand that does not stop me from hating the hero.It was one of those yes the heroine got a HEA but with the wrong dude for sure books.Sarah,our leading lady was forever in love with the hero.I usually hate the romances where the heroine is in love with a guy that is living his life always turns kind of stalkerish on me.Well,not in this book.Sarah liked Rom from the first day they met.And she wished she coul [...]

    5. Written in 1985 I wanted Sarah to grow a backbone, my heart went out to her And Rome I m not sure how to feel about him A few times I wanted to slap him though.

    6. I picked this up because Linda Howard is one of my favorite authors Midnight Rainbow, Duncan s Bride, and Son of the Morning were stand out books Witty, sexy, entertaining, with strong characters that I grew to love In other words, those books are everything Sarah s Child is not Either this is very early work, or the author was having a really bad day That s just a few explanations I could come up with to explain this truly awful book Never before have I been so thoroughly tempted to curse in a [...]

    7. Sarah s Child is the type of story that if other authors wrote this one, I would have DNF it faster than you can say fuck this book.But Linda Howard wrote it and Ido not DNF a classic Linda Howard book I wouldn t dare.Sarah s Child is something that most people would hate because of the plot I can practically see them sprouting outrage and feeding the author some things about feminism blah blah blah and usually I would join them.But not this time.I remember reading a review about a book where th [...]

    8. I am no stranger to hokey Harlequin romances They can be quite enjoyable and a guilty pleasure when done well I was not expecting a Harlequin style romance from this author, whose writing I had previously enjoyed in a romantic suspense setting What s worse, I did not expect horrible, cheesy writing, flat, despicable and annoying characters, in a bland, boring plot, from this author I could fault the fact that it was published in 1985 and just did not age well, but that would be an insult to all [...]

    9. 4.5 STARSLinda Howard has a way with quiet, but strong heroines, and the alpha males that love them I loved this book There was a situation that bothered me concerning Rome and Sarah, though Without giving anything away, logistically, the solution early on for an unexpected development was ludicrous That s where my half star was taken off I understood Rome s position, but it was still a pretty stupid solution I m being vague, but anyone s who read this will know Mind you it all changed and we go [...]

    10. Sooo, stalker h s just don t appeal to me, they were both creeeeepyI wasn t feelin the lurve, but in terms of general creepyness, they went well together Plus that whole unrequited love for you BFF s hubby is just soooo EWWW

    11. 4 Stars Old school Linda Howard Different, very emotional, but I enjoyed it It s not going to be for everyone, the hero, Rome, has some real issues, however they are warranted He s having a hard time moving on, everyone grieves differently, so I didn t really judge him too harshly, especially since there were children involved I wish Sarah would have pushed back a little , but she was also dealing with the same loss as Rome I agree with other reviewers, it needed an epilogue Thanks to Blacky for [...]

    12. Both Sarah and Rome are damaged people, she by the cold upbringing dispensed by her parents and he by the tragedy of his wife and son s deaths While Sarah found a way to compensate for the absence of love, Rome turned his grief into an intense self focus that influenced every personal choice he made While I understood Rome s reactions, I found him to be utterly selfish and narcissistic I m not sure who Sarah fell in love with as Rome has so few redeeming qualities Sarah doesn t demand respect so [...]

    13. OK if you re in the mood for an abusive relationship which heals in the end.Rome starts dating and marries Sarah as a marriage of convenience His wife and two children had been killed in a car accident Sarah provides comfort Throughout most of the book he mentally abuses her, getting angry and saying things he shouldn t This story was worth reading because it was different from abusive relationships in real life, in which one person starts out pleasant but later turns abusiveUTION SPOILERS In th [...]

    14. This was absolutely heartbreaking and had me bawling like a baby even before I had finished the first chapter This is my first LH book and all I can keep thinking is wow and why have I waited so long to read her books despite the fact I have had a few of them lined up for quite some time It seems so strange for me to say that such a very sad story is outstanding, but it is, the emotion just rolls off the page and cannot do anything other than engage the reader and make them feel the pain that bo [...]

    15. Could not resist a re read when this kindle version popped up for 0.99 I m probably in the minority on this one, but I like it I have an old paperback version that I ve re read a couple of times over the years and had to snap up the e version at such a low price I do have a love hate relationship with the H as many other reviewers have noted as well I understand H s grief especially under such an unexpected tragedy I do like how the h tries to grab the happiness she can with the hope and optimis [...]

