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Night Blooming #2020

Night Blooming Set in the court of Charlemagne the Great this is the th novel in the popular series about the immortal vampire Le Comte de Saint Germain who meets an albino woman afflicted with stigmata who is

  • Title: Night Blooming
  • Author: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • ISBN: 9780446611022
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • Night Blooming By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Set in the court of Charlemagne the Great, this is the 15th novel in the popular series about the immortal vampire, Le Comte de Saint Germain, who meets an albino woman afflicted with stigmata who is accused of witchcraft.

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      279 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
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    1 thought on “Night Blooming

    1. Here the immortal vampire Saint Germain serves at the court of Charlemagne in the 9th century Frankish Kingdom He does all the same stuff that he does in every other book sets up a household, behaves with kindness and generosity to everyone, lives under a cloud of suspicion for everything he does except being a vampire, which nobody notices and gets booted out of town at the end Saint Germain s stories have the same ending as the old Incredible Hulk episodes sad music plays while he leaves town, [...]

    2. I was not as thrilled with this book as I thought I would be I had been given the impression that it was comparable to Anne Rice s Vampire Chronicles, but it is vastly different The entire story moves at a snail s pace, and there are huge gaps left to the imagination Many things are hinted at, yet nothing is told outright I found it had a disappointing end as well, although it is set up for the next book to continue the story.

    3. I still like the books, and Ms Yarbro s writing, but like most series, they do start to get a touch repetitive The brilliant historical details and my fondness for St Germaine keep me going, though.

    4. Night Blooming was definitely worthy of a 4.5 star rating.The most emphatic praise I have always credited to Yarbro is her historicity and attention to a historically accurate atmosphere, and in this yet again she did not disappoint Her regard to the structure of the church in the era of Charlemagne was pleasing, yet was written naturally and casually, as to not detract from the plot Her portrayal of the Great Karl was interesting and provided a new perspective on the man though he was not likea [...]

    5. Night blooming by chelsea quinn yarbro is a vampire book that does not read like a vampire book I started with a book right in the middle of the series I guess, but this is fine as a stand alone book as well so I had no trouble reading it The main character is a vampire who has been alive for thousands of years Of course, he s good, and only drinks blood from women in their sleep without killing or hurting them, or from animals In this volume, he s summoned to the court of Charlemagne, in the la [...]

    6. In some ways this was an enjoyable book for the fan It is nice to see an actual physical interaction between the Count and Olivia The weak part of the book seemed to be the character of Gynethe She does seem to really live, at least in terms of a fictional character There are two possible reasons for this The first, is that Olivia is so charming that other female characters pale in comparsion The second reason, the plot relevant reason, is that Yarbro is trying to protray Gynethe to the reader [...]

    7. Another in the continuing saga of St Germain, this time he it is the year 796 and he is at the Court of Karl o Magne Charlomagne He is tasked with taking an albino women with bleeding palms to Pope Leo so the pope can decide is she is a saint or the AntiChrist Very dangerous times for people who are foreigners and people who are different They are very much distrusted even though they are used by the King for his ends St Germain barely escapes not because he is a vampire but because he is a fore [...]

    8. This was my first Chelsea Quinn Yarbro book Didn t think it was anything exceptional, but since it s the middle of a series, it did leave me wanting to read Mostly I was intrigued by the female vampires mentioned, and wanted to know about them I want some sort of Cliffs Notes backstory.Not being a huge fan of the Charlamagne period of time, I may have missed some of the appeal, but in general I found the main character a little annoying The book did have some neat twists on the traditional vam [...]

    9. A tragic story of faith, love, intrigue and conflict during the era of Charlemagne 800 AD I started reading this series, who main character is a vampire, in the 80 s What has drawn me back to them, is that they are meticulously researched for each historical era and geographical place It s not so much about being a vampire, as being in a long time line and the march of history and place, seen through one particular pair of eyes If you like historical novels, you ll probably love any of the St Ge [...]

    10. t Is Saint Germain h Niet echt slecht, niet echt goed Spijtig dat er niet echt een relatie is tussne Saint Germain en Gynethe Mehaut De blurb is totaal misleidend.

    11. A gloomy story Not one of my favorites in the series I found myself wishing that Saint Germain had tried harder to determine the cause of the woman s stigmata Left me a little disappointed.

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