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Boy Meets Body #2020

Boy Meets Body BOY MEETS BODY in the PARTNERS in CRIME series Two young lives snuffed out half a century a part half a continent apart The men who solve the murders also have to solve riddles in their own lives

  • Title: Boy Meets Body
  • Author: Josh Lanyon Sarah Black
  • ISBN: 9781934531006
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • Boy Meets Body By Josh Lanyon Sarah Black, BOY MEETS BODY 1 in the PARTNERS in CRIME series Two young lives snuffed out, half a century a part, half a continent apart The men who solve the murders also have to solve riddles in their own lives Love is never easy Sometimes, if you re lucky, you can give your life to it Sometimes, though, if you re not so lucky, you can give your life for it Cards on the TableBOY MEETS BODY 1 in the PARTNERS in CRIME series Two young lives snuffed out, half a century a part, half a continent apart The men who solve the murders also have to solve riddles in their own lives Love is never easy Sometimes, if you re lucky, you can give your life to it Sometimes, though, if you re not so lucky, you can give your life for it Cards on the Table by Josh Lanyon Fifty years ago a glamorous Hollywood party ended in murder the only clue a bloody Tarot card Timothy North is trying to find out what happened that long ago summer s night, but when a Tarot card turns up pinned to his front door, the only person Tim can turn to for help is his ex lover, Detective Jack Brady Murder at the Heartbreak Hotel by Sarah Black Peter Moon, proprietor of a charming little get away in the Land of the Midnight Sun, finds himself headed for less comfortable accommodations when he s accused of murder Then his personal heartbreak showed up, fresh from six months in a Yukon River fish camp, determined to help.

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      191 Josh Lanyon Sarah Black
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    1 thought on “Boy Meets Body

    1. There were two stories in this anthology, first in the Partners in Crime series Josh Lanyon s Cards on the Table and Sarah Black s Murder at the Heartbreak Hotel Lanyon s story was excellent, as usually Yes, I love his writing so much that any objectivity goes right out of the window His stories push all my buttons and especially the hurt comfort ones They just make me feel good Black s story made me cry, like literally The murder victim was that lovable I have to say that all the characters wer [...]

    2. 3.5 stars for Cards on the Table A fifty year old cold case, a reporter whose confidence has been shaken, and an enigmatic cop who keeps showing up at the door In Cards on the Table, Josh Lanyon turns these elements into an interesting mystery romance, but I can t label this one of my favorites I didn t feel as connected to these characters as I d have liked Still, it s a pleasant read that mixes emotional drama with a smattering of danger and tempers it all with moments of sweetness 2 stars for [...]

    3. This book was really good I enjoyed reading it.The first story was extremely good I liked Tim and Jack really much They were really sweet and their love was really insecure and it made it so darn cute The story was really exciting.I really would have liked to give this book five stars, but the second story left a really bitter taste in my mouth Both stories were good, but I just couldn t make myself really like the second book s main character Peter Peter and Sebastian have been lovers for years [...]

    4. I haven t actually read Sarah Black s novel, only Josh Lanyon s Cards on the Table is relatively short, but as with all Lanyon s work, actually I very quickly came to care about the characters Jack is a good guy not a jerk who you like anyway, but an actually good guy who has legitimate concerns about being with Tim That makes him all the likeable that his issues are understandable, even sensible I actually liked him than Tim, though there was nothing I particularly disliked about Tim.The stor [...]

    5. Cards on the Table 4.5 stars, excellent, both the mystery and the romance were top notch Murder at the Heartbreak Hotel 3 stars, the writing and the mystery were both decent I don t care for infidelity as a theme in a romance though any other genre and I don t mind , which made me dislike the main character Unfortunately he wasn t a very trustworthy narrator either, which made it impossible for me to connect with him.

    6. Two novellas with but a single theme In this, the first pairing with Sarah Black, we tackle old crimes and their influence on the present A little bit of murder and romance to go with your nostalgia.