    16. Three Stars This story was a love hate relationship for me I hated that Sarah was the ultimate doormat and took so much shit from Rome, and the sex between the two was not hot at all view spoiler And when Rome took Sarah s virginity Even if he didn t know she was a virgin, it was still their first time together, and it was such a ridiculous let down hide spoiler But then again, I m a total sucker for asshole heroes and mega angst, and this story had both in spades and kept me invested the entire [...]

    17. KNOCKED OUT this is what i feel after completing this book,such an intense emotional read,my heart went out to Sarah,she loved Rome but he fell for Diane,way she had to see them together but still she blocked out her love and was there with Diane and boys Then tragedy strikes and all 3 die,which changes Sarah Rome s life forever,Rome he was so lost without them and then Sarah came into his love,healed him and taught again to love but then when Sarah got Rome s love it was snatched away again,eve [...]

    18. This was an emotional read, the tragic circumstance that shut down Rome emotionally is certainly understandable and I can never ever imagine being in that position But his coldness and unemotional relationship first with Sarah which he pursued and than during Sarah s unexpected pregnancy with their child made me want to whack him upside the head with and iron skillet Sarah has loved Rome for years is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him a certain degree I admired Sarah s strength, determi [...]

    19. Linda Howard is one of my Favourite authors, but all I can say about this book is OUCH.Mind you, this kind of story is my least liked, and I wouldn t have read it if it had been written by anyone else.Also should mention that it wasn t just his wife that died but his two little boys as well They really should mention that in the blurb Super Hi octane angst fest view spoiler and it doesn t let up til pretty much the last page I wasn t convinced that he loved her, forever second best to his first [...]

    20. I read this along time ago, but it still always stays with me Mostly because of the storyd my inability to really connect with Rome and Sarah There were too many unpc parts for me to get invested in either protagonist Rome is typical Asshat and Sarah is way to self sacrificing for my taste.I know this is a favorite for many, but this is my least favorite of Linda Howards.

    21. Written in 1985, this is an older Linda Howard work It has not been well reviewed by my Friends, but since I am a Linda Howard Fan, I ve learned to take the bad with the good and am ready to give this one a fair shot Well, my Friends are correct, this book is nothing short of an angstfest I must say that Linda Howards evolution as a writer is nothing short of amazing Her later works, especially Open Season and Mr Perfect are just amazing books.Every doormat needs a big, muddy boot to stomp all o [...]

    22. Re read December 4, 2016 add 1 star Read from December 21 to 22, 2012 Review in Portuguese and English Sarah embarca em um relacionamento completamente fodido O her i ainda ama a esposa morta e sofre a perda dos dois filhos pequenos deles Ele sente tes o por ela e a pede em casamento assim ele tem sexo e companhia Ela ama ele desde que o conheceu e ela aceita assim mesmo que ele oferece Eles transam e imediatamente ele sai da cama dela e vai pra cama dele dormir sozinho porque ele sente falta da [...]

    23. Basic Premise When her best friend dies in a terrible accident, a woman finds herself attracted to the grieving husband and her feelings are reciprocated Don t get me wrong I like Linda Howard some of her books are fantastic She s on this five star list multiple times But look at that publication date 1985 If you want to know what I mean by throwback romance, this would be it The only cliche missing is a middle eastern prince Let s recap the throwback cliches that many of these older contemporar [...]

    24. This is a guilty favorite of mine I feel like I m not supposed to like it but I do I enjoyed the fact that the hero never decides he didn t love his first wife as so often happens in romances where a widower remarries I liked all the angst Even though the heroine seems to be doormatish I think really she s just so determined to have him that she lets nothing stand in her way which is not quite the same thing I just enjoy stories where a hero has been so wounded that they don t seem to really be [...]

    25. I just couldn t get past the fact that the man s ENTIRE FAMILY had to die for them to be together Morbid Too bad, though, the secondary characters were very interesting I want to give it stars, but it just made me so sad, and I don t like feeling sad when I read a romance I m selfish Well, not throughout the entire book anyway.

    26. I love Linda Howard I read this despite having many things I disliked for example the dead spouse and the hero lusting after the heroine during his wedding Nonetheless I still enjoyed reading this.

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