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Druid's Sword #2020

Druid s Sword World War II London The Blitz has all Londoners in its grip and people struggle to survive amidst the terror and chaos of constant bombardment But is it just Hitler s Luftwaffe that is responsible for

  • Title: Druid's Sword
  • Author: Sara Douglass
  • ISBN: 9780765344458
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • Druid's Sword By Sara Douglass, World War II London The Blitz has all Londoners in its grip and people struggle to survive amidst the terror and chaos of constant bombardment But is it just Hitler s Luftwaffe that is responsible for all the death and destruction that the city is facing Brutus, the Greek Kingman who brought the bands of power to the isle of Alba millennia ago, once again walks the streWorld War II London The Blitz has all Londoners in its grip and people struggle to survive amidst the terror and chaos of constant bombardment But is it just Hitler s Luftwaffe that is responsible for all the death and destruction that the city is facing Brutus, the Greek Kingman who brought the bands of power to the isle of Alba millennia ago, once again walks the streets of London, this time as an American major The men and women who are his eternal companions and sometimes lovers and enemies have been reborn in this time and place and all have come together for one last battle to complete the magical Labyrinth buried at the heart of the city Half completed and resonating with an evil power, the Maze calls to them to finish the Game and possibly set all the players free.But there is a new power that walks the land It is a power that none anticipated and it has its own agenda And by its actions could change the world forever Druid s Sword is the fourth and concluding volume in Sara Douglass s compelling Troy Game series, a riveting historical fantasy series of love and revenge set against the very fabric of time itself.

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      187 Sara Douglass
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    1 thought on “Druid's Sword

    1. I felt like this book was a great disappointment I am a big fan of Sara Douglass s work but I could not enjoy this book, no matter how hard I wanted to This the 4th and final book of the Troy Game series While reading the final book of a series you expect closure In this book you may get closure but it doesn t make sense with the rest of the series She uses the first 3 books to builds up this elaborate world with certain rules and create these powerful characters which she works really hard to d [...]

    2. I followed this series for years, reading each new book avidly as the storyline and the relationships became deeper, richer, complicated I couldn t wait to see what sort of denouement Douglass had in store for the Troy Game I was particularly interested in what would become of Cornelia Caela Noah and her troubled bond with Brutus I would have been satisfied with either of two possible endings a A redeemed Brutus asks Cornelia for forgiveness, and she forgives him b Brutus asks Cornelia for forg [...]

    3. OK, here s the thing about this fourth and final book in the Troy Game series In the first three books, nearly every character was driven to acquire, avoid, achieve, complete, or create something or someone The story was driven by this.At about 2000 pages in when the fourth book starts , and internally consistent and totally logical to the previous events, the pace comes to a screeching halt Everyone is stumped There s a huge problem, and no one knows what to do about it, although if character X [...]

    4. Talk about disappointing The third book was SO good, it is so disappointing for the series to end this way In the last book, the characters are all making serious strides in what they are learning all except Brutus, of course , and then they do COMPLETE 360s in this book Brutus changes from the outcast to the darling of the story, and everyone else s character turns ugly How did this happen How could she have ruined some of my favorite characters with horrid characteristics that they got rid of [...]

    5. Before I move into the brief analysis of why I despised this book, I would recommend anyone who felt strongly about the characters of the last book to keep away and possibly come up with their own ending It will undoubtedly satisfy , and prevent one s being disappointed with the execution of this novel.From here, the spoilers.One of my biggest problems with this book is the retrogressive development of her matriarchal and feminist themes She begins the first book of the series by setting up two [...]

    6. It was one of those book series that hurt to keep reading, but I needed to see what kind of ending the author would give I was relieved that it was over than having everything end for these characters.The obviously main character of the whole series, now known as Jack, started as Brutus, had dumped every responsibility because the woman he took by force has made up her mind and left him He comes back before the Blitz of WWII in England, and we re not really given a reason why he decided on this [...]