    7. I enjoyed both stories, though for slightly different reasons Josh Lanyon s Cards on the Table is a nice little noir ish mystery, complete with Hollywood starlets albeit now aged and or dead and mafia thugs Jack and Tim s relationship evolved nicely the resolution of their issue felt natural and solid I d like to see these two again Slight spoilers ahead kind of vague but, you know, in case you might care about anything kind of spoilery Sarah Black s Murder at the Heartbreak Hotel felt like a no [...]

    8. Cards on the Table by Josh Lanyon 3.5 starsVery engaging mystery Suspenseful Love the characters, especially Tim, view spoiler who has difficulty to deal with his epilepsy, which he suffers from only for about 1 2 years hide spoiler Lanyon sure knows how to write tortured souls And although this isn t really anything new in Lanyon s stories, it s as good as ever.The ending, though, didn t convince It s way too rushed It rather feels like Lanyon suddenly realises that he s got just 10 sites left [...]

    9. First of all, the quality of the print book was rather bad A first from MLR books for me, so I m not sure if it was only my copy or not but it was pretty shaky.On to the stories, I was a little disappointed by Sarah s story, because it does start with one of the guy cheating on his boyfriend and there s the whole I might have been in love with him even tho we were only together one day and one night That doesn t make the boyfriend happy when he comes back because someone told him some young guy [...]

    10. Cards on the table was absolutely great I liked that Tim was epileptic and all I like characters who are not perfect and Josh Lanyon is good at giving flawed but likeable and strong characters I liked how Jack did not see Tim as weak, because, actually, he was not weak Too many times people like him are perceived as weak.But there is one thing I did not like at the end of the book, they talk about jewellery, and either it was humour and I did not get it, or it was out of place Will we ever know [...]

    11. Moving this from the comment section Well, now that I ve read them both The first JL s to me was like a mid century film Sooth, subtle, and had a pacing that felt measured I wasn t as caught up in the emotion of the love story or the suspense The second I have to admit I liked I really like SB s turn of phase, texture and details I was emotionally drawn into both the romance and mystery, and was expecting neither the big reveal nor the baddie Good stuff

    12. Cards On The TableI want all my stories like this Tims is fragile and stubborn, a dangerous combination, Jack is strong and concerned, an irresistible combination It takes a while for them to find and re find their way to each other, but it was so good.The murder Tim is investigating is 50 years old but it still stirs something that someone would prefer to stay hidden Tim finds himself in the line of fire, so to speak, and he asks Jack for help Jack and Tim went on a few dates, but Jack made Tim [...]

    13. Cards on the Table was eerily reminicent of the Adrien English series In this case, Tim is researching and writing about a decades old Hollywood murder and someone wants him to stop Jack, a homicide detective, who lives on the otherside of the apartment complex, wants Tim back But Tim has some issues to work through before Jack feels comfortable with Tim as a lover he doesn t want to spend his work time dealing with other peoples issues only to come home and deal with Tim s issues I checked the [...]

    14. I read a lot of Josh Lanyon He is one of my favorite gay romance authors His story in this anthology, Cards on the Table was not up to his usual standard It felt like I was reading a repeat of his Adrien English series, only shorter and with a nicer love interest The main character is a ex reporter now writing a novel, albeit his novel is non fiction, unlike Adrien s and his love interest, Jack is a cop much like Jake, but personable While I liked this story, I couldn t lose myself in the plot [...]

    15. Interesting pairing of two well liked contemporary m m romance authors Lanyon s LA crime story was compelling, with great characters and an intriguing mystery It really could have used a whole novel actual length novel, not romance length novel to tell the story, though, and things ended a bit too neatly I liked Lanyon s characters, though, and wish there had been space to explore the many aspects of the relationship, from the main character s epilepsy to the problems of a cop reporter dynamic [...]

    16. This opinion is written for Sarah Black s Murder at Heartbreak Hotel only, since I have read Josh Lanyon s Cards on Table on different book.This is one of the earlier writings of Sarah Black, and have I not read her recent stories, I might not enjoy it very well The writing feels a bit rough for me, and I have slightly difficult time to keep up with it HOWEVER, I do love the way she portrays the main two characters Peter and Sebastian There is something lyrical to their relationship Sebastian w [...]

