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Twelve Steps #2020

Twelve Steps When her crush asks her to fix him up with her perfect older sister sixteen year old Andi decides it s time to step out of the shadows She creates a twelve step program for second class siblings to h

  • Title: Twelve Steps
  • Author: Veronica Bartles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Twelve Steps By Veronica Bartles, When her crush asks her to fix him up with her perfect older sister, sixteen year old Andi decides it s time to step out of the shadows She creates a twelve step program for second class siblings to help her steal the spotlight, and the guy, from her sister, Laina.Step 1 Admit she s powerless to change her perfect sister, and accept that her life really, really sucks.SteWhen her crush asks her to fix him up with her perfect older sister, sixteen year old Andi decides it s time to step out of the shadows She creates a twelve step program for second class siblings to help her steal the spotlight, and the guy, from her sister, Laina.Step 1 Admit she s powerless to change her perfect sister, and accept that her life really, really sucks.Step 4 Make a list of her good qualities Even if all she s got going for her is really great hair.Step 7 Demand attention for than just the way she screws things up.But when a stolen kiss ends in disaster, Andi realizes that her prince isn t as charming as she d hoped And as Laina s flawless facade begins to crumble, Andi discovers that the spotlight she s been trying to steal isn t really the one she wants The sisters will have to work together to find a spotlight big enough for them both to shine.

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    1. For anyone who s ever felt second best, or struggled to find their place in the world, this book is for you Smart and funny, Twelve Steps perfectly captures the gut wrenching joy and supreme mortification of unrequited love Grab the chocolate, turn off the phone, and prepare to ride the roller coaster of Andi s life as it unfolds, page after humor filled page This is contemporary romance done right

    2. Andrea Anderson Andi has to compete with her perfect sister Laina not only for her parents attention, but for the affections of Jarod, who also happens to be Laina s best friend So Andi sets in motion a twelve step plan to get her life back on track When she finds out that Laina has a crush on Shane, who s going out with Laina s ex best friend Rachel, Andi hatches a plan to set Laina up with him so that she can have Jarod for herself Along the way, Andi discovers that Laina is not as perfect as [...]

    3. Twelve Steps is a contemporary high school romance It was an enjoyable book that held my interest There was nothing in it that made it stand out as a favorite but did I like watching Andi finally figure out that the grass is not always greener on the other side It was a filled with some fun moments that made me smile I couldn t help but love Dave and was grateful Andi finally started to open her eyes to what was right in front of her.Her sister Laina s secret was fairly easy to figure out early [...]

    4. I absolutely loved it First of all I want to say that I can totally relate to Andi Alaina relationship and feelings for each other And let me tell you that it was right on being perfect is no easy feat, and I think the author has captured all the tension plus drama between two sisters superbly, without giving any negativity which could have spoiled the whole story We could sit around and chat about how our flawless family members are systematically destroying our lives Laina is perfect and her p [...]

    5. I had so much fun writing TWELVE STEPS, and I love hearing from you as you read it Thank you all so much 3 Here s a post from December 2012, when I talked about this book and what inspired it i am so grateful

    6. I absolutely adored this book I first heard about TWLEVE STEPS during Pitch Wars when the book s author, Veronica Bartles, shared, via Twitter, the story of how she ended up getting published and got her agent It s story of a girl living in her sister s shadow drew me in not only because of the girl s humorous yet practical approach to dealing with her problem aka her twelve step program , but because I m the older sister and my siblings are always saying things like, I m not you, Patrice That b [...]

    7. Don t get me wrong, it s not all daisies and roses, but this story is SO SWEET I can t wait to share my full review with you after it goes up on the blog

    8. Originally posted at Geeky ChiquitasReviewed by KimiTwelve Steps is a book about two sisters who go to the same highschool, and both think one is better than the other Andi and Laina have a tight sibling relationship and are very close, but both have their own problems and insecurities Andi is in love with Laina s best friend Jared, but Jared has been in love with Laina ever since Laina, on the other hand, has her own troubled past which she keeps bottled up in her diaries This is a story of how [...]

