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Gleam and Glow #2020

Gleam and Glow It s too dangerous to stay any longer the war is coming closer Viktor little Marina and Mama must pack what they can carry and flee their home As they trudge beside the other refugees Viktor worrie

  • Title: Gleam and Glow
  • Author: Eve Bunting Peter Sylvada
  • ISBN: 9780152025960
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gleam and Glow By Eve Bunting Peter Sylvada, It s too dangerous to stay any longer the war is coming closer Viktor, little Marina, and Mama must pack what they can carry and flee their home As they trudge beside the other refugees, Viktor worries about what lies ahead, and what he s left behind his room, his books, the fish Marina loves so much Even worse, his papa is off fighting with the Liberation Army and doIt s too dangerous to stay any longer the war is coming closer Viktor, little Marina, and Mama must pack what they can carry and flee their home As they trudge beside the other refugees, Viktor worries about what lies ahead, and what he s left behind his room, his books, the fish Marina loves so much Even worse, his papa is off fighting with the Liberation Army and doesn t know they ve left home How will Papa ever find them now Inspired by real events, master storyteller Eve Bunting recounts the harrowing yet hopeful story of a family, a war and a dazzling discovery.

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      441 Eve Bunting Peter Sylvada
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    1. It is difficult to find a children s book, that is illustrated tastefully, about a family in war time, but this book achieves this task effortlessly There are moments where you might think the content is a bit strong for younger children, but if you think about it in terms of global consciousness and awareness of others plight, I think that this book does a fabulous job of cultivating empathy and has a simple enough story and emotions that a child can relate to it Nothing is graphic, or violent, [...]

    2. I appreciated everything about this book From the beautiful impressionist style illustrations to Eve Bunting s recounting of the difficult, devastating yet hopeful story of fleeing civil war from an eight year old boy s point of view This picture book puts names, faces, souls to those refugees in every corner of the world An important read.

    3. This amazing story based on the true experience of a Bosnian family forced to flee their country during the recent civil war Eight year old Viktor watches as his father walks away to join the Liberation Army, and knows that soon he, his mother, and younger sister, Marina, will be forced to leave their home, just one step ahead of the approaching enemy forces Already, strangers pass through Viktor s town on their way to the border One man leaves his two golden fish with the family, explaining tha [...]

    4. Recommended for ages 5 12From BooklistAges 6 9 Bunting uses a true story from Bosnia to weave an effective tale of loss and hope Eight year old Viktor and his little sister, Marina, miss their father when he goes off to fight with the underground, and their mother knows they too must soon leave Another refugee leaves the children two golden fish, and Marina, especially, is enchanted and names them Gleam and Glow When the family depart, leaving their home and garden, Viktor puts Gleam and Glow in [...]

    5. Marina and Viktor are a brother and a sister living during the time of the Bosnian War Their father has joined the Liberation Army and soon Marina and Viktor will have to dodge the enemy and find safety in another country In the face of the war Marina and Viktor are given two beautiful fish from a man who was on his way out of the country Unfortunately they are to flee shortly after and their mother does not let them carry the fish along Knowing how difficult it would be for Marina to leave the [...]

    6. I m in awe Bunting based her story on the true account of the Malkoc family, who fled the Jezero village during the Bosnian war Two little girls are given two gold fish, Gleam and Glow, to care for from a refugee who fled the village days before them Before they leave to seek safety, the oldest girl places Gleam and Glow in the pond After many months of war, the family returns to their village Everything has been destroyed my the bombseverything except the pond thriving with goldfish.This story [...]

    7. Although the events in this book were inspired by the Bosnian War which took place in 1990, the events are of great historical significance and, at this point, almost 20 years old This story is based on a true story of a family who had to flee their village in Bosnia Herzegovina and the boy who had to leave his two fish, Gleam and Glow, behind their house in a pond The events that unfold in this story are both touching and inspiring A great book to use with older elementary children from 3rd to [...]

