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Overtime #2020

Overtime Down and out with an injury keeping him away from the game Assassins defenseman Jordie Thomas lives for the blades of his skates on the ice and the feeling of oblivion off it With no choice but to he

  • Title: Overtime
  • Author: Toni Aleo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 139
  • Format: None
  • Overtime By Toni Aleo, Down and out with an injury keeping him away from the game, Assassins defenseman Jordie Thomas lives for the blades of his skates on the ice and the feeling of oblivion off it With no choice but to heal, he s forced away from the sport that runs through his veins With everything at stake and darkness setting in, he quickly finds himself spiraling even further out of conDown and out with an injury keeping him away from the game, Assassins defenseman Jordie Thomas lives for the blades of his skates on the ice and the feeling of oblivion off it With no choice but to heal, he s forced away from the sport that runs through his veins With everything at stake and darkness setting in, he quickly finds himself spiraling even further out of control As his life begins to come crashing down around him and his contract with the Nashville Assassins on the line, he s given an ultimatum Ready or not, Jordie is forced to face his past, the fears that consume him, and the one woman he let walk away Kacey King had her professional dreams come true, yet her heart was battered and broken With an Olympic gold medal around her neck, she s ready to look forward to the future but without the one man she wanted in it She s missing the key pieces of her heart she left months ago with the only person who was capable of destroying it, causing her to falter in all her plans to move on In the game of life, there are winners and losers, and neither Jordie nor Kacey want to be on the losing bench If only Jordie could convince Kacey he s a changed man and that he wants her right by his side as his MVP for the biggest and best parts of a life they build together With emotions running high and the game on the line, can two proud people find happiness with each other, or will their hearts and souls be left in the cold Will they see that sometimes having someone by your side who knows the good, bad, and broken is better than going it alone and losing everything through the back of the net They are out of time on the game clock and fighting for the win of their lives But overtime was made for an Assassin like Jordie.

    • [E-Book] ↠ Overtime | by ☆ Toni Aleo
      Toni Aleo

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    1. 4 4.5 stars Jordie s book is one I ve been waiting for Assassin s hockey player, bearded and tattooed, vulgar, life of the party and Karson King s best friend Those are the things we knew about Jordie In Overtime, you learn so much Toni shows a side of him I didn t know existed Even though Jordie has a lot growth in this book, he doesn t lose who he is.After an injury thats keeping him from the rink, Jordie spirals out of control There s no other way to put it He s a mess He s terrified of not [...]

    2. 3Uncertain StarsI have hemmed and hawed to myself for a couple days now about how to go about writing this review But ignoring something doesn t make it go away And I did like it well enough, so I said to myself, Self, get on it So why did I struggle so much with writing this, you say Lemme splain, Lucy In the afterword, Aleo talks about this book being a very personal labor of love Aleo s mother to whom she was very close passed away in recent years due to complications from alcoholism Aleo dis [...]

    3. FOUR JORDIE THOMAS STARS Love wasn t a Cinderella tale, it was hard and it hurt Its safe to say that I had my ups and downs with this book But one thing that I know for certain is that it s really obvious that Toni Aleo poured herself into this novel, gave over a piece of herself and added something personal that really shows throughout the novel This author is my perfect go to author I m always excited to start one of her books, the heroes are always to die for and I ve said it before but I don [...]

    4. I received an ARC via Toni s assistant in exchange for an honest review Thank you First impressions before going into this Jordie really f ked up in Wanting to Forget, the introduction to him and Kacey I was doubtful and a bit pensive as to how Toni was going to redeem his character, but luckily, by the end of reading Overtime I was finally won over cue in fireworks And after Having royally screwed up in his love and career life, Jordie Thomas finds himself dwindling in a downward spiral, and in [...]

    5. 4.5 stars Wow this one hit close to home for me My mom is an addict and everything Kacey questioned herself about, I ve been there It s not only hard for an addict but everyone they leave in their destruction If not for some pointless drama in the end then I would have given this one 5 stars.

    6. 3.5 starsUGH I wanted to love this so much but I just didn t I can t think of a single time where I didn t fall in love with Toni Aleo s characters, no matter how unlikable she tries to make them Usually her unlikable heroine s are my favorite I like when the girl is feisty bitchy and doesn t take shit from anyone but in this book it just didn t work for me I couldn t stand Kacey She was just too much She was too selfish, too self absorbed, too bitchy Honestly I wondered if she s a bit of a narc [...]

