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A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius #2020

A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius When you read his extraordinary memoir you don t laugh then cry then laugh again you somehow experience these emotions all at once Well this was when Bill was sighing a lot He had decided that afte

  • Title: A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius
  • Author: Dave Eggers
  • ISBN: 9780330456715
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius By Dave Eggers, When you read his extraordinary memoir you don t laugh, then cry, then laugh again you somehow experience these emotions all at once Well, this was when Bill was sighing a lot He had decided that after our parents died he just didn t want any fighting between what was left of us He was twenty four, Beth was twenty three, I was twenty one, Toph was eight, and all When you read his extraordinary memoir you don t laugh, then cry, then laugh again you somehow experience these emotions all at once Well, this was when Bill was sighing a lot He had decided that after our parents died he just didn t want any fighting between what was left of us He was twenty four, Beth was twenty three, I was twenty one, Toph was eight, and all of us were so tried already, from that winter So when something would come up, any little thing, some bill to pay or decision to make, he would just sigh, his eyes tired, his mouth in a sorry kind of smile But Beth and IJesus, we were fighting with everyone, anyone, each other, with strangers at bars, anywhere we were angry people wanting to exact revenge We came to California and we wanted everything, would take what was ours, anything within reach And I decided that little Toph and I, he with his backward hat and long hair, living together in our little house in Berkeley, would be world destroyers We inherited each other and, we felt, a responsibility to reinvent everything, to scoff and re create and drive fast while singing loudly and pounding the windows It was a hopeless sort of exhilaration, a kind of arrogance born of fatalism, I guess, of the feeling that if you could lose a couple of parents in a month, then basically anything could happen, at any time all bullets bear your name, all cars are there to crush you, any balcony could give way disaster seemed only logical And then, as in Dorothy s dream, all these people I grew up with were there, too, some of them orphans also, most but not all of us believing that what we had been given was extraordinary, that it was time to tear or break down, ruin, remake, take and devour This was San Francisco, you know, and everyone had some dumb idea I mean, wicca and no one there would tell you yours was doomed Thus the public nudity, and this ridiculous magazine, and the Real World tryout, all this need, most of it disguised by sneering, but all driven by a hyper awareness of this window, I guess, a few years when your muscles are taut, coiled up and vibrating But what to do with the energy I mean, when we drive, Toph and I, and we drive past people, standing on top of all these hills, part of me wants to stop the car and turn up the radio and have us all dance in formation, and part of me wants to run them all over.

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    1. Note This review was written almost 10 years ago I would gladly delete it, but it appears some people have engaged in fruitful back and forth in the comment thread I let it stand for the sake of their discussion, but since every once in a while I wake up to an email informing me of how some stranger on the internet thinks I m an asshole and as I m also a person who can t stand the heat and would gladly get out of the kitchen if I could , I d like to add a few disclaimers.This review was written [...]

    2. look it s cool to hate on dave eggers it s so cool to be post dave eggers, and talk about how you didn t really like this book all that much, and it s even cooler to totally hate this book it s like a coolness interview question did you like his book yeah, I really did well, we can t be friends with you this is just like those hipsters who don t like justin timberlake fuck you, hipsters that new album is solid gold.I loved this book I loved it, and I still love it I wish to god I had sent away f [...]

    3. Fuck Fuck fuck fuck fuck I was reading this book and around page 237 or was it 327 fuck , I figured it out he s talking to ME He wrote this book for me Dave Eggers looked into the future and saw that I would want to read a self referential, self satisfying memoir He knew that I would be trying to figure stuff, being in my twenties and all, and while not dealing with the enormity of losing both parents and having to rear a young sibling, I would have my own shit to work through He fucking knew Bu [...]

    4. I disliked so very much about this book The grating self awareness, the oh I m so clever stream of consciousness asides, the indescribably tedious discussion of his magazine work But the heart of the book, the story of Eggers and his young brother trying to be each other s whole family after the death of their parents, is genuinely sad and funny all at once, a difficult feat to accomplish I wish he d stuck to telling that story instead of trying so hard to make me think he s a staggering genius [...]

    5. as a huge douglas coupland fan, i thought i might enjoy a heartbreaking work i should ve known better i tried to read you shall know our velocity last year and found it entirely unreadable i gave up after 200 pages of nonsense several friends raved about ahwoasg, so i thought, ok, i ll give eggars another try again, i was horribly disappointed the pros yes, it s funny at times and very honest though can we take eggars at his word never trust an autobiography i laughed out loud several times whil [...]

