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Désordre #2020

D sordre Sonia m ne une vie confortable mais solitaire dans sa maison des bords de la Tamise Greg son mari est souvent en d placement professionnel l tranger Kit leur fille est partie l universit Pourtant

  • Title: Désordre
  • Author: Penny Hancock Julie Sibony
  • ISBN: 9782253164920
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Désordre By Penny Hancock Julie Sibony, Sonia m ne une vie confortable mais solitaire dans sa maison des bords de la Tamise Greg, son mari, est souvent en d placement professionnel l tranger Kit, leur fille, est partie l universit Pourtant, alors que Greg la presse de le rejoindre, Sonia se sent incapable de quitter la maison o elle a grandi et o elle a t heureuse Lorsque Jez, 15 ans, le neveu de sSonia m ne une vie confortable mais solitaire dans sa maison des bords de la Tamise Greg, son mari, est souvent en d placement professionnel l tranger Kit, leur fille, est partie l universit Pourtant, alors que Greg la presse de le rejoindre, Sonia se sent incapable de quitter la maison o elle a grandi et o elle a t heureuse Lorsque Jez, 15 ans, le neveu de son amie Helen, frappe sa porte pour lui emprunter un album de Tim Buckley, Sonia d cide de ne plus le laisser partir Prise d une trange et inqui tante obsession pour la jeunesse de Jez, elle va le s questrer La police, alert e par H l ne, se lance dans une enqu te qui prend vite un tour inattendu D sordre est un premier roman envo tant et terrifiant Les voix des deux femmes s y conjuguent dans une tension extr me Elles nous racontent une histoire de folie, cruellement humaine, qui culmine dans un suspense infernal.

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      125 Penny Hancock Julie Sibony
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    1 thought on “Désordre

    1. Ugh, what the fuck did I just read This missed the mark on being a psychological thriller in a big way it s basically borderline pedophilia fiction shivers I just can t even with this shit I was so uncomfortable the entire time reading this I m still uncomfortable thinking about it to write this review A quick synopsis Middle aged Sonia unhappily married with a grown daughter plies 15 year old Jez with drugged alcohol in order to make him compliant so she can hold him captive in her home, becaus [...]

    2. I did not put this book down I threw it across the room Probably a poor choice as I was using an e reader, but since I couldn t punch every character in this train wreck, throwing the book was an acceptable alternative Basically, a nutjob of a woman keeps a teenage boy trapped in her house because he reminds her of her dead brother Unfortunately, the boy is not overly bright, and can t seem to make the connection that every time Crazypants gives him anything to eat or drink, he passes out and wa [...]

    3. What would possess a married woman with a young adult daughter to do something so despicable That is the question i asked myself while reading what is an unnerving and fascinating read Sonja to the outside world has a happy life, with a family of her own, a good job and a magnificent home overlooking the river Thames But behind the scenes things are far from happy, being in a loveless marriage and having her daughter living away from home, Sonja s is keeping her sanity together by a thread.When [...]

    4. A woman who is struggling to go forward in life due to events of the past haunting her consciousness and those memories are also vague and will slowly become a realization.She starts a fixation and obsession with one man a teenager, with an objective to rekindle a long gone love and very soon her actions will come to fruition sooner than expected The story takes you through her behavior and thoughts and bonds you with the questions what will she do next That expectation on the forthcoming motion [...]

    5. DNFGrossed me out I understood going in that it was about a middle aged woman that kidnaps a teenaged boy While that s kind of ew, I thought maybe it might get a Gillian Flynn type treatment The subject matter is just so messed up, but the writing is awesome and the characters are train wrecks but you love them anyway This wasn t that book The main character would drug the boy then do things like lick his stomach When she got to sucking his earlobe, that was enough for me.

    6. Now here s an interesting book.if a little far fetched and ewww Why so interesting Because it s all based round modern day Greenwich, along the Thames path, where James and I regularly walk It was one of the main reasons I picked up the book in Waterstones, and I did love the references to places that really exist the power station, the market, the foot tunnel, Rhodes bakery where James gets his coffee on the way to work I now need to try and work out which house is River House although I m not [...]