    7. I don t even know where to start with this book I definitely have a major book hangover with this story It was a deep emotional read full of pain and fear, heartache and love, sorrow and happiness and finally healing After readingWanting to Forget we already knew that Jordie Thomas was messed up but nothing could prepare me for just how messed up he was He had so many scars that needed healing It broke my heart to read everything he went through growing up that I have no idea how Toni wrote the [...]

    8. DNF 50% I m bored out of my mind Come to find out there was a novella before this one That might ve been helpful, but I just read the reviews and everyone hated that Really disappointed in this one Toni Aleo is my auto buy author Not going to give up I m sure the next one will be better.

    9. A beautiful, beautiful second chance romance that will leave you with a full heart, flushed cheeks, and an achy chest Aleo brings the magic in her latest Assassins novel, giving us characters that touch the heart and invades the soul.OVERTIME is Book 7 in Aleo s Assassins series, but it can be read as a stand alone novel But I absolutely URGE you to check out this entire series It s pretty damn fantastic, especially for Hockey Romance Junkies OVERTIME gives us the story of Jordie Thomas and Kace [...]

    10. Overtime is the 7th book on the Assassins series by the amazing Toni Aleo it s a story about real life issues such as depression, addiction, family issues, betrayal, heartache and even feeling not worthy of love Which I think some of us can relate to In this story we meet Jordie and Kacey which we had an insight of in Laces and Lace and Night shift novella Jordie hides himself in alcohol and drugs to deal with a troubled past and a neglecting mother and uses hockey as his escape But life throws [...]

    11. Overtime is definitely an emotional read, which makes perfect sense because there s a lot of pain and scars to try to heal between Jordie and Kacey, and Toni Aleo s writing makes readers feel EVERYTHING She captures Jordie s torment so well through her word choice and characterization I sensed his anguish, his desperation, his desire to change Everything about Overtime is seamlessl of the struggles, on both sides, were completely realistic and written in a way that forces readers to fight throug [...]

    12. This author,this series specially, is ALWAYS a one click for me Jordie and Kacey didn t have an easy road and it definitely wasn t always fun but it was engrossing This book definitely moved into the top 3 of my favorites of this series The demons, the lies, the indecision was all worth it As always well done

    13. The books begins with the day when Jordie was kicked out of the teamAnd sent to rehab.Because he has a drinking problem He is an alcoholic.After some time Jordie comes back a new better Jordie He tries to fix his relationship with his true love his best friend s little sister Kacey King.The biggest thing that always bothers me about this series, that books are to long and it can easily can be shortened if you delete some boring or similar scenes.

    14. Adorei Muito Esse livro foi muito mais do que eu esperava Teve alguns detalhes do livro que eu n o amei, como, por exemplo, view spoiler a participa o da Natasha na hist ria apesar de ter gostado da rea o do Jordie e o fato do Jordie n o ter tido nenhuma reca da durante a sua recupera o Super torcia pelo sucesso dele, mas acho muito dif cil algu m com um v cio conseguir sair dessa sem ter reca das Achei que uma reca da poderia ter dado mais realidade ao contexto da hist ria, mas aquela coisa tam [...]

    15. 4.5 Kacey and Jordie StarsI didn t think I would like Jordie in this book I read Wanting To Forget and REALLY disliked him in that I do not like seeing the hero with other women and that was a large part of that book It was a hard journey that Jordie went on to battle his alcoholism and the reasons for his addiction are revealed in Overtime and they are truly heart breaking I liked that there was enough humour in the book to balance the dark themes that ran through it Kacey is likeable and I rea [...]

    16. 4.5 starsAfter reading Wanting to Forget, it really left me wanting to forget Jordie s horrible behavior I understood he was hurting and messed up, but I really disliked his choices and I was really worried about reading this one I was hoping Jordie could redeem himself in my eyes, but I thought it would be an uphill battle.Jordie has had a rough life with pain and loss He has put up walls, and numbed his pain with alcohol, women, and poor choices, but never really faced the root of his problem [...]

