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Yurara, Vol. 4 #2020

Yurara Vol Yako has shut himself in now that Yurara and Mei are a couple However Mei seems to have acquired another rival when a beautiful boy from Yurara s past returns

  • Title: Yurara, Vol. 4
  • Author: Chika Shiomi
  • ISBN: 9781421513539
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • Yurara, Vol. 4 By Chika Shiomi, Yako has shut himself in now that Yurara and Mei are a couple However, Mei seems to have acquired another rival when a beautiful boy from Yurara s past returns

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      245 Chika Shiomi
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    1 thought on “Yurara, Vol. 4

    1. There s a third guy showing up in this volume, but he s just a guy with strong spiritual power who sees exorcising spirits as of a challenge competition Interestingly enough he found his calling in life when he saved a young Yurara girl from a ghost He felt not like such an outsider then I keep thinking of Natsume Takashi and what might have happened if he had one kid his age believing in him seeing yokai, etc There s a much stronger side character story in the grief that classmate Manami has f [...]

    2. Bintang 3.Book 4 of 5.Yurara dan Mei pergi berkencan Namun yg menjadi masalah Yurara pergi dalam wujud Yurara sehingga perasaannya berbeda 180 derajat dengan Yurara yg asli terhadap Mei Yakou yg sadar dirinya tak dapat melupakan Yurara akhirnya menculik Yurara mereka berdua sempat bermesraan saat sedang berkencan dengan Mei Saat Yurara kembali kewujud asli, Yurara meninggalkan Yakou dan kembali pada Mei Kemauan roh pelindung Yurara ternyata lebih kuat dari kemauan Yurara sehingga perasaan Yurara [...]

    3. I didn t like this one as much as the others, but I still love the series Here s a brief summary complete with my opinions on the matters A boy from Yurara s past shows up as competition for Mei, which is totally dumb since Yurara and Mei are awesome together Yako is still a brooding jerk, even though I did feel kind of bad for him, but what do you think is going to happen when you fall in love with a ghost And callous, goofy Mei makes a selfless sacrifice for love, which should make all the gir [...]

    4. Okay guys Guys Yurara and Yurara under the influence of her guardian spirit are not the same person I don t understand everyone in this manga is having so much difficulty with this concept Different people Not responsible for the other s feeling or actions She even changes her visual appearance, this is not rocket science This conflict had better be laid to rest by the next volume 3 stars

    5. This excellant manga series by Chika Shiomi continues with four chapters in this volume Japanese writers really seem to own modern day horror romances In this volume two new characters show up One is a cousin of Yako, and the other is a childhood friend of Yurara s Both, of course, bring their complications to the story And speaking of complications, what could be confusing then the relationhips of Yurara, Mei, Yako, and Yurara guardian spirit This series is a great read

    6. Series Review A very short and interesting manga Yurara is great for a quick read The characters are funny and entertaining but the plot is unique but not very gripping It focuses mainly on the love story It actually is a prequel for the manga Rasetsu s Flower which is set in at a later time Over all it is good for a quick read but not anything groundbreaking.

    7. The first two volumes didn t impress me that much But things are getting interesting now I am looking forward to volume 5

    8. this one was really good, just like the rest of the series i m dying to read the next one i just really hope that mei and yurara end up together

    9. Continues to be interesting, but things are stalling out a bit Felt like parts of this were repetitive from last volume, particularly Yurara s romantic dilemma.

    10. A childhood friend of Yurara s shows up Mei gets jealous Trouble with Yako s family ensues It turns out that the guardian spirit absolutely hates Mei Guardian spirit and Yako share a kiss.

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