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Danger Close #2020

Danger Close The most dangerous threats of all Partway through her third deployment to Bagram Army nurse Lt Erin Kelly is burned out and headed for a well deserved leave back home in Montana But when a mysterious

  • Title: Danger Close
  • Author: Kaylea Cross
  • ISBN: 9781928044024
  • Page: 488
  • Format: ebook
  • Danger Close By Kaylea Cross, The most dangerous threats of all Partway through her third deployment to Bagram, Army nurse Lt Erin Kelly is burned out and headed for a well deserved leave back home in Montana But when a mysterious stranger shows up and unintentionally drags her into harm s way with him, she suddenly finds herself an unwitting target of the U.S s number one high value target the notThe most dangerous threats of all Partway through her third deployment to Bagram, Army nurse Lt Erin Kelly is burned out and headed for a well deserved leave back home in Montana But when a mysterious stranger shows up and unintentionally drags her into harm s way with him, she suddenly finds herself an unwitting target of the U.S s number one high value target the notorious American born terrorist known as Rahim Now stuck in a CIA safe house with the sexy operative, it s impossible to ignore the explosive attraction between them or to forget that death is stalking them both Are the ones you don t see comingA operative Wade Sandberg is a man caught between worlds He s spent the past three years living deep undercover amongst the enemy, infiltrating the network of the U.S s most wanted terrorist until the kidnapping of a high ranking American official forced him to blow his cover Officially sidelined from the investigation to bring down Rahim, Wade knows he ll never be able to work in the region again When he s sent back stateside with Erin, keeping his hands off her proves to be even harder than making the transition back into western civilization And when Rahim takes his revenge by unleashing a devastating attack on U.S soil, Wade will do everything in his power to protect the woman he loves and destroy the man who d once trusted him with his life.

    • READ BOOK ✓ Danger Close - by Kaylea Cross
      488 Kaylea Cross
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    1 thought on “Danger Close

    1. 4 stars Review completed May 1, 2014Please ignore the tattoo the cover is not apt That s definitely a no go for a man working undercover in the Afghan mountains She d thought about this many times over the past few days, and with all his rough edges and having been undercover in austere conditions for so long, she d expected a raging hunger from him The care and consideration in his touch shook her to her core, but it was also making her crazy She wanted to see that need and passion unleashed.Da [...]

    2. Story Rating 5 STARS Hero Rating 5 STARS Heroine Rating 5 STARS Action Level 5 STARS Heat Level 3.5 STARS Romance Rating 5 STARS Ending 5 STARS Overall Rating 5 STARS Yet another phenomenal military romance by Kaylea Cross Danger Close had it all Great characters, steamy chemistry, exhilarating non stop action and an all around amazing storyline I m absolutely LOVING this series One book yet to read, Collateral Damage, book 5 in the Bagram Special Ops series that I will be reading VERY soon

    3. 4.5 Stars I am so glad that Ms Cross decided to write this story as I really felt it needed to be told and I needed to read it.In usual KC style it flowed really well and told an exciting story and kept me engaged from start to finish.

    4. Action packed, smooth storyline, wrapped up with a delicious apha hero What can you ask for This one s a winner.

    5. I am such a huge fan of this author and this series These books are freaking awesome, and I always love how the female lead is such a strong, kick ass character The men of course are always totally swoon worthy too.love itCant wait for the Honor and Liam next.

    6. Kaylea Cross knocks it out of the park again I seriously want to take up permanent residence in her brain I love all the recent stuff she s written still working my way through her earlier work Didn t love the original version of book 1, but it wasn t bad The Bagram Special Ops series is equal parts RS and military fiction and all around legend I ve loved every hero heroine pairing and every character so far even the villains There is a strong underlying thread that connects all the books plotw [...]

    7. First I would say that this was a great book, with a similar style to Cindy Gerard s Maya Banks series This one had of a stand alone type feel, with less feeling connection to the other characters in the previous books, despite their brief presence in this story in comparison to the other authors.Wade runs into the hospital to talk to a man he rescued, to be stopped by Erin, a nurse protecting her patient Later he is leaving the country because his cover was blown ends up in the same caravan as [...]