    7. If I could give this book zero stars, I would I was so incredibly disappointed while reading this book I was tempted numerous times to just put it down, it wasn t worth the time or heartache but I felt compelled to finish out the series I had started just a year prior.The first three books were filled with compelling and flawed characters I remember reading the first book and absolutely hating Brutus He was crass, uncouth, cruel, and in my opinion, a little stupid And I loved it I loved that a m [...]

    8. Let me start off by saying that I came into this series late in the game, starting at book 4 and not having read any of the prior books.From what I can understand, a spell was started thousands of years ago a weaving, that over the years have become corrupted and warped a warding, twisted by hatred and deaths, that have become the very evil that it was designed to protect against The spell is called The Troy Game, and the series is focused on a group of people, whose lives are closely tied to th [...]

    9. This may have been my favourite book of the series The Troy Game has been epic in scope, re interpreting historical events through this mythological and magical lens If you ve read my reviews of the other three books, you ll know that I ve had a lot of fun with the series Although I found it quite soap opera y.I think that s why I liked this one the most First off, it s set during WW2, which is close enough to my lifetime, that I ve read and watched many stories set in that time period I instinc [...]

    10. rp.This novel disappointed me.Darkwitch Rising is so excellent, playing the characters that have been so thoroughly crafted from hate to acceptance to love like a little perfectly tuned orchestra, and here we go A new major female character and lots and lots of Brutus I m tired of Brutus Brutus needs to chill.As an end to the series, the plot twists are interesting enough and the ending mostly satisfies But because of how it ends, very little ties back to the development a reader has suffered th [...]

    11. Druids Sword is what happens when an author loses sight of her plot, characters, and initial vision Sorry for sounding bitter but this book almost made me want to get rid of the whole series It s like everything that came before never happened and some characters are devolved or changed so drastically that you re hard pressed to remember what you loved about them in the first place.The glorification of Jack Brutus Reborn and Grace isn t just frustrating commits the greater crime of being uninter [...]

    12. What a lame ending to the series This book is even of a letdown than the preceding book by far Sara Douglass seems to have consistency problems both with plot and characters This novel focuses on Jack Brutus reborn and Grace Both characters are super lame Grace is ineffectual and annoying and Jack has turned into a Gary Stu that can do no wrong Meanwhile everyone else is a background character Including, yes, Noah who changed so much in Darkwitch Rising Weyland has turned into a whiny and usele [...]

    13. In this final book in Douglass Troy Game series Jack, Noah and their friends are living in London under the German air raids of WWII After millennia of living only to complete the Troy Game, the terrible reality of its true nature compels them to destroy it However, they are stymied with the realization that Noah and Weyland s daughter Grace s fate is tied to that of The Game she will also be destroyed A pale, mysterious woman offers a dangerous alternative which will also risk Grace s life but [...]

    14. This series started off with such promise and was FABULOUS up through the third book, then took a turn for the worse here The main characters that we ve grown to know Noah, Coel, Weyland are relegated to rather down played supporting actors and Brutus with a lobotomy that suddenly makes him grounded and kind instead of the power hungry flawed man we d grown to sympathize with is elevated to the main protagonist Along with Grace Noah Weyland s daughter they save the world , but I was completely u [...]

    15. I think I m not far off by catogorizing the Troy Game series as a fantasy book for romance readers All four books spend entirely too much time hashing and re hashing the complicated love hate relationships of the characters Not that I m against romance, I just don t need it explained to me twelve times in order to understand Nonetheless, the overarcing concepts Douglass sews together kept my interest through the end, and the ties binding the Greek minotaur through World War II and Herman Goering [...]

    16. I tried this series because I liked the Wayfarer Redemption books so much, and I have to say I enjoy basically all of the books by Sara Douglass.

    17. This review is going to have some mild spoilers in it While I thought that the ending of this book was really disappointing, I didn t hate the book overall It seemed really rushed though, and most of the major characters from past books seemed shoved in just because they had to be oh Stella is here but she can only stay for 2.5 seconds because it s either dusk or dawn Asterion somehow went from scary antagonist minotaur to the sort of person whom, if livejournal had existed in 1940s England, wou [...]

