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The Taxidermist's Daughter #2020

The Taxidermist s Daughter The enthralling new novel from the bestselling author of The Winter Ghosts Citadel and Labyrinth Sussex In a churchyard villagers gather on the night when the ghosts of those who will die in t

  • Title: The Taxidermist's Daughter
  • Author: Kate Mosse
  • ISBN: 9781409153757
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Taxidermist's Daughter By Kate Mosse, The enthralling new novel from the bestselling author of The Winter Ghosts, Citadel and Labyrinth.Sussex, 1912 In a churchyard, villagers gather on the night when the ghosts of those who will die in the coming year are thought to be seen Here, where the estuary leads out to the sea, superstitions still hold sway.Standing alone is the taxidermist s daughter At 17, ConstaThe enthralling new novel from the bestselling author of The Winter Ghosts, Citadel and Labyrinth.Sussex, 1912 In a churchyard, villagers gather on the night when the ghosts of those who will die in the coming year are thought to be seen Here, where the estuary leads out to the sea, superstitions still hold sway.Standing alone is the taxidermist s daughter At 17, Constantia Gifford lives with her father in a decaying house it is all that is left of Gifford s once world famous museum of taxidermy The stuffed animals that used to grace every parlour are out of fashion, leaving Gifford a disgraced and bitter man.The bell begins to toll and all eyes are fixed on the church No one sees the gloved hand pick up a flint As the last notes fade into the dark, a woman lies dead.While the village braces itself against rising waters and the highest tide of the season, Connie struggles to discover who is responsible, but finds herself under suspicion Is Constantia who she seems is she the victim of circumstances or are sinister forces at work And what is the secret that lies at the heart of Gifford House, hidden among the bell jars of her father s workshop Told over one summer, The Taxidermist s Daughter is the haunting new novel from the bestselling author of Labyrinth, Sepulchre, Citadel and The Winter Ghosts.

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    1. The ghosts of all whom death shall doom within the coming year, in pale procession walk the gloom, amid the silence drear James Montgomery, The Vigil of St.Mark , 1813Our story starts in Sussex in 1912 It is the night before St.Mark s day, a night of spirits and shadows, when the living hide themselves to see the souls of the dead parading in the church yard This is no place for the dead But the souls are not dead yet They are the images of those who will die during the coming year Or so the vil [...]

    2. Constantia Connie was twelve years old when she had a terrible accident, falling down the stairs and hitting her head on the marble tiles She doesn t remember the accident nor anything in her life that happened before that, has just been told she almost died Now 22 and unmarried she lives with her father, a once renowned Taxidermist in Fishbourne Marshes, in a dilapidated mansion called Blackthorn House It is 1912, in Sussex and a young woman s body is found dead This will set long thought burie [...]

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    4. I ve been waiting for Kate to write an out and out Gothic thriller for years This is it dark, clever but also immensely readable, giving the lie to the critics belief that intelligent fiction can t also be fun And it s a love letter to the Fens, described here with a sure and delicate touch, in sound, scent and colour

    5. Dear book, I sorta liked you but didn t You gave me gardening feels, like I enjoyed but won t do you again in the next five years or so I don t know I m a bit conflicted, perhaps I ll write a coherent review soon, but for now let me give you an

    6. Review originally published at Learn This Phrase.I really don t like having to give negative reviews They can be quite fun to write, but that doesn t make up for the time wasted reading a disappointing book, especially if, like me, you have a constantly expanding to read list of several hundred potentially better others Unfortunately, The Taxidermist s Daughter turned out to be another addition to 2014 s growing batch of much anticipated, but ultimately mediocre, new novels Funnily enough, The I [...]

    7. Spooky and chilling, The Taxidermist s Daughter is a terrific Gothic novel, just right for this Halloween.

    8. There are some books that are just magical and this is one of them The author has done a magnificent job in creating a gothic novel with a strong sense of place and wonderful story telling This book is so different from anything else I have read by this author and it is just spell binding I was nervous about picking up a book that features taxidermy but it is done in such an interesting way that it posed no problems for me I never came around to the concept that dead stuffed birds can be a thing [...]

    9. Who ll dig his grave I, said the Owl, with my pick and my shovel, I ll dig his grave It s the night before St Mark s day, 1912 on this dark night the people of Fishbourne come together in the church yard to watch the souls of the future dead On this night they will see who will die during this upcoming year On this night, a young woman is murdered Is her death an accidental slip of a knife Or a dark omen for what s yet to come, to let the people of the town know that their days are numbered Beca [...]

