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The Complete Adventures Of Charlie And Mr Willy Wonka #2020

The Complete Adventures Of Charlie And Mr Willy Wonka Hard cover with dust jacket Includes stories

  • Title: The Complete Adventures Of Charlie And Mr Willy Wonka
  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • ISBN: 9780044400745
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Complete Adventures Of Charlie And Mr Willy Wonka By Roald Dahl, Hard cover with dust jacket Includes 2 stories.

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    1 thought on “The Complete Adventures Of Charlie And Mr Willy Wonka

    1. I think one of my favorite parts of motherhood is revisiting favorite books and sharing them with my kids This is definitely one of those cases We re reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for a bed time story for two reasons One, I find it incredibly sad when my children think of the movie before the book in cases like this Two, it s the best door into the universe of whimsy and fun that is Ronald Dahl.

    2. Great book to read with your kids We only did the first half Chocolate Factory not the Great Glass Elevator We will read the rest at a later date My kids loved it, they range in age from 11 4 They loved the ending

    3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory But there was one other thing that the grown ups also knew, and it was this that however small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance is there The chance had to be there I love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with all my heart, so when I first got this book back in 2014, I was as happy as Charlie when he got his Golden Ticket.Re reading this book as an older audience, it felt different I still got those happy feelings of a child throughout this whol [...]

    4. Amazing adventure for young and old The 1971 film with Gene Wilder based on this book is a perfect representation of this book but I still enjoyed reading the original The oompa loompa songs in the book are much longer and funnier in the book There is a whole space thing at the end of the book that is a bit odd, but still fun I can see why they would cut all that out of the film I will hold on to this book for my daughter to read when she grows up.

    5. Judul The Complete Adventures of Charlie and Mr Willy WonkaPenulis Roald DahlPenerbit Puffin BooksHalaman 384 halamanTerbitan 2001Introducing the amazing Willy Wonka, chocolate maker extraordinary Now in one volume are the complete works of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, two Willy Wonka classics from beloved author Roald Dahl.In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka s famous, mysterious chocolate factory is opening its doors at last But only [...]

    6. The version I read doesn t include Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator part The book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory used to be one of my favorite stories that I had read when I was about the age of 8 This Winter break, I decided to read this fabulous book The purpose was to feel the difference of reading this book on 8 and 16 The main character Charlie Bucketis a boy from poor family who really wants to explore Willy Wonka s chocolate factory One day he gets the chance to explore the factor [...]

    7. Just read this book which includes both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 5 stars and it s less popular sequel Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator 3.5 stars out loud to the kids.Both stories are classic Dahl, though Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is undoubtedly the stronger of the two I think writing to kids is much harder than most people realize and Dahl is a master His sense of humor as well as his ability to exaggerate his characters attributes to the point of being almost ridiculous ma [...]

    8. This book contains 2 novellas about Charlie s adventures with Mr Wonka The first one, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , is probably familiar by book or film to most readers The second one, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator , was unfamiliar to me and to perhaps many other readers.The first book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , is a great story The movie version I saw of it, with Gene Wilder as Mr Wonka, has stayed with me for many years The book and that film version are or less the sam [...]

    9. Imagine going to a chocolate factory all day long with a very interesting owner that has one or two tricks up his sleeve Of course I am talking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory One of the best books in the world This book is about a young poor boy named Charlie, duuuuuuuuuuuh, and his journey through Willy Wonkas Choclate Factory with a bunch of really spoiled kids that end up disappearing one by one Follow Charlie through this tasty journey full of magic, singing Oompa Loompas, and Chocl [...]

    10. I heard this story from my friend many years ago movie But I never have it Cause I very busy,but when I came to USA The kid in my host family show the movie for me I like very much.It s colorfull, some time we had a dream look like this story And I want to learn English from this story My host family borrow from library for me.It s like turn to a child agian.Have a wonderful world in a while time.Can got something from this story for still a life And happy when know some word and can do, enough

    11. Two well known stories by Dahl I ve seen the movie and thought that perhaps the books might be a bit darker and adult That would have been cool, but they weren t They re okay children s stories, the writing is mediocre and the stories are fun in a chocolate cake with frosting kinda way, mouthwatering to look at, good while you re eating it but in the end not memorable.

    12. This is one of the only times I ll say this but the movie was better than the book This was one of Rhod Dhal s first books I think the director of Charlie and the Chocolate factory was better than the book I wouldn t read it.

    13. I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my two girls 7 5 yrs old and we all loved it Ronald Dahl had an extraordinary imagination seriously love him

    14. Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love both movie adaptations of Roald Dahl s wonderful Charlie and the Chocolate Factory It occurred to me a few months ago that this story was a book first before it became two movies So I set out to find the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 5 5 I love so much that both movies captured everything in the book What one movie lacked, the other made up for This is a brilliant story for the dreamers, the ones who think they have no hope or chance This sto [...]

    15. I read the first story mainly to discover how the book varies from the movies It turns out it doesn t all that much Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka put a certain sarcastic spin on some of his lines, and the storyline with Slugworth trying to steal the Everlasting Gobstopper formula and Charlie and Grandpa Joe drinking the Fizzy Lifting Serum were movie additions, but those were both based items from the book.In the end, all Charlie had to do to become the winner was to not touch things, which seems a [...]

    16. I am embarrassed to admit but this is the first Roald Dahl book that I have read I have seen the 1971 Gene Wilder movie but always found it a bit odd The book was very similar What was fun about this book was that I learned to enjoy it after discussing it with a group of 6th graders at our school book club Our discussion led us to talk about the 5 children who won golden tickets and their character traits We had someone who was gluttonous, greedy, spoiled and lazy We discussed which trait we mi [...]

    17. A Magical Adventure far better then the movies.Oh, Mr Dahl, the wonders you did for children s literature As part of the Holy Trinity that was my childhood reading, you, Blyton and Rowling will always have a place on my bookshelf.Everything is perfect the story, the setting, that characters, the songs There is so little wrong with it Although, I will admit to thinking that the 2nd book was weird AF, it still tells a tale that, to this day, never gets old.This might not be my favorite Roald Dahl [...]

    18. I never read this as a kid Adrian was totally enthralled and voiced lots of opinions about the spoiled kids and their overconsumption It was fun to read and I guess that I appreciated the not so subtle commentary about colonial oppression oompa loompas and capitalism But is it normalized if you don t actually discuss that it s exaggerated commentary Trying not to despair over everything, so we re reading Gwinna next

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory throughout the book there are lessons to be learned from the downfall of each child and the songs that the Oompa Loompas sing contain some very important morals and Oh, by the way, I would strongly recommend eating chocolate while reading itI personally didn t like Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator all that much

    20. It s a fun silly easy read Having said that it took me 3 months to finish the book because I felt like such a drag after some point Well I may have felt that way probably because I m too old for the book But I generally enjoy reading children s books but this was a let down for me I guess had so much higher expectations for a better story.

    21. These books were some of my childhood favorites so when I started reading with my 10 year old each night we decided to read this bind up of the series He enjoyed it and I loved revisiting it I realized I had forgotten some of the details.

    22. So this edition has both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Great Glass Elevator I found Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be preferable to Glass Elevator, which for me had one too many Cold War references.

    23. I just love the part about space aliens and where almost all the kids got kicked out of the the factory for not listening

    24. This book is absolutely magical In fact, I think it is even magical than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, although I will have to read the first one again to be sure.

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