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Dogs and Water #2020

Dogs and Water Dogs and Water chronicles a piece of a lonely journey without origin or destination A young man wandering a nameless path has only a stuffed bear as a companion which inertly endures his desperation

  • Title: Dogs and Water
  • Author: Anders Nilsen
  • ISBN: 9781897299081
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dogs and Water By Anders Nilsen, Dogs and Water chronicles a piece of a lonely journey, without origin or destination A young man wandering a nameless path has only a stuffed bear as a companion, which inertly endures his desperation, anger, and musings along the way The landscape is cold and bleak with few landmarks, and offers only precarious encounters with animals and armed men These interactions aDogs and Water chronicles a piece of a lonely journey, without origin or destination A young man wandering a nameless path has only a stuffed bear as a companion, which inertly endures his desperation, anger, and musings along the way The landscape is cold and bleak with few landmarks, and offers only precarious encounters with animals and armed men These interactions are rife with instinct, the drive for survival, and human ethics concerning the killed and injured He finds acceptance with a pack of dogs, though their nature is wild and their potential threat is as unsettling as the sudden presence of a massive pipeline on the horizon In a dreamlike state, the endless land becomes a vast body of water where his boat is destroyed and his body floats in a subconscious space On land, the road disappears and only blind circumstance remains All is uncertain and all can be lost, but he continues on regardless.
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      222 Anders Nilsen
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    1 thought on “Dogs and Water

    1. Beautifully depressing It s hard to put a finger on exactly what is so depressing in this book, but the melancholy seems to transcend the confines of the story and hit at a nerve Similar in theme and feeling to Cormac McCarthy s The Road.

    2. This graphic novel is all about the journey, so don t even think about getting to any particular destination It s a quick, if rather surreal, bleak, and dreamlike read There is is guy walking down a long road with a stuffed bear strapped to his back It s not clear where he came from, and equally unclear where he s headed What is fascinating about this book is that the author is able to convey such a variety of emotions within this stark and lonely landscape The simple black and white art is quit [...]

    3. A short graphic novel, taking part in some kind of desert wasteland maybe post apocalyptic The drawings are simple, reminding me of Douglas Coupland s drawings in Life After God, but where that book had some hope this one didn t so much.I gave it two stars on the first reading, but three after thinking about it and reading through it again, and thought about four It s rather hopeless, but I was reminded of a quote by Flannery O Connor, saying something about how people without hope don t write n [...]

    4. On one family vacation, we ended up in the emergency room, waiting for doctors to remove a large bead from my three year old sister s ear When she emerged, hearing clearly again, she had only one explanation The bear did it We never met the imaginary bear, but we never figured out how the bead got in her ear, either Anders Nilsen s Dogs and Water is a little like that Nilsen renders his landscape in sparse black and white drawings that limit details to the most suggestive elements, wildly shifti [...]

    5. Anders Nilsen, Dogs and Water Drawn and Quarterly, 2007 Dogs and Water is quite unlike any other graphic novel I ve ever run across if you turn your head and squint right, it s got a bit of Renee French running through it, but without a shred of the absurdity French brings to her wonderful little books Or Shaun Tan without the fantasy elements, or the hope Nilsen Monologues for the Coming Plague has crafted something here that s deeply depressing, lonely, and yet compelling enough that once you [...]

    6. I saw somewhere either in the description on , or the inset of the book the word minimalist That really hit the nail on its stylistic head.I don t know if you all come across books that, once you finish it you say to yourself, huh I could give that book anywhere from 1 star to 5 How does that even happen I can t answer the How does that happen part, but I felt that way.The book felt like a dream about loneliness, only there seemed to be dream sequences drawn with blue ink inside the dream I walk [...]

    7. An enjoyable, surreal story by Anders Nilsen It doesn t have the same depth as some of his other books like Big Questions It s an enjoyable read but not an extremely memorable or satisfying one Certainly worth reading for fans of his other work It was the first book I read by him, and it was enough to get me to read his other books so that s something.

    8. Dogs and Watercould be best described as a melancholic surreal piece of art with a tinge of Jasonian sense of timelessness and placelessness As a matter of fact neither being English nor read left to right are not substantial to this art work It could be read in any language and any form desirable because it speaks of something universally shared and that, I assume, is the question of identity and purpose As many other readers, who I was sure would find enjoying this, have mentioned previously i [...]

    9. Anders Nilsen builds grandiose emotional architecture from something as simple as the white space that goes unused in the borders of these desolate drawings The surrealism of this graphic novel approaches dream chronicle, but there is something very resonant about the idea of an aimless journey that feels relatable, regardless of station in life or religious value It s the kind of story that leaves plenty of room for its reader to interpret, and it s clear that Nilsen wanted to leave these possi [...]

    10. Sad, lonely, surreal and really funny This guys traveling down a seemingly endless road toward a vast emptiness with nothing but a teddy bear strapped to his backpack and a sack lunch The conversations he has with the bear are the best part, particularly when, too wounded too carry on, the protagonist asks the bear if he should untie him, so that he can carry on without him Bahaha.Visually satisfying, but nothin fancy Simple line drawings and perfectly sparse language lots of ums, uhs, and i don [...]

