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The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool #2020

The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool nd Edition with all new artwork will be published June Have you ever wanted to ride a dolphin or dreamed of playing on a rainbow as if it were a waterslide How would you feel if someone trie

  • Title: The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool
  • Author: P.J. LaRue
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool By P.J. LaRue, 2nd Edition with all new artwork will be published June 30, 2014.Have you ever wanted to ride a dolphin or dreamed of playing on a rainbow as if it were a waterslide How would you feel if someone tried to kidnap you, and you were forced to move to Hawai i to hide and live with people you don t know That s what happened to Harmonie.Come meet Harmonie, her new Mystic Prince2nd Edition with all new artwork will be published June 30, 2014.Have you ever wanted to ride a dolphin or dreamed of playing on a rainbow as if it were a waterslide How would you feel if someone tried to kidnap you, and you were forced to move to Hawai i to hide and live with people you don t know That s what happened to Harmonie.Come meet Harmonie, her new Mystic Princess friends and find out what happens when her enemies, the Children of Ares, find her again.

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      159 P.J. LaRue
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    1. On Coral s birthday, she and her three friends discover a secret about their identity They are Mystic Princesses , each endowed with special powers stemming from the elements.As the water element, Coral has powers over the ocean and its creatures and can help her friends breathe under water Janna is the earth element and can control the land and its animals Plus, she can turn herself and her friends into flowers Catie is the air element and can make rainbow slides in the sky and can turn herself [...]

    2. A charming tale with a mythological flavor about friendship, bravery and good conquering evil Princess Harmonie is a bringer of peace and love but when she is almost kidnapped by her evil war loving siblings, the children of Ares, she has to go and live with Princess Coral, the daughter of Neptune, in an underwater kingdom off the coast of Hawaii Princess Coral and her three little friends have special powers over earth, wind, air and water Together they take care of Harmonie and learn to look a [...]

    3. Harmonie and Eros are teenage sister and brother living in New York City One day a group of teenagers on a subway platform attempt to kidnap Harmonie Mysteriously, they bear the same tattoo as her brother on their arm Eros reveals a family secret They are children of Ares, the god of war, whose children are tattooed at one year old Most of the children of Ares strive to make life difficult for others, but he is the god of love and Harmonie is the goddess of peace Their mother, the goddess Aphrod [...]

    4. The beautiful cover of The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool suggests that this is a romantic fantasy, especially aimed at girls I began reading about the adventures of Harmonie with this expectation, only to discover that PJ LaRue has created a story with a BIG difference She has cleverly interwoven life lessons into the action and done this in an easy to understand way, perfect for young children.The Princesses have exciting adventures, as shown in the excellent illustrations I ve always wan [...]

    5. P J La Rue has written a great children s book that would be a great addition to any youngster s collection of favorite stories Set in Hawaii and filled with great characters, a variety of timeless values and themes are presented and handled very adroitly La Rue s imagination jumps off the page and I can t imagine a young child, or parent for that matter, who won t enjoy and appreciate what the author has created This is the sort of book that gets kids reading and keeps them looking for great st [...]

    6. This story first starts out with Harmonie and her brother Eros They are running from the Children of Ares who want to use them to help starts wars Fleeing to Hawaii, Harmonie is introduced to her new friends and protectors four princesses They each get have special powers to help protect and now they will learn how to use them in order to protect Harmonie They form The Mystic Princesses.This story will have a young childs mind running rampant with imagination So many interesting things going on [...]

    7. The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool by P J LaRue ReadYourWorld 2018a Multicultural Children s Book Day MCBD Review You can see the review on my website here alluringcreations wp mcbThe story unfolds in a metro station in New York where young brother Eros saves his sister Harmonie from being abducted by a group of tattooed teens It is only now that Harmonie finds out about their well kept family secret they are the children of Ares and Aphrodite and, like all of their other brothers and siste [...]