    9. We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know about this book, go to the post in our website Twelve Steps by Veronica BartlesIf you are interested, you can visit our website The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan ClubThe Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club s Review Rate 3 starsReview Twelve Steps is for everyone who s ever felt second best, for those people with a gorgeous sister or friend that overshadows everyone else Veronica Bartles wrote a funny, sweet and lovable story where Laina must [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl Twelve Steps was just too cute to pass up Oh YA, how I ve missed you I knew I had to read this book I have a younger sister, and although I m the older one, I don t believe I outshone her But she always thought I was our parents favorite, able to get away with a bunch of stuff while I felt they were way harder on me than on her You know, typical sister stuff Reading about Andi and La [...]

    11. If there s one thing Andi knows, it s that she will always be eclipsed by her sister The boys who flirt with her change their tunes as soon as Laina, the living Barbie doll, enters the scene, and for all her scheming, it seems there s nothing Andi can do to change that And it s a thousand times worse when she has to watch her forever crush pining away for the one girl she can t outshine.Remember that girl in high school that was so unbelievably perfect, so nice and talented and beautiful that ev [...]

    12. I read this book in one sitting I mean, it s not like this is an extraordinarily long book or anything, but still I sat down and I read this whole thing in just a few hours The biggest reason this is important I was in the middle of reading Sentinel by Jennifer L Armentrout at the time If you know me, you know that reading a different book while I could be reading one of hers is kind of a big deal But Twelve Steps was so worth it I adore this premise I m the third child myself, so I can kind of [...]

    13. originally posted here alwayslostinbooks.wordpressAndi has always seen her older sister as the perfect one or the favorite one She has always felt overshadowed, but there are times when she would take it in a positive light For example, she sees her sister as a real life barbie doll that she dresses up and everything I found this sisterly bonding really nice Of the two sisters, Andi is definitely the street smart person who understands people She even knows how to manipulate them sometimes She [...]

    14. This review first appears on This book was definitely a cute, fun read I was intrigued by the synopsis, and it definitely didn t disappoint I also was able to read it pretty fast, a bonus for me, because it means that it caught my attention and managed to entertain me.Andi is the younger sister to absolutely perfect Laina Nothing she does could ever measure up, so why bother She has quickly adopted the airy, doesn t have a care in the world attitude, so that no one realizes how she really feels [...]

    15. The story in a nutshell Andi has had enough of being in the shadow of her perfect older sister and she also tired of being second best especially when it comes to her crush, Jarod So she vows to herself that enough is enough and devises twelve steps so she can come out of her sister s shadow and get the boy of her dreams But then things aren t quite what they have always seemed and as Andi enumerates all these steps, she discovers and not just about sister, the boy she s been mooning over for [...]

    16. When I first read the blurb for TWELVE STEPS, I thought it might be just a little TOO cute and a little TOO contemporary YA for my taste It didn t sound like it was exactly up my alley of reading, not the genre I d go for It wasn t quite a HOW TO DATE A NERD, which I could relate to.Oh, yeah There was the whole sister relationship.I have a sister.But the rivalry was a younger sister jealous of her perfect older sister.I am the older sister I am NOT perfect.We re also further apart in age We neve [...]

    17. I haven t read a contemporary young adult for a while and Twelve Steps was a lot of fun Ah teenage angst and that all important show of getting the boys attention, what fun it was Veronica Bartles has a very fun and enthusiastic way of showing sibling rivalry and teenage misunderstandings I loved it Andrea Andi Anderson is known among her school as the sister of Alaina Laina Laina is projected as the perfect daughter and Andi is forever trying to prove herself, with no prevail Andi is always in [...]

    18. This review and others can be found on My Full BookshelfI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book was fantastic I had been wanting to read a nice contemporary romance for a while now, but I ve sadly only read ones that were average or, well, bad I don t have that much luck with contemporaries, it seems Twelve Steps remedied that This one definitely satisfied me I loved the vivid characters that the author wrote about Andi is a wonderfully flawed MC, who at th [...]

    19. Let the fan girling begins I can t tell you how much I loved this book I read it all in one sitting and by the end I was grinning like a fool in love Andi is the younger sister who feels she s never going to be good enough for anybody That s her sister job, she s the one who pleases everyone and always does everything right andi is the funny one, the little sister that got the bad genes Laina is the older sister who feels the preassure of having to please everyone while her little sister has the [...]