    7. I am due on a 9 hour flight back from holiday, the Republic of Consciousness longlisted books that I brought with me to re read for the shortlist judging session are so good I have devoured them all, my daughter has bagsied the Kindle and, bizarrely, there is no bookshop in the area.It s time for the hotels left behind books collection.They had Jonathan Franzen s The Corrections but I ve already made by most overblown novel by a US male author award for 2017 joint to 4 3 2 1 and The Nix so I did [...]

    8. At times effectively disturbing, other times it just drags and seems implausible in a way that interferes with one s ability to get lost in the story Unfortunately none of the main characters or their lives are particularly interesting, and so the time spent on them feels wasted, and then main point of the novel seems to be how Sonia will manage to keep Jez and avoid discovery The fact that she manages to do so for a little over an entire week is a bit of a stretch There is a shocking reveal at [...]

    9. Wow, this is a terrific read A psychological thriller, the narrative slowly and gently unfolds The writing is precise and assured and I felt in good hands, even though the subject matter, a middle aged woman who abducts a teenage boy, is something that would usually make me feel uncomfortable Sonia, the abductor, though clearly disturbed by events in her past, is sympathetically portrayed, and all the characters are believable The denouement made me to gasp and I didn t see it coming at all, but [...]

    10. I won this book through a Giveaway on June 10th I never received the book and therefore won t be reading and rating it.

    11. This book starts well, but then quickly deteriorates into a well written but ultimately lifeless and icky little endeavour The writing is brisk and clean, but the whole thing was just a bit too British for me and this is coming from someone who has lived in England her whole life It s a dark and disturbing little novel, but it s utterly bloodless and restrained in a way that should be effective, but also leaves it feeling toothless and contradictory, a psychological thriller that wants to be ab [...]

    12. One gif that perfectly summed up my feelings for this book So, when I read the synopsis of this book, I never thought that it can be disturbing than it actually is Everytime I thought okay, the character is so messed up, then she ended up surprising me by being deranged than she already was.This story is dark, it s disturbing but also amazing for me I like the storyline, I like that the author wrote from two sides of stories Sonia and Helen I just love a good plot twist I like that the story f [...]

    13. A mildly disturbing psychological drama about a woman who becomes obsessed with a teenage boy in an unconscious effort to resolve a dysfunctional past relationship The book begins with the boy arriving at her house to borrow a music CD from her husband She invites him in, gets him drunk and keeps him captive in the house The narrative revolves around her warped emotions and troubled memories Meanwhile the boy s relatives are trying to find him and a police search is underway It was an interestin [...]

    14. I checked this book as Its ok I really wanted to like it, but I just could not get in to it I finished it in the hopes that something big would happen The description compared it to Gone Girl but I don t see anything similar there at all No great plot twists Remotely unlikeable characters and two person point of view is about all they have in common The story follows a woman who is obviously sick in the head, basically kidnaps a boy because she quickly becomes obsessed with him and he reminds he [...]

    15. It s an ok read There is really nothing very likeable about the two characters that have voices in this book One is having a psychotic break and the other an intensely self absorbed midlife crisis about 10 years too soon The teen involved is ridiculously naive and I don t entirely believe him.I thought it was interesting and while I guessed the main plot line from the start, the journey with this nut bar who utterly rationalizes all her terrible decisions is kind of fascinating.

    16. What a story, Sonia is middle aged, husband often works away, daughter away at university, she takes an interest in 15 year old music student Jez, he arrives at her house to borrow an album, but Sonia decides to not let him leave, read the lengths she will go to stop anyone finding Jez including murder, scary story in a way, makes you think what tips people over the edge into doing something like this.

    17. Effectively creepy story of a woman the narrator who takes a 15 year old visitor hostage Some genuinely suprising developments, including a couple of reveals in the last couple of chapters Nice change to usual whodunnit thrillers I think you d enjoy this if you liked The Girl on the Train.

    18. I read Penny Hancock s debut novel Kept in the Dark in one breathless gulp I absolutely couldn t put it down I love it when that happens.Sonia lives in a house next to the Thames Her husband, Greg, is a lecturing neurosurgeon her daughter, Kit, is a student at university and Sonia herself is a vocal coach From the outside looking in, it would appear that Sonia has it all It s pretty obvious, though, that Sonia isn t entirely sane When the nephew of a friend drops by to pick up an album, Sonia pl [...]