    8. Power, mystery, peace, and love Earth, wind, air, and water Thrilling adventures of fearless magical princesses who have power that can help others.What could be exciting than going on great adventures beneath the ocean and meeting brave, powerful princesses Princess Harmonie, Princess Coral, Princess Catie, Princess Janna, and Princess Breanna Reading The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool, children will easily connect to the mystical characters living in the ocean.Written in a mysterious sty [...]

    9. Talk about sibling rivalry Princess Harmonie and her brother Eros have it worse than anyone For they are two of the seven children of Aphrodite and Ares Aphrodite has given Harmonie over to Eros to look after, and Ares has commanded the other five to hunt down these two and capture Harmonie With her out of the way, they can wage war, a favorite pastime of theirs.Harmonie has to leave her brother and the New York she loves, and ends up in the Hawaiian Islands Here she is protected by the daughter [...]

    10. I received a free copy of THE MYSTIC PRINCESSES AND THE WHIRLPOOL for review, and I am so glad I did.I m at the give me grandchildren phase of life, and this book will be at the top of the list for bedtime stories PJ LaRue has written an unexpectedly meaningful children s story, filled with beautiful imagery and age friendly prose however, it goes beyond that.In the pages of this book, you ll find such life lessons as refusing to keep secrets that will hurt others respecting the environment whic [...]

    11. PJLarue s children s book, The Mystic Princesses and The Whirlpool, belongs on any parent s or teacher s favourite read aloud shelf Having taught young children for many years, I can vouch it would be popular for youngsters starting out in their reading career The setting transports you to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands where sandy beaches, coral reefs and rainbows make up the playground for the young girls The princesses are all gifted with special powers, but they must learn to use these with [...]

    12. When I first set out to read this book I was a little afraid that it would be fluff than substance I was pleasantly surprised All too often, princess books are centered around female characters that are weak and waiting for a male character to save the day In this story, the princesses are not weak and they are not waiting on someone else to save the day They do have a lot to learn about power, friendship and trust but they learn through working together and being supportive of each other Princ [...]

    13. Fun If I had a little girl, this would be regular reading for both of us Because, and I m not ashamed to admit it, I always wanted to be a Princess and to have Princesses for friends And this book does both.We have a beautifully illustrated book with a children s adventure wrapped up with lovely life lessons For children around 8 10, this is a book where we learn about friendship and trust, love and betrayal We learn about helping and generosity The story revolves around the five princesses who [...]

    14. What a cute book for youngsters to read with such a vivid imagination It is good vs evil and in a way a child can understand This book has princesses in it, just what all little girls love to read and it speaks of Love Peace The Children of Ares want to fight and cause wars so they are trying to kidnap Princess Harmonie Princess Harmonie has a gift to make people feel peaceful Love and Peace make it hard to fight and have wars Princess Harmonie needs protectors so she starts her journey and gets [...]

    15. This is the 2nd edition of The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool with a new cover and illustrations and it was well worth the wait My slugs have particularly commended the cover and asked why I don t have covers as pretty I ignored them Even though the beautiful cover gives a good impression of the kind of content inside beautiful writing it would seem to be aimed at girls than boys However, I m male and most of my slugs are male probably and we enjoyed it so perhaps the male members of your [...]

    16. What a delightful children s book The book is about the Children of Ares who are a mixture of war like and peaceful beings Princess Harmonie and her brother Eros represent love and peace When these two children have to split up to keep Princess Harmonie safe she meets Princess Coral and her friends This little group have some splendid adventures together There are great characters like Daring Dolphin, Scary Shark and Sandi Swordfish All the time Harmonie lives with her friends she holds a secret [...]

    17. I loved this book for a few reasons I loved the fantasy aspect These princess really know how to have fun They slide down rainbows, take pictures underwater, and swim with dolphins Another reason I loved this book is that there are a lot of valuable life lessons in it The book talks about self defense, being aware of your surroundings, and not being so confident that you end up putting yourself or others at risk Oh, and these princesses don t need anyone to rescue them They are strong, smart, an [...]