    8. Although this book had action I focused on the romance as I do in all other books Erin is a firecracker, she raised an eyebrow in mock insult What s that supposed to mean I m a soldier, aren t I What, did you think I d curl into a ball and start crying when they started firing at us Wade it is so obvious that boy is attracted to Erin, he tore his gaze away from her a and shook himself as she straightened, feeling guilty She d done something special and thoughtful for him and all he could think a [...]

    9. Kaylea Cross, how do I love thee Let me count the ways Starts counting on fingers Oh anyhoo, adding up all of the reasons why I love Kaylea Cross would take quite awhile I stumbled upon Ms Cross 2 years ago and I have read everything she has written some of it well a lot of it, I ve read SEVERAL times She gets the mix of romance, suspense, kick ass, irresistible military men just right Whenever she announces a new book, I am always ECSTATIC You know why Because I know it will be a kick ass book. [...]

    10. Danger Close was not my favourite in this series Though it was still a decent read.I liked the action and I like Wade but I did not really like Erin She was a bit too sappy and character less for me And I really didn t FEEL the connection between the two except for the fact that she really wanted to get it on with him because he was hot and a decent guy I wanted from her and I think the insta lust worked against her I have to say I enjoy a book when there is some sort of angst between the two [...]

    11. Erin is working as an army nurse in Afghanistan when she, on her way home for two weeks off, gets drawn into an attack on her co passenger.Wade s spent the last years deep undercover, as second in command to Rahim, one of the US most wanted terrorist He blew his cover when lives were at stake, but now Rahim is gunning for him Military action, suspense and smutty fluff in a realistic setting, you ll feel the dust in your throat, promise Great read and a series I need to read from start asap.

    12. Wow Another very hot alphaDam this lady knows how to write about hot men Seriously though another brilliant read, always makes me have love and respect for the armed forces at the same time getting me totally hooked in a brilliant book

    13. 4 Slightly Tame Stars So, this one wasn t filled with quite as much adrenaline pumping action as the books that came before it but it was still fast paced and had you on the edge of your seat.The book began in Bagram, which I really love, one of the main things I have loved about this series is the fact that the stories all unravel in a war zone However, it quickly returned stateside and remained there for the whole book Which meant that while suspenseful that underlying feeling of danger you fe [...]

    14. 4 Solid Stars Kaylea Cross writes her mystery suspense romance books with the best military themes I really enjoyed this book in the series, because as most of Kaylea s heroines are not whimpy and whiny, but Erin Kelly was tough on her own right She is a military nurse stationed overseas healing troops in the military war zone She is badass to me During her time of deployment she is anxious to go home on leave and ends up saddled with the same mysterious man who barged into the hospital a day be [...]

    15. Another great story It s official Kaylea Cross can write amazing stories and when I think I read a great book the next one is as great and complex as the first.Erin was a nurse in the military who was at the wrong place and wrong time with Wade in the same car on her way to a well deserved vacation away from the military base After 3 years undercover Wade had to save the Secretary of Defense and 2 American soldiers With his cover exposed he had Rahim and his man looking for him for revenge.Erin [...]

    16. I m glad that we got with Wade with this book as I was intrigued with his role in the last book I can t imagine doing a job like his and being so out of touch with people for that long.I really liked the instant connection that Wade had with Erin, loved it even that when things could have moved along he was the one to stop things and think them through I was a bit surprised to learn the history of the bad guy, but was glad that Wade was able to defeat him in the end.I liked that Erin was saved [...]

    17. LOVE, LOVE, LOVEKayla you have done it again I love all of your stuff but this one to me is so unique and special The suspense was great The way Erin was so strong and not only with everything going on but she really told him her needs It made me laugh I absolutely loved the ending It brought tears to my eyes with the airport scene I can hardly wait for the next book Keep the love coming.

    18. This was the best one yet in the Bagram Special Ops series I absolutely loved Wade Sandberg, and Erin Kelly was the first heroine in this series that I liked consistently from beginning to end She was a great heroine, she was strong, and she had her head on straight No wishy washy, do I like him, should I like him nonsense going on in her head She was awesome Lots of exciting, edge of your seat action And just the right mix of romance and passion I highly recommend both this book and this author [...]