    8. Don t judge, my peeps, but I had to put this up since I am so far behind on my 2016 reading goal This book is fabulous, though Teaches a powerful theme, is filled with lots of sensory details, big conflicts, memorable moments, and plenty of text connections to the world, our own lives and loads of books we ve read A fabulous mentor text.

    9. Gorgeous illustrations and beautifully crafted text relay a story of heartbreak and hope so poignant that even chatting about it was difficult, but we did our best.Listen to our chat about this book on our JustOneMoreBook Children s Book Podcast justonebook 2006 1

    10. Great for KidsMy fifth graders loved this story We used it to practice questioning before, during, and after They loved the ending.

    11. Gleam and Glow by Eve Bunting is a great book about a little boy who s father has joined the underground Viktor the boy and his younger sister are both worried because everyday people are passing there house and tell all the horrible things the side they are fighting have done A man gave them a gold fish and Viktor s sister got too attached to it and the mother was saying they would have to leave soon Eve Bunting made this a wonderful book based on a true story and everything that happens to Vik [...]

    12. Grade Interest Level 2nd 4th gradeReading Level 450 LGenre Multicultural Literature, Picture bookCharacters Viktor, Mama, Marina, papaSetting BosniaPOV 1st person, from VictorSummary Viktor and his family live in Bosnia during a civil war Viktor is at home with his mother, and younger sister Marina, while his father is off fighting in the Liberation Army Eve Bunting demonstrates through the text and illustrations the disaster and desperation that strikes neighborhoods and families during civil s [...]

    13. Gleam and Glow is a work of historical fiction by Eve Bunting Her inspiration for this story, found on the very last page, is the tale of a boy who received two fish shortly before the Bosnian War in the early 1990 s Because they had to flee their home, the fish were left behind in a lake When the family returned years later, they found that the fish had not only survived but thrived over the years Gleam and Glow creatively retells this story and expands on it to encompass the trials and sufferi [...]

    14. From the title I assumed the fish were the ones that were going to be named Gleam and Glow because their color seemed to glow right off the book cover Reading the story, Marina, the sister, actually names the fish Gleam and Glow This book had beautiful oil illustrations with the pages being full bleed and the images seemed to be in a darker color template This added to the mood of the story because the mood was not a very cheery and happy one It was not very happy since the people in midst of th [...]

    15. 01 15 Learned about this one from, of all places, P Miller s ELL Aide Meeting Materials Excellent book Read aloud with the boys They enjoyed Makes for interesting conversations and appreciation for what we have.Book Description Sylvada s A Symphony of Whales eerie autumnal oil paintings provide the emotional backdrop for another Bunting tale of a family forced into exile So Far from the Sea After Papa leaves to join the underground in his war torn country, life for the eight year old narrator, V [...]

    16. Grade Interest Level Primary K 2nd Reading level Lexile, 450 Genre Multicultural Literature, Historical FictionMain Characters Victor, Marina, Mama, PapaSetting Bosnia during Civil WarPOV VictorSummary This book is based on a true story of a Bosnian family that have to flee their home It talks about tragedy and destruction The book introduces readers of war and the hope that they can come back sometime after the devastation Victor is at home with his mom and his little sister Marina while his da [...]

    17. Grade interest level PrimaryReading level 450 Lexile Genre Multicultural Literature Main Characters Victor, Marina, Mama, PapaSetting Bosnia during Civil WarPOV Victor s I really love this book This book talks much about tragedy and destruction, however, the reader is greeted with positivity at the end of the book Victor is at home with his mom and his little sister Marina while his dad is off fighting in the libertarian army Everyday the future looks bleaker and bleaker for the family Much trag [...]

    18. Gleam and Glow is about a young boy named Viktor and his family His father had to leave to be part of the Liberation Army While his father is gone, people from the neighborhood come to take shelter in their home One of the men leave his sister, Marina, with two fish She loves the fish dearly but with the war headed their way, they are forced to leave the fish in a pond along with their home When they reach the outskirts of the country they stay in a refugee camp for months When they return to wh [...]

