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The Future for Curious People #2020

The Future for Curious People What if you could know your romantic future What if an envisionist could enter the name of your prospective mate into a computer that would show you a film of your future life together In The Future f

  • Title: The Future for Curious People
  • Author: Gregory Sherl
  • ISBN: 9781616203696
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Future for Curious People By Gregory Sherl, What if you could know your romantic future What if an envisionist could enter the name of your prospective mate into a computer that would show you a film of your future life together In The Future for Curious People, a young librarian named Evelyn becomes obsessed with this new technology she can t stop visiting Dr Chin s office because she needs to know that she ll mWhat if you could know your romantic future What if an envisionist could enter the name of your prospective mate into a computer that would show you a film of your future life together In The Future for Curious People, a young librarian named Evelyn becomes obsessed with this new technology she can t stop visiting Dr Chin s office because she needs to know that she ll meet someone and be happy one day Godfrey, another client, ends up at the envisionist s office only because his fianc e insisted they know their fate before taking the plunge But when Godfrey meets Evelyn in the waiting room, true love may be right in front of them, but they are too preoccupied and too burdened by their pasts to recognize it.This smart, fresh love story, with its quirky twists and turns, ponders life s big questions about happiness, fate, and our very existence as it follows Evelyn and Godfrey s quest for the elusive answers.

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      Gregory Sherl

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    1. I look up at the sky, growing dark The snow is light and dizzying and new That s the thing about snow It s all about promise It s nature s do over.Suddenly Adrian is standing right in front of me He looks a little teary Maybe it s just the cold wind He s so close I feel his warm breath this is possibly the most exercise he s gotten in weeks I imagine his ribs, rising and falling, after sex I ll miss his hands on me and the way he says I m the best goddamn librarian in the world, even though he s [...]

    2. My rating 3.5 of 5 stars Most people choose their futures by accident They don t even know they re making choices They don t even know that there are forks in the road much less forks within forks The future no longer has to be messy It can be tested out It can be known In an alternate yet still contemporary Balti, there is a flourishing market of Envisionists doctors that are trained to show people a small glimpse of their future A cup of pills, a virtual reality helmet and a name of a person g [...]

    3. You can also read my review here What if there is this time bomb to love What if it s like you fall in love with so many people who just aren t for you, and with each one, your heart toughens up, and you have to find the one who is right for you before your heart is completely calcified in your chest Do you ever read a book and thought THIS SHOULD BE A MOVIE or WAIT, HAVE I WATCHED this before This book totally gave me those feels.First of all, The Future for Curious People is a mouthful AND an [...]

    4. This was a highly enjoyable book about people who can t help but look into their relationship futures, with great consequences to their current entanglements The two narrators on the audiobook portray Godfrey Burkes and Evelyn the Librarian very well, alongside distinguishable minor characters with different voices.The book made me laugh quite a few times it s the kind of humor that s just cute, like a romantic comedy If you don t chuckle or marvel at every combination of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, [...]

    5. From the first page of The Future for Curious People, I was hooked Like, stay up all night, ignore the kids, forget about cooking dinner kind of hooked The break up scene at the beginning was written so well, I found myself caring right away, and feeling that lost empty feeling at the end of a relationship Evelyn Shriner is my kind of heroine She s funny, perceptive, questions everything She s bold and scared all at the same time Her painful past, her inescapable feeling of loss, her addiction t [...]

    6. Well, this is awkward Now many of the other books I have given five stars to, need to move down a star Not all, but many I will fall in love with a book if it has one or two unbelievable lines and this one has an endless number Full disclosure, I work in a library so I understand how plausible the crazy library stories actually are Not everyone might get that The last word quotes, the cab driver, the duck The last man standing method of promotion I m not writing this well and I can t even rememb [...]

    7. Review bennitheblog bookbiters thTechnology now exists for people to envision their romantic futures Evelyn breaks up with her boyfriend, Adrian, when she envisions them singing Happy Birthday to a Chihuahua a future that seems too bland for her liking Evelyn s need for love, however, transforms into obsession and then addiction when she cannot stop visiting Dr Chin s to envision futures with other romantic candidates.Godfrey proposes to his girlfriend, Madge, but before accepting the proposal, [...]

    8. I spent all day yesterday finishing this novel With the help of envisionists, people are able to look into their future with their partner and see what sort of happy life, or disastrous one awaits them As you can imagine, this is going to cause earthquakes in their relationships Futurisitic new agey visions aside, it isn t much different than what we often do in our own minds Taking a potential partner or our current one , examining their meaning in our lives, sliding their flaws under a microsc [...]