    18. A lovely fantasy in which the friendship of a group of girls strengthened and grows as they meet mystical challenges There are strong images and lots of action and activity The under water settings were very enjoyable.I very much read this as a tv series or movie In part this is because of the style of writing which covers a lot of territory quite quickly.

    19. A delightful story with great pictures and lessons to be learned in this magical adventure for younger readers.

    20. We are proud to announce that THE MYSTIC PRINCESSESS AND THE WHIRLPOOL by P.J LaRue is a B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money

    21. As you open the book the Mystic Princess Book 1 and the whirlpool by P.S LaRoe, you see a illustrated map of Hawaii The map is simple but nicely illustrated by illustrator Aristides Rodriguez The Mystic Princess and the Whirlpool is about a young girl who had a dream, like many of us do Well her dream was to ride a dolphin or just getting so close to a rainbow and see if she also slide down it as if sliding down a slide at a watermarks Amazing right But for poor Hermione things were going to tur [...]

    22. Surface Goodness for Little Ones 3 stars On the surface, the book is a cheerful, feel good tale of good vs evil with plenty of rainbows rainbow sliding actually , and princesses riding dolphins It s well copy edited, so there are no glaring editing issues, and if you re happy that, then you may enjoy this book But I always read critically, and if your kids do too I would encourage you to encourage them to do so , there are many issues lurking just beneath the surface.First is a lack of context W [...]

    23. My niece and I love picking up small chapter books which we can read together and recently, we chose The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool We enjoyed this book so much and it s quite refreshing to be able to share something with her that not only encourages individuality and empowerment, but to be kind and work together The author has created amazing characters which the reader can relate to, and she doesn t overdo the princess theme Unlike most princess stories, these girls have incredible po [...]

    24. The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool is a delightful story about a princess who is hiding from enemies trying to kidnap her She is Harmonie, the princess who bring Harmony to the world While she is hiding from her enemies she makes friends with other Mystic Princesses.Confident, intelligent and smart girls who look for solutions for any problem they face make ideal role models for young girls to look up too I plan to gift this book with lovely strong characters that inspire to my nieces too.T [...]

    25. The Mystic Princesses is a good story for early readers as the plot line is fun and adventurous The Mystic Princesses all have their own magical powers inherited from the God or Goddess parents and will be used to protect Harmonie whom the Children of Ares are after I really enjoyed the girls all practicing their different magical abilities The abilities are all very different and will invoke the imagination of those reading about these unique princesses.There were some issues that I had while r [...]

    26. This story starts out right in the middle of an action scene Harmonie is almost kidnapped, but saved by her brother Eros in the last moment We learn right away about the secret behind Harmonie and Eros parents as well as the danger Harmonie finds herself in As beginnings go, it s captivating and launches the story full force Still, I would have enjoyed having just a bit time to learn to get to know the characters.This isn t a only a story about Harmonie but envelopes an entire rainbow of charac [...]

    27. The Mystic Princesses Is a charming tale about 5 Girls who come together to help each other and protect mankind Harmonie is the daughter of Ares, but she is a gentle soul who encourages those around her to peace Her older brother has hidden her away from their father for her protection He sends her to Hawaii to protection of the court of Neptune Neptune s daughter Coral is just about Harmonie s age and she along with 3 of her friends, Catie, Breanna, and Janna, have the powers of the elements an [...]

    28. An enjoyable picture story with wonderful illustrations This book is about Ares, the God of war, wanting all of his children together and with him But with the children having various powers and influences, they are all quite different in character Most are warmongers and the others are of peace and love Unable to find his daughter Harmonie, Ares sends out his warmonger offspring to go and search for the peaceful ones, but his son Eros the god of love knows that he and his sister Harmonie could [...]

    29. I read this book to my five year old daughter She absolutely loved it She was absolutely transfixed and I was able to read the book to her in one sitting She looked at all the pictures afterward and asked questions about the characters I liked how there was an emphasis on the Princess powers and the hard work they did to learn how to harness them There was no discussion about how the girls looked, only about how they learned and practiced When to keep a secret and how to deal with bullies were o [...]

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