    19. This unexpected story of hope is laid out in a horizontal format and the illustrations are in a bleed style The illustrations also seem to be done using water color, and I found that it was interesting that the faces were often blurred throughout the story The faces of the people in the illustrations didn t contain a whole lot of detail and I think this is so the reader can fully connect with the characters By not giving the faces a whole lot of detail, the author can allow for the audience to [...]

    20. Gleam and Glow is a book about the hardships of the Bosnian war Written from the perspective of a little boy named Trevor, the reader gets to experience the struggles families experience during war At the beginning of the book the father leaves his family to go to war Eventually the family has to also leave to find refuge They are too poor to have vehicles so they have to walk all the way to a different country Once there they get to live in a safe camp and they actually have a good time with fo [...]

    21. Eve Bunting has done it again with Gleam and Glow She does such an amazing job portraying the hardship that comes with war and adapting to the times where all you truly have is yourself and your family The book starts off when the father has to leave for war The family then has to find refuge as the war proceeds on and they move around a lot Eventually, they are able to come home but it takes awhile and there are sacrifices that need to be done War is the big social issue in the book The hardshi [...]

    22. Theme s Surviving war, survival, family, communityAward s Use s Read aloud, classroom library, book clubsReview It s wartime in an unknown country at the end of the book, we find out that it is based on a true story from Bosnia Herzegovina While the father is off fighting with the Underground, the mother opens her home as a resting stop for people fleeing the war One man stops by and asks to leave two fish with the family because an extra day or two of life is as important to a fish as it is to [...]

    23. Illustrator Peter Sylvada Publisher HMH Books for Young Readers Date 2001Genre Historical Fiction War Strength The visual imagery and word choice shows the tragedy of war and the hardships the individuals in the story face The most colorful things in the story are fish which are shown in the beginning as the war is farther off, but the father is leaving to fight, through the story the family faces hardship together Hope comes through finding their father and journeying back home and then finding [...]

    24. Eve Bunting is one of the best writers of historical fiction She has a gift for taking complicated social issues and relaying them in a story that is child appropriate Many of her books have been springboards for conversations with my children about treating others with respect and dignity Gleam and Glow are two goldfish that a family leaves behind in a pond when fleeing their home during the Bosnian war When they return to their home five years later, it is in ruins The children run to the pond [...]

    25. This is a difficult story to read, but a very good one It s always hard to read about people torn from their homes and in danger from conflict in their country I love that Eve Bunting purposefully left the location vague in order to honor all those who are forced to flee their war torn countries The description of life in the tent settlement just over the border is a bit glossed over, but otherwise the story helps children understand the terrible consequences of war.We appreciated reading the au [...]

    26. I enjoyed reading this book because it contains complex themes in a picture book that interest me as an adult This book is based off of a true story about how a father has to go out and serve in the war while the rest of the family has to leave their home and go somewhere safe The children were sad because they didn t have their father with them and because they had to leave their two fish Gleam and Glow behind At the end of the story, everyone is reunited and the fish were able to survive while [...]

    27. Bunting, Eve Sylvada, Peter Gleam and Glow San Diego Harcourt, 2005 Historical Fiction Eve Bunting uses symbolism in an amazingly powerful way in this book While a family is forced to leave their home during a time of war, they release their two fish into a little pond, wanting to give them a few extra days of life before they surely die After being away from their home, in refugee camps, worried about their father, the boy Viktor and his family return home They are reunited with their father, a [...]

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    29. Gleam and Glow is a book about a family who is forced from their home because of a war going on around them It is based on a true story of a man named Smajo Malkoc, who lived in a village in Jezero Bosnia Herzegovina During a war, he was also forced from his home Leaving behind two golden fish When he returned, his house was ruined, but his fish had flourished and multiplied This book tells a similar story, but it is for any peoples who have been persecuted in this way This is a powerful story t [...]

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