    9. Read this and other reviews at Ampersand Read.So this is a weird little story What s weird about it is our little friends, Godfrey and Evelyn They take quirky and walk a mile away with it They re looking at quirky in the rearview mirror tell me what TV show I just quoted that from, and you get a million imaginary golden ponies Which is cool, I like a little quirk But the quirk gets in the way of actual character building.Both Godfrey and Evelyn have parental issues Many characters and Real Peopl [...]

    10. Ina way, this book was a somewhat frustrating read, but it s rare when characters and concept win out in a science fiction book In a way, The Future for Curious People is the sort of anti Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind in how it handles relationships and technology, if that makes any sense, and that makes it an interesting read The story is about a future where people can essentially hook themselves up to a computer and see various iterations of their future The story bounces back and for [...]

    11. P.73 Expecting something light, a touch romantic with a dash of futuristic device I m loving it Oddball friendly characters, one works clearing Expired Safe Deposit Boxes is that possible one works in a library ,hence the outstanding mini excerpt for the day I went to the library because in books there were people living real livesonce you understand that each book on the shelf has a heartbeat then you ll want to stayI tend books the way someone in an aviary tends birds Better in context As is t [...]

    12. The idea behind The Future For Curious People is an interesting one Thanks to medical science people can now envision their future with different romantic partners by hooking your head up to some wires and watching it on a TV screen So far so good.But the science fiction side of the story soon gets swept away for a quirky romance between an awkward indie boy and a manic pixie dream girl Both Evelyn and Godfrey have had interesting childhoods but the implications of that aren t explored, nor is t [...]

    13. Went from confusing the hell out of me to charming me A quick read once you get past some annoying window dressing known as supporting characters You wonder if technology if such existed could find you the ideal mate If you wonder, this is the book you need to read.A cynic such as myself instead found many pertinent questions thrown into my already overcrowded window I give it that along with making you laugh it makes you think.For the populace who surround me, not good LOL But for the reader wh [...]

    14. Mucho potencial, pobre ejecuci n, personajes aburridos y demasiada cursiler a Demasiado dejado a la suerte, demasiadas coincidencias, demasiada menci n del true love , no lo odi pero tiene m s puntos malos que buenos Puedo imaginar perfectamente a Zooey Deschanel como Evelyn y eso no es un halago al libro por mucho que adore a Deschanel.

    15. 4.5 starsIt started out really prosetic and beautiful, but soon the flowing language gave way Also, I wasn t a huge fan of Evelyn, the female lead Her obsession with the future felt really unrealistic after a while Overall, good premise, nice use of language mostly , and I related to Godfrey and enjoyed his character development.

    16. Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsCome reagireste se vi dicessero che esiste un sistema che vi proietterebbe nel futuro Curiosi di sapere se la persona accanto sar l a della vostra vita e vivrete per sempre felici e contenti Io sono un po combattuta, da un lato sarei curiosissima di vedere come sarebbe la mia vita tra qualche anno, ma dall altro mi spaventerebbe sapere che le cose potrebbero non andare come me le sono immaginate.Bene, il libro parla proprio di questo Un metodo basato sul [...]

    17. What do you believe where love is concerned, and what are you capable of believing Lots of influences from Eternal Sunshine , Being John Malkovich , and Brazil leaving one to wonder if they could love someone just because they re told they are supposed to love them Likewise to wonder if they age in and out of love, and meet people that will love them somedaybut not the version that currently stands before them.Handed to me with a note that said Here, read this.This is why I do book exchanges.

    18. SERIOUSLY one of my new favorite books I mean it As soon as I finished it, I actually thought about starting it all over again If I had any talent whatsoever and could actually write a book, THIS is the book that I would write I loved the quirkiness of the characters and the inner dialogue had me about to pee my pants a couple of times I felt like the author spoke to my dry and sarcastic soul and while he was making me laugh out loud, he was also making me think and feel and highlight Omg, I sav [...]

    19. Evelyn, di professione bibliotecaria, fidanzata con Adrian, componente di una band emergente La loro esistenza muta quando la giovane decide di consultare un visionista per conoscere il loro futuro amoroso, ma il responso non dei migliori Evelyn decide perci di lasciare Adrian Godfrey, impiegato presso la sede del Dipartimento degli Oggetti rinvenuti e mai reclamati, ha deciso di compiere il grande passo Chiede alla sua amata Madge di sposarlo, ma la donna evidentemente sconcertata, propone di c [...]