    20. Review first published on my blog, Pieces of WhimsyI adored this book From the second I started reading, I was hooked and I both longed and dreaded to reach the end The writing style was so easy that I fell straight into the story and immediately connected with the characters which is something I haven t been feeling with the books I ve read recently this book saved me from a reading slump thank you Veronica Bartles The idea plot of the story was simple, Andi wants to get out from under the shad [...]

    21. The word that comes to mind when I think of this book is adorable So much of this book, in my opinion, was adorable If you are looking for a read like that then I definitely suggest that you pick this up On to characters I really enjoyed both Andi and Laina as characters Andi s fearless exterior seems very relatable to me I enjoyed seeing her vulnerable side as well She was also just a really fun character to read Honestly, I also liked Laina I feel as though many people would probably feel the [...]

    22. Having a sister myself, I was immediately drawn to the blurb for Twelve Steps Sibling rivalry is a powerful motivator, throw in guys and all heck can break lose.When I dived into this the fear existed that Andi would be the kind of main character that is focused entirely on other people That all she would think about would be the evilness of her sister and the hotness of the guy That Andi would be a clich.Nothing could have been further from the truth The relationship between the sisters is rich [...]

    23. Coming of age stories are usually full of character growth, and some youthful drama This book certainly has both of those, centering around a young, somewhat naive sixteen year old girl, who feels as though she s trapped in the shadow of her older sister.I found this book to be full of ironies many that are very realistic, and probably happen than we realize I don t want to give away spoilers, so I won t mention the ironies specifically, but I will say they made me laugh, and really showed the [...]

    24. Twelve Steps is as much a story about sisters as it is about young love The relationship between Andi and Laina felt so real to me the insecurities about being the lesser sister, the rivalry for a boy s attention, the camaraderie despite it all I m always fascinated by siblings and how they can be so similar and so different at the same time Andi and Laina are no exception.The playfulness between them when they went on a crime spree was delightful and did so much to make Laina feel real instead [...]

    25. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Twelve Steps tells the story of Andi and Laina, sisters who attend the same high school Laina s best friend, Jarod, has had a crush on Laina for about as long as Andi has had a crush on Jarod And so the sibling rivalry ensues.This is the sort of story that, if it hadn t been handled deftly and with humour, could have gone horribly wrong Both girls are gorgeous and popular, but neither of them fully appreciates how lucky they are Bo [...]

    26. So after promising myself and Veronica I d read this, At last I did Here s the thing Sometimes in life, when you hear great things about a restaurant, or a movie, or a book, you kind of avoid it, in fear of being disappointed.It s even worse when you ve got to know the restaurant owner, or in this case the author via Twitter So I was playing the avoidance game Damn I m an idiot For anyone who s had a sibling, or a cousin that acted like a sibling, or a best friend best friends that were like a s [...]

    27. First off I have to say that this book was written by a friend so my review might be skewed her direction However, I was very worried to read it because I was scared I wouldn t like it How do you tell a friend you don t like their book Good thing that I DID like it It s a fun story Great for the teenage audience and I m really excited to share it with my 14 year old daughter I really think she ll enjoy it This fun romance passed my butterfly test In other words, I got nervous for her and wondere [...]

    28. What a refreshing book I love the sister relationship and focus of this book so much I m a sucker for lists, I admit it, so the fact that book is based on a twelve step list, and then another list later on, was one of my favorite things The writing is strong and the reading is so enjoyable, I finished this book in two days I loved the characters and Veronica has such a lovely voice that shows through in her writing I loved seeing Andi s journey and the realization that the world through her eyes [...]

    29. 3.5 Living in the shadow of your older sibling can be hard, especially when they are practically perfect.Andi just wants everyone to see her for who she is, not Laina s little sister She is impulsive, and out there She goes out of her way to be the exact opposite of Laina Both Andi and Laina have so much to learn They spend so much time wanting to be different that they don t see how great they are.I love how much Andi and Laina grow throughout this book They don t realize how much they need eac [...]

    30. When I first saw this book I decided that I liked the synopsis of the story and went in with no expectations I haven t heard any reviews on it so I was excited to read it Now as I finished the story I can safely say with was not disappointed I connected with the story so much As the youngest child in my family we always feel we are being compared to our older siblings such as how andi feels towards her older sister laina However what we don t realize is our older siblings can also feel the same [...]

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