    19. My Rating 3 5Format PaperbackI m very torn by this book I read a couple of reviews before I started reading and it was billed very much as an atmospheric thriller That it is.It is also very creepy and frankly odd The story follows Sonia who develops an obsession with her friends nephew, Jez She keeps Jez against his will and the story begins to unpick Sonia s history.She s clearly a troubled woman, and much focus is given to her relationship as a child with Seb I have to say I worked out the Seb [...]

    20. Sonia lets Jez in to her home, and then never lets him leave Tideline charts what happens from the point at which Sonia opens the door, primarily from her perspective, and it is here I have what became my biggest qualm every now and then the gaze changes and we see what is going on outside the cenral story from another character s point of view I found nothing about these parts to be worthy of a change of narrator, and given the idea of the plot I am actually surprised Hancock made the choice to [...]

    21. I won this book from a first reads giveaway here on Unfortunately, I will NOT be reading or reviewing it any time soon because I never actually received it I won it on June 10th, and it s now September 26th so I m pretty sure it s not coming I e mailed Penguin they hosted the giveaway about it a couple of times and I don t know why but no one s gotten back to me I m a little sad because I was sooooo excited to read this Oh well I just wanted to explain in case anyone wondered why I never got aro [...]

    22. Okay this is really creepy What this woman is doing I don t want to know any .A disturbed middle aged woman named Sonia talks 15 year old Jez into having a drink with her, and then another He becomes drowsy and falls asleep at her home the River House Now awake, knowing his love for music, she encourages him to check out her husband s music equipment and his music room in the attic space of the house Desperate to keep her with him, she locks the door behind her as she descends the staircase.Jez [...]

    23. Not the authors fault I was expecting something way attaching.ly I just shook my head thru this oneazy lost soul holds teenage boy captivee drugs him, ties him up, moves him into a dark cold garage and for what suck on his toe riously messed upmething about a brother and a crazy mother and a detached father a child this nut job has a crush on her older brotherw all these years later she feels the need to replace himI don t knowI wanted to like this but there just was not anything to attach myse [...]

    24. I was not sure about this at all as I felt that the story was quite unlikely I am still not sure but I warmed to the book a little near the end the end however i felt was a bit loose I felt it was quite tense but I also felt that considering how inept the heroine was at covering things up it was pretty unlikely that the police had not discovered her keeping Jez, I can t believe they are that inept.

    25. A gripping read Keeps you turning the pages wanting to know what s going to happen next The first person narrative of a mother who kidnaps a teenage boy due to early psychological trauma which gradually gets revealed, works really well and for the most part makes you feel tugged between sympathy and mad bitch The final reveal towards the end was a surprise I didn t see coming.

    26. Eigenlijk 2,5 ster Zou goed vond ik het boek ook weer niet en eigenlijk heel lang niet erg spannend en onwerkelijk Het laatste stuk ongeveer 50 pagina s voor het einde wordt het toch nog wel even iets spannender en heeft het einde toch iets aparts Daarom toch 3 in plaats van 2 sterren Ik vind het alleen zeker geen aanrader helaas.

    27. I read this book because it was recommended for people who were fans of the book Gone Girl, and I am definitely in that category Kept in the Dark wasn t quite as good in my opinion, but almost The revelation at the end was a big surprise to me Definitely a page turner, and hard to put down, especially for the last twenty five pages or so.

    28. This book started off a bit slow but I was soon gripped.ry disturbing main character Sonia but you kept wanting to read what happened next and willing her to get caught The tension was such that I did not guess the twist at the end My only disappointment was the last chapter what really happened It s one of those stories that leaves you to draw your own conclusions Aaarrgghhh

    29. Quite good and intense, could feel myself reading quicker Def good read if you like suspense thrillers She does a really good job of having you feel for all the characters Everyone is flawed And that feeling of youth and missing being young Really good read Qam you will really like this one I think x

    30. Seriously, how did Sonia think this would end up The characters and dynamics were real and I m sure if you live around that area you would like the descriptions I did like the writing but got a bit bored with Sonia.

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