    20. The 2013 movie About Time, tells the story of a young man who uses his ability to travel back to the recent past in order to change what already happened This book is similar to the movie in a way, except these protagonists have the ability to see potential futures traveling forward, rather than back so that they can make changes now if they so desire Both stories conclude with a new appreciation for, and commitment to the now, but not necessarily by choice.The Future For Curious People is cente [...]

    21. I bought this book on a solo trip to Washington D.C on a whim It was on the Staff Recommends shelf at Kramer Books This bookstore, by the way, is amazing Cozy, close packed shelves, really nice staff, and the food at the cafe in the back is TOP NOTCH I had butternut squash ravioli and a glass or three of prosecco while I started this book, and that experience really set the vibe for the rest of the reading The book is, in a word, cute It s a love story, and it s a science fiction in the barest, [...]

    22. How do you know that you ve found the one Is it the person with whom you can most easily envision a prosperous future Or someone who, when you re with them, makes you think about the future less because you are happy and loved in the present This is the conflict at the crux of The Future for Curious People In alternating chapters, we hear the struggles of newly single Evelyn and recently almost but not quite engaged Godfrey Evelyn, born to parents consumed by a tragic event in their past, is obs [...]

    23. Was hooked by the title, read through all of it, and hated it Truly hated it Yet I finished it Which is to say that it isn t all bad in there, there are some interesting ideas, the characters are quirky alright, but quirky s good Until it s not and you re overusing it The book is full of great ideas, with hints at pop culture, but it never fully manages to take any of these ideas to another lever And it is frustrating It sounds very similar to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Except it s re [...]

    24. Books can break a man open, even ones about a panda, maybe especially so Leggere per tutto il libro i pensieri di Evelyn e Godfrey mi ha fisicamente sfiancata.La trama era accattivante e faceva porre domande interessanti, peccato che non ci sia nulla di tutto questo nel libro Il libro e i personaggi sono di un piattume disarmante, i loro pensieri vagano senza senso, saltano da un pensiero ad un altro senza il minimo legame tra loro, entrambi i personaggi erano cos hipster o meglio, ci provavano [...]

    25. 3.5 stars, really Well What a trip This was anodd novel The humor was wonderful and dry I liked the female lead and her best friend, and towards the end, the male protagonist is a great character as well It s definitely an interesting concept almost syfy Overall, well written However, there were some definite weaknesses as well The set up for the plot took 2 3 of the book, so the actual story didn t get going till late This caused the ending to be rushed and inconclusive I enjoyed the male lead, [...]

    26. The Future For Curious People by Gregory Sherl imagines a world where people can visit envisionists to get a peek at their romantic futures.But these characters can briefly look into the future, rather than stewing endlessly about feeling not unhappy, and they can glimpse how their lives would turn out with different partners Bart and Amy, Godfrey s smug coupled friends, see their future selves happily sailing on a boat, and are reassured that they ve made their right choice But in most cases, t [...]

    27. A fun and entertaining read which sucked me in from the title and held me through to the end The book wasn t quite what I expected but then it was all about playing with expectations so that seems appropriate Also appropriate is that I obtained the book from stealing it, temporarily, from a friend When you meet Dot you ll know why that s so appropriate I only wish there was twice as much story as the characters and world were such fun to dive into that any ending was going to feel slightly unsat [...]

    28. I was drawn to this novel by the premise What if we could see our future as couple with another person The premise also seemed to me like a different take on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Instead of erasing memories of a bad relationship, you can prevent them from happening at all.Although generally well written, I wasn t pulled into the story and didn t find it compelling I also didn t feel engaged with the characters Overall I feel this is likely due to personal preference, therefore i [...]

    29. An interesting read for me The story was set in a world where people could go to a doctor and see their possible futures The story follows the story of two people who use the service to find out about where their lives are going I found it to be a real funny and thought provoking read By the end it was really sweet and made me think about fate and whether knowing about where your life is going is a good thing Loved the ideas behind it and enjoyed it and as it went through For me it didn t get [...]

    30. Envisionists rule the day as couples run to clinics to envision their romantic futures Godfrey Burkes and Evelyn Shriner accidentally meet in one such office, Dr Chin s, and there are consequences for them Godfrey is pseudo engaged to Madgee doesn t want to commit until she sees her own and different envisionist Likewise, other friends explore their futures together.But sometime science and true love don t quite mesh in this hilarious romance of a different kind Who will end up with whom Which b [...]

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