    19. Loved the storyGreat story with hot seals, dangerous suspenseful situations, well developed characters, brotherhood of military, family and romance Highly recommend this series.

    20. Overall Rating 4 Rockin Erin Kelly is a nurse assigned to one day a Bagram s Craig Joint Theater Hospital Her job was to service the men and women in the war torn area Erin is scheduled to return stateside for two weeks of RR in one day She is taking care of her patients when she notices a man walking into a restricted area without any ID When Erin questions him he tells her that he saw her at the hospital with Sergeant Thatcher She is told to let him in to see Thatcher and that his identity is [...]

    21. What would you do if the person that you love is in danger What if you haven t told her how you feel What if you can t get to her in time to save her life Wow, I could not believe the amount of action and suspense that this story had I know that I didn t want to put this book down at all It captivated my attention from the very beginning I know that I should read the first two books in this series and I know I will real soon This story can be read as a stand alone but I think it s best to read f [...]

    22. Loved book 4 in the Bagram seriesAgain another good book from Kaylea Cross.This one had some twists I didn t see Glad it ended the way it did

    23. This is one read that has one heck of a punch you can feel the emotion as the author takes you through the read which could be from today s headlines With over 100 5 and 4 star reviews is it any wonder that this author is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author with edge of your seat military romantic suspense The book starts out a little slow but it heats up fast with an action pack read as you have Lt Erin Kelly at the wrong place at the wrong time and on the run for her life She doe [...]

    24. WOW WOW WOW WOW 4 MIND BLOWING STARS WOWDanger Close is the fourth novel in Kaylea Cross s Bagram Special Ops series This novel is about a man named Wade who went undercover for four years playing the role of a terrorist s Rahim s second in command Wade s cover gets blown too early and now Rahim is after him for his betrayal On Wade s way out of Afghanistan he unintentionally drags Erin a woman who is a lieutenant nurse in harms way, now Rahim is after both of them In order to protect them they [...]

    25. I love how she always takes a chance with the dark and gritty in romance Romantic Suspense5 Stars Release 04 30 14ABOUT THE BOOK The most dangerous threats of all Partway through her third deployment to Bagram, Army nurse Lt Erin Kelly is burned out and headed for a well deserved leave back home in Montana But when a mysterious stranger shows up and unintentionally drags her into harm s way with him, she suddenly finds herself an unwitting target of the U.S s number one high value target the not [...]

    26. Originally posted HERE.Kaylea Cross is brilliant at what she does She researches the bejesus out of her topics, creates very individual characters, knows how to develop both danger and a relationship, and doesn t have her hero and heroine stopping to do idiotic romantic things at the most implausible times unlike too many authors in this genre.Danger Close would be much better off read as it is intended to be as a later instalment in an ongoing storyline This is the fourth book in the Bagram Spe [...]

    27. I m not very good at writing reviews, but I try I really hope this review entices you to read Danger Close and the other books in the Bagram Special Ops series They are powerful, thought provoking, heartfelt, engaging reads The only other author who makes me feel this way about her books is Pamela Clare So hurry up and start reading, you ll thank me later.Kaylea Cross has outdone herself again I loved EVERYTHING about Danger Close and don t have a single negative thing to say about it What I can [...]

    28. I have issues with some of Kaylea Cross books or I m confusing her with someone else entirely in which case I apologise but the Bagram Special Ops books are not them.This is the fourth book in the series apparently I ve overlooked the third so I will go back and read it, even though I know what happened The stories centre on a group of women stationed at Bagram.Erin is a nurse and is working in the hospital helping the victims of book three when a strange man tries to get in to see one of her pa [...]

    29. Army nurse Lieutenant Erin Kelly is suppose to be leaving the action in Afghanistan for a short leave back home CIA agent Wade Sandberg is heading back to the U.S after spending the last four years undercover deceiving one of the most wanted terrorists Since his cover was blown, he knows he s a wanted man and would never have wanted Erin to get caught in the crosshairs Unfortunately as they are on their way to the airport, that s what happens Now Wade will do whatever he can to keep her safe As [...]

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