    6. I hated loved was totally frustrated by was sucked into couldn t stand couldn t put down dreaded picking up wanted to like was attacked by wanted to burn finished this book.Alternative title A Self Indulgent Work of Festering GeniusThe worst book I couldn t put down the best book I ve ever wanted to set on fire.Updated Found in my bedside reading journal it s self conscious pretentious, but pretentious in the way that smart kids are when they re trying to be cool but are still riled up by gramma [...]

    7. I had problems with Dave Eggers for a long time Having never read a word he d written, I immaturely thought I had every right to hate him He was young, successful, and adored by critics That was enough right there When it first came out, I would see AHWOSG in the bookstore and grimace at it than once, I even gave it the evil eye My loathing was out of sheer jealousy I recognized it as such back then, but still carried on It s hard to let go of things sometimes.OK Fast forward three or four year [...]

    8. A very fine book, but tied closely with its period, so a bit dated I suppose the publisher will be foot noting it before too long I m going to have to read that really long, really serious P ter N das novel afterward, for AHWOSG is far too hysterical Excessive hysteria pushed past all reasonable thresholds of human tolerance into the realm of whistling past the graveyard I think it s the twentysomething prospect of near continuous coitus that s to blame, making the text at times almost a giddy s [...]

    9. Well, this was an uphill struggle Such dense writing, about nothing important paragraphs and paragraphs of random crap, like throwing a frisbee, or whether or not he will sleep with a girl and then being unsure what actually occurred afterwards I m baffled that Eggers managed to drag this out for just under 500 pages There is no feeling, I didn t connect with any of the characters, they were so two dimensional Just a timeline of his life bringing up his brother after his parents died Moving from [...]

    10. Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave What can I say I can sort of remember picking up this book in a bookstore somewhere and reading the first few pages now, not the first few pages of the story, but I m talking about the copyright page Freaking Dave Eggers is writing his novel starting with the copyright page Wild man, wild man So, I read it I liked it It was this nonstop stream of consciousness kind of thing, which I found a bit comforting, cause that s how I think I mean, of course that s how I think, caus [...]

    11. Before I picked up this book I had heard endless tales of how wonderfully smart and funny this book was, how terrific the writing was and how the originality would slap me in the face like a cool wind on a summer s day They were wrong I hated this book like The Cure hates happiness I understand writer s have their own style, and that is what, in and of itself, separates them from all the others But, seriously, we learn paragraph breaks for a reason It gives the mind s eye a break, a breather Egg [...]

    12. Clearly, this is a polarizing book All I ll add is that the first time I read it, sometime in the middle of college, I had all of the negative reactions I ve read here It was sometimes funny, and sad and beautiful and all that, but mostly it was an autobiography by an asshole who was full of himself and I just didn t see why I should care, why I should keep reading And then I read it again a few years later And I don t really know what happened in between exactly Maybe I became friends with ass [...]

    13. This book has not aged well.I read it when it first came out, somewhere around 2000, and I remember loving its high energy sentences and how Eggers shared his emotions about losing both his parents to cancer and taking guardianship of his youngest brother, Toph short for Christopher I was in my 20s back then, and I could relate to the author s angst about life, his career, his relationships, blah blah blah.Fourteen years later, I picked it up again as a book club assignment My reaction this time [...]

    14. I was sick of Eggers self absorbed schtick after three pages of the preface But, the cover read pulitzer prize finalist among other superlatives , so I forged on I d madeit to page 33 of the actual text without laughing once when I noticed Eggers picture on the back cover He reminded me of some people I d met when I wasworking at a startup company during the early internet boom They were so fullof themselves with their free wheeling style, their stock options, and theirflat front banana republic [...]

    15. About a boy who loses both parents must then become a parent to his own sibling Sure, many elements must converge to make a wee autobiography one outstanding read Here s the jist Eggers is an almost household name writer who abuses his witty ha ha ha title and confounds the reader with an incredibly dragged out insistence upon his own life story Bookmarked by the dual tragedy of losing parents to cancer within weeks of one another are a bunch of vanilla events making up the bulk of the narrative [...]

    16. It s taken me two years to get around to reading this much hyped modern classic In that time, I have put up four shelves, had intercourse over twenty times, eaten nine scones, and met one Scottish celeb His name will not be published here, as he was rude about my purple brown shirt Fool.Dave Eggers is preoccupied with heart rending human dramas of Promethean magnitude, as his follow up books What is the What and Zeitoun attest he is that long arterial cord thingie linking the heart with the mind [...]

    17. Plenty of clever people have written about A.H.W.O.S.G but Eggers himself may have done it best with the preface, acknowledgements, and even the title of his book It all portends a memoir that is sad, funny, smart, and honest He shrewdly pre empts criticism about his self obsession by professing to be self conscious about it a kind of meta awareness that s somehow appealing It s clear before the book begins that he s got that Gen X hipster axe to wield for sarcastic, irreverent purposes Since h [...]