    18. Excellent story, as always, from Sara Douglass But it would have been better if it had been a trilogy instead of a quartet Flashbacks to earlier events became irritating instead of informative Perhaps if I had not read the series together, it would have not been so The last book settles on the reborn characters in London during World War II The book is too long, with events seeming to occur again and again And the final ending is rather abrupt, as if Ms Douglass intended to write further Or perh [...]

    19. An amazing conclusion to The Troy Game series It had me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time and ready to scream in anticipation when the ending turned back and forth so many times I felt like I was in a roller coaster which I m sure was the intended effect All the characters are back, including some we hadn t seen since they appeared the first time The Troy Game is bound and determined to be completed in this lifetime and is willing to do anything to anyone to get it done.Brutus and Co [...]

    20. I just finished reading this fourth and final installment of the Troy Game series It was very good, but in some points of the book, I just felt like I wanted to get to the end could just have been my impatience to find out how things end I felt like the ending, particularly the last page was just a little weak The character s struggles and growth is again superbly developed, and tying in the Troy Game to the horrors of WWII in London made for a very horrific and fascinating setting This book and [...]

    21. I really don t know what to think about this book I loved the 3rd book and I probably would have loved this one too if it did not end the way it did I mean I did get closure but it was not the closure I wanted It is like a movie that builds you up and you sit there all excited and then it just ends and you are left thinking what the hell I mean after everything that had transpired between all the characters the ending should have been than what it wasI was very disappointed

    22. I had a lot of problems with this book, so please excuse me that this will be of a rant than a review 1 The World War II storyline hinted at for ages, is chalked up to just a dream A huge blow to the readers.2 Catling is described as Brutus and Genvissa s unborn daughter in book 3, but by the end of book 4 she is somehow Noah and Brutus.3 Jack and Grace Icky, icky Too incestuous and hard to buy after the big build up around Brutus and Noah.4 That ending Talk about anti climatic I feel pretty du [...]

    23. A millennia old deed comes to fruition when, during WW2, forces battle for Britain s soul A group of people incarnate to try and change the course of the war, struggling to work together as they try to overcome ancient grudges from their previous lives A bit hard to follow as I haven t read the earlier books, but very good none the less

    24. After the previous books where we follow the same characters through their reincarnations, this book introduces a couple of pivotal new characters, which adds a new dimension, although the original characters have evolved a lot throughout the series Events throughout the book are kept surprising, although the ending does wrap things up a little too neatly.

    25. I agree that the beginning of this book was really very slow It was only because I enjoyed the first three book so much that I was willing to stick it out until the end I think the series ended pretty well, but I m not sure if it s a good sign that I remember books 1 and two than I remember the last book.

    26. An incredibly strong finish to an amazing quartet, Ms Douglass books are intricately detailed and engage you from start to finish Quite sad I ve finished this set of books as I have loved everything she s written.Now patiently waiting the release of Devil s Diadem, billed as alternate history and exactly my sort of book.

    27. I absolutely loved this book It was brilliant and had me in tears in the last few chapters Sara Douglass is a stunning author and the intricacies of this series is beyond anything else I have ever read Can t wait to read of her work

    28. I loved this series But, I felt that this book didn t give the amazing ending I had come to expect It was still a Good ending, but I felt like it threw some of the lead up script out the window As a whole, however, I loved this series.

    29. THis is the last book of the series and I did enjoy it As did the other series I read by this author, the love stories did not always work out the way I imagined they would The fantasy part of the book was a good story but was getting a tad tiresome I m glad this is the last book.

    30. Absolutely wonderful This is Brutus as you ve always wanted to see him and as you always knew he could be A beautiful ending to the Troy Game series Much, much better than the ending given to Wayfarer Redemption with Crusader.

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