    17. Toni Aleo is the author I one click without having to read the synopsis of what the book is about I know I m going to be pulled in, the world around me with all its troubles and angst fading while I am taken to another place What I didn t know was that Overtime would be my game changer She definitely upped the game on this one, it is by far the BEST book she has written, it has changed me, changed my perspective on myself and those around me I will never look at those will addictions or problems [...]

    18. I read this book Wait let me explain this better I slowly and satisfyingly devoured this book I mentally prepared myself for this because I knew Jordie Thomas was a force to be reckoned with I am finding it incredibly hard to put into words what I feel about this book, but please let me try This book shook me off my axis I mean rocked me to the f %ing core The two characters that this book focuses on, Jordie Thomas and Kacey King, tells a story of loss, pain, struggle, addiction and a deep inten [...]

    19. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksJordie Jordie Jordie If you were to look up hot mess in the dictionary, Jordie Thomas would be the poster child And if you read Jordie s novella WANTING TO FORGET, Jordie made it pretty damn hard to like him, even if you knew just how likable he would be if he got his shite together.Jordie has issues Issues he spent the first part of the book saying he didn t have He d already lost one of the most important in his life and it wasn t until t [...]

    20. I love Jordie Not because he s hot, because he is Not because he s burly, because he is Not even because he s mouthy Nope Because he s effing hilarious This is a very hard review to write So many things happen and I don t want to spoil it We know the history of Jordie and Kacey They were involved and it was totally casual until Kacey fell in love and Jordie kicked her to the curb in a horrible way So much has happened to him and he s a flailing mess He either needs to get himself cleaned up and [...]

    21. Nashville Assassins defenseman, Jordie Thomas, is given an ultimatum to clean up his act if he wants to remain on the team He needs to face his past, including his biggest regret of letting Kacey King get away When I read book 6, Laces and Lace, I enjoyed Kacey and Jordie s exchanges They were extremely amusing I anxiously wanted to read their story They make an interesting couple, especially with Kacey being Karson s sister and Jordie being Karson s best friend I was not disappointed Overtime i [...]

    22. When I first heard that Jordie was getting his own book I was very excited I knew his story with Kacey would be epic I loved it so much I had to read it twice before I started this review I wanted to make sure I didn t miss anything in their journey to each other When I first read about Jordie in Karson and Lacey s story I was not sure what to make of him As I started to read about him in Overtime I realized there was so much about Jordie to love and I know now how Karson could stick by him lik [...]

    23. I imagine anyone watching me read this book probably thought I was a crazy lady I was literally laughing one minute and then crying the next This book literally shreds your heart but then starts to repair it, and then rips it apart again It s a vicious cycle I loved this book, everyone has a little crazy in them right You can feel the love that Jordie and Kacey have, the struggle that Jordie has with his alcoholism, you just have so many emotions going all over the place reading this book It s c [...]

    24. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book.I m not sure how to explain how well written it was and how completely it immersed me in it Toni Aleo has really outdone herself with Overtime Jordie and Kacey s story is rough, gritty, and real and that is conveyed by the writing Not to mention the difficult emotions both struggle with.And Toni has tackled an issue that is difficult She has done so marvelously Jordie has suffered through so much and it s so difficult to l [...]

    25. It is possible to battle your demons and win Let me say first that I have always been a fan of Toni Aleo s books Anyone who knows me can attest to that fact But this book touched me in ways than I can possibly begin to describe As someone whose life was once frighteningly similar to Jordie s, this book killed me in the best possible way After running from his demons most of his life, Jordie finally hit rock bottom Faced with losing everything, he finally had to get help This story will break yo [...]

    26. I felt like I spent most of the time reading this one rolling my eyes After the short I was so so going into this book, but both Jordie and Kasey managed to piss me off and make me feel sorry for them Each were childish in their actions and words, each seemed to have a my way or highway approach, something that can t work By the time the book ended I was glad to get off the roller coaster.The one highlight of this book was the King family, especially Karl There were times I was laughing so hard [...]

    27. The first 1 2 of this book was so exhausting to read Page after page Jordie telling us he wasn t man enough for Kacey and would have ruined her if he d stayed around because of his alcohol abuse mommy issues.Then the last 1 2 is just the both of them constantly rehashing their dreams of finally being together and how they barely could live and breathe without each other Nothingreally caught my interest with this story.

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