    10. Jackdaws, magpies, crows, and , I love birds from the Corvidae family, and they were the perfect Gothic inspiration for Kate Mosse s gruesome historical novel, THE TAXIDERMIST S DAUGHTER This dark mystery centers around Connie, the daughter of a taxidermist she, too, is one and her quest to solve the mystery of a young woman s murder The story hooked me right away with its Poe esque atmosphere Chilling The mystery itself was puzzling, twisty, and complex Taxidermy give me the creeps, as did this [...]

    11. 4 Sterne f r ein gelungenes, schauriges Lesevergnuegen Eine allzu lebhafte Phantasie sollte man allerdings nicht haben, sonst geht einem eine au ergew hnliche Tischdekoration am Ende des Buches nicht so schnell aus dem Kopf Mist, ich muss mir das jetzt st ndig vorstellen.

    12. A gothic tale set in Sussex, England with dark and sinister settings and characters It is a story of revenge for past wrongs by powerful men Connie, the main character, had a severe head injury when she was twelve so she does not have many memories of her childhood Her father is a man who drinks to forget things in his past who was once well known as a stuffer of birds Connie is the one who does most of the work on running the household and the taxidermy business As Connie pieces together her pa [...]

    13. I have been a fan of Kate Mosse for many years Her novel Labyrinth sat unread on my shelf for a long time before I took the plunge and read it I had avoided that huge tome for so long, it s historical fiction and I really didn t think that it would be my thing I was completely hooked and everything else was left unattended whilst I feverishly read it I was equally transfixed by the next two in the series Sepulchre and Citadel More recently, I read her collection of short stories The Mistletoe Br [...]

    14. A really nicely paced and very well written gothic thriller from Kate Mosse I have read the rest of Mosse s work and was suprised to find this book was very different Both the story and style marks something quite new.The story , set in Edwardian England,centres around Connie and her gradual remembering of her life before a childhood accident while the past is catching up on quite nastily on most of the other characters around her Taxidermy plays a big role in the plot without being boring, and [...]

    15. This is a carefully and beautifully constructed murder mystery set in 1912 in England.I immersed myself in the atmosphere and pervading angst created by the landscape, the weather and the characters.The story is fairly straightforward with a little mystery but the beauty of the book is in the feel of it You will need to suspend disbelief a little but it s easy to let that go if you let mood take you.

    16. I absolutely adored the Langeudoc trilogy but was bitterly disappointed with The Winter Ghosts so I pre ordered this with a degree of trepidation hoping that Kate had returned to her brilliant best I had no need to worry and she has.The book is, as all her others are, beautifully written and wonderfully descriptive and very atmospheric It s a brilliant Gothic psychological thriller with Connie, a wonderful and strong character, at the heart of the story Connie has no memory of events leading up [...]

    17. This dark gothic book, by Kate Mosse, is not for everyone especially the squeamish Kate Mosse is the author of the Languedoc Trilogy which I loved Her newest book was up to par and I was throughly entertained and even captivated by her storytelling Set in England in 1912, the story features a strong and bright woman, who must take over her father s failing taxidermist business If you get the chance, I also suggest reading her 2005 book Labyrinth, an archaeological mystery novel, set both in the [...]

    18. I was seduced by the blurb and found it very appealing on purchase but upon reading, not for me Too many other good books to read

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    20. Tis now, replied the village belle,St Mark s mysterious eve,And all that old traditions tellI tremblingly believe How, when the midnight signal tolls,Along the churchyard green,A mournful train of sentenced soulsIn winding sheets are seen.The ghosts of all whom death shall doomWithin the coming year,In pale procession walk the gloom,And the silence drear.Haunting, grim and dreary This book has the atmosphere of a ghost story In 1912 Fishburn on the soutcoast of England a young woman, Connie Giff [...]

    21. I listened to the audio book which was narrated by Claire Corbett It was a very enjoyable story but than I ever wanted to know about taxidermy The narration added to the eerie atmosphere of the book but for some reason, I found it didn t hold my attention all that well probably a reflection of my mood rather the audiobook.

    22. Blackthorn House was a place you didn t want to visit.Blackthorn House had the odd Gifford family living there.Blackthorn House had secrets.Connie Gifford and her father lived at Blackthorn House and were well known for their taxidermy, but no one ever came around any for visits or taxidermy.What had happened to make them outcasts Was it because of their business Was it because Connie had had an accident many years ago and sort of became a recluse Was it because her father was quite odd and alw [...]

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