    18. A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius, the 2000 memoir by Dave Eggers, was recommended to me by a college student I ve gotten to know at McClain s Coffeehouse I spend my weekends there writing and wasting time on social media while this guy is studying French or wasting time playing poker We use each other as a sounding board when we re writing We both love to read he can t believe I ve never read William Faulkner or Philip Roth I can t believe he s never read El Leonard or Stephen King We a [...]

    19. omg OMG which one of you was it which one of you snekay little emo kids managed to pull this off you know, wilcan s level 400 creative writing class last semester of my senior year of college we had the classroom in Times Hall that didn t get air conditioning i passed out in the middle of class right before spring break that one time, when the health center prescribed me the wrong medication for my bronchitis don t you remember well i do don t think i didn t catch this i ve narrowed the potentia [...]

    20. Mr Eggers has a genius for two things finding and publishing some of the exciting writers working today turning Weeee Weeee Look at me I am beautiful and so good to my little brother Weeeee Don t you want to touch me into 496 pages.

    21. For the first half of this Dave Eggers book which everyone has been telling me to read since the dawn of time I was absolutely in love with Eggers writing Eggers unique voice coupled with his heartbreaking, raw, and personal familial tragedy made for a story that was both poignant and interesting to read I really enjoyed his asides, and found myself smiling when a conversation between Eggers and his younger brother evolved into a metatextual examination of Eggers entire venture.But then I got to [...]

    22. OK, I give up 40% There are some nice ideas, few interesting scenes and fun dialog here and there but it s all buried in cum from all that verbal mastrubation.

    23. I LOVED THIS BOOK Eggers has created something raw, graphic, gritty, something real and it is an emotional sometimes painful read It is the way in which he deals with grief that appeals to me most His crazy stream of consciousness writing style is so refreshingly real At times it seems you are reading his thoughts, unedited Instead of wallowing in grief for the entire novel he refuses to confront his emotions and whirls around like a frisbee comically avoiding the world.What got to me about this [...]

    24. I ve been reading this book for about three months now and I just can t bring myself to finish it and I only have 17 pages left This is the first book I ve read by Dave Eggers, and I ve been told not to judge his other works based on this memoir Memoirs can be tricky beasts after all.In the beginning I really enjoyed this book Eggers actually did have an interesting life and he tells his story in stream of consciousness sp , which I found to be really interesting first It was the first time I ve [...]

    25. anyone that employs the phrase a bird the color of feces in their writing should be, for ever, prohibited from publishing anything i once heard someone say that dave eggers is the most important writer of his generation, and, thus, lingeringly, i tasted said bird as atrociously destitute as his works are, and oh god make it stop, his dedication to 826 is quite commendable, and nearly offsets the damage he s effected by writing books in the first placee also kerouac, jack on the road

    26. This did not do much for me It was readable but I am very unsure of why it was so loved I suppose young parenting is not something I want to know about.

    27. The book isn t simple it s complex, and powerful, beautiful, hilarious, and above all is feels utterly sincere.Obviously the title is hyperbolic but it s not completely ironic innacurate eitherEggers has a great little thing about Irony the title being ironic the book being ironic in the added section of the book Mistakes we knew we were making In which he s like, you fuckers don t know what irony means let me explain It s all true This isn t an actual quote from him.He uses profanity in an extr [...]

    28. Dave Eggers e Toph Eggers6 Estrelas AssombrosasO livro Uma Obra Enternecedora de Assombroso G nio do escritor norte americano Dave Eggers n 1970 foi editado em 2000 e um t tulo absolutamente admir vel para uma obra de n o fic o uma hist ria verdadeira contada como fic o pelo pr prio, sobre a sua fam lia os pais e irm os e os seus amigos.O in cio do livro desconcertante Regras e sugest es para a aprecia o deste livro 1 N o h nenhuma necessidade avassaladora de ler o pref cio A s rio N o o li 2 N [...]

    29. Non fiction ish Dave Eggers parents are dead, and now he s got to take care of his little brother This is their sort of true story.Because I m a geek, Dave Eggers endears himself to me just by his modifications to the verso, which include his placement on a sexual orientation scale of 1 to 10 and the reminder that the military industrial entertainment complex really has little power over us as individuals The book suffers from all the weaknesses Eggers warns us about in the notes it s self refer [...]

    30. The opening chapter of this sort of memoir blew me away Eggers mother is dying of cancer, and the way he describes it is messy and sad and, yes, funny Both of his parents die within weeks of each other and it s so tragic it s almost unfathomable I was into it, and then the rest of the book happenedd I just didn t really care about anything that was happening any Eggers, the legal guardian of his young brother, living life as a listless twenty something in San Francisco in the 90s Full disclosure [...]

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