    17. These two novellas are better than the average story in an anthology The one by Josh Lanyon is an intriguing combo of mystery and romance, with two men who have issues to work through before coming together in reality I like the sensitive, non melodramatic way the author handled one character s disability epilepsy.The story by Sarah Black was another mystery romance in line with the theme Boy Meets Body The distinguishing aspect of this novella is that the author made me like a plot that include [...]

    18. Two different murder mysteries, two different writers Josh Lanyon, always a good read, keeps the reader involved in his Cards on the Table story with all of the machinations required to find out who done it Sarah Black, also a good read, didn t quite hit the mark in her Murder at the Heartbreak Hotel story My main complaint about the story is the initial setup and how Peter was tied to the victim I did like Sebastian and the Alaskan setting of the story All in all, I liked Partners in Crime and [...]

    19. This anthology contains two very different novellas.I gave the four stars for Lanyon s enjoyable Cards on the table and have to admit that I gave up on Sarah Black s Murder at the Heartbreak Hotel after the first few pages because I didn t like her writing style If I d been able to finish it, I would perhaps rated it one or two stars Cards on the table is typical for Lanyon, a suspenseful, well written mystery with an interesting love story subplot, good historical context and a nice, dry sense [...]

    20. I love anything by Josh Lanyon In Cards on the Table , Tim is a writer who is writing a book on an unsolved homicide of a movie vixen from the 40 s or 50 s not sure P.But some people aren t too pleased that he s poking around in the past.He asks his neighbor , Jack, to give him a hand, as he s a homicide detective Even though they haven t really spoken since the one night they spent together, Jack seems pleased to help Tim get info on his bookd other things You ll have to read it to see if they [...]

    21. Rating is for Cards on the Table only I loved this book and was very sad to see it end Would have loved to have it be a full novel with some twists and turns But I cared for the characters than I did for the mystery, not that that was a problem at all.As for the second story in this volume, I hated it and couldn t get past the first few pages Too many characters all introduced at once, and everyone had the annoying habit of using first names in every other line of dialogue How often do you rea [...]

    22. Both of these novellas were brilliantly created Unusual situations but wonderfully dealt with My hat goes off to Josh Lanyon who seems determined to disprove all of the conclusions about stereotyping and depictions of homosexuals I have drawn from my research into m m erotica The hero of Josh Lanyon s contribution suffers from epilepsy as a result of an recent accident and the way this disability is dealt with by both the hero and his love interest is amazing.

    23. I would rate the first story, by Josh Lanyon, at a 4, maybe 4.5 stars I really enjoyed it, although I felt like they went from fooling around to admitting their love a bit too quickly The second story, by Sarah Black, just confused me I enjoyed it but I don t knowI think I just missed something from it So I would rate it 2.5, maybe 3 stars So overall rating for this book would be 3 stars.

    24. Note that this is actually two stories The first one by Josh Lanyon and the second by Sarah Black.I m giving 5 stars to Josh Lanyon s story I ve read it a few times now and, even knowing who dunnit, I still enjoy the story itself.I couldn t get into the second story, so I can t rate that one Maybe some other day it will draw me in to read it through.

    25. It s 3 am, I ve just finished reading Murder at the Heartbreak Hotel with tears in my eyes Maybe I m a bit too emotional right now, but this story had just the right amounts of sorrow and hope to keep it away from extreme cliches I find it human, and I thank the author for it.Holy heartattack Batman

    26. Finished Cards on the Table loved it loved the characters, the story and the writing Definitely 5 stars for this.Paused before starting the other story in this volume.I liked the Sarah Black story, but not as much as Josh Lanyon s maybe 3.5 It was a bit confusing.

    27. Two great stories from two great authors An excellent Hollwood mystery from Josh Lanyon with some nice twists Sarah Black supplied a complex murder story in Alaska or to be accurate everything but the murder was complex.I really enjoyed both.

    28. 5 stars for Josh s story because it really is wonderful, a perfect mix of mystery and romance.4 stars for Sarah s story, I would ve given it 5 but I figured out who the murderer was pretty early on in the story.

    29. I am not a huge Sarah Black fan, but this series is worth buying simply for Lanyons s stories The second and third books are even better Ireally enjoyed them This is how gay fiction should be done

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