    11. Try this sometime read this while in transit headphones on, Yanqui UXO by Godspeed You Black Emperor playing great soundtrack for it.In the end, I was left with 2 sentiments I would have loved this back in my 20s if I had known they were going to publish stuff like this now, I d have made of an effort in my 20s.Like the book, we walk on, dogs at our heels.Let me get my AK

    12. Oh strange eerie bad dream comics Anders Nilsen you re kind of in the same school as John Porcellino and I m really learning to like that school, but there could be a little of a point, a little bit of the disclosure of your own sadness despair whatever Nonetheless, beautiful, good use of negative space fancy commentary, me I ll keep absentmindedly picking your sad stuff up at the library.

    13. the art is really wonderful, but the story isn t there while the words and pictures succeed in evoking loneliness, the sort of endless journey of life, the need for companionship, the brutality of human contact, none of it ever coalesced into something that i will take very far with me but really the art is beautiful.

    14. The best description I found of this was written on the back of the book Nilsen uses spare renderings that will leave you wondering if you ve if you ve read a book or walked through a dream Haunting and strange, and I m not really sure what the point of the book is, but it does leave you thinking about it.

    15. Desolate, utterly desolate Anders Nilsen s take on Cormac McCarthy s The Road Would have been affecting if the character had a clearer struggle, goal or love, but I don t think that would have fit Nilsen s style.

    16. the cover of a dog holding a rifle in its mouth is probably the best part of this book other than that, the story just kinda sucks fine concept, no real substance i like the dude s art, and if he has another project that i find randomly in the library, i ll check it out

    17. Another string of Anders Nilsen s bleak, plaintive little windsongs, barely troubling the surface of the long white page, curling around your heart and clenching it, cold and lonesome in the watery grey light.

    18. Alright, one of those makes no sense books A little too postmodern for my taste Interesting read though, fun to try and make sense out of it.

    19. I found this to be less compelling than other works from Nilsen due to the short length though that may be better for some people Nilsen tends to wander and explore within a space, which allows his giant magnum opus to be his best work This short work contains similar elements and plenty of good stuff though plenty here means plenty of bleak paucity , but I never got to the point where I felt immersed in the journey.

    20. Felt like everything in it what I experienced while reading it and the world in which the story took place was somewhere unreachable yet visible.

    21. Earlier work from Anders Nilsen This one is fairly short and simple, following a boy young man as he wanders through what seems to be a barren apocalyptic wasteland, or possibly a war torn country He doesn t seem to have a destination planned, and at first his only company is the teddy bear he has strapped to his backpack, although he eventually encounters some deer, a pack of dogs, and finally some other people, who have a confusing, upsetting confrontation I m not exactly sure what Nilsen is t [...]

    22. I remember, years ago, stumbling across an excerpt of Anders Nilsen s Dogs Water in an edition of Best American Comics If I remember correctly, the excerpt began with our protagonist cresting a huge pipe in the middle of a featureless tundra In the next panel he discovers the wreckage of a helicopter crash with, as we soon find out, only one survivor Of all the works in the collection, Nilsen s was one that stuck out His pages lacked borders, the white of the page becoming an extension of the sn [...]

    23. Dogs and Water is a chilling, existential graphic novel about just that The unnamed protagonist is wandering through a vast but flexible landscape, probably of his own imagination, with a teddy bear strapped to a backpack for company The nature of his journey is unclear and mysterious, and his encounters with animals and people he meets along the way are just as elusive The book is simultaneously very personal and very distant, and in its totality shows a quiet, desperate beauty.I ve never reall [...]

    24. In an early scene in Dogs and Water our central character picks a fist fight with a buck deer for biting his teddy bear The dear wins because it has no fists but a clobbering rack of antlers Later in this Euripides like journey, our character runs into a pack of dogs that actually eat his teddy bear and then befriends him, welcoming him to the pack They take him to the buck who may have antler pounded him into the ground, who they have already started to eat The scene where he sleeps with the pa [...]

    25. Surreal in the literal sense was it all a dream Except it has dream sequences, so were they dreams within the dream It kind of meanders a bit, and while it was easy to follow, the plot is circuitous to say the least It exists in an unknown time or place, yet the fictional world seems somehow familiar.I can t say I really understood much of what was going on or why, which sometimes really bothers me But somehow the development of the character and bizarre scenes and interactions kept me engaged T [...]

    26. It is hard to say that I read this book There are not words on many of the pages So I feel like I looked at the story rather than read it and while looking I may not have seen everything that I should have Apparently I am not alone in my bewilderment The Washington Post reviewer wrote this book will leave you wondering if you ve read a book or walked through a dream.The tale lasts less than 100 pages with two main characters on a journey I wanted to say that there wasn t much action, but that is [...]

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